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🔶Photoshop Brush Pack Vol. 2 (also for CSP and Procreate!)

🔶Photoshop Brush Pack Vol. 1 is out!

🔶Clip Studio Brush Pack Vol. 3

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My Bio

🔸 Hello! I am a furry/creature artist and brush maker. My brushes and other resources can be found at my Ko-Fi link above! My interests are art books, monsters, medieval/cyberpunk settings, video games and Norse mythology!

ᚦ You can find me at:

Commissions are currently open/Trades are closed.

❔For inquiries you can message me here or on Twitter/Tumblr.

🐎 I'm always looking for char trades! You can also message me here, on Twitter or on Toyhouse!

🔸 Cover:

🔸 Background:

🔸 Icon: Clashtsu

Examples: Black & White [$60]: Flat [$75]: Loose [$85]: Inky and Gnarly [$120]: 🔸Reply here or shoot me a note/chat message if interested!
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