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that is all.
Become a better artist.

And the answer to your question is no.
Signing off for good this time.

Everyone I blocked is unblocked.

Let this thing burn to the ground.
So the Trump Administration is now poised to redefine gender so that transpeople no longer have any civil rights, huh?

I remember 2 years ago that I had arguments about this inevitability with "fans" of DangerCat who said things like "he wouldn't do that" or "the Republicans are not as bad as you say they are."

And if you are still like that today:

Fuck you all.

How the fuck could you lack this much foresight?

Are you literally incapable of pattern recognition?

Is your fucking IQ at 70 or under?

It was inevitable that Trump would be elected thanks to the shitty U.S. voting system. But you can't fucking defend him and the rest of the GOP and then pretend that your actions, however small, don't have consequences. Consequences that normalize violence and antipathy towards LGBTQ people.

I don't care one fucking bit about what kind of excuse you give yourself in this case. You are all partly to blame for every transperson suicide and homicide that happen as a result of this shameful administration.

If you voted republican or ever defended the Trump Administration, you have a moral obligation to clean up your shit. Change your opinions. Help people in need. Apologize to those you hurt.

Also, this is why I'll never come back to doing TFTG art. It disgusts me that my art managed to attract people I never wanted to serve.
Previously Sorry, I'll clear it up some moreOkay, so I'm sorry about spamming with all the drama. It wasn't really my intention to make a big deal out of this but my judgement has been clouded by angry, despondent and depressed thoughts as of late.
My fault. Mea maxima culpa.
My intention with what I've written so far and keeping it sparse was because I didn't want to set in stone why I want to give up on the "DangerCat TF-TG Artist Thing." Some part of me was hoping that if I kept it on a downlow, I could just sail this out in silence. But in this wrecked state I am in, I forgot that the people following me were also humans. Humans with concerns, emotions and lives to lead.
So here's a detailed explanation.
Starting off with a definition of the "DangerCat TF-TG Artist Thing."
So there's this thing about internet fame and internet anonymity. I'm sure there's an academic term for it, but I'm gonna call it my "persona-image." DangerCat is just my persona-image, there are things I do in real life that will never a

Short version:

I'm tired of doing something I no longer enjoy doing and for that reason I won't do TF anymore. You can continue watching me here on dA or FA because I might upload friend-art. But if you're only here for Me and my art, here's my new tumblr

Long version:

So it's been 47 days since that last journal post and I guess it's time to say something.

Let me get two things clear before get further into this whole deal. Read this part over a few times to make sure you understand my conclusion and goals before you make up your own conclusion and comment to the extent of "Noo please don't leave!" or "Welp, thanks for wasting my time!"

I'm not going to disappear. I'll still be around on discord and I'll remain lurking on dA. But for now my main focus will be on Tumblr, until maybe launches. Also, I won't delete my art or my accounts here or on FA.

I'm also not swearing off drawing TF art forever. While it's true that I'd rather chew off my own toes than draw another sequence, that's just how I feel today. I don't know if I'm gonna feel that way tomorrow, next week or next year. I just don't know and I refuse to make an absolute statement that I'm never doing it again.

Now re-read that a couple of times and then read the next stuff. Don't just comment. I had enough people misunderstand my last journal because they made conclusions before reading and understanding. Okay? Okay.


I've had a lot of time to think things through. If you had asked me about it 47 days ago, I would have probably said "Nope, I'm never doing this again. Everyone who's following me is an ingrate and I hate you all. Die in a fire."

That would have been really stupid to do and I know that I did the right thing by not acting on my rampant emotions at the time. But I'll always remember my emotional state at that time as a reason why I really shouldn't do this stuff anymore. I have a problem with how I often my emotions get the best of me. The fact that I keep blaming myself for doing just that is further evidence of how unfit I am to do this DangerCat thing.

At the risk of repeating what I wrote last time: DangerCat is kinda like a brand, like Disney or Coca Cola. And I, the person behind the brand, serves as both the CEO, the HR department and the labour force. DangerCat does TFTG art. It also does fantasy stuff and cute pinups and sometimes other things. People look to DangerCat for those things. And DangerCat only does things for itself.

