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Dear all,

You don't need to read this…

It is going to be a little bit strange and many of you will wonder why I have uploaded this here.

But oh well. For my university course, I have been set a task of self-evaluating myself in an on-line format for my Voice class. I know this has nothing to do with what I've put up so far on my dev page but as I'm doing a Performing Arts course and this is an art website, I wholly believe that any form of art is accepted here.

It was one of the main criteria to choose the right form of on-line format. I chose to write it here, in my deviantArt journal because I've bared my soul for years here. If there's one place I'm going to think deeply about actually evaluating my development and not just waffling for the grades, I'll guess it's going to be here.

So here goes…

This year at university I have learnt a lot more about the voice, the body and how they are connected; anything I thought I knew I have questioned. I have come far, and yet have struggled.

One of my main difficulties is physically linking my voice and breathing to my body. Without connecting these two, it would be hard for me in the future to have good projection, energy in my voice or breath control.

In the beginning I wasn't breathing in the correct way, rather up and down my body rather than in and out with my ribs. Luckily I was told this wasn't that weird just not exactly how I needed to be breathing. After focusing on this in class and in my semi-supine work at home (explained here:…), I developed a rib swing that was comfortable and made me feel much more alive and awake in my breathing and my body. This I thought was a really good breakthrough; I was beginning to use this rib swing much more in my everyday breathing.

However, since having been back home over the Christmas holidays and have had much more time to relax and just breathe I have noticed I haven't been sticking to this rib swing as much as I thought. When I focus on my breathing or am up, about and active, I do use it. But just sitting relaxing, tired or full of food (Christmas day!), I either begin stomach breathing or back to my up/down. So therefore to keep this development as an actual improvement I have to continue focusing on using my rib swing in every aspect of my daily life so that it becomes a habit. So therefore I plan on taking a couple of minutes out of my day to focus on my breathing when I am not doing anything, for example, on the bus, watching television or on my laptop like I am now!

… but having just started breathing correctly for I realised I wasn't, I have discovered something! It's harder to breath in a rib-swing fashion when you're hunched over. This seems rather obvious but when I'm standing to sing or just generally standing, I'm not hunched. But right now, well when I think about it, I feel like Gollum! So, therefore, I will now start to try and sit up straight and this will help me on my previous plan. I can feel it working already!

The next thing I need to focus on to keep my voice rooted in my body is actually using my stomach muscles when I am breathing/singing. As, even though my singing class is directly after my voice class, I will often get too caught up in enjoying the singing to think about squeezing muscles or holding onto them. I have even noticed this in our Tai Chi exercise in class. I will hold onto the muscle strength during the arm movement but once I start making sound and moving, I loose it quicker than if I was just standing still. So therefore, I need to learn how to multi-task!

I think the only way I can really improve this is practise. Whenever I sing from now on, whether in class, at home or at karaoke in the pub, I will make sure to hold onto my core muscles. Then try to apply this to multi-tasking, whether hoovering or washing up; just seeing if I can hold onto it while doing something during my singing. Also, if I hopefully stick to my new years resolution to re-start doing my trampolining exercises everyday, then my core will become stronger over time as well, making this easier.

So by doing these three specific things a couple of times a day I will hopefully improve over the coming months. Sitting up straighter will hopefully take less time to become a habit for the other two points are more stretching and strengthening muscles which will take longer than just aligning myself.

I know these only seem like very small simple things, not much of an improvement plan at all, but they are the basis that I'm sure I should already have. Therefore, improvement is needed. And without these skills as a habit, I cannot further myself. Hopefully by putting these small changes into my everyday will slowly help me become much more grounded and focused in my vocal energy.

…So there we go. If you read that, then this is the kind of thing that's stopping me from being regular in my art updates. But hopefully one day I'll be back. I'm still having my uni identity crisis and my creativity is lacking but one day there'll be new stuff on this page, promise!



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I know most of you won't read this but hello there, my name is ZoŽ.
I have been discribed as hilariously improvised and I believe that sums me up well. I'm ever-changing in my moods but spend most of my time believing that things are good, and if not; then they're good enough ^^

~[Destroy Reality, Create Art]~


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