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Illustrated Movie Poster Style for Wedding by thedarkcloak Illustrated Movie Poster Style for Wedding by thedarkcloak
Was hired to do this large poster (printed up to 40 inches wide) for a wedding, and was asked to do it in a classic 80s sci fi poster style.
Having always been inspired be the great Drew Struzan, I had to revisit and dig into his techniques and approaches (have watched his Hellboy DVD so many times now over the years) for this challenge.
The whole wedding party was to be portrayed in the piece, they sent me some photos for likeness, but otherwise I was encouraged to make up my own stories for the poses (in some cases I didn't even have poses!) and costumes that I came up with for them.

All in all this was a great creative challenge to take on, and I continue to explore the techniques and push my own mixed with it!

If you're interested in having me do an illustration like this for you, please reach me via email to discuss your project.

Here's my website: where you can see my portfolio and the range of work I do, as there you can also find links to all my social media accounts, etc as well as other ways to contact me for inquiries and work.

CharityBecker Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
This is amazing! I love it. 
thedarkcloak Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2017  Professional General Artist
Thank you, Charity! :D Good to see you here (I know this is months later lol)
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