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Darkness Uprising: Blitz's App by TheDarkMantis16 Darkness Uprising: Blitz's App :iconthedarkmantis16:TheDarkMantis16 46 4
Commission: A Real Connection
Within the confines of a certain mixed terrier woman’s room, her hard drive sat on her desk, seemingly inactive. The windows were closed, but the blinds were open, allowing the rays of the setting sun to flood into the room, thankfully not waking the woman. While she looked relatively peaceful - if laying on her mattress on the floor with her limbs splayed out, drooling onto her pillow, and the blanket half-flung off of her was “peaceful” - the rest of the room was a different story entirely.
Lights and monitors were strung up all above her desk, displaying bright blue glows on their faces. Various readouts were also visible, all of them looking important. On the desk itself beside the hard drive was a set of large headphones, looking like they were built for gaming. On one wall was a big table with multiple shelves, all of them containing game consoles, controllers, and the games themselves. Meanwhile, a large flatscreen television, currently off, was visible on top
:iconthedarkmantis16:TheDarkMantis16 3 5
:Emerald Academy: Emile and Basix - Dorm-mates
Today’s announcement was long-winded and a little confusing. Emile was somewhat inattentive to it all, choosing to boredly look out the window of class. The person over the intercom spoke about various events for the school, both current and upcoming. While he honestly liked school, he had a hard time paying attention. Which was ironic, since it meant he’d be failing in his grades if he didn’t get back in shape.
Then, halfway through the announcements, he heard a particular keyword: “dorm”. He sat up straight, listening intently now.
“...and starting in a few hours, all students shall be sorted into their dormitories for the school year. We have already randomly selected who gets paired with who, so no need to worry. As well, males shall only be in dorms with males, and females only with females. Now, the list…”
He heard names being rattled off, one by one, until he heard his own. “Emile Eastbrook with Basix Hopkins
:iconthedarkmantis16:TheDarkMantis16 3 3
:Emerald Academy: RP Starter - Going to the Ball
The teen stared long and hard at the poster on the wall. It was large, brightly colored, and very hard to miss. A few more posters like it were scattered around the campus, though thankfully this one lacked a giant crowd around it, so Emile could study it more closely.
“...huh,” he murmured, reading what was written.
Ladies, gents, put on your snappiest and fanciest attire and join fellow students in a celebratory dance and party! Enjoy a wide variation of party favors and tunes while mingling with fellow students!
Hope to see you there at 6:30 PM!
The date was at the bottom. Apparently it was in a few days. Intriguing…
“My first ball…” Emile said to himself quietly. It was true, he had never been to a ball in his life - the schools he had gone to before either had them prepared but had to cancel for whatever reason, or didn’t even bother. The fact that this one was an act
:iconthedarkmantis16:TheDarkMantis16 4 26
Real Boneheads - An Undertale Oneshot
The Underground.
A land buried deep underneath Mt. Ebott, and home to a variety of beings known to humans as “monsters”. From the unassuming Moldsmal to the eccentric Mettaton, it was a fascinating and unique place to live… for the monsters, anyway. After the War between them and the humans, it had been sealed away behind a magical barrier, preventing any of the monsters from escaping…
But that all changed in recent years. The barrier was now gone, thanks to a little child known as Frisk. Despite the impossible odds stacked against the child, Frisk met them head-on, fueled by sheer willpower. In addition to that, Frisk’s personality - a pacifist first and foremost - meant that the Underground was allowed to survive with no blood being shed. Even at the most dire of times, Frisk didn’t dare retaliate. Instead, the kid found other ways of solving disputes and encounters peacefully.
It would make any parent proud. Especially Toriel. She had been there w
:iconthedarkmantis16:TheDarkMantis16 4 4
:Emerald Academy: Emile's First Day
“There it is,” the thick Scottish accent of the boy’s father announced as their medium-sized car came up the road. Ahead, the academy came into view. The campus was looking very lovely today - standing in front of shining sun, a cloudless sky, and Angel Island in the distance, it was surely a nice place to be in. “My, what a quaint little place.”
“I agree,” said the boy’s mother, who was at the wheel of their car. “It’s the perfect place… well, it better be after all the paperwork we had to wade through to get you a spot here, kiddo,” she added to her son, who was in the backseat and playing a game on his 3DS. The child appeared to be a sixteen-year-old male wolf with a dark grey body, and white muzzle, hair, and tail tip. His hair was neck-length, and parted halfway. His eyes were a chocolatey-brown color. They pointed up from his game to look at his mother.
“I hope so too,” Emile Eastbrook comm
:iconthedarkmantis16:TheDarkMantis16 4 5
Emerald Academy App - Blitz/Emile by TheDarkMantis16 Emerald Academy App - Blitz/Emile :iconthedarkmantis16:TheDarkMantis16 33 19
Contest Entry: Happy Days: A LunaxJericho One-Shot
It was very quiet within the house that afternoon. There were no big things to take care of today - no shopping, no meetings, no get-togethers with friends. Just the happily married couple finally having a moment to themselves.  
Just the way I like it, thought Luna, the pyrokinetic wife of Jericho, as she dined on the pancakes she made earlier while watching a movie with her aforementioned husband on the couch. The red hedgehog looked just as content as she did, having his arm around her while she sat beside him. His presence near her made her calm and happy, and she liked it that way - Jericho certainly had quirks, but he was faithful to her, and always had been since they started dating. That had never changed, despite all the chances to back out - he remained loyal to her no matter what, all the way up to their marriage. It warmed her heart to have a partner who stayed with her through whatever was sent their way, and it proved that Jericho was a good man to have.
:iconthedarkmantis16:TheDarkMantis16 4 7
Time to Die - a FNAF Oneshot
“Hahaha! Thought you got me, eh? Damn runts, too dumb to-AAAARGH! AAGH! IT HURTS! OH GOD! OH GOOOOOD!”
