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FOP No Bullies Allowed

Commission by :iconsuperdimentio77:
Thank you so much for your support~Giggle 
All Characters here are 18+

Francis made the worst mistake of his life, never bully Timmy with a giant Trixie by his side.
Probably the best wish he ever made.

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the fact that this image and dime's story is better than the entirety of pretty much the latter half of the show is what is sending me; but hey, that's what happens when we get high quality artists and writers like you two lol



Had fun drawing both styles!


Superdimentio77's avatar

Hahaha, you made her great ! I'm usually not into the stomping business, but if it's Francis, I'll more than allow it. >:3

Thank you for your work ! Here, have a little story, on the house :


Summer was here ! With it, lots of sunshine, kids running amok, and piles of homework not being done. The perfect recipe for Dimmsdale Beach to be booming with visitors, whether it be Chester and his dad finding their new second home, or AJ piloting his new advanced submarine to find the legendary seaweed monster.

But two visitors in particular had another intention than simply getting a tan and surfing the waves : Enjoying their first get-together as 'more-than-just-friends'.

"Thanks for driving us here in your limo. I had no idea you could have a jacuzzi on the roof !" gushed Timmy, walking in his little pink shorts, being tailed by a pair of colourful crabs, and holding the hand of the most popular girl of Dimmsdale Elementary.

"Well of course ! I wasn't going to let my best friend that is a boy go to the beach on foot ! Not after you defended me so bravely." smiled Trixie, holding Crash Nebula and Crimson Chin beach towels under her other arm. Her secret having been revealed, only Timmy had taken her defense, and given her the courage to defend her bacon. Social hierarchy had certainly changed for the better after that, and the relationship between the two opposites on the social chain as well.

However, one class of individuals was still very much the same. As the two walked along the beach, they didn't notice the grey mass standing in their way until they both bumped into him, knocking them on their butts.

"Hey, Turner and Tang." saluted Francis the bully, his intentions already quite clear. "I just bought volume 2 of the "Dumb Grey Kids Guide to Beach Bullying", and you two lovebirds are all I need to try it out."

Trixie rolled her eyes. "Urgh, if I wanted grey and ugly, I would have gone to that modern art exhibition with my dad. Security !" she ordered with a snap of her fingers. But when came a lack of a big bulky bouncer trash-compacting her problems away, she remembered something worrisome. "Oooh, that's right, I gave him the day off. Man, generosity bites sometimes."

"Oooh, no bodyguard today ? What a stroke of luck for me." smirked Francis, who obviously knew of the bouncer's absence. "Well, new nerdette, I run kind of a "regular first" system." He coiled his fist against the wimpy Turner's body, and brought him up. "So you sit tight, while I squash your puny boyfriend into a skipping stone, and see how far away he'll bounce."

"Hey ! Let him go ! I'll sue the warts off you !" threatened Trixie, pulling on his shorts. But Francis flicked her away with the back of his hand, and she found herself dizzily resting against a dune. Squeezed by the big grey fist, Timmy tried to wheeze out a wish to his fairy godparents.

"Guys, I wish I was the biggest person on the beach to save Trixie !" is what he wanted to say, but the pressure on his lungs instead made this happen, "Guys... I wish... biggest... on... beach... Trixie..."

"Hmm, that wish doesn't sound right." said Wanda, scratching her shell with her wand.

"No time to think ! He's becoming more purple than Poof is !" panicked Cosmo. The couple brandished their wands, and they let out a beam of golden light.

"Great ! Not only I can't defend Timmy, but now my hair is full of sand !" complained Trixie, brushing her locks furiously. She ceased when the beam impacted her, making her body quiver. "Oooh, I feel so tingly..." Under her feet, another golden beam of light raced through the beach, its destination a few hundreds dunes away.

"Say hello to the Dimmsdale Beach Big Rock !" presented Mr. Bickles, realising his dream of being a tour guide, as he waved to present a very big rock indeed. "This stone was discovered by the founder of our town, and named because... well, it's huge ! And that's all it is ! It's not made of any precious mineral, it's not home to any species, it's just plain unremarkable ! And big !"

