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Putting A Face To A UserName by TheCyberRaven Putting A Face To A UserName :iconthecyberraven:TheCyberRaven 10 67
Name: Alex E. Walters
Name: Alex E. Walters
Age: 29
Height: 6'1" and 1/2
Weight: 192
Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Dexterity: Right handed
Appearance:* Alex have black hair with blue eyes, along with a slight olive tone to his skin, and he wears a white tank top(Aka wife beater) with a black leather jacket, dark blue jeans, and brown boots*
Personality:* He is kinda cold at time, self center, and harsh, but once he get to know someone he warm up to him and seem some what caring*
Bio: *Alex grew up in a bad neighborhood and joined a gang when he was 11 and worked his way up the ranks by doing what was needed to do so, Still,Kidnap, even Murder, but soon or later this will catch up with him and it did when he was arrested and charged for three accounts of man manslaughter in the 2nd Degree due to his age at the time 17 and was sent to jail 24 years which a change of pro-roll when he is 28 years of age, so he sever his time and got out on pro-roll just a few weeks before his 29th birthday*
:iconthecyberraven:TheCyberRaven 2 34
Advance Oc App
Sexual orientation:
Date of birth:
Class: (check the list we have in the room)
Distinguishing Markings/Scars: (if any)
Relationship status:
Other Info/likes and Dislikes:
:iconthecyberraven:TheCyberRaven 5 24
Oc app for TheCityOfHearts rp room
Name: Solomon " White" Maxwell
Age:210( appear 58)
social status:TheWorldSage
keychain:Formally the chain of anger
bio:{ fill in a bit later}
appearance:{ fill in a bit later}
:iconthecyberraven:TheCyberRaven 1 0
Nicodemus( the overseer of the cafe)
Age.68( human years)
Race.Bird, type Raven
Gender: Male
Height: 1"5" tall and 2"3" long( from head to tail feather)
Weight: 15 pounds( due to the robotic parts on it's body)
Personality: Nicodemus is a kind and calm bird, he usually just keep to himself and stay out of sight, but he will show him self when he need oil or something repaired on him, he is also very helpful and help anyone that ask him to.
Bio: Nicodemus was the pet of a young girl named Tatiana who was going blind; one day a man broke into the girl's home and attack Tatiana as she tryed to stop him from taking away the family's things. Nicodemus rush to help her- but during the struggle the man ripped off the Raven wings  way off, but not before the bird took one of the man's eyes. which resulted the person throwing the bird(Nicodemus) across the room though a glass door  which lead to next room room. Causing Half of Nicodemus face to be crushed an slip open. The Raven   struggled to st
:iconthecyberraven:TheCyberRaven 1 0
The Lands Of Fay App/ Basic
Name:[ you can give them just a first name or choose to give them a first and last along with a middle/nickname]
Age:[ This is based around if oc is human or a fay, The ages rang from 1-10,000,000+ and anywhere in between for their age]
Height:[ This can range from a few inches to 20 feet tall, unless your oc is a dragon then they can be what it say above along with 20+ feet for their height]
** Also if you choose a serpent or dragon type oc you might need to tell their body length.. just add next to where their height is**
Weight:[this can go from a few ounces to multiple tones]
Gender:[ some choices are male,female,intersex,other/unknown,or non-gender]
Race:[In this group a person oc can be anything but a God/Goddess nor Dimi God/Godess, but other things such as Human, Angel, Demon , Animal , Fay (Ex:Imp), Anthro(they are called BeastFolk here), and made up Races are allowed and there is a link below that tells about this in much more detail if needed)
Class:[This is your oc skill/jo
:iconthecyberraven:TheCyberRaven 5 853
Raven oc app for TCRC/TLOF
Name: Walter Wolfburg( AKA: Raven)
Age:depending on the Rp place and timeline( Ranges from 30-1,000,000,000+)
Race: Human
Height:6'7"( 6'8"1/2 with shoes)
Personality: strong spoken, opened-mined, caring, warm hearted, protective, understanding, intelligent, and easy to get along with.
