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Curious about tshirts, artwork, where I am, what did I eat, and that sort of thing?

In no particular order...

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Hey guys!

I still browse around and add people to my watch, I just haven't been very 'active' here.
However, my website, Tumblr, and Facebook page is where all my latest works get put up on a more regular basis:



And do visit my facebook page:

I have lots of exciting things happening, planned, and more to come, so these are the fastest and easiest ways to keep up with what I'm up to these days.



IKFZ is GO! - I've been holding out on you guys!

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 21, 2009, 9:21 PM

Alright, for the last 4 months or so... we've been living in a cave here.
But I've got a good excuse, promise!

THE IKFZ IS HERE, IT'S (un)LIVE, and it's in MOTION. -…

It's a spoof/ homage/ lampoon of those awesome shows many of us grew up with between the 70's & 80's... You know, Transformers, GI Joe, Thundercats, The A-Team, Knight Rider, The old Batman (with Adam West), Mission Impossible, and even a dose of Charlie's Angels for good measure.

Eidolon-Grey and I have really busted our chops the last couple of months learning After Effects from SCRATCH, once I got hell bent on doing a cartoon. This certainly was a traumatic experience :faint: ! Animating, music scoring, 3d modelling, til my wacom pen and fingers were screaming bloody murder.

Special thanks to Andrew @ - for the killer intro theme!

Stay on the look out, I'll be posting a sorta 'behind the scenes' write up shortly.

And oh yes... There is MORE in store!
But for now read the basic synopsis below!


It is the 23rd Century...

Earth has long since been abandoned after the inevitable zombie apocalypse, and is now not much more than a backwater post apocalyptic wasteland. However, Dead Earth is still inhabited by the unfortunate masses of peoples trying to survive after the wealthy and powerful were evacuated during the Zombie Uprising. Day by day, they attempt to make a normal life amidst the crumbled remains of what were once great cities and nations - whilst fighting off the thriving undead that roam it's surface.

Humanity has spread across the stars, and the cross cultural frontiers & explorations have begun anew, as more and more interstellar civilizations are encountered. History does indeed have a way of repeating itself, does it not? Because of this, the Interstellar Embassy was created. It's existence enables a more or less amenable co-existence between the various races and species - keeping enough order to discourage an eruption into complete chaos and war.

Enter the Intergalactic Kung Fu Zombies.

They have no memory of who they once were in their mortal lives.
They are not like other zombies, such as those from Dead Earth.

They are in fact, much more than that...

They awoke aboard their BattleCruiser - the Coffin - 1, with but a brief greeting by the G.H.O.S.T - a mysterious Artificial Intelligence whose only purpose seems to be the vigilance of the cosmos, though it's location is completely unknown. It keeps their old identities a secret, and they are not even sure if the digital persona even really knows what their days amongst the living entailed. Regardless of the situation, the G.H.O.S.T. always pays them handsomely for their efforts, which enables them to upkeep the Coffin-1 BattleCruiser and expand their arsenal. A question remains however, since their zombification is likely sourced by the same mutagen or virus that spawned the Zombie Uprising back on Dead Earth long ago...

Sheena: She is a weapons expert, and also the leader & strategist of the group.
Adventurous, no nonsense, efficient and thorough, Sheena brings a level headed perspective to the team. Once given a mission, she won't waste any time, only targets. Incredibly driven, stubborn and determined to see every mission through without losing any of her crew, she will often go the extra mile to take on the biggest threats head on - to ensure that everyone makes it through.
She may be a deceased beauty, but don't let her looks deceive you... or else!

Tork: A cybernetically enhanced and sustained powerhouse. Tork is skilled with machinery, combat, strategy and various war tactics and intelligence. Though he rarely shows a willingness to take lead of the group, he will at times commandeer the trio - as his ways with war have proven to be full of an ageless yet quiet wisdom. He has often pulled the group through some tough situations.
His grim countenance reveals very little, especially when coupled with his sheer brute force. It is believed his cybernetic & mechanical anatomy is a result of severe physical trauma perhaps experienced during his death... prior to his revival as he is known today.

Gash: He is the infiltration and demolitions expert, and his combat preferences lie in small arms and his trusty blade. Yet another enigmatic reanimated mercenary, Gash seems to always be scowling, as his not knowing who he was prior to his 'awakening' aboard the Coffin-1 has made him a bit bitter and angry. For the most part, he is mistrustful of the G.H.O.S.T. but sees that the missions the IKFZ are given by it are always for a greater benefit, not to mention the hefty sums of Kredits that come with the job.

Together they are a trio of hardened undead mercenary warriors.

They are...


I'll likely be doing a web comic (we're still trying to figure out if we'll do it as an animated web comic, because doing full on, all out, proper animated episodes will just be WAAAaaaay too much for just the two of us to take on - but an animated web comic might be more manageable...) telling the REAL stories of the IKFZ, with more serious tones, etc... But we also want to do additional spoof episodes, as a side gag. :)

Thanks for checking it out, and please do pass it along! Every little bit helps!

With mischief & mayhem,

Sal aka TDC :ahoy:

Coming soon: IKFZ T-shirts and other goodies!

Shout Out's! in no particular order ;) & quite random! :boogie:
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First of all, thanks to everyone who gave their input about the problems I was having with my website as I was creating it. I've destroyed it, scrapped it, flung it against the wall, rebuilt it, retooled it, re-imagined it, and refrankensteined it into a whole new website, from scratch, from the ground up.

It's much more streamlined, lighter on content, and straight to the point - and most of all, I hope you guys all find it at least amusing and impressive.

Please let me know what you think, and be sure to gaze at the very first page for at least a minute (it's a surprise!) > - plus you'll get a lil preview of my first baby steps in digital animation ;)

I'm working towards making a big push with my work this year, and I think it's about time for me to step up my creative game, you know?

Also... again, I have to ask. What kind of entries would you rather see here on DA, and what kind of entries should I put on my 'blog'? On one hand, I want to replicate the same blogs here and there, but on the other hand, I'm not sure which one I should use to spew my personal brain rambles and ideas on. I have lots of concepts and stories I want to tell and talk about, but not sure which avenue would have more tolerance :ahoy:
On the other hand, my blog is generally ignored at the moment, but that's probably due to me having to post on that a bit more, too!


