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What is the DeviantArt Gazette?
DeviantArt is a place buzzing with activity. There is always a contest being run, a group eagerly awaiting submissions, an artist posting an amazing deviation thatís waiting to be discovered, and many other things. The only problem is that all this is a lot to keep track of, especially for the people that are involved in a lot of things, and this is where the DeviantArt Gazette comes in.
Itís the one place for you to catch up on all the interesting stuff happening on DA (You might even learn some new things). Thereís a lot of interesting articles to read: Two artist features, a contest feature, a group feature, listings for both contests and features, a pair of deviation reviews, a how-to guide on a certain feature of DA, a Q&A area, some ad space for people looking to advertise their commissions and a little bonus.
So, instead of having to spend a lot of time to catch up on the news and potentially miss some of it, you only have to go to one place to get informed.
Can I get a feature for myself or my group/contest/deviation?
Yes, absolutely. You can send @storytellertheyoung a note, detailing what feature do you want (Artist feature, group feature, contest feature, ad, contest or group listing, deviation review or a question you want to ask), and you can discuss the terms. Do keep in mind that most of these have a price, ranging from 150 to 400 points (prices are negotiable), and this is done for a reason (More on that in a little bit). The features exempted from a fee are one free artist feature for a unknown artist (the criteria to qualify for this can be specified when you apply for this), and the questions to be answered in the Q&A section (Keep in mind that there is a limited number of questions we can answer)
Can I participate in this, as a writer, for example ? And what do I get for my work ?
Yes, you can apply to participate in the Gazette. Weíre looking for a few writers, and potentially someone to help put everything together to make it presentable, kind of like a graphic designer, maybe.
What you get for your work is to be credited for it, first and foremost, and you also get to be paid for your work, and this is why most of our features are paid, because the money earned goes toward paying our staff for their work (donations are also appreciated)
How often will the Gazette be published? And when will the first issue come out?
The Gazette will be published twice a month. As for when the first issue will come out, there isnít a specific date, but the goal is January, hopefully early in the month.
I hope that you'll be so kind as to visit the group and watch it, as this means a lot for a group as small as ours.
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Our goal here at the DeviantArt Gazette is to keep deviants informed about everything that the DA community is up to, and to promote artists, groups, contests and deviations.
You can find everything here: New artists with a lot of potential, interesting groups to join, contests to participate in, artists to commission, tutorials on the basics of DA and so much more.
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