Bio: { I will add later due to there is so much of it that I need to shorten, so not to bore everyone to death with details. XD}
Appearance: Walter is quite tall, mid build, has Red short hair that is slightly spiked up, his eyes are two different color's one gold-green and the other is ice-blue, he dresses quite well and always wears dress clothes such as button down shirts, dress vest, black dress pants, dress shoes, and a gold pocket watch in his vest pocket, he has well defined muscle tone( although he never shows this off, due to he's always fully dressed) and he usually has a few days of beard growth to give him a heavy 5" o'clock shadow look.
:iconthecyberraven:TheCyberRaven 3 20
Atticus/Tamotsu char sheet
Age:3000+(Appears 31 while in Human form)
Date of Birth: July 18( when he was brought back as Akuma)
-Akuma Name: Tamotsu
-Human Name: Atticus Mathews
-Gender of Akuma: Male
-Gender of Soul: Male
-Level: 5
-Personality: Kind, Serious, Open-minded, Wise
-Appearance: (well be fill in later)
-Weapons: know how to use many different type , but prefer bokken kata
-Abilities: blood bullets, Akuma Oil, Akuma Scream( level 4 or higher), dark mater gravity ball( calls the an area hit with this move to go 50x time grater then normal gravity, can be charged to make gravity waight of an object  to go up 200x of it's l max), dark mater blast( shot a high power beam of dark matter  which can pierced most of  the hardest of armor in one shot. Cannot be charge (level 5 only)
-History: ( Well be filled in later)
Height: 6'1 ( Human), Akuma( varies form each stage of his forms)
Weight: 195 ( Human), Akuma( Varies from each stage of his forms)
:iconthecyberraven:TheCyberRaven 1 0
Bound Spell Books App.
Name: Vincent
Age: unknown, Approx. 4,767
Gender: Male
Personality: Quiet, serious, sensitive and kind, Loyal,Open-minded, lazy at times, an borderline pacifist
Favorite saying: "If you turn back now you just might live to see tomorrow "
Appearance: long dark  brown hair, olive skin, greenness-yellow  eyes, usually clean shaving , 6'5 tall( with out any footwear) , weight  245, appear 28, and  have several magic  seal an alchemy symbols on his body( each of them allow an limit a power)
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Clothing: will be in the drawing
Race: : "A'Cursive One" ,(human)
Dexterity: Ambidextrous ( but favor  to use the left )
History: Vincent was born to a low class carpenter family which was made up His Farther an younger sister. He mother dead giving birth to his younger sister "Dorina" He stayed with them until he was 15 years old. do to he was forceful joined the king at that time army. many years past before he ev
:iconthecyberraven:TheCyberRaven 2 28
Mr. S, MA App by TheCyberRaven Mr. S, MA App :iconthecyberraven:TheCyberRaven 3 11 Mr:S... Coloured by TheCyberRaven Mr:S... Coloured :iconthecyberraven:TheCyberRaven 5 14 Shawn Phoenix... coloured by TheCyberRaven Shawn Phoenix... coloured :iconthecyberraven:TheCyberRaven 6 12 shawn phoenix,original rough draft by TheCyberRaven shawn phoenix,original rough draft :iconthecyberraven:TheCyberRaven 1 7 Mr:S original rough draft by TheCyberRaven Mr:S original rough draft :iconthecyberraven:TheCyberRaven 4 13 Glamming up for Mardi Gra ( close up) by TheCyberRaven Glamming up for Mardi Gra ( close up) :iconthecyberraven:TheCyberRaven 8 5 Glamming up for Mardi Gra by TheCyberRaven Glamming up for Mardi Gra :iconthecyberraven:TheCyberRaven 9 3


Sassy Dog by Gumi606 Sassy Dog :icongumi606:Gumi606 6 3 Sad Wolf by Gumi606 Sad Wolf :icongumi606:Gumi606 7 2 Thorny Lizard by Gumi606
Mature content
Thorny Lizard :icongumi606:Gumi606 6 7
Curvy Friends by Gumi606 Curvy Friends :icongumi606:Gumi606 7 0 Little Bunny by Gumi606 Little Bunny :icongumi606:Gumi606 6 0 Cyber raven by Sufferst Cyber raven :iconsufferst:Sufferst 110 21
Kayley's Character Sheet for Crimson Rose
Full name: Kayley Skylar
Nickname(s) or Alias: Kay, HE305R168
Gender: Female
Species: Human Scientifically altered Reptile Hybrid
Age: 18
Birthday: June 6th
Sexuality: Straight
Nationality: Unknown
Religion: Agnostic/Atheist
Birthplace: Unknown
Currently lives: New York City, New York
Languages spoken: English
Relationship Status: Single
Height: 5 feet 3 inches
Weight: 105 pounds
