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Product RED Windows7 x64 + x86


Small update for this visual style, added a few more images and fixed sme bugs with the taskbar and taskbar buttons, hope you enjoy.


Finally after a lot of time I finally decided to port and revise my (Product) RED visual style for windows 7. This revision is far better than the previous version and due to its release there will no longer be any updates for the vista version but i will still offer support to users having issues with its installation.

The package contains the following components:

> (Product) RED visual style > Made by me

> (Product) RED Start Orbs, now both x64 and x86 > Made by me

> 6 (Product) RED wallpapers > Official resource

> (Product) RED DreamScene Video > Official resource

> (Product) RED ScreenSaver > Official resource

> 5 (Product) RED gadgets

>>> (Product) RED clock > Official resource

>>> (Product) RED logo, url link > Official resource

>>> (Product) RED calender > Made by me

>>> (Product) RED weather gadget > Made by me

>>> (Product) RED notes > Made by me

Even thought this was only release yesterday roughly 10 hours ago I am already releasing V1.5 as I have had some spare time today to update it and fix many bugs that appeared. Over the next few days expect some visual enhancements and additions to the theme.

Hopefully the full final completed version should be on release within the next 2-3 weeks and during this time all small updates will be released as teh come about.

I hope you enjoy it
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don't you have a basic version too?