Well, currently I'm working on putting together some initial sequentials for a graphic novel project collaboration with a writer. It's due to be a bit hefty, and will be an interesting challenge, going to try to get it going and gone by the end of the year. More on that as it develops.

I'm also working on and driving a couple of major animation projects, too. I'm doing the majority of the artwork & backgrounds, but luckily I will have a little help and input by Eidolon-Grey putting all that together (After Effects FTW!) and tackling these animated projects. I'll likely end up doing a big majority of the voice work and music too... WOOF! :faint: Wish I could tell you guys a little more about what they are, but at this stage it'd be a bit premature... ;) However, rest assured you'll start seeing things trickle in here soon enough, and hopefully I'll be able to submit them on DA as film/ animation deviations, too. This stuff will definitely hit YouTube, though. :)

One of them will be a short run of really short episodes, and the other project is probably going to be a perpetual run of somewhat short episodes, too. I dunno, think TDC meets Adult Swim. lol

Anyone out there have experience doing digital animation?

That reminds me...
Stuff that's been on my mind:

You know... there's something I've been yearning to do for a long time. I really want to be able to either put together or become a part of some kind of creative collective/ studio/ team. What I mean is, a group of creative & like-minded folks, who do and work on all sorts of different things, which we could pool our talents and skills, and work on & launch projects, or even collectively offer our services (kinda like a creative one-stop shop, I guess in many ways!) for outside/ freelance work, or even to use as a front for everyone involved to get work, especially in their respective areas as it comes along. I could see a collective like this being hired for websites, cartoons/ animations, games, comics, concepts, illustration, etc etc - and collaborating together on the same kinds of projects of our own. It'd be all about teamwork fueled by will and passion to make awesome things happen, whilst at the same time keeping each other sharp and practiced in all the things we'd do.

A creative team & resource pool, basically.

What do you guys think of this? How could I go about starting or joining something like this? Is anyone else interested? I've been thinking about this and wanting this for a LONG time, now, but I find myself sometimes hitting a wall, primarily because it's been a bit tough for me to make those kinds of connections, locally even. Do you know anyone who could be interested? Would you be interested in that sort of thing?

Additionally - I'm seriously looking into outfitting and converting my garage into a workshop for sculpting and FX work. :D Well, it turns out, the previous owner used to work with heavy machinery, sheet metal, and would build his own motorbikes or work on others, so the garage is all set up like a workshop to begin with - and to top it off he did his own welding work in there, so he got it set up with it's own fusebox and amp, too. Heck, there's even an air conditioner built in. I'm thinking of setting up shop in there this summer, and getting it all ready and going for that type of work. The main question I'm facing at the moment is what kind of oven would I actually need in there for baking sculpts and casts? What other tools or hardware should I be looking into? I already have quite a few tools for sculpting and cutting, I'm just wondering what else I would need to move more into that sort of work. I'm also talking to my friend Mark who's got quite a history of FX work under his belt, and he's looking to get back into it (he's more on the make up side of things, I want to collaborate by doing sculpts and casts which he could then use to make appliances from, etc). You can see some of his work here -… (and it's kinda funny, but at cons he gets mistaken for "that Tom Savini guy" :rofl:)

Also, I've been working on a welding mask for a 'Geared-up Zombie Fighter' outfit and artwork concept I've been putting stuff together for. So far, it's looking quite killer. I picked up my first dremel tool a couple of weeks ago, and I'm hooked. I can see why there's whole forum's dedicated to dremel addicts! lol - I just have to put a couple of other pieces together and then start putting together some reference shots for the artwork (and maybe animation) I have in mind. :)

Hmm... it's been so long I've updated my journal in here... and I have a few game concepts I want to talk about, but I'm not sure if I should spew that stuff in here, or if I should save it for my blog. Whoopdeedoo.

Oh yeah, and I'm thinking of opening up shop for $15 sketch commissions... I want to put some money together so I can pick up Zbrush 3 :ohnoes:, as I tried it once, and I really want to get into some serious 3d work with it... Whatja think?

Well... that's enough brain spewings for now, I've rambled on long enough and I'm spent!

Talk to you soon,
With mischief & mayhem,


Shout Out's! in no particular order ;) & quite random! :boogie:
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Ghostbustin' that is!

What do you get when you mix COPS + Reno 911 + Ghostbusters?

:spotlight-left:Ghostbustin' 911 that's what!:spotlight-right:

Hey gang,
Alright, so check it out! I've been helping the crew over at Ice Park City Productions with their Ghostbustin' 911 site and their first episode is finally online! :w00t:

Here's the website (revamped, re-protonified, reconstituted, etc by yours truly) -

They've got some neat effects going on, and their gear is top notch.
Their Ectomobile is AWESOME, and looks even better in person.

You'll find vlogs and additional footage, trailers, etc on their youtube account (just click on the YouTube Monster), as well as their MySpace, etc.

And here's the episode :teevee: -

Go give em' a shout, and tell 'em TDC sentcha!

Shout Out's! in no particular order ;) & quite random! :boogie:
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We are the clouds that veil the midnight moon;
     How restlessly they speed, and gleam, and quiver,
Streaking the darkness radiantly!--yet soon
     Night closes round, and they are lost forever:

Or like forgotten lyres, whose dissonant strings
     Give various response to each varying blast,
To whose frail frame no second motion brings
     One mood or modulation like the last.

We rest.--A dream has power to poison sleep;
     We rise.--One wandering thought pollutes the day;
We feel, conceive or reason, laugh or weep;
     Embrace fond foe, or cast our cares away:

It is the same!--For, be it joy or sorrow,
     The path of its departure still is free:
Man's yesterday may ne'er be like his morrow;
     Nought may endure but Mutability.

- Percy Bysshe Shelley

as read also in 'Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's Frankenstein'.


Shout Out's! in no particular order ;) & somewhat random! :boogie:
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Otherwise known as 'this amuses cloak because he's such an unprofessional ass' :ahoy:

So, you know how it goes with those emails, right? I'm sure you guys have gotten these emails from the Nigerian/Russian/Martian/Hillbilly/French/etc/419 scammers before, where they say they have millions of dollars and that some wealthy schmoe somewhere died in a plane crash, and they want to give you a cut of the inheritance, because they work at a high end financial institution, and so forth blah blah blah... :blahblah:

I have a hobby around this: sometimes if these emails catch me in a particularly vindictive mood, I'll have fun with them. :w00t:

The following is one of those times, you can just skim loosely over the italicized part, you pretty much get the idea. That's just the email from the scammer, but my reply is the text afterwards. Enjoy!