Figure/build: Slender and scrawny, but still strong enough to survive
Hair color: Hologram Black; Normal Black with patches of white in it
Hairstyle: Short Choppy shoulder length hair, usually very ratty, messy, and dirty
Eye color: Hologram Both eyes are brown; Normal left eye yellow with a slit for the puple with reptile scales surrounding it, right eye looks normal and brown
Skin color: Hologram slightly pale skin tone; Normal has patches of reptile scales instead of human skin all over her body
Tattoos: Her experiment Code number HE305R168 tat
:iconrockinpyrogal:RockinPyroGal 1 0
Nagi Usata Lands of Fay Character Application
Name: Nagi Usata
Age: 12
Height: 4'8"
Weight: 85 lbs
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: He's straight, though too shy to get a crush on someone currently
Dexterity: Right handed, though he can sometimes use his left
Race: 99.99999% Human and 0.00001% Daemon
Class: Townfolk
Appearance:Putting this here until I draw him
personality:Nagi is a very shy boy. He is quick to hide from most until he gets used to someone. He could easily be pushed around too, though he can be somewhat tough when he needs to be. He is also a bit of a crybaby, though try not to be the one behind his tears or else face Lauranna's motherly wrath, which is worse than her usual temper. Also, he is currently harmless, though that will change as he gets older.
Bio: Ever since Nagi was little, he had the special ability to draw Fay towards him. He even wound up with a guardian dragon named Sara to protect him and teach him. He
:iconstarcloud12:Starcloud12 1 1
Mitsuki Yoru Lands of Fay Character Application
Name: Mitsuki Yoru
Age: 15
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 100 lbs
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: unknown
Dexterity: Ambidextrous
Race: White Wolf Girl
Class: Fayfolk
Appearance: Just putting this here until I draw her. Anyway, she has white hair instead of grey due to a memory failure on my part making it so.
personality: Mitsuki is very hyperactive and very curious. She has a tendency to escape most bonds and holds. Actually, Argin is the only one who can keep her in something she can't escape from. She is very friendly. Her ways of saying hello are either hyperactively sniffing someone or just jumping onto them and licking them. She is also very caring and will get very depressed if someone important to her dies.
Bio: When Mitsuki was a pup of age 2, she was left abandoned by the side of the road. She was found by Mamoru and he took her in as his younger sister. He did his best to raise the bot
:iconstarcloud12:Starcloud12 1 1
Mamoru Uta Lands of Fay Character Application
Name: Mamoru Uta
Age: 18
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150 lbs
Gender: Male
sexual orientation: Straight, but he's too focused on being protective to even think about getting into a relationship
Dexterity: Right
Race: Changling Shapeshifter
Class: Shapeshifter
Appearance: Just putting this picture here for now until I draw him.
personality: Mamoru is pretty serious and protective. He is responsible and will try to do his job right. He also tries to increase his intelligence and isn't quick to trust others.
Bio: Mamoru is a changling. That means that a human baby was taken to become something like a sprite or a nymph and Mamoru was put in his place as a baby. Somehow, the human parents figured out that Mamoru was a Fay and not their human son, so they abandoned him. Mamoru doesn't know this, though, because he was too young to be able to remember. As far back as Mamoru remembers, he has always been w
:iconstarcloud12:Starcloud12 1 1
Matt Donald Lands of Fay Character Application
Name: Matt Phillips Donald
Age: 18
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140 lbs
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Straight
Dexterity: Right handed
Race: Was human, but is now a shadow
Class: Townfolk
Appearance:Just putting this here for now until I draw him.
personality: Matt is a wimp. He can easily be pushed around. He also is a guitar player. Just the threat of destroying his guitar is enough to make him faint. He also tries to be somewhat of a gentleman, but fails. Also, he is horrible at organization, so his room is utter chaos.
