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TG - Rock it like the Zombies do by TheDangerCat TG - Rock it like the Zombies do by TheDangerCat

It’s not everyday a sharp white flash of light interrupts your day. But when the nova is followed by the ominous appearance of a magical-looking blue disc, you know it might be worth something to investigate. And investigate he did as he took one step too close.

The sights on the other side were nothing but alien. Dead, dry and desolate, like a forest after a hundred years of drought. The air was notably dry and warm. Uncomfortably so.

It stung his eyes but before they managed to water up in response, a deathlike chill came upon him. And just as soon as he had felt it, it seemed to fade.

Or rather, his sense of it faded.

As his pulse slowed down, internal organs began to lose function and atrophy. His skin tightened as it lost moisture and muscles beneath withered away. Sinew remained and gained an unnatural ability to slowly raise his limbs.

The myth about hair and nails continuing growth after death seemed be confirmed. Today, a biologist cries.

His skeleton took upon new shapes and bones grew denser, as if they wanted to fossilize themselves. His joints got stiffer as a result but in relative luck, almost every nerve in his once alive body had died just like the rest of him. His extrasensory capabilities were essentially gone.

The very last of her non-clotted blood spilt out of her tear ducts and caked on her cheeks. You’d think it was some kind of sad, poetic metaphor for her lost Humie-ness, but you’d be wrong. The dead don’t mourn anything.

And as several parts of her brain decomposed, other parts remained violently active. Her average reaction time could be beaten by a sloth when it came to all forms of outside stimuli except for two:

Brains and rock!

And so she shambled away with the intention of finding either.


Told ya it'd be done sooner faster than the last one =P

Anyway, this is a good moment to reference a Retarded Animal Babies joke…
And it's also a good moment to reference a solid progressive industrial metal song… It fits the scenery quite well, I think.

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March 16, 2015
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