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Snow White *updated*

Once Upon a Time... in a great castle, a Prince's daughter grew up happy and contented...

Update: I improved some things I wasn't happy with. I'll be re-uploading the rest of the images soon :D

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In a dream I saw a coffin with Snow White, the dwarfs left him under the hut and the tree, I pulled the apple out of her throat myself, and she showed me her fangs, I thought I was going to eat, but she hisses and I run away in horror, it was a long dream maybe at 15, I saw her just then 2 times, music from Dusk Till Dawn is somewhat similar to Snow White, by the way she turned black when the apple fell off, you see oxide.

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LOVE the Vampire Snow White concept. And the apple/dripping heart you created to go with her? Excellent . . .
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Snow is sooo obviously a vampire. It's why she's so hard to kill.
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She has hair as black as ebony, skin as white as snow, and lips as red as blood.  She also keeps falling into a sleep that's indistinguishable from death.  Of course she's a vampire!
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You made a very good point there! lol
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Aww, now why couldn't any of the disney princesses be this cool. Would have made them a lot more interesting characters.
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then it wouldn't be Disney I guess XD
Luckly there's a trend of dark fairy tales movies now :)
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Ture that. But fairy tales have always been dark.
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Yes, and knowing the real story is a childhood-killer x_x
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HA,HA,HA! Yes, indeed. :iconcreepyplz:
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is it me or does snow white always look good like this
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gosh... that's a heart Oo :D
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Would that be the evil queen's heart she's about to eat? :XD:
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Dark and sexy! :wow: Now,if I were you I´d made her more busty,with a big neckline on her dress. ;P
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I love this one!! I love how the heart kinda looks like an apple
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