But what am I gonna do for myself?

I've found that the real reason I'm "tired of doing TFTG art" isn't because of the TFTG stuff. The real reason is because I haven't permitted myself to draw for myself. I've drawn for DangerCat since 2014. And it's been great! I don't regret what I have done, I've learned a lot about how to improve my art. I've learned to know some amazing people. This time has been good to me and so has most of the fanbase.

But since this year begun I've almost exclusively sacrificed time and energy towards doing things I only wanted to do because I felt obligated to do them. Because on some level I believed that the synergy between myself and DangerCat was so integral to myself that I just had to. Simply put, there was no other option. Drawing something for "myself" was drawing something that I could post online under the DangerCat brand. And as time went on, I realized that I wasn't drawing for myself, I was fooling myself.

So that's the conclusion of these last 47 days.

I'm done with separating myself from my online spaces. And I'm done with drawing for some imaginary brand.

But all in all, I don't think I'll be disappearing from dA or FA. They're decent enough places for the odd weird things that I don't want to post on Tumblr or ArtStation. Like that Danica and Zi pic a few days ago. I like drawing things like that because they make me happy and they happen between friends. I might do sequences in that style too, but in the end I know what it feels like to tie your artistic self to a small and niched subject matter and I know now that I don't want to stay tied to it anymore. I'm not that kind of artist anymore and truth be told, I was probably never like that to begin with.

I'm gonna be doing me from now on. And that means that I won't post anything on dA of FA that isn't exclusively TF-related. Which in turn means that my submissions here and there will be few and far between.

So if you're all about the TF art I make, stay tuned and remain patient.

But if you're all about me and the art I want to make for my sake, here's my new tumblr Although I might switch over to if the kickstarter for it succeeds.

Thanks for your time and your willingness to shape my future. Have a good one! :wave:

Are you not watching NotZackForWork?


Okay, so I'm sorry about spamming with all the drama. It wasn't really my intention to make a big deal out of this but my judgement has been clouded by angry, despondent and depressed thoughts as of late.

My fault. Mea maxima culpa.

My intention with what I've written so far and keeping it sparse was because I didn't want to set in stone why I want to give up on the "DangerCat TF-TG Artist Thing." Some part of me was hoping that if I kept it on a downlow, I could just sail this out in silence. But in this wrecked state I am in, I forgot that the people following me were also humans. Humans with concerns, emotions and lives to lead.

So here's a detailed explanation.

Starting off with a definition of the "DangerCat TF-TG Artist Thing."

So there's this thing about internet fame and internet anonymity. I'm sure there's an academic term for it, but I'm gonna call it my "persona-image." DangerCat is just my persona-image, there are things I do in real life that will never affect DangerCat and there are things I do as DangerCat that never affects my real life. Because of the raunchy nature of what I draw and the questions I'd rather not answer to people I meet in my real life, I have to constantly keep a clear line between my persona-image and myself.

That means that some of my favourite pictures online are things I desperately want to show everyone I know in real life, but I just can't. And inversely, I can't act in certain ways online that I'd do in real life, because getting into internet fights is pointless, stressful and damaging to the financial value of my persona-image.

So when I say "I want to end the DangerCat thing," what I mean is that I want to leave this page and start fresh somewhere else. I don't want to stop drawing. I just want to stop drawing as DangerCat.

Okay, but why do I want to do that?

There are more than just a handful of reasons and one of them directly linked to what I wrote above is the stress of having to juggle two identities.

But probably the largest reason is that I'm sick of TF.

I'm sick of drawing it. I'm sick of consuming it. I'm sick of the fans. I'm sick of the artists. I'm sick of writing it. I'm utterly fucking sick and tired of everything surrounding it.

I haven't felt creatively challenged by drawing or writing the subject for almost the entire year, but it was in May that I started to REALLY feel that I absolutely did not want to keep doing this. And that isn't a feeling that just popped up on May 5th and then stuck. No, it's been growing. It's been growing consistently. Starting with just some disinterest in working on sequences and comics. Then budding to feeling bored with other people's TF art. Then continuing to grow into resentment towards my own creations.

