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Edit: This story is not very good please read something else I wrote until I can fix it.

It was consuming him. He at the time had no knowledge of what it was but he felt the change as it happened. When he got back to earth he felt better than ever he was the first man to walk on the moons of jupiter. What life had been found on that trip was not of note (the unmanned missions had been the ones to make true scientific headway).

Once years before now (right after he got back) he had done a marathon in central park and he was trailing behind someone and a thought that was not even his own came to him like the devil himself was speaking to him “kill him” it said at first it was nothing but he kept thinking it until there was no other thought in his mind. In a split second he kicked the man down at first he was afraid but soon he felt proud like he had accomplished something. As he lived on he had more and more of these horrific thoughts. He began to hunt as a way to clear it. He noticed as the thoughts worsened his intellect did to he chose to see a doctor (yet for some reason it felt like he was killing himself going there).

When he was there he had gotten odd results after many more visits too many more doctors he was reported to have something incredibly disturbing and fascinating there was some alien or at least unknown life inside him clinging to his brain with tubes throughout his body something that they would remove. At the moment he heard the news he blacked out then he, or it rose from the chair.

When he could remember anything again everyone in the room was dead. What skin was not covered in blood was white pale. He felt nothing at seeing the carnage but still felt fear at the sirens so he ran and he felt proud…

He took refuge in the sewers. It was there he felt physical changes his muscles became larger. He had only been underground for a few days but he had a better mental map of the sewers then new york where he had lived for years. He was growing taller too he lived off the rats, hunted them with ease like as if they were standing still, ate them raw like as if they were candy. Sometimes he’d wandered into workers if they saw him. He’d kill them but it was best to not find them in groups larger than three. He memorised their routines and would sometimes hunt them for sport and humans gave more meat than rats. He preferred the homeless to the workers they were low risk and gave a more interesting hunt. The dogs were even better for they put up a real fight.

Yellow bioluminescence set in but only in the eyes.

Latter that week he saw another set of glowing eyes in the dark void. As he moved in he saw it was a alligator the reptile was writhing with power, he ran into the fight for the mere thrill of it. The creature was his first real battle the first time there was a chance he could die but after a long fight he was victorious yet with injuries to the right side of his body and a missing hand. He would live on yet for now he would sleep in a pile off black blood.

He awakened with his old personality his hand had grown back but not as a normal mammalian hand with a calcium endoskeleton and a glove of carbon based flesh but instead a crustacean like limb with a thick exoskeleton and six fingers ending in crab like claws. His old mind was back but this hand felt. Like a woman with gender dysphoria would feel a beard to be or a man with limb dysphoria would feel the lack of a leg to be this crustacean arm felt right to him in the same psychotic way in a way even his human body did not but he no longer had the mind of a monster and was able to cloak the arm as he walked the streets of south brooklyn.

He noticed his olive flesh was not only inhumanly pale as he had known before but inhumanly cold even dead feeling.

This is where I come in. Call me k my real name shall not be of importance. I never cared for science I can barely speak english but this man was sleeping at my doorstep June 4th of 2067 and I had the shock of seeing him the man who landed on the only other inhabited rock in our solar system as a barley human creature passed out on my doorstep. I had no idea of his crimes and had taken pity on him so I chose to take him in. When he woke up he told me the story that I have told you, and assured me that he was back to his old self. A few days latter is when he snapped his exoskeleton was spread to his shoulder by now, this is when I first time I saw him topless his skin was fit overly snug on oversized muscles not like any natural human form I could see every line of every muscle with dead looking flesh. He came at me with a sword on the wall I ran to the basement making sure to grab the phone. I locked myself in the basement I only had a few seconds he was slashing at the door and yelled “Sé que su idioma si usted no llama a las autoridades que se deja ir” translated to I know your language if you don't call the authorities you will be let go  (I had learned arabic and german before I had gotten here but I don't believe it could have helped). I left through the back door and when I got back to the front he was waiting for me with a demonic grin on his face.

