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Congratulations New friend. Welcome to THE DARK HOUR!

Please make sure you read the RULES as it will answer questions you might have. Feel free to make an INTRODUCTION we like to get to know our members. Take a moment to look at all sections of the board as you might find things useful especially the WRITER'S INFORMATION and CHARACTER PROFILES. Don't hesitate to ask ANY staff member for help if you need it. Please ensure you make at least one post with in the first seven days of register as we will prune out any accounts that have not. Lastly, happy writing and enjoy your time with us. 

The Dark Hour is an adult writing site for all genres of role play.
We offer the freedom to create your own one-on-one stories or 
join our group game set in Las Vegas, New Orleans, and the forest
wilds of Colorado. Write as a vampire, demon, lycan, fallen angel,
fae, witch or dabble in a little voodoo. 


Let your creativity loose and write the best and worst parts 
of your imagination. We don't believe in applications, word
counts, or fade to black. Must be over 18 to join. No exceptions.



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Congratulations New friend. Welcome to THE DARK HOUR!

Please make sure you read the RULES as it will answer questions you might have. Feel free to make anINTRODUCTION we like to get to know our members. Take a moment to look at all sections of the board as you might find things useful especially the WRITER'S INFORMATION and CHARACTER PROFILES. Don't hesitate to ask ANY staff member for help if you need it. Please ensure you make at least one post with in the first seven days of register as we will prune out any accounts that have not. Lastly, happy writing and enjoy your time with us. 

Many Thanks, The Dark Hour Staff!

The Devils Hex | Tootietang | Jayne Quill |

The Dark Hour is an adult writing site for all genres of role play.
We offer the freedom to create your own one-on-one stories or 
join our group game set in Las Vegas, New Orleans, and the forest
wilds of Colorado. Write as a vampire, demon, lycan, fallen angel,
fae, witch or dabble in a little voodoo. 


Let your creativity loose and write the best and worst parts 
of your imagination. We don't believe in applications, word
counts, or fade to black. Must be over 18 to join. No exceptions.



Maturity All members must be over the age of 18+. Anyone younger the age of 18 will not be allowed to join. The reason being that this site is for mature audiences and we would prefer to keep children off this site. It does not matter if your birthday is coming up soon, or you are a mature mind, 18 and over only.

Respect All members should be treated with respect no matter race, color, or sex.

LGBT We welcome all sexual orientations or persona here. You are not required to share your personal sexual orientation if you do not feel comfortable to.

Writing This is a writing site and if it does not pertain to your games, stories, or In character information leave it off the site. No personal details should be given out no real life pictures, numbers, or social networking.

Sexual Content All content that is sexual must be between consenting writers, all images of characters must be over 17. Anyone caught using underage images or refer to underage characters in sexual manner will be banned with out warning.

Open Dialogue Please speak to your prospective writing partner, no one likes to start a story and be abandoned. All abandoned or interest lost stories should be marked to remove them from threads. You may use tags such as, [Remove] or [Closed] to indicate a story is closed, or you simply want it removed.

Drama If you start it you will be removed. This can include cyber bullying, arguments, stalking, or negative behavior that is out of character. You will be given three warnings, there after you will be susended or banned, depending on the circumstances.

STEALING Don't steal other's people's ideas like completely profile info, story lines, character names. 

POSSESSIVENESS Please if you feel the need to cling onto anyone keep it to yourself. We all have our preferences about how we play and who we play well with. This does not give you the right to possessively linger/stalk/cling onto someone. If you are in need of a partner please try someone new. We have many requests. If someone is bothering you please inform staff to relay your message to cease and desist. 

ACTIVITY While we are very loose on how active our members choose to be please try to keep in mind we would like people to partake in threads. Any accounts that have had no traffic in 30 days in or out will be removed. Activity is simple, even if you don't have much to write about we always have our OOC sections that you may drop a line in. If you will be away please mark yourself away on our AWAY BOARDS. 

YOU It doesn't matter here if you are a guy writing as a female, or a woman writing as an anthro with two heads. Nor should it matter to anyone else, so if you are feeling bullied or harassed Contact the admin.

