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Phoenix Coven INFO
A phoenix bursts into the flames, and rising from its ashes the new life restores it to all its glory. So to does every witch of the Covenant what their past was, is can not compare to the future of possibilities. Magic is a dying bloodline, witches throughout the world are no longer in numbers they once were. The old Grandures of the past have slowly faded away from the world. Speculations suggest the enemies that have hunted them, used them, and to this day still hunt them, that it was they that have slowly dwindled their numbers.
Demon’s the ultimate rivals, and temptation to any witch. When magic can be given so easily for a soul for servitude, many witches could not be blamed to take the temptation. A witch after all is called by magic, and sometimes the cost of it is death. The Covenant of the Phoenix is the haven of all witches. No matter their natural alignment for good or bad, being stronger together keeps their numbers unchallenged.
Laws of the Coven
Never betray the co
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The Turned Ashwolves RPG
The Turned
Humans are susceptible to becoming turned into Lycan.
Deep scratch. A scratch from a Lycan against the bone will create a slow and painful turn. The change will be complete on the full moon, when the scratched can shift into its true wolf form a white wolf. Blood transfer. Small amounts of blood transfer will only heighten a human's senses but only a large transfusion of blood will turn a human into Lycan. The shift is complete on the full moon. Bite. A bite into the bloodstream will turn a human. Biting will also bond the turned to his maker. These bond can be a strong emotional tie such as love, friendship, adoration, protectiveness, fear, anger.
Sex. Sexually transmitted wolf. A Lycan can turn a human through sexual encounters much like an std.
All forms of turning require the full moon to complete the process.
Side effects:
First effects. Extreme hearing and fever.
Second effects. Advanced smell and hunger.
Third effects. Emotional senses on high alert and sensitivity to
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Ash Wolves Info RP
Ash Wolves
The history of the Ash Wolves is derived from the royalty of Russian rule, the factual history of feuding packs with in the Lycan world. Countries throughout Europe appointing their rule over entire nations. Designating a single pack ruler of all its country packs. Russia, France, Ireland, England, Germany, and every country of the old world follow such custom. Each bowing low to the hands upon divine crowns, and like all Kings only the divine power of God can proclaim a king. These Supreme Alpha's controlling the destiny of their countries packs with in their country.
The Ash wolf King has been named Volkov for sixty decades, preceded by its ancestors from the time of the Rurik dynasty. Today Alexi Volkov is the Supreme Alpha of all Ash wolves, and controls his nation in both political and religious powers. The Volkov name is a name of Royalty amongst Russia, and powerfully wealthy throughout its political designs by way of alliances and enemies. The suprem
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Dark Disney RPG
The world is ever changed, with a kiss meant for true love the air of betrayal poisoned the world. Long ago she slept, her finger pricked and the sleep waved over the realm. Her prince would never come, and one hundred years would see everything fail. Legends and stories bringing the challenge to wake this sleeping beauty, and all sorts would come to take the challenge. One by one they failed and the more sour the curse became until claims to the realm were no longer dependent on a kiss but war.
Power over the realms of Pendium became known as the Rose Wars, tribute to the known as Briar Rose. Pendium had been the jewel once of all the realms not only for it’s riches but the magic of the Looking Glass . A power that allowed the world of Pendium the window to all realms and kingdoms. A temple of magic protected by both good fairy and dark against the reach of mortals. The font of power that controlled the seasons, c
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Nea by TheDarkHour-RPG Nea :iconthedarkhour-rpg:TheDarkHour-RPG 1 0 Ro4 by TheDarkHour-RPG Ro4 :iconthedarkhour-rpg:TheDarkHour-RPG 0 0 Ro1 by TheDarkHour-RPG Ro1 :iconthedarkhour-rpg:TheDarkHour-RPG 0 0 Ro3 by TheDarkHour-RPG Ro3 :iconthedarkhour-rpg:TheDarkHour-RPG 0 0 Ro2 by TheDarkHour-RPG Ro2 :iconthedarkhour-rpg:TheDarkHour-RPG 0 0 outbreakR by TheDarkHour-RPG outbreakR :iconthedarkhour-rpg:TheDarkHour-RPG 0 0 Lf by TheDarkHour-RPG Lf :iconthedarkhour-rpg:TheDarkHour-RPG 0 0 Ash2 by TheDarkHour-RPG Ash2 :iconthedarkhour-rpg:TheDarkHour-RPG 1 0 Mhxps3 by TheDarkHour-RPG Mhxps3 :iconthedarkhour-rpg:TheDarkHour-RPG 1 0 Mhxps2 by TheDarkHour-RPG Mhxps2 :iconthedarkhour-rpg:TheDarkHour-RPG 1 0 Mhxps by TheDarkHour-RPG Mhxps :iconthedarkhour-rpg:TheDarkHour-RPG 0 0 Whps3 by TheDarkHour-RPG Whps3 :iconthedarkhour-rpg:TheDarkHour-RPG 1 0
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