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New Dragon Persona by TheDarkPhoenixQueen New Dragon Persona :iconthedarkphoenixqueen:TheDarkPhoenixQueen 8 17
Waiting Evermore
Always waiting,
Never to be seen.
I sit here and ponder,
“How long has it been?”
How much longer
Until I first feel his touch?
No inner hunger,
Or ever-trapped lust.
I sit eagerly and wait,
And wait a little more.
Staring at this screen,
Until my heart races no more.
He is away tonight,
And again tomorrow.
But each loving word he spares
Are words that battle my sorrow.
For I am not lonely.
At least, not every day.
I only yearn for him,
Crave in what he will say.
And when words become sound,
with texts becoming touch,
Here he shall be,
Here in my clutch.
But here is where I wait,
And there he must stay.
Separate by sea and shore…
:iconthedarkphoenixqueen:TheDarkPhoenixQueen 0 17
Mature content
Let Me See What I Cannot See :iconthedarkphoenixqueen:TheDarkPhoenixQueen 1 8
Pretty Much Me, But Less Melancholy: Moodboard by TheDarkPhoenixQueen Pretty Much Me, But Less Melancholy: Moodboard :iconthedarkphoenixqueen:TheDarkPhoenixQueen 5 34 My Physical Muse by TheDarkPhoenixQueen
Mature content
My Physical Muse :iconthedarkphoenixqueen:TheDarkPhoenixQueen 4 29
My Knight Carries On Without Me
My knight rides on his quest,
His life goal dead ahead of him.
But he leaves behind a clueless maiden;
A lady unsure of her future without him.
:iconthedarkphoenixqueen:TheDarkPhoenixQueen 3 12
Mac Tire mo Chroi (The Wolf of my Heart)
Caitheann mo ghrá fionnaidh meánoíche,
Ina shúile atá réaltaí m’oícheanta uaigneacha.
Istoíche agus mé ag caoineadh,
Glacann sé chun a chroí céasta mé.
Agus le chéile, roinnimid scéalta ár staire,
scéalta léin
agus uaignis.
My love wears fur of midnight,
His eyes hold the stars of my lonely nights.
At nights when I cry,
He holds me close to his maimed heart.
And together, we share tales of our past,
tales of pain
and solitude.
:iconthedarkphoenixqueen:TheDarkPhoenixQueen 2 9
I am a man within a woman’s body.
But I accept what’s in the mirror as me.
I pare what is disgusting, not pretty;
For I must show what they want to see.
I am a vicious wolverine,
Born swaddled in winter fur.
I must skin myself before being seen,
Crimson speckles coming out as a whimper.
Beauty is pain, they say.
But I know they lie.
Why should it hurt to be this way,
When most would rather die? 
:iconthedarkphoenixqueen:TheDarkPhoenixQueen 2 2
Verna Frankenstein (FC)
Name: Verna Victoria Frankenstein (Victor Junior VI)
Age: Appears 21, is really only 5 weeks old due to her being a clone.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.
Gender: Futa (but calls herself a feminine non-binary, basically a woman with nothing "interesting" between her legs)
Species: Cloned human of the "future" Victor Frankenstein (from Mary Shelley's Frankenhole)
Voice (Head canon): Lapis from this comic short. [Princely] Verna always sounds bored and fed up, as well as having zero fucks to give.
Personality: Cocky, self-centered, short tempered, easily jealous, places herself on a high pedestal to everyone around her.
Verna always sees herself as a genius and a step beyond her biological father, Victor Frankenstein. But while she is the clone of the original Doctor Frankenstein, she does not see him as her father, due to the fact that
:iconthedarkphoenixqueen:TheDarkPhoenixQueen 3 3
My First Ramen by TheDarkPhoenixQueen My First Ramen :iconthedarkphoenixqueen:TheDarkPhoenixQueen 6 9
Dullahan OC
(Just started to watch some Demi-chan wa Kataritai/Interview with Monster Girls, and I love the character of Machi the Dullahan! Just wanted one for myself, basically. XD)
Name: Isabel "Izzy" Komatsu
Age: 16
Species: Half human, half Dullahan.
Nationality: Irish-Japanese
Personality: She easily comes off as a shy and awkward girl, as she is still going through the toughest hurdles of adolescence, especially when she's a person who has to hold her head everywhere. She's easily spooked and is deeply afraid of someone making fun of her for being a Dullahan. Her flame flickers in different ways counting on her mood, and her body has quicker reflexes than her eyesight can catch up with due to her constantly dropping her head. She secretly loves being hugged but she knows no one does due to her always holding her head and how awkward it would be for her flame being so close to them, even though it does not burn.
She enjoys playing sports games and uses
:iconthedarkphoenixqueen:TheDarkPhoenixQueen 4 21
Mature content
The Cynical Asshole Elf :iconthedarkphoenixqueen:TheDarkPhoenixQueen 6 13
Mature content
The Thoughts Still Linger... :iconthedarkphoenixqueen:TheDarkPhoenixQueen 1 10
Test 4106-C by TheDarkPhoenixQueen
Mature content
Test 4106-C :iconthedarkphoenixqueen:TheDarkPhoenixQueen 5 5
Headcanon Voice Claims
(Cause why not?)