I am far from having lived a safe life I was born in the e.u. after the far left regime took over. Growing up our fascist and colonial history was used as propaganda it ended almost a hundred years ago but in the eyes of the regime capitalism and democracy was the same thing. I never even knew of a regime changing. Growing up it was normal for me to deal with violent migrants the worst of north africa and west asia destroying my city of madrid it was normal for everyone who spoke out against the government to be jailed. In my teenage years I joined the independence movement and fled to england the last independent western european nation though their government was far right, no better than my homeland. Having known a bit of english I got to america. In short I can fight a guy with a sword even if he is some weird lobster I’ve fought jihadis in my teens and nationalists in my twenties so I thought I could take him but he wasn’t human. The fight wasn’t like the movies it was fast and confusing and soon I was left for dead on the sidewalk. With his old personality back that monster is most likely in the sewers.

After his killings were in the news I came out anonymously as the person who met him. They had known that it wasn’t human but the fact that it was him hunter smith the most famed man in science was a killer. Doesn't matter if he was never in his right mind people wouldn’t believe me or would call me a monster for taking him in. I am not one to take these comments seriously. All these stations had in their minds was viewers.

It was july 17 when a man came to me who called himself John Smith though he made it more than clear this was not his real name. He said that he couldn't see me in person until I proved myself trustworthy. He had hijacked the location on his messaging program to make it say he lived in another galaxy this being obviously untrue. The fake name and location made me suspicious could it be the monster. I had asked him to show a picture of himself sitting on a chair with his thumb and middle finger of his left hand on his leg and that if he too wished to be anonymous he would be wearing a blank red mask. This would make me not only shore he wasn’t hunter but also that he wasn’t a bot or some unserious troll (I had used this as a trick online years before) two days later I got a picture of a thin androdaniss figure (it seemed that “john smith” had worked hard to make his sex unknown along with his race age and many other factors). With the pose with the mask we now could message each other. He (thought I will not tell you his sex I will still call him “he”) explained that he had taken “interest” in the hunter smith case and had been investigating cases such as this for “a sizable amount of time”. He said that he needed all the information possible that could help along with a meeting place (everyone knew I lived in New York as I had to reveal this for the story). He also was very interested in samples of this creature I had no photos but he insisted that I try and gather things like skin hair and exoskeleton parts. ‘’John Smith’’ was also very “humorous” making whatever cheap joke or pun he could when he could. He then asked that before I send the meeting place three other people be sent to this ungodly chat. I said they must send pictures in the same pose (and the red mask if needed). ‘’John Smith’’ got them to do it. The first one sent the exact same picture as jon the exact same picture I made him leave the chat the second sent a picture of an overweight male no mask the third sent a underlit picture of a musselbound figure wearing a badly made mask. ‘’John’’ then introduced them as bob and someone (bob being the unmasked man someone being the underlit one). Bob was a conspiracy nut who wanted to use the hunter smith case to prove the flat earth (even though we have towns on mars the moon and even venus a flat earther will tell you that they’re just past the ice wall (antarctica) and any videos or images from space are fake). ‘’Someone’’ was a japanese vigilante living in occupied fiji with plans of killing hunter for fun or justice or something.

Once ‘’John’’ and I met in person (on a street under the underpass) he was wearing a black hazmat suit to hide his identity along with a voice distorter that clearly had the purpose of making him sound cool (I still couldn't tell the sex but I could at least tell that he had a british accent). He said that he wanted to have the items and nothing else. He did tell a few dad jokes (such as "how do you send a horse into space take off it’s saddle then it’s a saddle light "  "what did the nuclear physicist eat for lunch fission chips” and following it up with  "what did the nuclear physicist eat for lunch north korea”). He had also painted the letters JS on his odd outfit like he was the world's sketchiest superhero. There was also a anaretic women there I still don’t know why she was with him and he had never verbally or even physically ignoleged her and I had a feeling she was only there to make him seem more mysterious or something. At that time I hoped “John Smith" would go back to whatever weird basement where he dose amature science (and maybe starves people) and does whatever insane thing he wants to do with the samples and that bob goes back to talking about mole people and "someone" goes back to punching walls or whatever.