Those were the final words that came from the murderer's lips as he was skewered, gored, and maimed within the hybrid animatronic suit. Blood flowed eagerly from his tearing body as he thrashed against the suit, trying desperately to free himself from the trap that he had sprung on himself. Unfortunately, this only drove the spikes and springs in deeper, ripping into his organs and causing even more blood to fly. His own tears and blood blinded him as he barely spotted the dead children's spirits looking at him with unreadable expressions. It was frankly hard to tell, since his vision was growing darker, and it didn't help that the mask around his head was blocking some of his sight.
He screamed. The suit gored him more. He screamed louder. He was now feeling his bones become ground to dust. Then, without warning, spikes shot up through his chin and straight into his brain
:iconthedarkmantis16:TheDarkMantis16 8 25
Sonic Boom Thunderstruck Logo by TheDarkMantis16 Sonic Boom Thunderstruck Logo :iconthedarkmantis16:TheDarkMantis16 11 12
Rust - a FNAF Oneshot
It was dark… so dark… she could barely move. Her entire skull throbbed with pain as she sat up… her mouth was hurting as well…
She managed to painfully open her eyes, and what she saw made her scared: darkness. Complete and utter darkness. If there was a light bulb in here, she wouldn’t know where it was… Dammit, why couldn’t she see?
She tried to stand up using her hands to push herself up off the ground… but nothing was happening. She couldn’t feel her own fingers touching the floor, oddly.
W...what’s going…” she managed, feeling her voice crack.
Blinding light flooded the room, causing her to shield her eyes to avoid sight damage. She heard shuffling, before a scratchy voice echoed through the room.
Chica brought her arms down to see Freddy Frazbear looking at her… and damn, he looked terrible. There were rips in his suit, h
:iconthedarkmantis16:TheDarkMantis16 6 3
Hooked On You - a FNAF Oneshot
The pirate’s eyes flickered open, revealing a bright white light above. He instinctively squinted, feeling the intense brightness hurt his vision. Not again... he thought, growling lowly as he realized that he was still in the same, dingy parts room where the rest of the Fazband were located. Meanwhile, their replacements - he shuddered with rage at the word - were out in the restaurant proper, currently shut off while the security guard prepared his shift.
Foxy groaned as he shifted in his seat, feeling his aching joints and endoskeleton parts squeal and creak with his movement. He was in bad shape - parts of his arms had been torn away to show the inner robot, and holes were seen in his chest. His shorts were tattered at the knees, revealing his battered endoskeleton legs, wires visible behind the feet. The right side of his head was also damaged, revealing the bare endoskeleton ear and his eye. The other one was covered up by his trademark eyepatch.
He had found the oth
:iconthedarkmantis16:TheDarkMantis16 8 8
FNOF - Chapter Four: Overbearing
I groaned as I sat up, yawning. God, I felt tired as hell… what time…
I glanced to find the little clock on my bedside table reading 3:00PM. Another day, another night at Freddy’s… yay…
I grumbled as I pulled the blankets off of me and wandered around in my apartment in my pajamas. As I doddered around dazedly, I took notice of the brownish-red carpet in my room, with tan-colored walls and a slow-moving ceiling fan up above. A door on one wall led to a small bathroom with white walls and a tiny tub and toilet, and another door revealed a closet containing my various clothes, including my Fazbear uniform. As I looked at it, I pinched the space between my eyes while memories of the previous night came to mind…
I remembered dreaming about a monstrous, golden-colored Freddy Fazbear accusing me of something I had done. I still had no idea just what the hell was going on, aside from gaining the hate of all but one animatro
:iconthedarkmantis16:TheDarkMantis16 0 7
FNOF - Chapter Three: Spanner in the Works
It was approaching 6 PM. Many of the kids had already left, and the ones that had remained were either getting ready to leave or were still busy doing something. None of them were looking at the show stage…
Quietly, the animatronic band member shuffled into the backstage, keeping a lookout for anyone else. Nobody seemed to be paying attention, so he put up hand signals to call over his bandmates. The two saw his signal and came over quietly, and once they were inside, he locked the door.
The air was thick with tension. He could feel it. They had failed to catch the night guard for two nights in a row, and it was making him irritated. None had lasted as long as he did… well, barring that one other guard, but this one was different. This one seemed aware of who the animatronics really were, and was aware that they had been trying to kill him the last few nights. That would have to change - starting tonight.
“So,” Freddy Fazbear said calmly, catchin
:iconthedarkmantis16:TheDarkMantis16 1 2
FNOF - Chapter Two: Sail the Seven Seas (of Doom)
I was shivering as I approached Mr. Fazbear’s office. Like yesterday, I had arrived at five o’ clock, and this time I was nervous as all hell. The more I thought about it, the more I thought this was absurd. Talking to him about the animatronics that would try to stuff me in a suit if they got into the office would likely make him laugh it off as some sort of daydream or something.
...come to think of it, that might be true. It was my first night, and the phone guy probably must have been screwing with me when he made that message. If I find him, I’d have to chew his ass out for that. That bastard was probably laughing his ass off right now...
It was then I had a thought. Last night, the animatronics seemed intent on killing me. But today, kids were still running around in here, and the Fazband was still likely doing their routine. I figured I might as well inspect them while I was here.
Going to the dining area, I noticed all the kids milling about, some stuffing the
:iconthedarkmantis16:TheDarkMantis16 0 3
Five Nights of Fun - Chapter One: The First Night
“ you think you’ve got what it takes to be a security guard during the night shift?” Mr. Fazbear told me. He was an elderly, affable man - bald, with a big bushy grey mustache, a dark blue business suit, and what seemed to be a signature cigar. Across the desk, he had put his hands together as he spoke to me about the job.
“Y-yeah!... I mean, yes, certainly,” I replied, mentally facepalming from acting like an excited kid.
Mr. Fazbear laughed. “Haha, sounds like you’ve got quite the ambition, kiddo. I like that. You’re in.”
“R-really?” I inquired, a little confused. I already got the job and the interview had barely begun? Odd.
“Yes indeed. Now, you’re going to need a uniform and a schedule for your week here.” With that, he reached under his desk to open a drawer, and brought up a sheet of paper displaying a time schedule with the Fazbear Entertainment logo in the corner. “12 AM to 6 AM, sha
:iconthedarkmantis16:TheDarkMantis16 1 3
The things that I've made here in GIMP, as well as writing!


