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Published: August 17, 2018
Previously Sorry, I'll clear it up some moreOkay, so I'm sorry about spamming with all the drama. It wasn't really my intention to make a big deal out of this but my judgement has been clouded by angry, despondent and depressed thoughts as of late.
My fault. Mea maxima culpa.
My intention with what I've written so far and keeping it sparse was because I didn't want to set in stone why I want to give up on the "DangerCat TF-TG Artist Thing." Some part of me was hoping that if I kept it on a downlow, I could just sail this out in silence. But in this wrecked state I am in, I forgot that the people following me were also humans. Humans with concerns, emotions and lives to lead.
So here's a detailed explanation.
Starting off with a definition of the "DangerCat TF-TG Artist Thing."
So there's this thing about internet fame and internet anonymity. I'm sure there's an academic term for it, but I'm gonna call it my "persona-image." DangerCat is just my persona-image, there are things I do in real life that will never a

Short version:

I'm tired of doing something I no longer enjoy doing and for that reason I won't do TF anymore. You can continue watching me here on dA or FA because I might upload friend-art. But if you're only here for Me and my art, here's my new tumblr [redacted because I can't handle you people anymore]

Long version:

So it's been 47 days since that last journal post and I guess it's time to say something.

Let me get two things clear before get further into this whole deal. Read this part over a few times to make sure you understand my conclusion and goals before you make up your own conclusion and comment to the extent of "Noo please don't leave!" or "Welp, thanks for wasting my time!"

I'm not going to disappear. I'll still be around on discord and I'll remain lurking on dA. But for now my main focus will be on Tumblr, until maybe Pillowfort.io launches. Also, I won't delete my art or my accounts here or on FA.

I'm also not swearing off drawing TF art forever. While it's true that I'd rather chew off my own toes than draw another sequence, that's just how I feel today. I don't know if I'm gonna feel that way tomorrow, next week or next year. I just don't know and I refuse to make an absolute statement that I'm never doing it again.

Now re-read that a couple of times and then read the next stuff. Don't just comment. I had enough people misunderstand my last journal because they made conclusions before reading and understanding. Okay? Okay.


I've had a lot of time to think things through. If you had asked me about it 47 days ago, I would have probably said "Nope, I'm never doing this again. Everyone who's following me is an ingrate and I hate you all. Die in a fire."

That would have been really stupid to do and I know that I did the right thing by not acting on my rampant emotions at the time. But I'll always remember my emotional state at that time as a reason why I really shouldn't do this stuff anymore. I have a problem with how I often my emotions get the best of me. The fact that I keep blaming myself for doing just that is further evidence of how unfit I am to do this DangerCat thing.

At the risk of repeating what I wrote last time: DangerCat is kinda like a brand, like Disney or Coca Cola. And I, the person behind the brand, serves as both the CEO, the HR department and the labour force. DangerCat does TFTG art. It also does fantasy stuff and cute pinups and sometimes other things. People look to DangerCat for those things. And DangerCat only does things for itself.

But what am I gonna do for myself?

I've found that the real reason I'm "tired of doing TFTG art" isn't because of the TFTG stuff. The real reason is because I haven't permitted myself to draw for myself. I've drawn for DangerCat since 2014. And it's been great! I don't regret what I have done, I've learned a lot about how to improve my art. I've learned to know some amazing people. This time has been good to me and so has most of the fanbase.

But since this year begun I've almost exclusively sacrificed time and energy towards doing things I only wanted to do because I felt obligated to do them. Because on some level I believed that the synergy between myself and DangerCat was so integral to myself that I just had to. Simply put, there was no other option. Drawing something for "myself" was drawing something that I could post online under the DangerCat brand. And as time went on, I realized that I wasn't drawing for myself, I was fooling myself.

So that's the conclusion of these last 47 days.

I'm done with separating myself from my online spaces. And I'm done with drawing for some imaginary brand.

But all in all, I don't think I'll be disappearing from dA or FA. They're decent enough places for the odd weird things that I don't want to post on Tumblr or ArtStation. Like that Danica and Zi pic a few days ago. I like drawing things like that because they make me happy and they happen between friends. I might do sequences in that style too, but in the end I know what it feels like to tie your artistic self to a small and niched subject matter and I know now that I don't want to stay tied to it anymore. I'm not that kind of artist anymore and truth be told, I was probably never like that to begin with.

