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My 2018 Sketchbook will go live on Kickstarter in late August or early September.

My last little 5"x7" sketchbook was well received, so I'm going for an 8"x10" this time!
Getting close to having enough content compiled for my first sketchbook, Phantasmagoria 

Kickstarter runs through Sept 18th
Thank you, :iconabigblueballoon:!

Foggy Drive by ABigBlueBalloon  Stark Frost I by ABigBlueBalloon

Frosted Ferns by ABigBlueBalloon  Life by ABigBlueBalloon
I'll be publishing a 2017 sketchbook at the end of the year, so as a part of Kickstarter's "Make/100" initiative, I've set up a small project as a bit of a primer to gather content for the final book, which will be published after another small crowdfunding project in late 2017/early 2018.

NYE sketch 1 by thedancingemu

I'll be drawing 100+ sketches over the course of the year to ensure I have plenty of quality content to choose from once it's time to put the book together. Money raised will help cover art supplies and to pay myself a very small wage as I work, ensuring I can afford to reserve a solid chunk of time for the project.

Backer rewards include sketch prompt commissions and limited edition mini prints. We've hit the initial funding goal, but I have plenty of rewards left, and hitting stretch goals will allow me to reserve more time for content creation.…

Doing another Patreon Giveaway! You do NOT have to be a Patron to enter! 

NYE sketch 1 by thedancingemu
Taking a few ACEO Keyword commissions this month! Medium to complex detail, see examples below

Link to purchase:…

Tropical Dragon ACEO Commission by thedancingemu  ACEO Fairy cornucopia by thedancingemu  

Inktober 10 colored by thedancingemu  Inktober 3 color by thedancingemu
Use code “HDAY2016” for 20% off everything in my shop! Expires November 21st.

This is the only time of the year I offer discounts this good!…
Inktober art giveaway! Accepting entries via comments on my Patreon post, you DO NOT need to be a Patron to enter! Giveaway rules are listed on the patreon post:…
I was accepted as a contributing artist for 78 Tarot's new Scifi/Space themed Tarot deck! I'm pretty damn stoked to be included in such a cool project alongside so many other ridiculously talented artists <3

I can't post details yet, but I'm pretty excited to start working on my card. I'll post some WIP shots once they give us the go ahead to announce our assignments :)
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"Splendid and Scaled" the collaborative draconic coloring book I contributed to, is now available from EMG:…
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I have on more ACEO keyword/basic prompt commission slot open:…

After this I'll be shifting gears to finish up a large commission, so this will be my last opening for a while!
I've updated my 5"x7" print formats to include a small internal margin, so I need to move the rest of my borderless prints.

$10+ worth of printed merch (more like $12-$14+) for $6 each:…

Each bag contains a different 5"x7" print, so if you want 2 or more there will be no repeats on the art prints. No promises on repeats with the other items, but I tried to vary them as much as possible so it shouldn't be too likely.
Print preorder has moved to Etsy!
Back in town. Small pile of new art coming soon <3

Shop's reopened:…

beep boop
I'll be out of town and with minimal internet or scanner access for almost 2 weeks, so I don't think I'll be able to post much. I will return with a pile of new art to share before April!

See you later alligators.
Be safe.
Eat your vegetables.
Don't talk to strangers unless they are wearing really intriguing hats.
Taking 4 more:…

Last ones for a while! These should all be done before April rolls around.
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New giclee prints are reduced price during the preorder!

Ends March 1st

Switching my shop over to Etsy. I'll continue to migrate the last of my paintings and jewelry listings then I'll be closing up Storenvy.

I'm also running one last sale this holiday season: Use code “DECEMBER1515″ for 15% off any order of $30 USD or more. Ends Jan 1st


TOAD by unbelievablex  The Long Morning Mist by AsISeeIt 
tree roo by luve  Broken tooth by Thegarethpowell
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As an extended sort of Black Friday/Small Business Saturday deal, I'm running a sale in my online Store  until the end of November :)  

You can use the code "holiday2015" for 20% off absolutely any and every damn thing in my shop! This is the only time of year I will generally be running a discount this steep, so if you've had your eye on something, it's a good time to snag it ; p

A couple of customers have recently contacted me about an apparent bug that's getting in the way of paying through paypal, if you have any problems trying to check out just let me know and I can reserve your item(s) and send you an invoice manually :)


Random art features:

Eusthenopter. by ABelov2014 ........ by kimerajam Monster by MoaWallin 
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i am opening up to take 1 commission! any of the commission types listed on the form linked below, from aceo sketches to big fully detailed paintings. i'll probably open up again later once i work through most of my to do list, but that might be a couple months from now depending on my work load.

My commission form is here: If you'd like to commission me for some custom work, fill out the form and I will contact you to confirm if you've gotten a slot. Please make sure to read the TOS!

If you wanna ask me a question before filling out the whole form, you can do so here via comment or PM <3


Old Man and Toad by ELKAPL Fructus Maris by EvilineMoonflesh

cute tree frog by lisans eye by Symenex

Toarcian age in Holzmaden by NGZver .Calm. -comic test piece- by Ahkahna