But it was not because I felt dissatisfied with the result or I didn't enjoy drawing them. I like drawing. Drawing is one of my favourite things to do. But the reason I've started to hate what I do is because of the limitations of TF.

You have a subject. Then you gotta depict the change of that subject into some new kind of form. Then you have the subject in a new form.

That's TF.

You can fancy it up however you want. You can create deep and wonderful stories with characters that make you laugh and cry. You can make the most gorgeous art for it. But it's the same framework.

You have a subject. Then you gotta depict the change of that subject into some new kind of form. Then you have the subject in a new form.

That framework has killed my creative spark. I have one sequence, one mini-comic and the Neon Comic in the pipeline right now and I DO NOT want to work on them. I don't want to work on anything TF-related (except for two things, but that's for later). I have no creative energy to complete the sequence even though it's been half-done for a week. Same for the mini-comic which is about half-done as well.

And as for Neon, which I was hoping would be my magnum opus, I have two more pages inked and if it wasn't for the awesome visual style, I wouldn't even consider finishing those two pages. But that's probably all that will be done for that comic.

That... hurts...

It hurts that I hate this stuff so much now and it hurts even more that I have to kill off some of those projects in order to prevent even more hurt.

But the whole "sick of TF thing" goes well beyond just what I've written so far. Here's the deal: I love drawing. I've spent too much time doing it and learning about it to just give up. And even though working on the most recent things has been tough, it's also been enjoyable to actually do. The act of drawing is self-rewarding in itself even though what I am drawing is something I now resent. But what I resent more than just the subject that I am drawing is that DangerCat has become an obligation for me.

I draw because I like drawing, but because I am DangerCat, I'm expected to draw TF or cute girls or whatever else is associated with DangerCat. So when I sit down to draw, I have become obligated to draw as DangerCat. That obligation is yet another thing that have burnt up my passion. It's not like I feel like "this is a job and I hate my job." It's that I feel like my freedom to express myself and my desires to grow as an artist are all restricted by the ever-present expectation that what I present has to conform to what DangerCat would normally draw.

DangerCat and I are now more different and separate than we have ever been.

There is a lot, lot more, but when I wrote it down I realized that most of that reflects really poorly on me.

I've realized as a result of doing this for nearly four years, that I have prejudices and expectations that are on a whole unreasonable. Especially since for every nine people that piss me off, there is always that one wonderful artist or fan that light up my day. And as I was writing I figured out that I was painting all ten of you in the same colour.

In short and with less salt, there are people in the TFTG community that are the best ever. But the majority are people I don't have the character strength to deal with anymore. And those people, fans and artists, as a majority have the most power to shape the community and community culture into something I hate.

That's a personal failing of mine though. Most other artists seem to deal with this fine. But I'm not most other artists. And I've tried to work on this for the four years I've run as a TFTG/erotica artist. And I have gotten better, but my frustrations have also gotten stronger. It's an uphill bike ride that have made me better at cycling but at the same time the hill is just getting steeper.

And I'm just so tired of it.

That's why I killed the comment sections.

So if you asked me today what I want to do next, I'd say "kill the DangerCat persona-image."

I don't want to draw TF anymore.

I don't want to deal with the community anymore.

I don't want to juggle two identities that on the whole can't work together anymore.

I started doing this stuff as a college graduate in new town with no prospects. I just knew I wanted to become a better artist because in college I realized that I had wasted so many years not training and studying art properly. Doing art as DangerCat has taught me so much and I'm happy and thankful for the opportunity of doing that. But the personal cost of acting as DangerCat isn't worth the diminishing opportunities to grow as an artist at this point.

I feel satisfied with my current skill level. Just two years ago I'd never say I was a "good artist," but today I know that I'm a good artist, because my art is good and I know I'm improving because I know what held me back.

I won't quit drawing. But I might quit DangerCat. 

I still enjoy working on the Gateworld with Pen and the TF elements in that are so distant for us that it doesn't really matter. And then there is a new comic project that also has a few scant bits of TF, but they're not integral.