I'm gonna be doing me from now on. And that means that I won't post anything on dA of FA that isn't exclusively TF-related. Which in turn means that my submissions here and there will be few and far between.

So if you're all about the TF art I make, stay tuned and remain patient.

But if you're all about me and the art I want to make for my sake, here's my new tumblr [redacted because I can't handle you people anymore] Although I might switch over to Pillowfort.io if the kickstarter for it succeeds.

Thanks for your time and your willingness to shape my future. Have a good one! :wave:

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hells-black-smithHobbyist Artist
well i really liked your art style its sad to see you go but ill make sure to check your tumbler but i dont use it very often 
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sortimidProfessional Digital Artist
Hey! Sorry I'm (more than a month) late on this.

I think it's both important and admirable that you're taking care of yourself and of your creative energy. Just wanted to say: you're not alone. I also often wish I could share my excitiment about TF content in real life and I've experienced first-hand the soul-crushing dread of pushing myself to be creative when my heart's not into it.

I'm glad you're not obliterating DangerCat and burning the past. I hope you can look back on your time in the TF community and feel like you gained something, either as DangerCat, as a person, or both. Hopefully I'll still see you around from time to time, even if you're not creating TF art.

All the best!
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I think we’ve exchanged, like, two sentences since I started posting my stuff here. Still, when an artist you’ve admired for years gives you the thumbs up on 1 o’ your pics, you get this feeling like you’re on Cloud 9. It’s like, “OMIGOD! Senpai noticed me! He noticed me! :D!! :heart:!!!1!111!!”

It mayn’t be obvious, but your art gave me a lot to think about, & your use of color especially inspired me. I’ve got a lot o’ issues w/color theory & making things related to each other, & your monochromatic transformation sequences were, & still are, a model for how I color. I probably don’t have half the command/understanding that you do, but it’s given me something to aspire to.

I’m sad to see you go, but you’re off doing what you love now & nobody can fault you for that. We’ll miss you around here, & we’ll always hope to see you drop by every now & then, but you go have your renaissance & inspire a new batch o’ people. When you make it big, we’ll be able to say, “I knew him when...”

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Only here for the sequences, but hey good luck. Let your creative juices flow and draw the art that speaks to you. (Well and also what pays the bills I guess but we all have to do that!)
KotoSAi's avatar
Oh man, I'm going to love seeing your projects you want to do. I love your style, and while I rarely use Tumblr, I'll have to be more active. 
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your emotions are normal, i hope the best for you
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To TheDangerCat, the Brand and Persona:

It saddens me to learn of your departure, but I respect an artists right to create what they see fit, and to cease that creation as well. I have absolutely loved the work you have shared here and on FA, and am grateful for the content you have made. I have a secret dream that someday I will find the time, energy, self control to fervently practice sketching, drawing, inking and coloring art of my own. Your work is among my very favorites, in this fantasy it inspires my own style of art. I want to take the time to thank you for your skill, creativity, imagination and effort to produce content for this odd community.

To the artist behind DangerCat, the real person:

It brings joy to my heart that you have taken the time for self reflection, and recognized this current course of action does not include having your own needs met. It is of the utmost importance that every person takes stock of their life, and ensure they nurture their own wellbeing as well as others. You have given so much joy to others with the art you have made, and it sucks to hear that all this time it has required you to sacrifice your own desires to do so. It’s wonderful to know that you are making the changes to make art for YOU! You deserve it, and as much as I will miss your contributions to the TFTG/erotica community, I believe it’s of far greater value that you produce content that you enjoy making. You’ve done your time, and absolutely deserve to make (or not make) whatever you wish.

Any form change can be hard, and it’s scary to admit to needing it. I applaud your transparency and honesty in sharing your personal journey with us. I love your style and your work, and will happily follow your public posts wherever you choose to put them. I trust you and know whatever you are producing will be fun to experience.

If this end up just being a hiatus, and not a permanent departure from this form of content, then please know that if you do choose to return to it you will be welcomed back with open arms by many, many loving fans. If not, that is absolutely okay too. Do what makes you happy, we respect you for it! (As is evidenced by the other comments here in this thread.) I think we are all especially grateful that you took the time to share with us your reasoning and feelings during this transition- it allows us all to move forward with a sense of closure that is often missed when other artists simply abandon their fans after burning out creatively. Thank you.

