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Kantai Collection A Bigger Ship Part 3

Commission by :iconkkxrs1:
Thank you so much for your support~Love

Like they say: There's always a bigger fish.
The girls from Kantai Collection are having fun in the city.
Each one with their own size.

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Anyone wanna do a giantess rp with me? I'll be the tiny person.

LordTRexYt's avatar

who wanna rp with me?

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i dont see any notes?

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I sent a note or you send me a note

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ok lets do it on chat

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Bigger is better
marioguy9000's avatar
Part 4: Planet size
Part 5: Solar Systsem size
Part 6: Galaxy size
Part 7: Universe size
bonodrawing's avatar

She really cuuuuuttttttteeeeee! i can't resist! HELP!

A Bigger Ship Part 4: this time the ships are out of this world!

EnforcerOfMelee's avatar
got damn those are pretty big
AgitoNightstar's avatar
i'd enjoy every moment of this view
entertotheNexus's avatar
New Typical City Magazine! Two giantess cuddling in bikinis, unusual number!
Oh and f*ck everyone who got under them also :)
Dinzydragon's avatar
Hamakaze is one ultra mega giantess, poor Isokaze, the mini giantess, references to Gulliver's Travels - Brobdingnag (Big), normal and Lilliputians (Tiny)
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Like they say: There's always an even bigger fish.
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Hamakaze is totally the hottest of all. x3
and i like her resemblence to 2b :P
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