And even if I do quit DangerCat, I'd start something new, somewhere else and I'd probably invite you all to follow it.

But I'm gonna give it until August 17th until I make my final decision.

I'm gonna extend my leave until mid-August, because this has been an issue that has been burning since early May.

After August I may or may not end this whole "DangerCat TF-TG artist thing" depending on how I feel.

And yes, I did shut down the comment sections on all my pictures on dA today. Because one of the many reasons of why I'm so sick and tired of all this bullshit comes from the comment sections. But it's only one of the reasons why. There's so much more to it.

And once again, don't note me on dA, FA or discord about this. I need my space.
I'm gonna take a week or two off from doing anything DangerCat related.

I've got so much burnout right now that everytime I log on to either deviantART or Furaffinity I get angry.

For reals. I fucking cannot stand any of this right now.

PS. Don't approach me in notes or discord. I don't need that.
Dump18 by TheDangerCat
Dump19 by TheDangerCat


mmmMmm... Mango-flavoured tea.

So as is standard for summers, post-summers and new years, I tend to announce plans for the upcoming times ahead. Mostly because things tend to change drastically for me and my life situation every 4-5 months and this summer is no exception.

First up on the list is that I have a new job. A pretty damn nice one both in terms of pay and responsibilities, so that's a good thing I think. Unfortunately they've made it pretty clear that it's only for the summer, but you know, I'm fine with that because a decent income for a few months is better than nothing. And it's a really good thing to put on my résumé.

That does lead us to my next point on the list which is that I was hoping I could take in a few commissions during the summer because, paradoxically, it's easier for me to take commissions when I'm already employed by someone else than if I'm self-employed. However, I've decided to not take commissions at all this summer despite all of that.


The reason for why I've decided to not take any commissions at all this summer is because for the first time in over 7 months now, I finally have the time and economic freedom to work on my own things again. Not that I haven't enjoyed doing commissions, some of my favourite sequences ever were from last year's commissions. But I have had projects in the backlog since October last year and I want to freaking work on them now!

But it's not like those projects are boring and TF-unrelated. I'm back into doing Gateworld TFs and stuff. There's a big lewd TFTG comic in the works. I feel the urge to do Speefs again. And since I quit playing Paladins a few months ago I have a final Señor Moustache minicomic too. So there will be STUFF coming but I'm gonna need my free time to work on those things instead of commissions.

Also, people have been asking about The Heavy Transformation Show #1 a few times now and I guess I should just drop the bomb about it. It's going to be released for free next month. In fact, that big lewd TFTG comic in the works will also be released for free. It just feels like the right thing to do.

So yeah, that's the summer. Sorry to those who were interested in commissions ^^;

Also, I'm gonna keep up with those dumbass streams of that awful vampire game until I finish that piece of crap.
Once again, I have to thank everyone for helping me out way back in March. Can you believe it's been almost 2 months since I had that emergency? :omfg:

Well, I'm still really humbled by everyone's altruism and incredible patience, y'all are the nicest :love:

Anyway, here are all of the emergency commissions gathered in one place:

CMSN - Bisected Katt by TheDangerCatCMSN - Freshman to Senior at Shmogwarts by TheDangerCatCMSN - Galactic Mom by TheDangerCatCommission - Zala, Jewelcrafter by TheDangerCatCommission - Leggz by TheDangerCatCommission - Jessie, Mom and Not-mom by TheDangerCatCommission - Strength Requirement by TheDangerCatCommission - DING! by TheDangerCatCommission - A Little Light Around The Shorts Part by TheDangerCatCommission - Dragon Girl by TheDangerCatCommission - That Feel When TF'd by TheDangerCatCommission - Fancy Dress Time by TheDangerCatCommission - Suit Up For The Horde by TheDangerCatCommission - Isn't Death A TF On Its Own? by TheDangerCatCommission - Lost In A Jeannie Dream by TheDangerCat

It just seemed fitting to have them all ordered like this :)

I also still like this little thing =P
EmergencyCommissiony by TheDangerCat
Dump17 by TheDangerCat

Dump16 by TheDangerCat

Boobs and buff gals.