TROLLING Please do not come into our site linking offsite groups. We would prefer you do NOT ask our members to install certain Instant Messengers just because you use a particular one. Please do not ask members to join any other sites just because you may be a member elsewhere. We provide chatrooms which also allow for Private Instant Messaging for RP. So there is no need to require anyone to install, or join to offsite locations. Email RP, and PM Roleplay is fine so long as both parties agree to it. Remember to remain active on this site as we do activity Checks.

ABSOLUTE NOs Again no underage RP IC or Out , No underage images, NO bestiality, No Drama, No Bullies.

LOLITA RP: NO! Sorry I just don’t have the effort or the time to put up with this. You will not make your characters under the age of 17! This is just how it is. If you are unhappy with that then this site is not for you!

AGE PLAY: Here is the thing about this, between two over 17 character’s its all good… Though we are not tolerating anything under 17. Again this is a stressed rule. Some roleplay characters may want to have a ‘pretend’ age difference. Fantasy of the school girl or what not, this also can refer to younger males and older woman. However it must be between two 17 and over characters. 

OOC HOOKING UP: So I see this as an issue for my site, if you are wanting to be more than just online friends with someone please take it off my site. Go to your private messengers, facebook, or whatever other outlet NOT HERE! This is a roleplay site, and unless you are working out plots or ideas for a story this is not a place for you to cyber with anyone. Not a place for you to get a date or online girl/boy-firend.

The CRAZY: No one wants to hear about your mental issues, we aren’t doctors or councilors so don’t inform anyone of your ‘issues’ it’s not our job to take care of your mental health. NOR should anyone be giving advice about someone’s problems. It’s the internet people, get some sense in your head.

USER NAMES: Do not come into this site with a user 
name that is offensive to my delicate sensibilities. DO NOT USE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING WORDS: ASS, FUCK, DICK, COCK, ANAL, CUNT, PUSSY, TITS, CLIT, or PENIS. OR anything suggestive to sexual acts, or sexual body parts. To clarify there are some names the tread dangerously close to inappropriate so just use your head on this one? If you feel it’s an issue feel free to EMAIL the owner. The.Devils.Hex.@GMAIL.COM

AVATAR IMAGES: No genital pics please. Most of us already know what a vagina and dick looks like.. And we don’t want to see assholes flying around. Artistic nudes are alright… (STILL NO GENITALIA) but if there is an issue staff will remove it or ask you to. You will be ONE warning on this.


Images can often make a story or board much more inviting however some can be annoying and unnecessary. So if you will please follow the allowed terms for images guide you then everyone wins.Please note there is no face claims, if you like a certain image use it. 

Avatars It would be preferred to not use moving avatars, no GIFs please. Some Gifs are a strain on the eyes. 

Signatures Again no GIFs, but you may use what ever type of signature you like so long as it does not stretch the board.

Board Images You may use Gifs in your personal stories or threads. Please note that we ask to re-size any overly large images to keep board ratio in check.

Image Hosting We will not host your images but there are many servers out there that will. Photobucket, TinyPic, or other web outlet. 

NO REAL LIFE PEOPLE PICTURES This means no pictures of you or your friends or family in real life as character images. We want to respect the privacy of others. This does not include famous folk celebrities or models, you may freely use them for your characters or avatar etc..


The chatbox is a place you can freely have quick chats about what ever you like, though there are a few things that should NOT be in the chatbox.

No RP of any kind should be going on in there, if you want to have a RP session the Chatrooms offers the ability to do that. 

Be civil, etc... when using the chatbox its there for you to enjoy not to abuse. No bashing, bullying each other or the site please, we want to keep positive feed in the chatbox.

No DRAMA, we want this to be a friendly and welcoming environment.

NOW onto the cooler stuff...

You may keep a registered name, hitting the profile button will allow you your own unique user name for the chatbox. Password protected and all.

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The Dark Hour chatooms are Here is a place for you to RP though I must say that it is a better way to connect via Private message with others.

You must register !!! 

Please use your forum Username, and Email to do so. All other names found in the records will be removed.

We take suggestions too so by popular demand.

Groups may request their own Chatroom.


Playing via messenger or through our own PMs please feel free to log them onto our board! You may also keep them private to yourself if you wish. Though should you post them make sure you do so in the following manner.

