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The Sacred Liar

The Sacred Liar
The sacred liar sits on his throne
Washed, Saturated, Protected, -
The head supported by a boney crown.
Eating the food and soaking the water
He promised to his mindless mass of controlled slaves.
The magical Ghosts
and the everlasting lands of clouds and fire
are the weapon to the poor and scared.
The dictator preaches from ancient books of lunacy and barbarian hate.
Own opinions and freedom and freedom
are nothing more than the heresy
caused through the enemy.
Fairytales puts rationality and logic in chains
of difamation and disregard.
Thousands of middlemens spreads the indoctrination.
Peaking out the eyes
and closing the ears of the innocent.
Censorship and denial
silencing the thruth,
And voices of freedom getting locked up
behind the doors of ignorance.
Laughter punishes great minds oft he dumb masses
:iconthedarkheretic:TheDarkHeretic 6 3
The invisible God

There say, there is a magical man in the sky
He feeds they who`re hungry
He makes the fields green where it is dry.
A mad fairytale from the middleage is real.
Individualism and freedom doesn`t matter, however you`re feel.
You dont need to worry about science and proof.
A book full of speaking animals and illogical rituals will you tell the truth.
The magic man watches you all the time, but YOU should trust him.
He is everywhere even he is just one.
You drown in his love, the mindless sheep never learned  to swim.
At the end oft he day, your god is just a ghost in your head,
and he is so real like the monsters under your bed .....
:iconthedarkheretic:TheDarkHeretic 8 24
Religious Reich

I was a long time in the beatiful mud
To long.
Then i start criticizing, more criticizing.
The thoughts of gaining knowledge and getting answers i`d my enitre life had
Were more and more.
I finally saw all the rivers of blood.
The piles of bones.
The crying humans over the centuries, of dogmatic leaders and lies.
It`s not that i didn`t see those things earlier, i just thought i dont support this people and so, i didn`t care.
Now i got my answers.
Im out of this regime and it has a new enemy.
:iconthedarkheretic:TheDarkHeretic 5 14
The pale Wasteland by TheDarkHeretic The pale Wasteland :iconthedarkheretic:TheDarkHeretic 7 2


Morbid Architect by Dan-Harding Morbid Architect :icondan-harding:Dan-Harding 119 21 Threshold by DH666 Threshold :icondh666:DH666 516 130 Red Five Standing By by Carnegriff Red Five Standing By :iconcarnegriff:Carnegriff 182 8 Twi II by d1sarmon1a Twi II :icond1sarmon1a:d1sarmon1a 183 12
The Rumour of Icarus
there is a rumour that your father killed you, that
he bent your wings until they broke and then
told you, "Fly."
If this rumour is true, then it lives in the throats of
those fragile boys who wear your death like Cain's mark,
whose tender hands split like swollen tomatoes when
they pluck strangled seabirds, whose
arms slump beneath the weight of their father's genius.
And this rumour lives on
the under-skin of their eyelids so that when they die
or simply sleep
they dream of their fathers
or maybe just of Daedalus, standing with
his hands full of feathers and wax,
their blood-flecked down under his fingernails.
your face is gone, icarus, you are a warning & a tragedy &
the patron saint of boys who will not listen but also you are a god, icarus,
a god to these boys and still, when you fell—
said Bruegel in oils, Auden and Williams in verse—
no one gave a damn.
But Icarus—
they also say that your father strained the sunlight into an amphora
and told you, "Dri
:iconopus-t:Opus-T 406 106
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