In the summer of 2011 I was going to graduate my last year of compulsory school. Basically graduating high school but we don't call it "high school" here. And I remember that I was taking a secondary gym class because I wanted some extra credit. And most of the people I took the class with were either these boorish lunkheads or quiet gym rat girls. Two guys stood out to me. One was this super cool sporty nerd whom I still keep in touch with and the other was someone I'm gonna bet is training for the Olympics right now.

This second guy was also really cool and acted more like a cheerleader than a gym rat. He didn't see the class as a bunch of individuals, instead he saw us all as a team and he gave each one of us a pat on the back at the end of the class and no matter how you had performed, he always said "great job today!"

And one morning, still during winter, he plugged his MP3 player into the speaker system and played this song on repeat.

This was before Avicii was even signed with a label. Back when he was just someone on soundcloud who had done this house thing song and even sampled a famous singer without any kind of permission. He was just some kid who was barely 3 years older than me.

I still remember that day when that guy plugged in his MP3 player and he didn't just let this song play once, he actually looped it for a few times and I just had to ask him what it was called. And it was kinda funny how he said "I don't know, I think it's called Levels by Avitchi, but I don't know if that's really the name."

Fast forward to when I just started college and Avicii was signed and his first single was playing at the hazing parties. We drank and danced like nobody's business in the late summer heat. I made some of my first friends in college to this song.

And then there was this geeky teacher I had in college. This dorky man who might also have only been 3 years older than me. And yeah, he was an absolute nerd and one of the more toxic people I had made friends with hated his guts, but I could relate. He was a lot like me, I think. Someone who often tries too hard to make people like them. Or at least someone who tries too hard to make people think he's cool.

I remember this teacher always played some kind of song every Monday and Friday morning lecture and one day he pulls up this one.

And he goes something like "this video and song are excellent examples of storytelling." And then he tries to make his case but he's kinda bad at it. But I'm just focused on the fact that he showed this video and he's actually kind of ecstatic over the fact that the trans theme is so pronounced and that we should all learn something from it.

Heh... And now, years later I kind of only remember those friends I made in college as either people I never want to see again or as people I fucked up with and I know will never want to see me again. When the third year rolled up, I was already starting to feel the dislike between us all and in some strange symbolic parallel Avicii faded out of my life just like the people I knew in college did.

My taste in music left the EDM scene and I stopped thinking about this guy who was barely 3 years older than me. But then... even if in retrospect the people I learned to know have disappeared from my life, I still have good memories of all of them. Set to the tune of Avicii.

So... I guess Avicii had a lot more impact on my life than I gave him credit for. And if you had asked me about him yesterday, I would have said something like "good artist, don't really listen to him anymore but I'm sure that in 5-10 years he's gonna be a really classy producer. I'm certain he's going to make loads of really well-made and memorable songs that future music historians are going to call classics."

I didn't really know how to take the news that he died today. But it feels good to have aired it now.
So a couple of weeks ago I got this note.

Tftg by TheDangerCat

I answered "no" to this. But not before I decided to look into this whole deal. And I found a fair bit of interesting stuff.

First of all, facts. Their app is pretty iffy on many sides.

TFTGApp by TheDangerCat
As far as I'm aware, google doesn't prohibit sexual content in your apps. But I'm sure as hell that it's not legal to rate your product as a PEGI 3 when it contains sexual content. Also, I know for a fact that it's both illegal and not possible to self-rate a digital product with either the ESRB or PEGI ratings, so I don't understand how this got rated PEGI 3 in the first place.

That is at best a removal from the Play store and at worst a legal reverie I have no interest in associating with.

Then there is the "Contains ads" statement. Considering that this app looks like a simple reposting aggregate app, that's kinda exploitative. If you look back at the note I got, it doesn't state anything about monetization. Only that "partnering" with them is a way to reach a broader audience. So payment in exposure.

Now let's take a look at what SocialBlade has to say about TG Transformation Stories and their Youtube Channel.

