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Fields of Lavender




Girl: ~Kechake-stock
BG: ~ForestGirlStock, ~UmbraDeNoapte-Stock
Lavender: ~BrokenWing3dStock
Butterflies: `Shoofly-Stock

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This is a beautiful artwork. In my opinion, the coloring should be darker and if you make it looks more... magical it will be really great. I don't like the color of the lips and eyes, in the case you ask. The butterflies looks fake and I think it makes the artwork looks worse. The flowers which is blur-ed in front of the model is annoying to me. If you can, I think using some magical brush would be perfect. Also, I think the little white circle there, sorry cause my bad english, you should replace them with some more nature brush. Thank you for reading... I don't mean any harm, just my opinion!