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High Technology dark Verison

By thecyclone
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I also did a dark version of Technology for the people who like dark desktops more...
I just wanted to do a big contrast in this wallpaper and asked myself

"What happens when high technology meets art?"

I was interested in this question so I did this wallpaper. It is a smoth element mixed up with pieces of computers...

I hope u like ths wallpaper and if u do please comment!!! :D (Big Grin)
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That is so cool! Great work!
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COOL!!! Echt Geil!!!
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well, i must first say, i LOVE this render. this is really really great. the only thing i don't like is the typo. that is my only complaint. other than that, it is exceptionally good.
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The comments speak for themselves... Great work!
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inverting the colors would only make it orange. but this pice is great.
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nice smooth graphics. now thats what i like!
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the render is phat but the typo sucks
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Pretty cool. I like how it's real bright but still dark.
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Smooth ... looks like a ghost ...
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wowie :) (Smile) ~
nice! i like the did u make this??? gimme some tips :D (Big Grin)
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nice colors, really nice and smooth its got a certain flow to it. /me likes this very much.
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holy shit thats awesome, they sort of look like smoke. Great job and welcome to my favs.
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The best deviation I seen today 2 Thumbs Up Thumbs Up up!!!!!!!!!!!
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Great shades of blue. I love this kind of wallpaper. Great job.

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thats awesome :) (Smile)

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I like this one more than the other version, love the colors!
Jeroen Mulder
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the framebox looks odd, the "high techonlogy" typo is out of place and not high tech at all, and the pattern in the bottom right looks odd too. Other than that it looks as nice as the other 100000000000000000000000000000000000 pieces like this one in this site only.
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Holy Moly! I'm noting jark (deviantART Co-Founder) about this...
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The abstracts looks great, nice color and the whole thing is nicely done.
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those colors are freakin beautiful
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