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Star star Pinkie pie by Yasuuko
You Must Be New Here by EmeraldBlast63
Friendship Will Always Be Magic by Kenisu-of-Dragons
Where the Magic Happens by Kenisu-of-Dragons
Best Friends by bobthedalek
Twilight and Her Mom After All You Can Eat by Eli-J-Brony
Young Pear Butter (Mum Apple Jack) by ShadowReindeer
Friends by Lotus2503
Always Royal by PoneBooth
The Sunset Shimmer Meme by MunkTransformerLover
The Great and Powerful WINK by dan232323
Sunset sketch by PoneBooth
Pandora by EmeraldBlast63
Warmer colors, colder season (cm) by Shady-Bush
Zebra Admiral (StarWars) by ShadowReindeer
Growing Up by Ben-Del
Spooky Eight - Fluttershy by DrAltruist
Just   Rainbow Dash by KolyanGOLD
9 Magical Years by kuren247
Press F to Pay Respects by Atlas-66
Behold, The Villainous Emperor of Shadows by KaijuandCinemakid

Mature Content

Mina and Circe by Olivergriffiths
Rainbow Dash: EarthGov Captain by Olivergriffiths
Princess Eaststern's military by Olivergriffiths
Mlp Dead Space: EarthGov soldiers by Olivergriffiths
twii by fixiee

Mature Content

Applejack Anthro Cowgirl by PoneBooth
Rainbow Dash Vector 32 - Cheerleader by CyanLightning
Sweetie Belle Vector 24 - Cupcakes and Milkshakes by CyanLightning
The Last Livestream by bobthedalek
Within p139 by MythPony
Swan Song 9/10 by jongoji245
Adorkable by Pony-Berserker


Changeling OC, Princess Fluture by DarKIRIa12 Changeling OC, Princess Fluture :icondarkiria12:DarKIRIa12 26 11 Changeling Queen Rabies by DarKIRIa12 Changeling Queen Rabies :icondarkiria12:DarKIRIa12 30 7 Swift Wing Commission by LvnnkartistriesSFW Swift Wing Commission :iconlvnnkartistriessfw:LvnnkartistriesSFW 8 1 Princess Luna by 1stAstraStudio Princess Luna :icon1stastrastudio:1stAstraStudio 21 3 Portrait for Jessie by victorbessa96 Portrait for Jessie :iconvictorbessa96:victorbessa96 17 1 Cleaning Ritual by victorbessa96 Cleaning Ritual :iconvictorbessa96:victorbessa96 14 3 Favorite MLP FIM Episodes by each Mane 6 by XaldinWolfgang Favorite MLP FIM Episodes by each Mane 6 :iconxaldinwolfgang:XaldinWolfgang 18 2 Fluttershy Controversy Meme Blank by XaldinWolfgang Fluttershy Controversy Meme Blank :iconxaldinwolfgang:XaldinWolfgang 25 5 Pinkie Pie Controversy Meme by XaldinWolfgang Pinkie Pie Controversy Meme :iconxaldinwolfgang:XaldinWolfgang 23 3 My Fluttershy Controversy Meme Thing by ChristianDragoon My Fluttershy Controversy Meme Thing :iconchristiandragoon:ChristianDragoon 3 4 A Strange Friendship by victorbessa96 A Strange Friendship :iconvictorbessa96:victorbessa96 17 0 Congrates Xaldin and Jess by TheEasterArt Congrates Xaldin and Jess :icontheeasterart:TheEasterArt 16 7 Wolfjess Babies! by Heartpawphoenix16 Wolfjess Babies! :iconheartpawphoenix16:Heartpawphoenix16 13 14 Another Request by AramauFierySecretary Another Request :iconaramaufierysecretary:AramauFierySecretary 24 15 C: Chibi Love by DollPone C: Chibi Love :icondollpone:DollPone 25 7 The wizard of Oz by Heartpawphoenix16 The wizard of Oz :iconheartpawphoenix16:Heartpawphoenix16 16 20


Anime Sparkle is not animated. Apparently this is a new project coming up from Galaxy Art.  If you are curious about what to expect, head on down below the break for the trailer.…

Coming up!
*Some Backgrounds were made from scratch whereas others used from varius animes and japanese animated movies.
Song used: Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki OST - Ki Toki To - Yonhon Ashi no Odori
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Hi! The OC folder is FULL. Make a new one, please? 

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A pity that such a large group is being abandoned, but with no admin around to solve the issue of the full folders I'm afraid there is little point in lingering around :(
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Your OC folder is full ^^
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Hey I been a Brony since autumn 2011
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it appears that the CANON folder is full. Is there a way to create a new one for canon characters?
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Hello :icondottywinstell: :iconsupermancat: :iconpokemonpheonix: :iconinvaderzim127:
Is it possible to create a new folder for CANON characters? The existing one is full so people are not able to provide the daily pony there anymore.
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This group is dead since all group admins have left DeviantArt.  There is nobody maintaining this group and as all folders become full, nothing will be done to fix the issue.  Only thing left is for group to be shutdown eventually.

Time to move on, nothing left to see here.  Support the remaining few MLP groups that are still active by finding groups with admins that are still logging onto Deviantart and maintaining group.
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