Much joy and good fortune to you as you start this next chapter, and to all your future endeavors!


I don’t normally write or post anything here. My social anxieties about publicly sharing my opinions cripple my ability to coherently and concisely articulate my meaning. That said, I feel compelled to reply to this honest , candid, insightful message. Please excuse any typos, spelling, grammatical, Syntax or diction errors.
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Wow, there's a lot to take in here. But because you made it clear that you're usually a socially awkward person, I wanna address that thing first.

Don't knock yourself down because you're afraid of making mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. But one thing that truly separates people from each other is how they adapt afterwards. Are you going to learn from your mistakes or are you going to shy away from them? My motto is "learn from everyone" and that includes yourself. So make mistakes, learn from them and get better.

If you feel like you can, of course. Not everyone has the good fortune of being able to make mistakes in the first place, for various reasons. But if you feel like you can, try.

I'm super humbled by yours and everyone else's positive responses to my decisions. And I'm happy to see that you thought of my art as something that gives you and others joy. That's also why I refuse to take any of it down. Even if someone else were to re-upload it with/without my permission, taking it down wouldn't serve any purpose but to annoy people for a few days.

But I digress. I want to also tell you that the most important part of becoming an artist isn't to draw well, it's to always do it. Because the more you do something, the better you'll be at it. It's tough to start, but just try to do some gentle sketching everyday and then try to get more in-depth and then continue on the path. And don't worry about mistakes, the only wrong move when it comes to mistakes is to refuse to learn from them.

Thanks again! I wish you the best! :)
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TheQueenyQueenStudent Digital Artist
goodbye cat mom
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Ailynn-ShinSamusHobbyist General Artist
I'm so very proud of you! :hug: Do what YOU want to do, because if all you do is requests from others, nothing will burn you out on art creation faster. Trust me...It happened to me many times. I hope I can learn to love drawing again soon, but as for now...my motivation in drawing is absolutely dead.
TheDangerCat's avatar
Awh, that's no fun to hear. Your art was always a huge inspiration for me to improve. I hope you can find your spark again!

And of course, thanks for the sweet words, Ailynn!
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I really want to hug you. Just because I feel your fatigue reading this.

Have a rest, draw for yourself: your skill is really wonderful and it always will be a pleasure to watch some work of yours.

Stay strong

And my apologies if I express my thoughts not clear or literate enough 'cause I am a Russian-speaker.
TheDangerCat's avatar
I think your English is very good :)

Anyway, thanks for the kind words!
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ValsaliaHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! I gotta say, the biggest reason this comes as a surprise to me is because your TF-related art has been really solid from beginning to end! Often when an artist is beginning to feel the confines of a metaphorical genre-cage pressing in, it shows in their work. Guess that just speaks to your professionalism as an artist!

That being said, a lotta genre/niche-heavy artists sometimes have some difficulty moving onto other areas, if the thematic content of their work is the bigger attention-grabber than their artstyle itself; but with your well-defined and super pleasing visual style, I think you're really well-set to make this change! Best of luck with alla this!
TheDangerCat's avatar
Calling me a professional... pffft :blush:

Thanks for always being such a sweetheart though! I've always liked your art too, it's got a great degree of emotion to it that I hope I can ape one of these days :)

Btw, if you ever want to hit me up on discord, my user name is DangerCat#5097!

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sampleguyHobbyist Digital Artist
Almost done the same boat I am in. 
I feel ya dog.
You do you and don’t kill that artistic spark
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You got problems feeling motivated too? Stay strong, friend!
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it's Okay. I'll still support you for your other art!
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I don't really write before this statement because, well, I never really understand why all this stuff for this decision but I'm glad you're now good with yourself (and even happier you don't delete all this precious stuff)

You got talent, can't wait to see what you gonna do next on tumblr (uh ? I though you didn't like this website :o) !

See ya and thanks for all the fishy stuff :)
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Tumblr sucks, but it's not about the website, it's about the fanbase.
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take what time you need, if you take up the pen and draw TFTG stuff again I'll be here. if you dont then atleast youll be enjoying yourself more then you are now. but by all means don't feel pressured to do what we want you to if you your self don't want to do it
TheDangerCat's avatar
Thanks. I'm gonna do my best to enjoy myself from now on :)
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