Tftgsb by TheDangerCat

Hmm... Now I want to stress that SocialBlade only gives estimates for earnings. It doesn't actually confirm whether or not ads are run on their videos or not. But I have checked their videos without AdBlock and although it says ads are on their videos, they aren't playing. But that could be a localization issue as I know that ad space on Youtube is sold depending on a myriad of factors. I did ask a friend to check it for me and they had the same experience.

Either way. I'm not making this post to steer attention to this person and their channel. I don't want to start a witch hunt. My main intention is only to warn other TG artists that this "partnership" is pretty one-sided.

Just a quick note out there to those who helped me out in my little economic mishap.

Everyone's commissions are still being worked on. The main delay isn't like laziness or something out of my control, but just that I got so many of them. I've been spending my week days on the sketches and the weekends on lineart and colours because sketching usually takes up more time than lineart or colouring does for me.

Since most commissions were taken and paid for on the same day, I decided to work on the commissions in a random order and as much as it sucks to be in 17th place, someone kinda had to be there :/

Anyway, I only have 2-3 sketches left to finish and when they are done, I can do lineart and colours. Which I will try to stream daily as soon as I can. So essentially we're on the last lap now :)

Sorry for the delays and thanks for being chill and understanding!

Dump15 by TheDangerCat
Dump14 by TheDangerCat


:omfg: Holy smokes! :omfg:

First of all! I cannot freaking believe how nice you all are! The reception to helping me out has been off the charts and I am humbled like I have never been humbled before. I love you all :love:

Honestly, I did not at all expect to be helped out like this so fast. But it happened and I don't even... I'm just so thankful :)

snf... you made me so happy!

But unfortunately I had to close the form just now because I got so many submissions today that I'm afraid that I'd wake up tomorrow with like 100 new ones. I didn't actually get 100 btw, but I got a lot of them and while I'm sooo gosh darn happy for having friends and fans like y'all, I only really needed to get out of a stupid jam I'd gotten myself into and capitalizing on your generosity would be kinda uncool.

Like, I know, it's not technically "generosity" because you're paying me for a job, but still, this is way cool and nice and generous. And I've gotta be cool and nice back and actually deliver on this stuff so I gotta put a limit somewhere, right?


Yeahhhh... Thanks again :)

I just sent out the invoices to everyone who submitted a commission to the form, but be warned that I did it all pretty much in one swoop, so there might have been a mistake or two. So PLEASE, read through the invoice and make sure that if there are any mistakes, tell me and I'll fix it :)

Furthermore. I'll be sketching these pictures during the rest of the week. I'll try to send them out for proofing on Saturday or Sunday and then finish them starting next week. In case I can't finish your sketch this week, I'll send out notices to all who won't get one and try to give estimates for completion.

Thanks again, everyone :love:

EmergencyCommissiony by TheDangerCat

Well, I'm an idiot.

I don't like getting into details about how dumb I can be sometimes. But all in all, I'm in dire need of cash within the next two weeks so in short:


Submit your commission in the form linked below.

Yeah, only pin-ups and before&afters this time. I'm kinda filled up with other projects and responsibilities to work with (none of which actually pay me...) and with the urgency here I wanna keep things neat, tidy and fast. However, if you commission me this time, I'm perfectly okay with giving you a reasonable discount in the future when I open up for serious again :)

A few details first though.

Because time is of the essence I would appreciate it if I'm allowed to send out invoices before sending you a sketched preview to proof, which is why there's an option in the new form for that:

Commprev by TheDangerCat

If you put in "yes" for this option, I'll be sending you an invoice and an email notification pretty much as fast as I'm able to. And because I'm in this hot mess right now, I would have to finish the sketches for those who put in "no" first so that I can send them the invoices quickly as well. However, I will still finish these commissions in order of payment.

Also, if you put in "yes," I will still send you sketches to proof before I finish your commission.

So if you put in "no," you'll get the sketch/es before those who put in "yes." But if you put in "yes," you'll be first in the list for completion.

This sounds a little complicated but if you have any questions, just ask. There are no stupid questions :)

I'll be keeping this form open for as long as I need to but I will probably close it on Sunday at the latest.

