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:icontaiyama:, :iconsisimka: and I are all big Leliana fans, so here's all our male Wardens who romanced the bard fighting over her. XD

Taiyama and Legam are both mages, while Aedan is a human noble. I decided not to put him in armor since I wasn't sure what he wears the most... Besides, Leliana likes to dress him up in fancy outfits. ;) He's also lower down because out of the three boys, I figure he's the most likely to get closest to Leliana's bosom. :lmao:

And no, none of us hardened her after her personal quest. Perhaps we should have, then Taiyama, Aedan and Legam might not be in such a predicament. :XD:
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Yeah, and if you kill Marjolaine, you get a snappy set of clothes to boot.

Ah yes, "bosom". We have dismissed this claim.