Somber Quill: [Jayne]

Phoenica: [Minniva] ((True fact, this song is basically her lullaby. It was sung to her by her father, Tyron.))

Crissie/Crystal: [This thing]

Aengus: [Voltaire] or maybe this one? [Me Too]

Lucas/Lucia: [Rabbit-Steam Powered Giraffe]

:iconthedarkphoenixqueen:TheDarkPhoenixQueen 2 7
Gluttony by TheDarkPhoenixQueen Gluttony :iconthedarkphoenixqueen:TheDarkPhoenixQueen 7 2
Fics and Pics


You guys ever have that moment where you suddenly get an idea for a brand new persona or OC, and just when you're about to proudly show off and explain your realize you have no one to tell it to that is either present or cares about it?
It was a waste of time....that game is too much for my laptop to handle. My mom tried to take some memory from the hard drive to create more RAM space, but it wasn't enough. And now my wifi is weird but still working. The option for choosing it has just vanished. 

I need a hug...
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt w/ Heart of Stone, Blood & Wine and 16+ other DLCs is finally MINE!!!!!!

But I need to buy a plug in disk drive thingy, cause my laptop doesn't have one. XP Well, at least they're cheap enough to get. But hopefully by tonight or tomorrow, I'll finally be able to play The Witcher 3 at long last!!!
Just watching some old Modern Family, and I have to ask.....does anyone else think Claire Dunphy could possibly be a psychopath? She's self-centered, egotistical, constantly forces her ideals on the kids and poor narrow minded Phil, and she always tries to get her way, especially with Haley, and let's face it...she does not love Phil at all. 
Anyone else agree, or nah?
I wish someone sent me this as a birthday card. XD This would be so funny, as I live on memes!…


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
((Pictures in both here and my icon don't belong to me.))

Fox fire deco divider by Martith


I'm just a nobody. People call me Hannah or Bunny, but I don't care.

I draw. I write. That's it. I've no true talent, so....whatever.

The bleakest part of that news remains the fact that the final stage of depression for many is a state of incredible apathy, where positive emotions no longer exist and the sufferer can no longer tell apart the negative emotions—instead, they all blur together, becoming a haze of misery... and I believe I have fallen into this final state.~ Quote from "Weight" by Regidar on FiMFiction.

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***Random Stuff I Like***

Forever mine - F2U by DullHugs <----- I worship this ship. *___*

I love Wolfdogs by WishmasterAlchemist I love Marble Foxes by WishmasterAlchemist I love Red Foxes by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Silver Foxes by WishmasterAlchemist I love Arctic Foxes by WishmasterAlchemist I love Wolves by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Fennec Foxes by WishmasterAlchemist .:I Love Stamps:. by BatchSan Fox At Heart Stamp by Culpeo-Fox

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Untitled by SunnStamp

Studio Ghibli Fan by Sharkfold Studio Ghibli Stamp in motion by SnapesImp

Stamp - Hogwarts by MauserGirl Stamp: Potter puppet fan by Arthyem Hufflepuff Stamp by smileystamps

