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Black Magic: The Destroyer Of Free Will

I finally finished my dark wallpaper based on one of my previous illustrations ([link]). Not that it took me lot's of time to do it, it's just lately I can't find some proper time to work on anything for myself.

As some of you know, I'm also a member of :icondark-balkans: where you can find lot's of awesome artists from the Balkan area. Right now their group staff is managing the currently ongoing contest "Black Magic" ([link]) which I totally dig! I'd like to participate there with this wallpaper; and if you find yourself in the theme too - fell free to join. There are prizes and lots of cool features!

Speaking of features, I'd like to inform the Dark Balkan people that: no matter the final ranking outcome on my submission (by their jury) I'm giving them permission to use this illustration/wallpaper freely in their group, features or journals' theme as well as in their affiliated blogs, portals, forums, etc. outside Deviant Art. But for non-commercial purposes, only to promote themselves.

The wallpaper is 2560x1600 and it's inspired by the possibility of breaking someone's free will. I thought that angel-ish wings near slightly deformed skull will provide the contrast between the spell caster's state of mind and the reality: his/hers intentions are pure and justified only in its own eyes. The rest of the image is a grungy atmosphere.

Feel free to comment! All I can say right now (despite that my comic related activities provide solid ground for a comic material based on this image) is that I really hope this piece will help me find out who's my Demon Guardian ;)
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I Like your Still
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I love this. I went to add to favourites, and it was already there! ;)
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And I wanted to give you a llama, but guess what? ;)
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This is a great effort. Not so often we are able to come across some good examples of how wallpapers can be thought provoking in artistic kind of way. This is exactly such an example. Even though Black Magic can be means of breaking someone's free will, it can also serve opposite purpose - strengthening your own. But, nonetheless, you managed to pull out a wonderful contrast between Death (Skull) and Life (Angel Wings), Heaven and Hell, Light and Dark and similar dichotomies. But I see it as being beyond that, these seamingly opposite things can be unified and again through practice of Black Magic, and this could be pretty damn good presentation of that.
The shadowing and blur effects are good choice for this. The backgrounds is too empty for my taste. Considering subject observed, some magickal symbols could have found their place here. And this is because I see symbols as crucial element of wallpapers. So an inverted pentagram in background would sum up all that I said before, and also your own vision. But then again, we can see winged skull as a symbol by itself.
Anyways, this is very good, both in terms of theme observed and technique used! Awesome :)
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Thank you for the amazing critique! It really astonished me in the most positive way since your approach was thorough. I appreciate every opinion on my work sent to me, especially the mind-reading ones. From now on I'll have your tips on a note next to my drawing table.
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Hello I am one of the prize donators from the Contest: Black Magic, The prize I have donated is a simple digital drawing so get back to me when you decide what you want for it. xoxox
ps: Suggested to look through my gallery and see what styles ive done you like and what im best at so you get exactly what you want in the style you like most
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Hi, thanks a bunch for your prize! You and the rest of the fellas who helped in the Contest inspired me to donate something similar myself in the future in some of the upcoming contests.
Anyway, I dived in your gallery and sent you a note afterwards. So curious to see how it will turn out :)
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your welcome and it was the same for me :) and okay :)
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Congratulations on receiveing ☆ 3rd Place ☆ [link] in the #Dark-Balkans contest: Black Magic [link] :D
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Yeyz :D Thank you guys for the opportunity!
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леле бе ама ти е убаф описот.. и сликата исто ;P
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хахаха, ах што си ти.. =P
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