PS. does anyone know how to shrink text in journals?













Hello Mr. Nanga Saar.

I hope you regret terribly, that you actually presume wrong. And this is in fact, quite a 'surprised' message for me to receive at these dire times. Thank you regardless, for contacting me at this magnitude, latitude, longitude, with your wildly ambitious lucrative fabrications.
So please, allow me to kindly dispose of some of your allocated time, and enlighten you with a much well deserved response.

Everyone in my family have been launched into orbit and placed in a lunar colony, as part of a harrowing test being performed for research purposes, for the introduction of humanity into the rest of the solar system. However, I hear there are some conflicts occurring with a certain Dr. Smith, who seems to have interests of his own. And then there is the Robinsons whose work is extremely vital to the project. William, especially, with his artificially intelligent mechanical companion, and the rock specimens they acquire during their surveys - research, you understand, that is of the utmost importance. I just hope they never become lost in space, for if they do, that would certainly mean the demise of the rest of us down here on this pretty blue Earth.

I know of the plane crash you are speaking of. From what I have surmised from the evidence the scientific response team brought back, it appears that everyone on board had become tainted by a tissue replicating microscopic creature or virus, that seems to have been thawed out from the Antarctic bio-research lab. One of my colleagues, R.J. MacReady, happened to be stationed there, but the facility was apparently destroyed. As far as we know, everyone on the flight you are speaking of was no longer human. In fact, they were all replicated creatures, now hosts to this peculiar 'Thing' parasite, which was attempting to reach the mainland, to replicate itself and become a new dominant species. Unfortunately, we have not heard back from the Biological Response team, or S.T.A.R.S. And I certainly hope that they have not fallen prey to the Nemesis Project.

I'm sure that the Resident 'Destitudes' you mention would see no Evil in that much funding going to such a charitable good cause. That is to say, I know that such a generous and overwhelming amount of money will be easy for you to ingest as it is quite understandably intangible. However, I also don't know if this will help the good citizens of Raccoon City, because of the aforementioned blight with the tissue replicating parasite, and what the widely known mega-corporation, Umbrella, decided to do with that location. It is also suspected that the large international banking and finance franchises have already become hosts to the 'Thing' virus. The John Carpenter Financial Insitution in Little China for example, as reported by Michael Myers in the popular news pamphlet - The Shape, has been plagued with reports of employees no longer behaving like themselves, and being prone to mimicking others' behaviour patterns. I'm sure you can begin to understand how this is an inconvenience.

Also, Mr. Nanga Saar, how am I to be sure that you have not fallen prey to the 'Thing' parasite yourself, and you are in fact just an alien impostor, that has replicated the real Nanga, and is now running a whole coven of hosts, bent on spreading their affliction? Perhaps you have lobster claws coming out of your wrists, and a swarm of tentacles bursting forth from your nostrils. What will happen then?

This is most unreasonable, and I am appalled that you have not even bothered to speak about Robert Paulson. His name was Robert Paulson. Do you understand? His name was Robert Paulson. Please be aware of this in future, or the integrity of your humanity will remain subject to further scrutiny. Unless I am only telling you this, because I myself, am one of them? THEY LIVE... Mr. Nanga Saar. Oh yes, they live, but for the right price, I perhaps could be willing to send you a proper occular apparatus so that you may be able to differentiate between who remains biologically intact, and who is not to be trusted, in a quantifiable manner!

I expect you to implode and for your socks to become wildly carnivorous with a voracious appetite, as you desperately try to respond urgently to this communication.
Kind regards,

Lovecraft Cthulhu

PS. Your usage of caps lock, and unfamiliarity with caps lock etiquette also raises to question if you are a pod person, or 'Thing' host. Just thought I would point this out.


Is it me? or do people enjoy making me grumpy around the holidays? :evillaugh:

Another dose of healthy sarcasm from this journal... straight to your heart (a little Fallout 3 reference for you there).
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Yep. It's coming down, alright!

On the flipside... what would you guys n' gals like to talk about? Hmm? :D :ahoy: Let's make with the conversing, shall we?

A reaaal journal update to follow soon. Just needed to make a little room here. ;)

Shout Out's! in no particular order ;) & somewhat random! :boogie:
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"Schmoey's - Because you die just a little more... every minute of the day!"

So, yeap. Today is my birthday again. Again!?!? :faint:

Anyways, I have some new treats for everybody to gawk at that I will be posting up in a little while.

Did the Crypticon thing this past weekend, and I'm still recovering from that! We had a booth there, selling art prints of the Zombie Zodiac :iconthezombiezodiac: or , and the other little surprise I'll be putting up here later, and a bunch of other artwork prints and Mia did some readings as well. Overall it seemed to go pretty decent like.

Crypticon was an awesome experience however, and I really hope they do it again next year.

Crypticon -

Doug Jones is just AWESOME (Silver Surfer, Abe Sapien, Death, Pan, etc). And he gives the best hugs this side of Abe Sapien, too. He's just a really beautiful being that just blinds you with kindness and his big heart, and he was a blast to meet & joke around with. Needless to say, the dude left a huge impression on me and that doesn't happen often. It was a treat to be able to spend some time with him.

John Kassir aka the Cryptkeeper (Tales from the Crypt), another awesome fella, very nice chap, very witty and great to talk to as well. There's nothing like hearing the Cryptkeeper talking about your art, (I did a Cryptkeeper sketch for him, and gave it to him with the catch of hearing how the Crypty would react to it) too.

Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes, original)is another amazing person to meet. The Hunter of Hunters (inside story about that) The guy is all heart, and it's great to see people like him involved in the kinds of things he is involved in (animal rescue especially). It was an honor to have our stall right next to his and hear all his stories and share our interests (Mia got to spend more time with him and helping him with things than I did, tho).

And then there's James Duval - aka Jimmy!!! VERY fun guy. He was our other booth neighbor, and a real energetic dynamo. As long as the coffee was in steady supply.

Other than that, met lots of other interesting and fun people, like the folks from Transylvania-TV (look it up, it's awesome fun), (shouts out to Jeff and mega-kudos for the killer Zombie get-up), and the Zombie Ammo crew go check em out!