To submit a commission request, here's the link :)

Thanks, everyone! :D

Full disclosure: I haven't been into captions for a long time now. I used to be crazy into them when I was younger though, of course I was. But as I've gotten older I just kinda lost interest in them. But I don't want to make that out to sound as if I "hate" TF and TG captions, far from it.

I've been part of this community for long enough now to have seen people make the same tired and reductive argument that "captions and/or poser art is not art." Their rationale have always been the same, basically that if not enough creative energy goes into creating the art then it can't be art. As if such a thing could be quantified into neat volumes.

When people say "poser comics aren't art," I can't help but sigh loudly. The people who promote this kind of bunk make way too reductive statements about what art is allowed to be, and this argument is totally anathema towards creativity. If you make exclusionary definitions for things like art, then you must also surrender a big part of the freedom people need and want in order to create in the first place.

And this applies to captions too. I don't think "captions aren't/can't be art." I'm 100% on the field that they totally are art. And the people who write captions deserve all kinds of love and support for putting their energy into making things for the their own and other people's "entertainment" ;)

Let me tell you a brief story from my own life.

In college I had the "pleasure" of talking to a few compulsory school classes for various college reasons. These kids were between ten and thirteen years old. And sometimes they wanted to see the art I had created for college. This was over four years ago and my art wasn't quite as good as it is today, but it was decent. Most of the times, the kids were impressed. But there was always this ONE boy in each class that asked if I had drawn it with Photoshop.

Of course I answered yes. To which these kids, whom I remind you were ten years younger than me, scoffed and harrumphed like Victorian-era gentlemen. Followed by a claim like "Photoshop? Haha, you don't need talent or skill to do anything in Photoshop, you just click a few buttons and the computer does it for you! What a hack!"

Everytime I see someone in the TF/TG community claim that "captions and/or poser comics aren't art," I can't help but see those snot-nosed little preteen boys mask their insecurities in undeserved cynicism to feign worldliness again.

See, Photoshop is a tool. It's akin to having a pot of brushes and hundreds of tubes of colour waiting for your hands to use them. Of course, Photoshop is a way more powerful tool than a room full of brushes, pencils and colour tubes. Just look at Bendzzz's really cool work at automating colouring. I think it's really cool, even though I like drawing and painting too much to ever substitute my own process for automating it.

Regardless, Poser and DAZ are also just tools. Even if the artists behind it didn't literally model and texture the meshes in the programs, it's not really about how involved their process is. It's about how they use their tools. How they compose the shots, how they tell the story, how they write the character.

Same for captions. It's not really about the medium, it's really about how these artists use it.

That being said, I really think that captioneers have a responsibility to challenge themselves and their medium. I understand fully the erotic nature of captions. But sexy isn't just a pair of F-cups in your face. Sexy is a state of mind.

I will always defend captions as an art form, but it's not hard for me to sympathize with the detractors when so much of the caption scene is the same deal. So much is just "guy becomes conventionally attractive girl -> gets horny -> possible continuation of horniness."

Like I said, sexy is a state of mind. It's the nervous laughter between two platonic friends who've drunk one too many beers. It's the lighting of the moon, gently caressing a discarded bra. It's that cute smile of a guy who usually frowns everyday when standing in the coffee line.

I always think the sexiest part of a transformation isn't the transformation but the transformative effects in the aftermath. Like when a girl-turned-guy first sports a boner out of his house and how he now has to adapt to that change. Or when a guy-turned-girl finally figures out how a bra is supposed to be put on. (By the way, you're supposed to put it on backwards, hook it together, turn it around and then put your arms through the straps.)

The caption scene has so many creative minds in it that you really should have no excuse but to experiment as much as you can. Write captions about other things than just sex. Write about how elated "Christina" is after she finally got her muscle mass back to bench as much as she did before she was turned into a girl. Write about sad stuff, fun stuff, exciting action stuff. You know?

Challenge yourselves and have fun with it. Just because you're writing erotica doesn't mean that it all has to be boobs, butts and bumping uglies.

And geez, this got to be really long... sorry ^^;

More mom stuff, TF art and secrets coming.