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Darkstyle for Vista

By TheDarkMind
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This is a new Peview of my Visual Style for Vista

Backgrounds are no fakes .... are really gray :)

when you like it and want test it you can downlaod it here


but at time this style only for Aero ... in Basic are bugs ..sorry im working on it
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Hi , would you be so kind to update the links for this theme ?

ดาวโหลดตรงไหนวะ thank you
Wait, let me get this straight: you have made one of the best visual styles anyone has ever seen, shown us tantalising previews here and then put a dead download link?! Why? Please upload this to DA, as it actually WORKS then, and most of us CAN'T SPEAK GERMAN, so ENGLISH would be greatly appreciated.
Otherwise my henchmen may have to rough ya up something awful... :chainsaw: :threaten: :pirate: :katana:
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Why u didint but the download link here? Are u think all in this site are in you'r country, are u sure they can speek this languge what u talking?
but the theme here or just but normal download link. (Normal link languge is englich)
Thanx, and its looks cool,
i'm waiting u r reply.
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the link that you have posted is a dead link.
the link to download takes us to a site with damn jibberish crap you pissant...give us a link that works or dont give one at all!
Hallo "TheDarkMind",
ich bin von Deinem Theme mehr als begeistert,kann es aber bedauerlicherweise nicht Downloaden.
Bei dem einem link werde ich zu einem bild des themes weitergeleitet und bei dem anderem gehts zur freenet seite wo es heißt das die seite nicht verfügbar sei.
Kannst Du mir bitte einen funktionstüchtigen link senden oder mir das theme anders zukommen lassen?
Ich wäre Dir sehr dankbar dafür!
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Hope u will continue this for Basic.. Thank you :D
this is awesome, I love how it looks so unified. You clean this thing up and you'll have the best style out there bar none
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There is an Update from the style

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wowo more dude I LIKE THISE ONE

its beautifull

what is diferent xp vs. vista ?
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the link are from my ftp @ (Its an German Internet,Email and Homepage Provider like GMX ore Yahaoo).... where my homepage is .... the file have no viruses or other thing ... its only the style ... packted with winrar ..... so you can downlaod ..... when you want
i like your skin.
But, my brower warned me that the link [link] was a mal-url.
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when you want read how i change the backgrounds in the explorer windows you can find it here


and for the controll panels background

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Awesome!!! great job Mate!!! I Just wonder How you put those Backgrounds in Explorer? Beautiful!!!

my gallery [link]
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