1. Title the roleplay
2. Include who is involved if it is a 1 x 1 roleplay in the description. If this is a group with multiple players include inside the post.
3. Place it in the correct forum. ie: Fantasy Stories, Modern Stories etc..
4. Decide who will post the log, since it counts as post points for our Shop and Lottery monies.


When starting a group game, we ask that you remember to title your group games accordingly whether is be a faction, a wolf pack, coven, guild, a harem etc... You will find the link in the navigation to create your own User Groups you must have 5 players at a minimum to create your faction.

You will be responsible for your own group, the same board rules apply and must be kept. Any dead groups will be deleted. 

To create a group you must recruit members first you may do that under the Game Recruit section. Be as creative as you like with it. You MUST have members already approved to join your group.

Remember to set rules for your group.

Any behavior unbecoming of a group leader can lead into the group suspension, or you the group leader replaced.

Recruiting may last or as long as you wish to grow your game.

SEE OUR LINK BAN LIST!! More rules there? :]

For those who have a group and want to have a place for their Roleplay please let me know. [ADMIN]


US, Colorado. What you doing?
I will be moving soon, and hopefully back in the US by August. 
Its been fun Germany but I think I like my home country.
Colorado future.
Make it a good read.
I hope so, I am starting to hate this place... lol Well lets hope the months go fast!
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Journal Entry: Sat Oct 4, 2014, 12:41 PM
I get really eager to respond to such a good story.

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To Roleplay

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 25, 2014, 2:22 PM
So I have quite a bit of time on my hands which means going back to writing again! So here's to that addictive, annoying, and time consuming hobby I just can't kick! Roleplay. And to my writing partners for keeping me interested in our stories and taking it further and helping me write better. SO you bitch of a mistress roleplay here is to you. 

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Im the grumpy old troll who lives under the bridge

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 23, 2014, 10:18 AM
Who's there!?

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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 15, 2014, 5:26 PM
It does not taste like chicken.  Beware tge fried duck.

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- Terms of Surrender.

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 6, 2014, 3:50 PM
9It was an ever changing game they were playing. He pushed she pushed harder though they were at a pause for now then? It must have really bothered him to be locked out that beautiful mind of hers. Then again he was very skilled at keeping tight to those secrets as if she didn't know enough if not everything about him already. For an immortal he truly loved living in sight, in fact his face had been one that was echoed throughout the ages. Portraits of his likeness were in museums noted differences of course but still there was little doubt. 

She took a small breathe in and then pushed it out just as quick. The sound fresh but annoyed from her lips easing her hands down at the table. "Alright then, what is it you want?" He went on and on about needing this or that before he would give her more and beating him clearly didn't work his skin was too old for pain. Difficult to believe as soft and smooth as it was that it was like stone cold and hard. He hadn’t fed in weeks and he was still very strong she had not counted on that. She hoped his age was merely exaggeration really. 

A cautious look was given to the vampire as she noted he had stopped smirking perhaps he was now in a serious mood? GOOD. She was tired of his quips anyway and she didn’t particularly like being eyed so closely. Though her mind was ages from him and yet she had not accounted for their conversations to get so heated and so somber all at once. He had the look of both devil and angel alike and he didn’t even realize how close to those borders they were. “Well then? I am sure you are out of excuses and I am out of patience so tit for tat… I’m listening.”

10He looked down again watching her hand simply linger there before him. He had admired the thin bony fingers and neatly manicured nails clean… Those inky eyes merely lifted to eye level and let out a scoff. “Take me home.” He could have laughed he was actually asking for permission to be set loose. How had they caught him he had not any idea of what the hell type of blood line she was but it was not any he had known. Strong that was all.  “You did not have to keep me bound here, you know as well as I that you’re strong enough to keep me in your reach.”

Killeen knew they were being watched he felt it like a warmth in his temple it bothered him. He turned to the camera and stared at it a moment, then looked at her again. “I’ll be good, I’ll be whatever it is you want me to be. Though a good shower and fresh clothing would be exactly what would put me in the talking mood.” He actually wasn’t sure what he could say, this world was nothing like the one he was from, and he was from another world. A place that most never see and never escape he eased once more into the back of his chair lifting his brows innocently enough. “Come on now, you know I am gentlemen after all as such I could never harm a lady, or whatever you are.” 