It was that night I had thought of how easily I could of prevented this. That it was my doing. This monster would only come in at my demand at my sympathy and kindness that this was my doing. Yet I moved on I do have a job (all I will tell you is that it is a desk job) and a girlfriend. The monster was not removed from my life. “John’’ would still update (and question) me. I learned that “John” had been joining colonies and was at the antarctic colony. He lived outside New Houston in Palmer Land he said that it was fine to live there if your home was equip to handle the cold and you were close to a colony large enough to have a dome and you had to have a vehicle to get you there. He said that he would take a ship north to argentina chile and south shetland wanting to escape the cold underdeveloped wasteland. “John” had lived in the deep sea colony Rockefeller city before now but stopped liking it as much when it had developed into a proper city. He loved the rugged living of an early colony but once people weren't fighting to survive and they lived comfortable urban lives it lost its charm to him. I remember “John” saying to me that “once we hunted goblin sharks for food now I see men hunt them for fun”. He moved to the less developed colony of New Houston but he lives on the outskirts now than it’s more built up. “John” said he wants to go to an off earth colany once the antarctic is too developed for him.

Days later I got a call from a distraught person doing a bad english accent in the middle of the night I know now it was “John” (his accent sounded real with the voice changer on but you could tell he’s american without it) he said that he had seen a video and he would text me a link to it. When I saw it I was in shock it was the monster he had my girlfriend tied down her face was horribly mutilated I heard his voice in a sick tone laughing as he did unspeakable things to her as he took my love from me I was distraught. I had nothing in my mind but rage I had known her for years and she had been taken like I had angered god himself. I wished for nothing but the monster’s death. I had contacted “John” and “someone” I wished now for nothing but to pursue this monster. “Someone” told me that he would meet me in the american colony of New Houston and that the name he went by was 黒い蛇 (Kuroi hebi) translated to english it was The black serpent. Kuroi hebi had been a aspiring historian in college studying ancient warfare. The story he will tell you is that he used his knowledge of ninjutsu to avenge his brother but from what I know he was a bored guy who found out being a historian isn’t like being Indiana Jones and started using the techniques he knew to take the law into his hands. Kuroi did seem excited to fight hunter smith though he was using the techniques of ninjutsu so his taktik was stealth so he would mainly try and shoot people without them seeing him (he would wear a dark blue three piece suit and mesh mask). At the time all of it was irrelevant to me my love has died and it seemed there was nowhere for me to go. Yet I chose to go with Kuroi to the antarctic with my help her death would not be in vain. I was transported to Palmer Land that week. When I saw ‘’John’’ he told me his real last name was Ravenmark (but I can’t tell you his first name race or sex due to his dedication to anonymity) and the anaretic women was his sister. Bob and Kuroi were there too. “John” was still wearing the same odd costume as before when I met him in the antarctic but he took it off soon enough he was in his 20s early 30s living off his sister he lived mostly isolated, sad that how New Houston was no longer a new underdeveloped colony. He hoped to go off world soon “John” seemed to drop the false accent when he told me his true name. The inside of the house was lathered in pop culture from the 2040s and 2050s there were posters from the bands of his youth on every wall like the house was the room of child or young teen from that era there were two rooms not like this his sister’s witch was minimalist nearly undecorated and the guest room me and Bob slept in the guest room and Kuroi was invited in by the sister (she seemed to like his but any feelings were one way). The next day I was told what we would be doing the killer was spotted searching for something in some mountains a few miles outside New Houston.

We left that night (though time is always messed up near the poles so they won’t usually say the words day and night). we sort of just wandered the ice covered mountains in thermo suits. There was a trail of corpses that the monster left in his tracks. We saw the bodies some average citizens investigating the case,two British soldiers (the ones with the bundle of logs on their uniforms)who had come from the British colony of enoch,as well as an E.U. soldier who would have probably been sent from the nearby colony of New Berlin (while this was an american colony bordering a japanese colony it seems as democratic nations didn’t care for the case enough to send military),and there were a lot of dead cops from the N.H.P.D. as well. Eventually we found it a cave lined with the corpses of people who had fell to the monster. We ventured down (we took of our thermo suits as it was pretty warm down there) I was terrified “John” was silent and Kuroi seem excited. Soon we came to the monster he had gotten taller and paler with long gray hair flowing down his head his cheeks had roten off and his skin had a dead look to it like it was just hanging there he was truly inhuman. “John” had the gun in his hand but a shot was fired by Kuroi from behind. The bullets missed and the monster ran off.