Blah blah blah, anyways lots of stories about Crypticon, ask me about it sometime or something.
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I warned you...

But you didn't listen, did you? You ignored the symptoms.
The signs all pointed to the obvious. And now they're likely looking for a way to get you... Unless, of course, you too are infected? :zombie:

Did you ever look up at the stars at night? Did you ever wonder what would happen if the heavens fell?

I think they just did. - The ZOMBIE ZODIAC - because "You Can't Predict Everything".

Which one is yours? Go now and find out the full story of how all of our zodiac signs came to be, read your predictions and much much more...

Are you a survivor...
...or a zombie?

Exclusive art that isn't anywhere else, with loads more features and updates on the way!!!

Aquarius -…
Pisces -…
Aries -…
Taurus -…
Gemini -…
Cancer -…
Leo -…
Virgo -…
Libra -…
Scorpio -…
Sagittarius -…
Capricorn -…

This has been a very exciting project to work on! Hope you enjoy how your sign is portrayed. :ahoy:

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I forgot what else I'm in... damn this not having a subscription crap.

George Carlin has died... First Stan Winston, and now George, too...

"Frisbeetarianism is the belief that when you die, your soul goes up on the roof and gets stuck."

"If I had my choice of how to die, I would like to be sitting on the crosstown bus and suddenly burst into flames."

"Death is caused by swallowing small amounts of saliva over a long period of time."

"I'm always relieved when someone is delivering a eulogy and I realize I'm listening to it."

- George Carlin,…………

I'm just like WTF...

Who's going next week? Don't bad things come in 3's?…

:( :( :( :( :no: :no: :no: :( :( :( :(

Well, at least we can count on this:

"I don't have any beliefs or allegiances. I don't believe in this country, I don't believe in religion, or a god, and I don't believe in all these man-made institutional ideas," he told Reuters in a 2001 interview.

Carlin told Playboy in 2005 that he looked forward to an afterlife where he could watch the decline of civilization on a "heavenly CNN."

"The world is a big theater-in-the round as far as I'm concerned, and I'd love to watch it spin itself into oblivion," he said. "Tune in and watch the human adventure."

George wouldn't have wanted to RIP.

I like to think that he's somewhere causing trouble now, or watching us all going 'oh give it a rest already people!'

Or maybe he's having a sit down with 'god'. I bet that would be interesting...

Who knows what else Death has up it's shrouded wraith-like sleeve.

Maybe we should start a betting pool.

Maybe it'll be Stan Lee, or Hulk Hogan. Arnold?
Spielberg. Lucas? Aaaaaaaugh... :(

Well... enjoy the show of our demise, George. :ahoy:

Wherever you are, give em hell. Unless for some crazy reason you end up in hell, then in that case, then give em heaven!!!


Well, here's a last bit of irony George has given us. He DID say Sunday would be a good day to die...…

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I forgot what else I'm in... damn this not having a subscription crap.


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Just got back from watching 'The Incredible Hulk'...

I once had a dream of a Hulk movie, more or less how I would do it, but at the same time I was somehow in it and it wasn't really a movie. It was pretty freakin' terrifying. Soldiers were screaming and shooting. Things were getting thrown, broken apart, & of course smashed beyond all recognition. I imagined the trailer for it, a pounding low pitched heart beat. The screen flashing images between black fades. And then the angry grimace of a beastial pissed off Hulk.

Well, I can tell you right off the bat that this movie really came mega-close to that dream, and at times even better... it was fucking awesome.

I was pretty apprehensive about being excited AT ALL about this movie, what with the last one, and was not sure if this was just going to be a petty attempt to right all the things that went wrong with the Ang Lee Hulk. But all in all, this movie took all the things that movie did RIGHT - like copious amounts of smashing and roaring, and a sympathetic yet terrifying godzilla frankenstein type hybrid of a Hulk - but also made them FAR FAR BETTER.

The movie plays a bit like a Bourne Identity/ Supremacy/ Ultimatum movie, with Banner being on the run, it definitely brings in all the great elements of the old Bill Bixby/ Ferigno Hulk serial, the awesome over the top moments of the Cartoon, and some of the more memorable artwork and visuals of the comic books (wait til you see him roaring at the lightning... WOW).

The other character elements and surprise appearances are fun as well. I won't spoil anything, but if you're a Hulk fan, certain references and supporting characters *coughcoughlikeacertaindoctorcoughcough* make appearances. ;)

The action. This movie is loaded with action. Sometimes it gets a bit CG heavy, but it's too gorgeous to be bothersome, and it's done BEAUTIFULLY.

The fights between the military, and the abomination are nothing short of EPIC & BRUTAL. Can you say cop car knuckles?

All in all, I give this flick a hefty **** (4/5 stars) & I highly recommend you get yourself into your local theatre, and enjoy.

Marvel Studio's is 2 for 2 so far... Damn I'm really excited to see what they come up with next.

Shout Out's! in no particular order ;) & somewhat random! :boogie:
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I forgot what else I'm in... damn this not having a subscription crap.

Also, GIVE ME SOME STAMPS to throw in here. :) And uh... how does one do that, anyways?

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So we had ourselves a bit of an adventure this weekend. We drove down to Louisville, KY - to visit 'one of America's most haunted places': Waverly Hills Sanatorium.

This was our first visit there, and it's a beautiful building, so busy there, and I really can't wait to go back.… - the Wiki facts - the Real Waverly Hills site - Official Waverly Hills Sanatorium/ Woodhaven Geriatric Center Memorial & Historical Resource

These are some of the best sites I've come across in regards to the historical aspect of Waverly Hills.

Well, on to the meat n' potatos of the visit. :movingon:

It was a dark & stormy night on Saturday (no really, it was, check The mist was rolling in as we pulled up to WHS. Wow, what a special place!

Our group was nicely organized into teams of 10-12 people, each team assigned to each floor (5 floors in all) in a rotation allowing for 90 minutes per floor, per team, for investigating, etc.

Now this may sound like ALOT... but the place is ENORMOUS. It was very easy to be the only person left in one of the wings or halls whilst there. Let me just tell you that to realise that you're the only person in your area, and to hear, feel, and see things going on around you is something you will LIKELY experience here.

The place definitely feels... aware or alive somehow. It's very interesting.