Amani the Mermaid by Mobian-Reptile Amani the Mermaid :iconmobian-reptile:Mobian-Reptile 18 0 Neo16BIT - Megaman X by Orioto Neo16BIT - Megaman X :iconorioto:Orioto 227 4
The Twenty Rules Of Being An Internet Activist
1. You are always right, never at any moment reflect on yourself in a critical way. You are a super smart special snowflake and the sheeple better recognize.
2. Your opinions are the only good opinions always and forever. Smart people always belittle and dismiss any remotely different worldview because they already have the right opinions, so what the fuck are they going to do with knowledge that doesn't reinforce preconceived notions? Also, reading books is obsolete, get all your book-learning from blogs, they're quick, free, and have absolutely no fact-checkers or peer review!
3. Make an echo chamber. Do not allow critical comments on your art (read: demotivators and google image search photos with pithy quotes photoshopped on) Surround yourself with like minded people and keep 'em close, don't be afraid to block and delete comments from the heathens. The one true sign of a free-thinking, brilliantly intellectual individual is that he endlessly parrots talking points from his fellow
:iconbongwater-bandit:Bongwater-bandit 82 35
Manchild in MSPaint by Bongwater-bandit Manchild in MSPaint :iconbongwater-bandit:Bongwater-bandit 42 32 Total Drama Wyrmrest by froopoo Total Drama Wyrmrest :iconfroopoo:froopoo 12 1 Sonic's Eye Infection by Bonus-kun Sonic's Eye Infection :iconbonus-kun:Bonus-kun 14,186 2,477 KDA: akali by sasucchi95 KDA: akali :iconsasucchi95:sasucchi95 1,319 9 Fold by WaysideWandererr Fold :iconwaysidewandererr:WaysideWandererr 4 2 Shiro-4 for Hunter Vanguard by WaysideWandererr Shiro-4 for Hunter Vanguard :iconwaysidewandererr:WaysideWandererr 6 2 A Lawless Frontier by WaysideWandererr A Lawless Frontier :iconwaysidewandererr:WaysideWandererr 6 0 Sleeper Scare by WaysideWandererr Sleeper Scare :iconwaysidewandererr:WaysideWandererr 2 0 Saffron minipage by MysStarry Saffron minipage :iconmysstarry:MysStarry 23 9 Phanphan by MysStarry Phanphan :iconmysstarry:MysStarry 57 26 [Com] Phanphan by ArtsySiege [Com] Phanphan :iconartsysiege:ArtsySiege 131 11 I don't feel so good by Cryophase I don't feel so good :iconcryophase:Cryophase 62 8 Couples Adopts [CLOSED] by ArtsySiege Couples Adopts [CLOSED] :iconartsysiege:ArtsySiege 110 36
Some stuff that I happen to adore!