Drawing + Music by Torture-kun Tea Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Stamp - I love Green Tea by r0se-designs
Stamp - Chocolate! by MauserGirl Rain Stamp by Bubel-Coyot I Love My Master Stamp by Baked-Bunny
Collar Love by Keralza Pet Stamp by BenDrill I am a switch (Stamp) by ELLlOTT
I'm an anxious mess (Stamp) by ELLlOTT deep title (stamp) by ELLlOTT Don't even go there -repost- by Starmutt

Checking Messages Stamp by Drake1

Red fox pixel [F2U] + P2U BASE by Martith

Autumn Time by MissToxicSlime

My Soulmate <3 ---> :iconwarriorfromheaven33:

Space Dream by CatSpy69
(Stolen from MiyaTheGoldenFlower , though loads of other people did it too (including my favorite artist MiaMaha, who's character she used for this is one of my all time favorites), so I want in on the band wagon!! XD

Rules :
 1. Post these rules
 2. Post 8 facts about your character. 
 3. Tag 8 other characters.
 4. Post their names along with their creator’s names

Somber Quill

                                    Somber Quill (Redo) by TheDarkPhoenixQueen
  1. As of right now, she's being reinvented due to her appearance being very common among a lot of other bat pony characters here on DA, mostly her grey coat and red hair. So....she'll hopefully take on a more Monochrome like appearance, since they share a lot of traits personality wise and she is my representation of my depression and writing struggles.

  2. I also plan on changing her name, for the same reason as mentioned, that it's just not original enough. So I'm hoping to rename her....Sonnet Melancholia. 

  3. She's NOT a next-gen, like the MLP OCs I love to study. She's actually an orphan. I originally was planning on her being a hybrid of a unicorn and a bat pony, just to help her be able to write without the use of her hooves, but I realized that would make her a special snowflake, so she's just a regular bat pony abandoned by her bat pone parents....and writes with her wing talons.

  4. Her religious views of Princess Luna stemmed from both the canon fact that all Bat Ponies praise the Moon Princess as their deity or founder, or sometimes leader or all-mother, and slipped in my own religious views of me being both an atheist and a slight believer of astrology, as well as the relatable symbolism of the Wiccan religion (mostly the Triple Goddess Moons and the Irish triple spiral/trispiral). 

  5. She has a boyfriend....who is obviously my own IRL boo. Her coltfriend's name is Miraki, who is a golden pegasus (which I'll design soon XP) from the mainland of Equestria, in Manehattan. Hopefully, I'll find the chance to invent a kid for them with some badass half bat-half feathered wings.

  6. I'd love to think that she might consider normal bats as possible friends for her. So I was hoping to have her work part time in an animal shelter one day, where she mainly works on helping dogs, baby animals and especially bats to nurse them back to health. I'm also considering her adopting a baby flying fox. XD Because LOOK AT THEM!! 

  7. I have this hilarious and adorable idea for how she could cope with her depressive episodes or anxiety attacks...Bat burrito. 
    Image result for baby bat burrito
    So.....maybe when Miraki comes along to visit her or even when she's alone, all she has to do is to be swaddled up and she'll quickly calm down. (Yup....this image will so be my new icon soon.)

  8. Somber/Sonnet is secretly a romantic. She adores reading good romance novels, especially the cheesy kind, and whenever she sees a couple expressing public affections, she secretly watches and either looks on in awe or take notes on their body language....for either writing reasons or to study how she can mimic them with her own lover to see if she can appear more normal and enjoyable to him.

  9. And one more for luck.....Somber/Sonnet is smol. XD Like, a little bit smaller than your average mare, or an entire head smaller than an average stallion. She barely notices though, since she can fly up to reach high places. 

I tag:

:iconmrdarkheart69:  Candy or Winter ;3

:iconenderdragon24: Ender, of course. 

:iconkanstai: Your fursona that I will draw, using this tag that you provide~ XD (Gimme all that juicy info, darling!!)



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