Word of advice however... if you go digging around for info on Waverly, be wary of the legends and tales that have been spread - especially those concerning the eyeless girl and the suicide nurse from Room 502, read them with a grain of salt. :D

IMO, a place like this doesn't really need further embellishment to give it a wow factor... the building and the history behind it stand up quite well on their own, and being there is definitely an experience, regardless of what your beliefs are, whether you're into ghost hunting or old architecture, or just want to take some great pictures for your own artistic resources (FUN FACT: I often use textures I take photos of from haunted locations in my artwork - never really thought of sharing that info til now ;) ).

I did have a few WTF moments whilst there, the kinds of things that really throw you off and make you doubt your senses and ability to tell what's what.

Not sure yet as to whether I'll spill the beans in here just yet or not...
If you wanna hear it... just say 'kuagala painorama gecko spit' and I'll post up a few of the things here. :)

For now, I'll keep putting up some of the pictures!!! :D

OK, and now for the 'kuagala painorama gecko spit' updated journal:

AHEM... It was a dark & stormy night (again, for reals it was... wait til you see the mist picture!), and the things that bump in the night were like, 'dude, 'sup!'.

Well, we started on the 3rd floor, then worked our way through to 2nd, 1st, 5th (where the fabled Room 502 is), 4th, then back to 3rd.

First of all, if you want to see some pretty crazy photos from things we caught whilst there... head on over to Grey's scraps :iconeidolon-grey: , be sure to check out the stairway peeper shadow thing... & her descriptions.

My specific experiences there:

1 - Floor 3 - Having been there a while, I was wandering about taking photos, observing the place, resting against the walls and taking in the atmosphere, and going in and out of rooms, I did have an odd experience in one of the rooms I entered. It was interesting. I can't for a matter of integrity say that this is hands down a full fledged ghostly experience, but I will say that it threw me off. Well, as I entered this room, as I crossed the threshold of the doorway, I had an intense sensation of everything being drowned out - much like when you have your head dunked under water, the way your senses shift a little bit, and everything becomes muffled. It nearly made me dizzy & it was as if I'd stepped into some kind of 'bubble' for lack of a better term. I made myself stand there, just observing what was happening, trying to figure it out. After a minute or so had passed, things gradually returned back to normal and then nothing. Once it stopped, I had a bit of that spooked wtf kind of physical feeling as I left the room, but nothing beyond that. I didn't hear any voices, nor did I have some crazy flashing of someone else's lives before my eyes, the room didn't warp into what it used to be, Kevin bacon didn't show up suddenly talking about echoes or anything. Pretty interesting still.

2 - Floor 2 - There was one long auditorium type of room across from what used to be the kitchen that really spooked me. Mind you, I don't spook easily when we're at places like this, and I'm usually really eager to go charging into the 'scariest places' and check everything out. But this room... whoo boy. Oh, and to boot, this was one of those instances where everyone had gone to the other wing, whilst I was busy being a weirdo playing with my camera and taking crazy delayed exposure shots (I'll show you those later). So there I was, and in I walked.

It was one of those rooms where you just feel really threatened, and like something is cramping your personal space. On top of that... well, have you ever walked through a seedy side of town, the projects, the ghetto? That kind of awkward alertness that kicks in, and the instinct to contain your own space as much as you can? Well it was very much like that. This room was also quite LONG (I'd say about the length of 1 & 1/2 pro basketball courts). Well, being the stubborn head-strong youth that I am, I kept myself in there for a while, stopping now and then to take photos, and again, observe and be aware of my surroundings as much as possible, trying not to be too mindful of the intense watched feeling that was going on. I work my way through the whole room, only to discover that I could not find an exit on the other end. There seemed to be a bit of a mock office set up over there (consisting of a table, some architectural paperwork, office supplies etc; presumably this is where some of the renovation planning goes on). Because I could not find an exit... I had to turn around and go back. yeap. And walking back through was like one of the longest walks I took through that incredibly large building, all night! :rofl:

Well, much to my surprise, guess what I found as I made my way to the other wing? Yep. A small white door (brand new) that was juuuust tucked behind that office looking area. My guess is the door was installed to allow access to that makeshift planning room. Anyways, yep. Door. Tucked away. Niiiiiiiice... :evillaugh:

3 - Floor 2 (again) - Another weird experience I had on this floor really threw me off. Well, basically, often times what I will do when I'm taking pictures for 'ghost hunting' purposes, ie to see 'what's there', I'll snap the picture whilst looking over the camera, avoiding the digital view finder and it's light, if it's even on to begin with. Also to note, when we're doing these things in the dark, we also have these headlamps that go either light white or red (red lighting is better on your eyes for not affecting your 'night vision' too much). Anyhoot, so I'm working my way through the hall of one of the long wings, and stop to snap a picture. When I do so, as the flash goes off and I look around with my headlamp, I could clearly see a set of double doors a few doors down from me in the hallway. Well, naturally I start planning a in my mind if I am going to try to open the doors, or if I will simply just have to go around (which is very easy, because of how the place is built - room, main hall, more rooms, and then the large open windows where TB patients would get their sunbathing in). So I keep working my way down the corridor, and then really get thrown off when I do not run into any doors at the point I should've. Perhaps my eyes played some kind of trick on me via the shadows and similar looking walls & doorways in the room, but I tried to recreate this sensation to no avail. I also thought perhaps it happened because of where the hallways "bend", but I was still quite a way from one of the points where the corridor bends into another direction.

Either way, I don't know if double doors have ever existed at that location, but I am going to find out.

I'm out of time for now, so I'll leave this journal updated with these for now. :)
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Nothing to say...

a lil shout out. ;)

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I forgot what else I'm in... damn this not having a subscription crap.

Out of time, and Time yet again

The old man looks on, with anxious eyes. They gather around, just like all the other times, some mingling and communing, others keeping to themselves, but all of them watching just the same.

The old man knows what's coming, and so do they.

Some resent him... yet some are fond of him...
To some he brought gifts, joy & good times... yet to others he may have well brought misery, demise, & bad times.

Course, he could'nt do much about those that brought either to themselves.

Many came, and many left for good during his stay.
Trends took off, and trends died.
There was creation, and there was destruction.

It all repeats itself in the end and he knows this.

He nervously fiddles with his beard, as the hours flash by.