Killeen though long and hard about the questions she had been asking how the hell she knew so much the blood magic the realms of his own history. He had thought she was like him from where he was from but if that were the case he would have picked up on it. Wouldn’t he?? Then there was the other option she was a demon. A half breed it wasn’t all uncommon if there were werewolves, and witches up in this bitch how far-fetched could that be? He’d never really had a run in with one so by all accounts it could be right?? 

Killeen knew just one thing and it took every ounce of power to control his face his heart and all reactions to it. She knew he had a son one pure flesh and blood off spring and here he could never have a child. But there…  Yes there a place he threw into the garbage of his memory feeling nothing but anger when he… no NO. He didn’t think of it those years were a lie and he was no longer any shred of that life. “I’ll speak with you freely at my home or… can just walk out either way not even you can keep me in here forever. I’m not really someone you want to have alive and with a grudge,”

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Immortal under glass

Journal Entry: Wed May 21, 2014, 2:13 AM
A smell of sterilized sheets filled his nose as his eyes began to actually take note of this room. He was on the verge of laughter as he sat there, ironically in the corner a knee bent as the heel of his bare foot steadily kept it still. The other leg lay out before him the small wiggle of his toe amused him no socks this really was a prison! The years had flooded his mind of days he spent with shoes all types of shoes the new fresh smell of leather vibrant browns and deep blacks never mind a price tag. Though his feet were bare and the only clothing was a white pair of hospital pants tied loosely at his waist the air blowing into the room cold it didn't matter he didn't feel it any how. He didn't want to recall how he ended up here but in the end it was ignorance probably... Should have been more careful, should have had more security, should have trusted the right ones... Well how was that to live an unlife? Spending years trying to die it put little into real conclusion, he was too damn old to care but the ounce of self preservation had been pulling at his brain. He knew now that there was one way to stop him and it was hardly human a higher being? He looked at the small corner camera and watched it they watched him for roughly 48 hours now they had been watching them. He could hear them talking, thinking, questions... preparing... Yes even the one that caught him was there, he couldn't get a read on that one.

His thoughts drifted tuning it all out save the idea that they were talking about dissecting him. He had all the medical education his vast years and money could buy he knew the art of dissection like the faces of every ones he'd ever torn apart. Would that then be the end of him? Pieces of an immortal in slides, for microscopic research, this was all very human he finally let out a laugh the first real sound he'd made since waking up in this room. A slight low moan followed as he finally looked away from the camera turning back to his feet. No this wasn't a higher being it was just something older stronger and darker then he after all it was why he was pulled to the other. One bite, one big problem. He wanted to see a real face, an old face but that was impossible his face was not aged much though the finer lines of age had just begun to sprout around his mouth. He was quite fascinated with that it was not often a vampire showed any signs of age until he'd expended the years of hundreds and hundreds   Even his hair had a touch or two of white hairs all very exciting when he first had noticed it at all... and yet not that exciting at all was it? The years he spent loving a single face felt annoying, but he still loved that face. His hand lifted up to his mouth sliding down to his chin an then down to his leg.

He was quietly in idle funk, truth be told he wished they would just do what ever it was they wanted to do not impatience just mere conversation at all would have been wonderful. These people were mere scientists and with the exception of one that ONE! One bad ass mother fucker one. Ah... he was the only obstacle as of forever. His blood was toxic, the lure of it was so strong but on taste was much more then even he could endure. It was what had paralyzed him from the tips of fingers to the heel of his feet. Unable to focus and unable to with stand the mental intrusion he felt a mouse to lion and of course he was quite pisser over that though he was very sure that this friendship had a lot of trust issues.  Yet he was stronger and faster so much so that it was a feeling of deflation to his ego after taking the first pull of blood offered. What vampire would say no to something new something exciting?? All the while thinking he was the stalker, he was just the prey and that one no he wasn't the one to really be worried he was only bait... THEY baited him with another creature. AH who was this they? CONSPIRATORS! That's who fucktard. 

Another twenty four hours had passed he had moved pressing his hands into the bed pushing the thin mattress in and fell onto it chest against the rough polyester cotton sheets. Just how long did they want to observe him before sending someone to speak with him? He lifted his chin on the bed arms spread out to the sides finally turning onto his back.... finally! Someone with the balls to come to the door to speak with him. It was a sturdy door really iron and at the least five inches into reinforced concrete iron barred walls.  Aside from that they had a grid of light he laughed OH wasn't this hi-tech. The mortal pressed a key code sequence that allowed the transmission between one room to the other he stared at the camera again looking up laying and listening. The sound of the doctors voice broke in..

