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Mature Content

[Damselfly] Crimson Roulette by RuneKerianDrake

Mature Content

[Damselfly] Hooks for Damsels by RuneKerianDrake

Mature Content

Out For A Walk By SeductiveBunneh by falcon0010

Mature Content

Damselflies-Green Princess in Distress by ssvineman
Damselfy Profiles
Damselflies - Audrey by Furyhero
Damselflies - Volthena by Ihniwuntu
Damselflies Database Laura Bailey by Bondage-Addicted
Caroline enters the Damselflies by distractthemonster
Supporting Cast Profile
Renee, Heroine in training! by NabselHinari
Sam Shaemin bio - Damselflies by LittleShiro-kun
Delilah Cherrywood bio - Damselflies by LittleShiro-kun
Villainess Ebony Girl by NabselHinari
Villainess Profiles
Mei Valencia's Damselfly Profile by TankyRabbits
Shar Character Sheet (DF) by Aksika

Mature Content

Damselflies: Meet the Scarlet Burglar by Bondage-Addicted

Mature Content

Damselflies database entry: Kimberly by Bondage-Addicted
Villain Profiles

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Damselflies Entry: Acheron, the sorcerer by Bondage-Addicted

Mature Content

Damselflies - Bookbinder by Doctor-Awkward
Damselflies in Distress

Mature Content

Damselflies Upstaged by Doctor-Awkward

Mature Content

The Superbunny Harem by J-money117

Mature Content

Merrymaker and Nightshade Committed by Doctor-Awkward

Mature Content

Commission- Play Time by the Pool Side by Xanatos83
Villainess in Distress
Whom the Gods would Destroy by Crosis278
Aliza Sketch by kaozkaoz

Mature Content

Payback by NabselHinari

Mature Content

Clare in trouble by NabselHinari
Good VS Evil

Mature Content

Snow Angel and Emerald by Doctor-Awkward
You Can't Resist Forever... by Crosis278

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Fumika's Damselflies Museum Opening by RedFalcon23

Mature Content

Agent Oni Issue #21 by J-money117
Damselflies Stories and Big Pics

Mature Content

A Damselflies Summer Drive Part 2 by J-money117

Mature Content

A Damselflies Summer Drive Part 1 by J-money117

Mature Content

Mature Content

Damselflies: Kink Comparison by J-money117
Paradise Found? by Crosis278
Commission - Welcome to her humble abode by GenericAfrican
Alexandra Daddario as Oceania by LordAmon12
Hilda Charging up! by NabselHinari
Damselflies in Action
You crashed the WRONG party, pal! by Crosis278
The Damselflies Saga

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This collection does not have any deviations yet!
Go and check this out before summer is over! He's going to draw as many gals as he can, and wants your permission in case you want your gal featured.…
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Group Info

"We're Damsels, and we're in Distress, but we got this."

Welcome to The Damselflies! A group about Superheroines who have the unfortunate tendency to end up bound and gagged quite a bit, and the villains who have taken a fancy for doing just that to them. This group is all about recording the various bondage themed adventures these heroes and villains face.

Our group's core consists of the Following.

- Bondage/Fetish pictures and stories following the theme of comic book superheroes.

- Roleplaying

- Talking about Bondage/Fetish things involving superheroes and supervillains.

If you wish to join us as a member, you must first meet the following easy requirements.

1. Send us an invite or have one of our members refer you to one of our administrators.

2. Have a character, either heroine or villainess, in mind that you can make into an official profile using our template in our Featured Section.

3. If you draw acts of severe violence or fetishes such as gore, scat, water sports, blood play, permanent slavery, amputation, irreversible brainwashing and hypnosis, breath play, and death, we reserve the right to refuse your request to join. If we allow you to join in spite of that, then you are not to put such material in our group, and especially not featuring any of the characters in the group.

Other than the main group profile and Deviantart, we also have a Skype Chatroom and a roll20 page where most of our RPs happen. Ask us about them once you become a member.