His sole comfort is the now tattered banner that hangs loosely over his withering body. The banner he so proudly wore back then upon his arrival - greeted with a glorious reception full of fireworks and much drink. It had been a good time indeed. His sole comfort, yet a mockery of sorts at the same time.

The sentence that had been passed unto him would inevitably come to pass. It came with the job... that's just the way it was and always had been. His predecessors knew it, and just about each and every one witnessing it knows it all too well. Why, you might ask? It's simple, really. To most if not all of those watching, he will not be the first to fall at the ringing of that hour.

Yes, that hour, fast approaching, every second a heavy thud as the hands of time make their laps around the face of the clock.

Tick tock... Tick tock...

A bead of sweat, then another, and another, emerge and crawl down the old mans furrowed expression. He can't escape. None ever have. With a heavy sigh, he takes a deep breath and does what many prisoners of his position would do...

He lights a cigarette and calms his nerves.

His eyes scan the floor tiles, the walls, and then his own hands. How fast age came. It seemed as if one minute he was in his festive youth, and the next, he was nearing the end of his time. As he slowly allowed the smoke to pour out of his lungs and roll off his lips, he felt a twinge of rebelliousness. There was still a blink of defiance in him.

Maybe this time it'd be different. Maybe this time he could do what none of the others could. Boy would that stir up some trouble. With a hint of mischief, he laughed softly at the whole notion. The notion of avoiding the unavoidable.

The clock, ever so patient, continued on it's way... round and round... round and dreadfully round.

The witnesses all stood at the ready... even those who didn't consider this ritual to be of any significance would in the end be affected by it. Looking into all of their eyes, behind his own a blend of defiance, fear, loathing, and even hope. Oh, but didn't they looked so happy to do away with him. It comes with the job, he told himself.
He continued running his eyes across all of theirs, some jeered, some couldn't care less, some were too drunk to even notice. But just then, his breath caught, as he noticed that some of them were actually a bit mournful... even just a hint of it was there. Some bade him farewell as the ticker of time continued it's deadly march.

He smiled, and closed his eyes.

an unheard cough began to emanate from him, harder and harder,  
He then tore the banner from his chest, clutching it in his clenched fist...
yet his smile persisted through the spazms,
he hung on to his defiance and fear, along with his pride and sense of duty
drawing from every last reservoir of effort time allowed him
maybe he could beat this thing, unlike the rest before...

With that... the stormlike thundering began. The skies lit up, he caught the near blinding flare, exploding before his eyes or mayhaps even his mind as he began to fall over - in his mind something fired off as he remembered, this was death, but this too was birth. The spectacle took his breath away, his last breath, and he collapsed, falling over with a thud so loud, yet muffled by the cheers and ringing of time around him. The tattered banner, the one he so proudly wore, escaped from his fist as his grasp loosened... the faded digits bearing his identifying number, 2007, and it fluttered across the ground.

Time meant nothing for just this moment, a moment which the crowds cannot understand, imagine, nor comprehend.

Now, time lurched, as the deceased old man's carcass began to bulge, and rip. There was a inaudible bang followed by a strobe-like flashing, as if lightning had struck the ground where the old man lay. His body instantly became ashes, disintegrating in the wind.

Time picked up again, and before the witnesses lay a newborn, tangled and obscured by a large banner, not much unlike the one it's predecessor wore, only with a new number...


And they celebrated - here, it all starts again, more of the same, more of the new...
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Hey Gang.

Well, it's been another year. I've been slacking on my DA page, to boot.
My birthday just came and went, the actual day of was a bit quiet, we didnt really do much. However the surprise party... boy lemme tell ya...

So Trys & Mando (Amanda) come over, and 'the boys' (Trys & I of course) get to cracking on some Call of Duty 4 straight away. We're sittin there on our headsets and xboxes (we've got 2 at our house now, it had to happen!), fraggin, shankin', and occasionally shooting people, doin' our thing. Well, unbeknownst to me... there was trickery afoot! Mia comes down with a big load of bags, telling me she's just throwing out the trash - mind you, had I not been busy cracking away capturing flags and ranking up on CoD4, I may have caught on, y'see... I'd thrown ALL the trash out the night before, so there's no way in hell she woulda been able to dig up an additional 3 bags to toss out! - and I think nothing of it.

Then she tells me that Mando wanted to do something special for dinner, but that she'd talked them into cooking something special at home instead, and that they'd just go out and get some groceries & ingredients, and that they'd stop at the Asian market too. However they were low on gas, we'd just filled up, and if her and Mando could just take our car. I says to her I says, sure, Mando drives, no problem.

So la, de, da, a while later the phone rings and it's Mando: "Hey, I'm sooo sorry! I broke your car."

wait it gets better.

"It wont start". "well, what's it doing and what's it not doing?" (y'see, I know Kitty's tricks - Kitty's our car btw) "well, it kinda clicks and wont start". I tell her to jiggle the wire on the battery (sometimes it's fiddly and doesn't make contact right), and I later found out she stood there wobbling her hand around going 'yeah I'm jiggling it'. I tell her to have Mia sit in the car and try starting it  and call me back if nothing works.

A few frags and explosions later... the phone rings.

"Dude, it's not starting!" she says, "It's making like it's going to start but it wont go... ". Damn. "Hurry up because we're in this lot and there's a bunch of weird guys around here and they keep looking at us, and they keep coming closer n stuff". Protective Mode - engaged. "Ok, we'll be right there..., where are you guys again?". "Brunswick Lanes (a bowling alley)".  "what?!", that doesnt make sense I think... "What are you doing THERE? Ugh, yeah ok, brt ASAP. Go inside, make like you're still shopping or whatever, don't act all nervous and stuff, cause sometimes that gets the attention of potential jerk asses." I start getting a bit grumbly - as the Asian Market is in an area that I'm not particularly fond of, for various reasons indeed!

I tell Trys that we need to bail out of the game, we tell everyone we need to cut out and that stuff is going on - to which everyone agrees 'yeah, I think yer womens are more important than this fecking game man, GO!'. I'm thinking, what the hell... I grab my shit kicker boots just in case, cause you'll never know if you have to bash someone's face in someday, and better to be prepared if the situation presents itself somehow again... right?