At this moment, the beam reached the Big Rock and wrapped itself around its form. "Oh my goodness !" cried out Bickles. "Could we be witnessing the Dimmsdale Beach Big Rock becoming something more than just a big rock ?! Oh wait no, it stopped glowing. Back to just being big, everybody !" he announced, not seeing the golden ray making its way back with a lot more sparkly energy.

Indeed, like a rubber band, the glow came back straight into Trixie to infuse her with its order : to make her the BIGGEST on the beach. Trixie's quivering continued as she started swelling up in size at a rapid pace. In a matter of seconds, she became bigger than the very school she ruled.

The popular giantess looked at herself in stupor. "Okay, I know a lot of weird stuff happens around this beach, but that one takes the cake ! I'm huge !" She spotted Francis still holding Timmy, and frowned. "But more importantly, I'm mad."

"Alright, say hi to your dweeby Australian pals for me." snickered Francis, ready for his special midget throw. But as he revved up his shot, he was flicked away through three dunes by two giant fingers.

"HYAAAAH !" screamed Timmy as he was sent twirling into the air, until he landed on a soft surface. This turned out to be Trixie's giant palm, as she brought him up to her face. "Wow, looks like Francis squeezed harder than I thought. I'm seeing a gigantic Trixie worrying over me."

"I'm real, silly ! At least, I think I am." said Trixie. "It's just like what happened to you last year, when you became a hunky monster."

"Like last year ?" parroted Timmy. He then realised what was going on. "Of course, Cosmo and Wanda." he whispered to himself, then turned back to his colossal crush. "Uuuh, I guess that's why we have a Sea Monster Response Team ! Because that weird stuff keeps happening !"

"Hmm, works for me !" chirped Trixie, gently tickling her tiny boy's chin with her finger, making him float in happiness. "Now, we're gonna make the most of this in just a minute. Before that..." Her frown returned with a vengeance. "I need to remind someone where they stand on my social ladder."

"Pffft ! I'm tired of eating this beach's crummy sand !" spat Francis, rubbing the grains off his tongue and reassuming an agressive stance. "Alright, who's the wise guy ? I'm gonna wring their puny neck until... they..." He trailed off when he saw two boat-sized feet facing him, and the ginormous Trixie Tang attached to them, glaring a crater into him.

"I'm gonna bury you so far into the beach, you'll become part of it." growled the titaness, lifting her foot up.

"Aaaah ! The guide did not prepare me for this !" cried Francis, running away just in time to avoid the foot. But the giant girl was on his tail, with Timmy laughing from his vantage point, beachgoers scrambling away and two Godparents enjoying the much-deserved payback.

Eventually, she'd catch up to him, but the PG rating of this comment doesn't allow a description of the level of pain she inflicted him. All that needed to be known is that the Sea Monster Response Team didn't come (SUCH a waste of money), and that Timmy worked up one heck of a tan, nestled comfortably on the heart of his ginormous lady friend. Best Beach Day Ever !

THE END ! :3

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way to go dude 💜🔥🔥🔥

Superdimentio77's avatar

Thank you kindly !


Kufufu, it's a cute and funny story, I can see it happening in the show~

Thanks for your support, love your ideas~


Superdimentio77's avatar

Always happy to do so. ;3

I imagine it went something like stomp,stomp, tea party and stomp again 😆

If she kisses Timmy at that size it’s going to be tiny Timmy all over again. But I guess you gotta use those kidneyland passes somehow XD.

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Is there any female character that you like in Fairly Odd Parents?


You're watching her.

She's good, but I really love her previous character in the first episodes, like a secret tomboy and gentle popular girl. Fuck you Butch for wasting characters. >n<"


Bowyer9's avatar

She was pretty cool back then. Mine's Vicky but because of the episode Imginary Gary. What about Danny Phantom? The show got some of good female characters.


I think Desiree is my fave, most of the ghost girls.

Sam is annoying, probably worst goth girl ever.


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Desiree is good. Personally I like Ember.

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Awesome picture! Francis is going to get it!

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