"Hello, I am Dr. Jefferson, I have come to evaluate you."

He frowned he didn't reply just yet allow the mortal to gather his notes he could read clearly what was on his mind, a fear and worry that he would fail. And he would... He was not only fast and strong, but he was mentally strong capable of reading a persons mind, controlling them, and able to shut their entire body down with mere thoughts. Yet this was his first encounter so he left the doctor too it.

"Uh.. I am pleased to meet you, your sorta a legend around here we have followed your life for as far back as the middle ages. Are you really that old?"

He didn't answer he could have given two fucks about his history that was just that history he spent a very long time venting it, and closed that chapter that's what they wanted for now his life story. A frown fell over his lips as he sighed this WAS going to be a while.

"I am hungry, bring me something bad, young, and infamously rich."

"Wha.. I am not allowed to anything but speak with you. We have protocol uh... I'm sorry I don't even know what to call you."

They knew who he was they knew more then they wanted to let slip but it was hard to keep a secret from this vampire. In a moment he rushed the door pushing it an inch from the hinge holding back as this was all for effect. The door looking like wouldn't even hold up its frame broken the large rounded iron spot of his hand his knuckles had caused. The whisper slipped directly to the good doctor, the code panel humming an electric buzz as it barely clung by a few wires.

"You can call me Prince Vivar if you like. Now fetch me something to eat.."

The doctor had been knocked back by fear and surprised his notes a scattered mess as he trembled to pull away from the door until his knees and feet were moving so quickly to rush into the security hall out an away from there.

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Smells like spring.

Journal Entry: Tue May 6, 2014, 4:57 AM
Es ist gut, wieder in Schwung zu bekommen.

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Applaus, Applaus

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 21, 2013, 12:36 AM

Ist meine Hand eine Faust machst Du sie wieder auf
und legst die Deine in meine.
Du flüsterst Sätze mit Bedacht durch all den Lärm
als ob sie mein Sextant und Kompass wär’n.

Applaus, Applaus
Für Deine Worte.
Mein Herz geht auf,
Wenn Du lachst!
Applaus, Applaus,
Für Deine Art mich zu begeistern.
Hör niemals damit auf!
Ich wünsch mir so sehr,
Du hörst niemals damit auf.

Ist meine Erde eine Scheibe, machst Du sie wieder rund.
Zeigst mir auf leise Art und Weise was Weitsicht heißt.
Will ich mal wieder mit dem Kopf durch die Wand
Legst Du mir Helm und Hammer in die Hand.

Applaus, Applaus
Für Deine Worte.
Mein Herz geht auf,
Wenn Du lachst!
Applaus, Applaus,
Für Deine Art mich zu begeistern.
Hör niemals damit auf!
Ich wünsch mir so sehr,
Du hörst niemals damit auf.

Applaus, Applaus
Für Deine Worte.
Mein Herz geht auf,
Wenn Du lachst!
Applaus, Applaus,
Für Deine Art mich zu begeistern.
Hör niemals damit auf!
Ich wünsch mir so sehr,
Du hörst niemals damit auf.

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Getting damn cold around here.

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 10, 2013, 1:09 PM

Weathers changing and so is my mood, thinking about the snow wet cold snow and how to avoid shoveling it.

I think I have ignored this enough I guess...

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 24, 2013, 1:36 AM

Not much to tell around these parts. I have been working more then I like but its a good time to get it all at once cause seasons make things fast and you can charge more just by attaching the word special to something. I went to the dentist last Monday. Good news... I have no cavities and little plaque build up.  <.< eh. Weird rant... I brush religiously and floss like the devil. *cough*

My DA has a star on it... thats new! But ah well pretty cool the D on my keyboard has been acting funny. I doubt I will order a new keyboard this week or get it before friday so I will DDDDDeal with it. 

I want to go to Alaska!

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 21, 2013, 12:38 PM

Well why not? I would love to go and hunt there I hear you can kill a bear and keep it once every four years. My Bucket list thing to do would be visit the beautiful Alaskan state and kill all the furry bad asses for pelts.