As we went deeper into the caves the walls became more and synthetic. After a few hours we came upon walls with writing in a unknown language and soon the caves lead into a cyclopean city underground with acateur alien yet modern surrounding us with the grays blacks and greens of something long forgotten. I was unnerved by the situation but “John” told a bad joke to try and cheer me up (it didn’t work but it seemed to cheer up “John” to tell it) . As we ventured deeper we saw the artifacts of a civilisation of inhuman beings long dead before humans built their first cities on this wretched earth. The creatures skeletons lined the long abandoned streets their name is ever unknown but from their remains I know their bodys where serpentine in build but with a short fanged head like that of a deep sea fish and two long spindly arms sticking out of their snake-like bodies making them look superficially like the indian legend of the naga (though they lacked a torso). From their art we know they came here from another star. The architecture of the city was advanced it seems as they were more advanced than us by the time they died yet sadly we do not know any details of the culture.

The city functioned more like a large building than human cites. The creatures seemed to be preatory from their teeth. Their stomach footed cattle had survived though the cattle had evolved to be much different from anything seen in the artistic depictions the creatures had of them. “John” had been exploring the ruins with Kuroi while I nervously waited in the apartments. From what I can tell the apartments I was in were what this civilization would consider high class. None of the technology worked anymore down there but the apartments is where we slept once the others got back. (“John” called the creatures the eel men so that will be what I call them.) When I woke up the next day the Hunter was with us he said that we must go with him if we wish to live. The monster told me that he came here because of a vision telling him of the city and the eel men. He took us to a corridor down the center of the ruins I don’t know why he didn’t kill us then and there. Once we got to the center we came to a pit. At the bottom of the pit was a creature’s headless corpse in fluid. It was ursine in build with six limbs. The monster said that it was a creature call xī and that xī wiped out the eel men and died in their city. Xī was a god but not in our sense there was nothing supernatural he was just a powerful alien that was unlike any other creature in the universe. Xī’s brain had lived on becoming like a fungus (his fungal form is known as xī-ɹal) and xī-ɹal is what turned the astronaut on europa into the monster. The monster seemed stoic to all of this. I looked down seeing the still living brain of xī with the armored body rotting there evermore. The monster came at me when I was looking down right before his arm touched my head a shot rang out Kuroi had shot him in the leg. The monster yelled at us as we ran “I shall see you on the smile in the red dessert”.

Back in New Hustan “John” had concluded that there was a crater on mars that looked like a smiling face so we chose to go to a tech conference at a nearby colony. I had off from my job for enough to go to the conference and it seemed like a good way to get a spaceship to mars. Once we got to the colony it was bleak and dark “John” loved it but I wanted to get this over with. The layout was smaller than it seemed a few stores one school one hotel there was a temple due to it being a Israel colony metal and glass shielding us from the cold nothingness. The blacks sky of the martian night ringing in my eyes. Earth the place everything in my life happened was dot in the night sky.

The tech conference was nice all fancy and chic as one would expect. Drones swarmed the hall like bats. We were looking at a game console when the attack happened we heard someone shout “WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE!” The dead bodies of famed men in tech dropped from the ceiling of the stage hanging there in their tragic fate, a blond man in a black business suit stepped on the stage and said “you have been our oppressors for too long all of this conference being upper class everyone attending the conference shall die.” I hid under the table as men in black masks and hoods killed the men and women that represented the companies.

Kuroi was in the upstairs while this was happening. It was a few minutes before the communists attacked that he spotted the monster up there. He was trying to sneak around him but soon it lead into a battle of stealth and speed. The communists heard the noise and the man in the black suite yelled “the children of our oppressors are hiding in the roof” and one of the hooded rebels threw a molotov cocktail setting the upper floor on fire. The burning roof came crashing down and the monster was loose. Since we saw him last the monster’s head had morphed into one that looked like the skull of a crocodile mixed with that of a wolf, his body was taller and broader than a human, his flesh was so tight he seemed in pain and he could turn the yellow glow of his black eyes off. The communists were slaughtered by the monster. Kuroi shot at him until his shotgun was out of bullets and the fire consumed him. The monsters skin began to burst revealing an exoskeleton

And that is when the monster could no longer breath. The exoskeleton is not fit for a creature of his size and he died. Kuroi was burnt badly but he still does the weird batman thing “John” still does his thing and I sit here with my love dead and with soul apathetic. “John” will translate this to english and put it online. Then I will do what I know I would do after my girlfriend died I will be free and I will be with her...

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