Group Policy

Contribution Expectations: As a member you are expected to contribute to the group at least once per four months. Participation includes the following: Commenting on a Damselflies related art piece, chatting in the skype or r20 rooms, roleplaying, or submitting art of your character or others. Every four months our admins will check participation to see who's contributing and who's not.

RP Etiquette: Roleplaying is a large part of what we the Damselflies do as a group. We want everyone to have fun and to be able to participate. However, when RPing, you must be respectful of other players and yourself. Do not do things that would disrupt RPs or ruin the fun for everyone, such as railroading, being deliberately mean or nasty to other players or their characters in character or out of character when it's not appropriate for the event, and do not deliberately force an RP to be ended or retconned for anything short of an emergency or IRL business, and please do not deliberately create a character who is too powerful for capture or defeat.

Here are a list of rules all group members are expected to follow.

1. You must contribute at least once every four months.

2. You must observe and follow proper RP Etiquette.

3. You must not antagonize or bully fellow group members (This includes threats, verbal abuse, starting rumors or gossip, and other such offenses)

4. You must not use your character or other characters to deliberately demean, kill, or hurt other's characters or your own in an art piece.

5. Adult art is allowed, along with full nudity, but please ask permission from other members to show their characters in such situations.

6. Please do not depict you or anyone's character in the following fetishes or scenarios: Gore, vore, inescapable peril, scat, urine, bodily modification that is not anthropromorphism or humanization, permanent injuries or scars, death, permanent slavery, rape or sexual assault or humiliation.

7. Please be respectful of others and their art. Constructive criticism is welcome, but do not belittle or degrade.

8. If someone has violated these rules, please notify an admin immediately.

9. All character profiles made are subject to scrutiny before being accepted, in order to check for things such as copying, too much power or too little power or skill to be useful as a hero or villain, unless they are supporting cast profiles.

10. When starting an RP that you will GM, designate it as an open RP (anyone can join, but no one is necessary but the GM to start up the RP.) or a closed RP (A specific group of people must be present with the GM to start, and anyone else who joins is not necessary to start or end.)

11. Female heroines only. We do not accept male hero profiles, nor are any male villains allowed to be depicted in bondage or the submissive in any fetish situation.

12. Ask an admin about appropriate fetishes to be included alongside bondage in art to get approval if you are unsure if it's appropriate.

13. All art is subject to scrutiny for the above rule.

Penalties for Rulebreaking

Warning: These are given for minor offenses, and take a week to be removed from your account.

Strike: These are given for moderate offenses or for accumulating three warnings, and take 2-3 weeks to be removed from your account.

Red Strike: These are given for major offenses or for accumulating three strikes. These are permanent and will not be removed from your account unless appealed, with few exceptions.

Banning: Upon earning three red strikes or for violating rules 4 and 6, or for violating rule 1 or 3 at least 3-4 times, or for doing something so offensive that it is considered severely damaging to another member emotionally, mentally or otherwise, or consistently are an antagonistic nuisance to the other members of the group, you will be banned from this group and not allowed to return with no exceptions nor the possibility to appeal.

Please contact our admins or current founder :iconj-money117: if you have any questions.
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Jun 25, 2015


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73 Members
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distractthemonster Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2018
Hello! I Have a suggestion! 

Should the group have its own discord?
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would be great idea =3
RuneKerianDrake Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Perhaps I shall join. If this place is open do it so (with heroines and/or villains, I mean)
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Hey there!  Apologies for the late reply.  If you're still interested in joining, there's a button up near the top of the page with the option to "Join our group."  If possible, it'd also be best to come up with your heroine's information and fill out this template for them to have ready-  Damselflies Database - Character Entry
distractthemonster Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2017
What are your policies of visiting Superheroines?
Crosis278 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Sorry for the late reply, but I'd say it depends on what you're looking to get done with a visitation.  I'm guessing you mean an appearance/interaction with the group's heroines as a more standalone experience, in which case I don't see any problem with that offhand.
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