TheDarkMantis16's Profile Picture
Kyle D
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Icon by cat-tus, avatar by Kimmi-suTT

Eyyyyyy, what's up? I'm TheDarkMantis16, but you can call me Dark or Mantis for short. I'm just a nerd who enjoys video games, music, and writing stuff!

Don't be afraid to send me a message or note if you want to talk! I don't mind meeting new people. .3.

Stuff I like:
-Video games
-Transformers (Autobots, roll out!)
-Sonic (of course)
-Smash Bros
-Other game series (Dead Space, CoD, Mega Man, etc.)
-Good music (EDM, rock, metal, OSTs)
-Chicken (Fried, yummeh)
-Junk food
-Writing and reading

Stuff I don't like:
-Trolls (of the internet variety)
-Rap (mostly the ones about "bitches and hoes", pardon the language)
-People who vandalize stuff
-Disgusting food
-Losing all my hard work after forgetting to save (absolutely hate this)

My Best Buds <3:
:iconmysstarry: :iconanuadventure: :iconm1tchi3du5k: :iconhappy-acid: :iconsue--boo: :iconjetblack0x: :iconmaddiebat: :iconaurelious-auria: :iconmelodyraver: :iconcosmic-corruption: :iconjam-jamm: :iconphaennamir:

Fun Facts!:
-I like cheese.
--And toast. I love toast~
---Hm, cheese on toast... grilled cheese! BRILLIANT.
-I first started writing fanfiction somewhere in 2012. Can't remember the exact date, but I remember the year. It was about my WoW characters Kioal Darkblade and Isaac Torquebarrel.
-I listen to music from other games while in a game (Example: Lost Colony during the first few rounds of Mob of the Dead in Black Ops 2)
-I'm a bit shy in real life (mostly because I can't find other people that like the same stuff I do).
-My first Sonic game was Sonic the Hedgehog 2, played it when I was like 3.
-I tend to mix concepts together to make new things regarding fan stuff (example: my Mortis Machina species borrows concepts from the Scraplets in Transformers and the Flood in Halo).
-I hate spiders.
-I can't swim.
-I can't draw for toffee. >_<
--I can do stuff in GIMP, though!
-Technical problems sometimes hinder me.
--Then again, they hinder everybody. Nyeh.
-I sometimes say very dumb things and regret doing so moments later.
-I want to be a writer when I go to college. =D
-I'm a huge Transformers nerd. =P
--I've even got a main character - Rotorhead, an Autobot medibot who morphs into a helicopter. He's generally nice and friendly, though weak, but he is very determined to see the war end.
-I take my username after a boss in Mega Man X8, Dark Mantis.
-I find I say "yo" a lot.
-I'm so stylish yo.
-I've lost my ability to even, help me
-I seem to have a proclivity to explode.
-I think I have more ships than I know what to do with. owo;;
--Many of them are with MysStarry to be precise. And a whole lotta people around the rest of the interwebs!

You can find me in other places, such as...

Origin: TheDarkMantis17
Nintendo Network: kioaldb
3DS Friend Code: 4227 - 2487 - 9633
Xbox: TheDarkMantis18
Gmail: Ask in private, and only if you're a good friend.
Skype/Discord: Same as Gmail.


Do you like YCHs?
Do you have cold hard cash you wanna spend?
Do you like getting art of your character?
Do you like bidding?

If you answered "yes" to all the above, then check out :iconcat-tus:'s new YCH here: <da:thumb id="628558230"/>
Paypal only, go give her some help~



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