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I will be happy to do your MLP caracter headshot commission!

I am still learning, so if your expecting something perfect and detailed like a masterpiece, then you're not at the right place.
But, if you need something nice and simple, then I might be the one you need to do your commission request. :D (Big Grin) 

Please read below before sending a request, to see the rules.
Thank you!

  1. Your request has to be related to MLP or else it's not gonna get accepted by me.
  2. Your request, if you did not understood it earlier, must include only one caracter.
  3. If you request your OC, then you must provide me with a detailed reference guide so I can be as accurate as possible while drawing it.
  4. I don't do requests with humanized/anthros or EG (Equestria Girls) versions of the caracter in question
  5. I do not accept requests with mature content.


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TheDarkSatanicorn's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm a 21 years old brony metalhead from Québec.
I am principally a video producer that likes to create audiovisual content over on my Youtube channel and my dream for now is to work as a video producer in this passionate industry.
But if you're here, it's because of another passion of mine which is digital art:
Yes, I'm a self-taught digital artist who loves to draw ponies.
But... i do it... THE KVLT WAY!
\m/ So watch me to join the Equestrian Hell! \m/

My youtube channel to see my videos such as PMV's and all that Kvlt stuff:…
My Facebook page:…
My Twitter:

-Metalhead since 2010 and proud Brony since October 2014-


Rarity's Heart's Warming Socks
For my last fanart of 2018, have this beautiful and fabulous (as always) Rarity wearing Heart's Warming Eve styled socks.

This is my second fanart of her and compared to the first one I did, I think this second one is way better (obviously) and tells about my progress as a digital artist since then.
It's also way better than the fanart I did for HWE last year (Derpy has a gift for you...), which I described with "Proud of this one", but to be blunt I think I lied about that because I think it maybe is one of my least favorite piece that I've done so far. (I'll make a better Derpy fanart in 2019 to avenge this, I promise)

Anyways, 2018 was a huge year fanart wise for me, because I've progressed so much as an artist with the quality being more present with each pieces I've made this year and I hope that in 2019, I will still be making progress as a digital fan artist in this community.

Merry Christmas and happy new year 2019! I will be back with more fanarts this year and more content on my Youtube channel, so be sure to subscribe over there to not miss that content.
I'll also reveal a mysterious project this year that is not directly related to the realm of art but will surely contain some visuals to support the main thing.
I hope you will still be interested to check it out once I reveal it on every platform that I'm in.

LINK TO THE SPEEDPAINT VIDEO: Coming Soon. Haven't edited the raw footage yet.

New PMV,
it's a sequel for Emperor Sombra for it's anniversary:

Enjoy (\M/)
EDIT (31/10/2018): For the first time, I was featured on a Drawfriend on EQD! After many attempts of trying to getting one of my piece in here, it finally happened!
Very excited about that for sure, and I hope this won't be the last time this happens.
Here's the link to that Drawfriend:
EDIT (01/11/2018): here's a link to a speedpaint video I did for this piece:

And I am back with a new fanart for Nightmare Night/Halloween!
This is a redraw of a fanart I did two years ago (October 22nd 2016) that I called "Vampira"
And when you compare this version with that old one, you have to say that it's much better than that one.
I mean look at the lineart, the shading, the details of Flutterbat and the background of this one then look at the same details of the old one, it's way more refined and made with more confidence and identity than that old piece.
Also, my signature is way more visible on the latter one lol.

It's also another proof of my big progress as a fanartist since I start doing art like that and I never wanna stop improving,
To the point that in two years I might redraw it again! (and it would be called VampIIIra lol)

Here's a image comparing the two pieces together:
Here is a version of this fanart without the socks:…

I can confirm that I will be redrawing more of my old pieces in the near future, because it's a good way to see how much you've improved as an artist!

Buy this design as a shirt or as another item at these online stores to support me:
TEEPUBLIC (No background):…
TEEPUBLIC (With a background):…

VampIIra (Without Socks)
Here is the no socks version of the redraw of "Vampira" called "VampIIra"

Here's the original version with Flutterbat wearing the socks:
You might have seen the side by side comparision of the original piece with the new one, but here is a version of it without the socks on the latter one:
And while you're here, why not vote for your favorite version of this particular redraw by going on this strawpoll link:

Thanks all!

New PMV dedicated to 8 years of Ponies!
Enjoy everybody!


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