We jump into Trystan's car, he doesn't know what's going on (well, he sure as hell was ACTING like it  ;P ), we need to get gas, the whole thing seems like a mess at this point. Besides, we'd almost ranked up again :P . So we get gas, and we head down there. We start pulling into the Brunswick Lanes parking lot... GHETTOOOooooo... I mean... not particularly pleasant... AHEM.
And I start saying "Dude, this doesn't make sense... the Asian market is over there across the street, down the road, why the hell would they be HERE... maybe she meant they were BY it... we should go over to the Aldi's and check it out" - now, I later find out that Trys panicked a lil bit at this point at my insistance - but we both agreed to roll on through this parking lot JUUuuust in case they had to push Kitty into it and that's what explained them being here . My gears were turning and burning at this point, trying to figure out just wtf was going on and what they'd gotten into - what with the various Captain Thug Life look alikes running around :lol: . So as we're rolling through, I spot Kitty with a "ah, well there's Kitty... and oh good, they're not sitting inside, let's park and check inside the store/ place" - much to Trys' relief.

So we get to the front door, and Mando comes out and greets us, tells us to come on inside and that we don't have to wait in line. (Brunswick is a bowling alley, with arcades, etc, you know the type of joint). And I see Mia come out and they both look fairly serious, and I'm like, um what the hell is going on? (Mind you, my mind was racing with ideas that the management at the place were being jerks and making them sit in an office or what have you... have I ever mentioned that I kinda hate people?). So Mia starts strolling into the party room hall, yes, I know, it should've clicked by now, but I was too ready to give someone a good telling off etc that it didn't manage to grab my batman detective skilled brain's attention long enough for me to go "aaah you cheeky monkeys! you have a party!" - but nooo, here I am, thinking 'wtf? they're making them sit in the party rooms??? What the hell is WRONG with these people!?!?.

So I walk in there, (I was afterwards told that I looked ready to give someone a good roughing - well, I was. :P ), and I catch a bunch of movement to my right followed by a loud SURPRISE!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Aw... Shit. I'd been had. :P

After that, we had pizza's and unveiled all the crazy headbashing gifts that I got smothered with... but THAT, is a story for another journal (and possibly a Dev ID. ;) )
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First of all, just want to say Merry Spookymas & Happy Dead People Christmas to all you people.

Went to see the Rob Zombie/ Ozzy concert on Halloween night, and it was bittersweet - at least that's the best way I can think of describing it...

Here's a recap by Eidolon-Grey

The concert was both great and crappy all at once... I had my first experience of how awfull Minneapolis crowds are... put it this way, the energy was so blaaaaaaaaah that Ozzy (Frikken OZZY man!) had to start his OWN encore I felt ashamed of them... there were a few times that I screamed and jumped up and down, people around me would turn and stare at me all offended and stuff, they'd clap politely now and then and there was rock fingers of course! But otherwise the energy from the crowd was really unenthusiastic, they seemed more interested in toking that rocking :( Ozzy seemed very upset with the crowd and tried REALLY hard to whip up some "crazy" as he put it, but despite all his efforts (and he was really awesome, such a master to watch) he could barely get people to clap along for more 30 seconds. He got really vengeful with the foam and water sprayers he had and basically stood there hosing people in the face, and the camera was zoomed up on his face and he just looked angry lol

He sounded awesome though, his voice was clear and strong, he was really high energy in himself too, running around the stage and really putting in a HUGE effort, especially considering the crowd was so blah.

Zombie's set was brilliant, he had a bunch of monsters and dancing girls in costumes and fire and things, it was all very energetic and fun. His videos were all classic monster movies and of course House of 1000 Corpses & Devils Rejects (and some really dodgy 80's hentai at one point that was pretty funny, especially when this woman spread her legs and this perky super chibi childs head in a hat popped out of her doodah rofl). But I felt SO sorry for him! Seriously my heart went out to him. Halloween is his favourite day of the year, it's super special to him, like christmas for most people. And he was all excited and happy and talking about how special it was and stuff, and then he stops his set all excited and asks for the lights to be lifted so he can see everyones costumes... and gets all dissapointed because almost no one dressed up (we did!). He said "What's wrong with you people, don't you realize it's HALLOWEEN?!" and got all sad and "whatever" about the rest of his songs... but he pulled it back together with Dragula which was great and I had lots of fun jumping around and singing along hehe

We got some photo's which hopefully aren't blurred to all heck which we'll look at tonight and see if any are worth sharing, and I'm sore all over and have no voice today lol but I'm glad we went anyway, it was special to see Ozzy, and I really enjoyed Zombie and would like to see him again if we get the chance.

So, There you have it.
And now, my :twocents:.

Well, I totally hear where Zombie was at... It definitely seemed like a big portion of the crowd were at the wrong concert!!! At one point Rob Zombie even commented "you people need to make some noise, instead of sitting there... 'observing', I'm sure you didn't come out tonight to 'observe'." I would be pretty irritated. And yeah, when he hit the lights... I wasn't too close to the stage, but you didn't have to be to see the disappointment in his face when he saw the lack of monsters and freaks in the crowd, ON FREAKIN' HALLOWEEN NIGHT DAMMIT!

I second that notion.

Perhaps Minneapolis crowds are just too passive for their own good... I just hope it doesn't rub off on me! ack! getteroff!

Ozzy did a pretty fantastic job considering what he had to work with (lame-o crowd). It's like... the long winters just make Minnesootans lethargic or something. But he was awesome, jumping around, loud and clear, telling people "Go crazy! It's Halloween mate! You can do whatever the fuck you want man! Have fun!".

Maybe I'll post some pictures soonish. Whatchall think?

Dia de los Muertos was just kinda quiet, spent it at home, maybe next year we'll do something a bit more special, complete with baked Calaca cookies and such. :skull:

Guy Fawkes day: We didn't get to watch V for Vendetta as we planned, but we still had a pleasant evening fragging the hell outta people on teh Haloz. So no complaints. ;) Anyone wanna swap Gamertags? hit me up and drop me a note, as long as you're not one of those p*icks that work hard at exemplifying Gabe's Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory -… , but rather like to have fun and get a good team/ groove going. :)

More news:
I'm thinking of attending AIO (Art Institute Online division - out of Pennsylvania). Anyone have any advice? Any experience with them? Any opinion on it?
I'm currently involved in the application process, and financial process... so I guess we'll see where it goes. I'm applying for the Bachelor of Science - Game Art & Design degree...…

I figure, yes I'm already a professional artist, but I am hell bent on learning more and expanding my repertoire of skills and absorbing whatever I can from this, as well as creating a more concrete way for me to pave my way into doing this sort of work full time, rather than some at the day job (advertising & concept mock ups), and juggling my freelancing & commissions (the fun stuff!).

