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You have great taste in art! If you are interested in DnD adoptions and others, feel free to visit my gallery😎

Thanks for the :+fav:'s :happybounce: :heart:

Hi, how are you?

I do some adopts, commissions, ocs and ych,

Would you be interested in visiting my profile?

If you are interested, these are some examples:

Commissions [OPEN]
Adopt #ch34 + BG [OPEN]
Adopt #ch33 [CLOSED]

The old commission that taghuso did for you of the Steamarilith. Was this inspired by the ones that Celtic Bolt or John Becaro did for me ?

To be honest, it was so long ago that I don't really remember, but the John Becaro artwork does look familiar, and is a favorite of mine, so I may have given him a link to it along with others for ideas on what the marilith character was as well as possible weapon types. It was a more Steampunk version of the marilith artwork he had drawn for me earlier. There was another artist I commissioned who directly copied one of the reference pics I sent, so I tried to stop referencing specific artworks after that. But if it was, thanks for commissioning such an awesome character design that so inspired others. I see that you are also a fan of Phil Cho and Roysovitch. You should join the E-27 discord if you haven't already. Take care!

I asked for a number of commissions from people to do a succubus with a weapon and a marilith with multiple weapons. One, Celtic Bolt, is no longer here and his account is deactivated although some of his art is still here. Another has only a few commissions here but I had over 100 commissions from him but the succubus and marilith are not on the site. Phil Cho did a succubi and a marilith for me and I think you only have a favourite for the latter. Another does not do demons due to religious beliefs but their CoH and similar stuff is very good.

Your gallery also contains Medusae or gorgons and my earliest commission would be of slight interest to you. It is of a gorgon from waist up only with multi-coloured snakes with one snake very long. She is wearing spectacles so as not to turn people to stone. It is one of Medusa's two sisters who are immortal.