As for the Seeekrit prawjekt!!!

You'll be seeing it soon, I'm sure... Let's just say that you'll be seeing the undead glaring at you from your screens soon. And other decaying fun creatures. :P (I really can't say more or I'll give it away! :P)

a shout out for tiffanyturrill as I got shotted up with the taggage.

1. I love eating pineapple
2. I'm into ghost hunting/ paranormal investigations lately
3. I hate seafood
4. I love to wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
5. I can be quite mean, but usually it comes from my disappointment in people
6. There's something on your head
7. I like to cook (mmm... chilaquiles! Carne asadaaaaa... :drool:)
8. A lil piece of advice: Beware of people that insist they are "a nice guy/girl"... usually they turn out to be complete assholes, cheats, liars, FREELOADERS, and con artists... SCUM basically. ;) :D

That's all for now... ta ta!
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Mpls Cyrpticon 2007 - the HORROR!

So we & a couple of friends got to hit Crypticon this weekend (well, really only on Friday :( ), and it was a blast. Got to see lots of neat stuff, and met some people in particular MonsterCloset's Christian Hanson, and Tom Sullivan (artist and SFX dude for the Evil Dead films). Mostly spent the evening hanging out in the 'Evil Dead Museum', talking to Patrick ("official book binder for the book of the dead", and all around Evil Dead encyclopedia - nice guy!), and afterwords hung out with Tom, talking shop, geeking out over Frazetta & other stuff.

They had a big case with all sorts of props and casts from the movies, the various books and pages, molds of Bruce "my name is Ash" Campbell's hand, and even the wicked sword of Khandar (sp?) - or at least, what's left of it. Linda's necklace (we even learned how to make the thing!), I even got to touch and hold the 'Book of the Dead'. Tom had loads of artwork & prints up, so he spent some time telling us a bunch of little stories and hidden jokes on his works. It was definitely a good experience, and definitely inspiring. I just wish I'd brought my sketchbook(s) with me, as folks kept asking to see them... DRATS! :( He also spent some time telling us about his experience meeting Frank Frazetta at his museum, he highly recommended we should go... I think a road trip is in order now... It was also cool to talk about some of my favourite Evil Dead SFX sequences in great detail with him and get the skinny on how lots of the stuff was actually done and shot. FUN!

Tom's site:

The MonsterCloset booth was a blast as well. It was awesome to see busts and sculpts that I had only seen pictures of up until then, hopefully I can dig my claws into a 'Graveyard Ghoul' Night of the Living Dead bust (thanks Christian!). We'll see! Oh and the 'How to build your own Corpse' in action was fun fun stuff to see!!!

Go check him out...

I'll post some pictures soon, some of them came out a bit blurry & crap, but I'll do what I can to clean them up so you guys can check them out.

*kappomf!* Ninja vanish! :ninja:
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I've been hit... systems shutting down, will proceed to babble about oneself, cryo-stasis chambers unavailable!

Warning: TDC's been tagged... you have T-minus 4 seconds to reach minimum safe distance...

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1. post these rules
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5. go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged

(PS. MAN I suck at these things... *groan* ;) )

Here we go!  :work:

1. The first time I ever got drunk I was 5 yrs old. :ahoy: (I didnt know what it was at the time, big family xmas party, homemade piña colada - I got to try the yummy virgin blend first, oh boy... , everyone else is entertained etc, so, naturally I run back and forth into the kitchen - I did notice a new taste in it but I thought it was just something extra to make it REALLY YUMMY!, back to my toys, back to the kitchen for some more, the evening ends with me yelling at everbody that they're too loud, should go home, and turn off that stupid music! - Kinda like that St. Patrick's Simpsons episode where Bart accidentally gets drunk - 'What err yoouuu lookin' at?' )  :blahblah:

2. I make music (not a secret really if you've paid attention anyway), um... I play keyboards, sequencers, guitar (Kirk Freakin Hammet, Dick Dale, Satriani, Santana, Stevie Ray, BB freakin KING, ftw!) but I want and will be taking up Violin - or a similar stringed instrument - next.

3. I was going to be a wrestler :matrixfight:, but changed my mind when I started doing my research on schooling, paying your dues, etc... I wanted to do it because I felt it may have been a good avenue for me to splash out my creativity (creating characters, etc), or a good excuse if anything, besides... wrestling SUCKS now. :shakefish:

4. I love chai tea, and love making crazy tea concoctions & experimentations. :tea: :coffeecup:

5. I'm a hardcore American patriot :salute:, as in, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson & 'our founding fathers' must be spinning in their graves as the Constitution keeps getting shat on, and freedom & liberty are becoming more and more a distorted and disgraced shadow of what the 'dream' was all about to start with. (Is this the right place for my political rantings?) I guess that makes me a frakkin' Idealist/ Anarchist... *sigh* Plus - This is also a big motivator in why I want to take over the world, like most reasonable supervillains... Or at least go the Doctor Doom route and become the untouchable iron fisted dictator of my own continent.  :plotting: :evillaugh:

6. I can be really grumpy :threaten: and full of pent up 'omg I hate humanity' wrath :stab:. Some call it 'Jaded'. I call it perfectly reasonable. Cause people in general be fecked up. Persons are ok though. :nod: :shrug:

7. :dance: I like big butts and I can not lie, You other brothers can't deny, That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist, etc etc... You know... Like the Frazetta chicks, powerful, sexy, and able to take down dinosaurs with a spear! Or the old school pinup girls that had hips and and flava, like the womens from them old surf rock horror/ sci fi movies and and ... ... ok I'll shut up now! :P

8. I like stories! I like being read to, especially when I'm drawing or or getting snoozy and sleepy. It's great! Especially after a nice big mug of tea or hot chocolate. Mmmmmm... :heart: :reading: :sleep:


AHEM. So yep. thar ye go. *puffs up all manly like*
Now I'ma tag me some folk...

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I apologize in advanced! (kee hee hee!)