Bio: Matt was just a normal person. Well, he is wimpy, so he's been the butt of the town's jokes. Matt grew up in a town where there was rarely any Fay interactions, if any at all. One day, Mai, the female form of the Mischievous Ruler of Fay, was bored and decided to use Matt to fulfill her fun. In the end, she tied him to his bed and raped him. He was given the offer and to
:iconstarcloud12:Starcloud12 1 1
Nixy Lands of Fay Character Application
Name: Nixy
Age: 10,000,000+ at death (Current age is unknown)
Height: 13-15 feet tall standing up and 25 feet long (But she can shrink down to the size of an eagle (which is about a foot tall) so she can fit more places)
Weight: Full size: 500-600 lbs Fun size: 1 or 2 lbs
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: asexual
Dexterity: her first set of wings
Race: Angel Phoenix
Class: ThePhoenixOfFay
Appearance: She is an orange bird with some yellow/golden feathers here and there. Since she is an angel, she also has white feathers scattered throughout her body too. On her back lay a second set of wings that are white in color with a slight golden shine to them. When she goes into her full power, all of these feathers catch fire, turning her into a fire bird. She also glows at night. Her eye color is a light blue, like the light blue that would be found in the sky.
personality: Nixy is a very kind and gentle soul. She likes having fun and seeing the good in everyone. Nixy also has a bit of a sens
:iconstarcloud12:Starcloud12 2 5
Heavy Trouble: Paisley Petesake by Puff-Puff-Man Heavy Trouble: Paisley Petesake :iconpuff-puff-man:Puff-Puff-Man 2 3
Mossy Tree [dragon me]
Name: Mossy Tree/Mosspatch
Age: 5 winters
Height: H= 1'8. L= 2'0
Weight: 5 lb.
Gender: Female
sexual orientation: Straight
Dexterity: very
Race: dragon
Appearance: [see icon or her picture]
Personality: kind, defensive, Tom boy, curious, smart, playful.
Bio: she was the smallest hatchling in her nest. Her brothers and sisters made her do stupid dares as a new nest, or, in human terms, newly hatched. She ran off and never returned, finding herself with new friends.
Strengths/Skills: has spines that rise when she fights or is startled. She can camouflage with trees and moss covered dirt. 
Weaknesses/Disabilities : the spines give away her hiding spot if she's camouflaged. Can't camouflage against rocks
Distinguishing Markings/Scars: is brown with greenish patches on her forehead and back. Has a knick missing in her left ear.
Other Info/likes and Dislikes: likes to eat small rodents and insects. Likes bright colors and people. dislikes pink, mean people and frogs. Hates
:iconmosspatch:Mosspatch 1 0
Maia by whiteLotusdragon Maia :iconwhitelotusdragon:whiteLotusdragon 3 4
Vartitier Etain, Fay OC
Vartitier Étain ~
- "Butterflies can't see their wings. They can't see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can. We are like that as well..." -Age:
- 205 years old, 20 in Human Appearance
- Five foot, eight inches
- Less than 120 lbs.

- Female
- Fairy Folk
- Druid
Vartitier has unique dark teal curled hair the three distinct curls hide the left side of her face completely, the rest of her hair reaches her lower back just at the bottom of her spinal column. The woolly curls bounce around often especially when she walks. Her skin is a warm tanned shade with clear tan lines from her clothing. She wears a skin tight black sleeveless black leotard that ties around her neck with a frilled high low skirt that reaches the ground in back and the
:iconghost-geisha:GhosT-Geisha 1 1


Greetings Friends and fellow Deviants:
After a long term of absent, I have returned. Can't wait to get back in contact with you all and catch up. So much have changed in the past Year. Hope everyone been well; and congratulations to everyone who graduated. Feel free to send me a note at any time. Also I will going back into the usual chat-rooms soon. Just have to finish up a few things first. Thanks for taking the time to read this Journal, and have a great week. Glad to be back.


Discord: TheCyberRaven#6445
Skype: TheCyberRaven1
FaceBook: (Ask for it in PM)
Kik: TheCyberRaven
WhatsApp: TheCyberRaven


TheCyberRaven's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Hello Everyone, Welcome to my page. Allow me to tell a few things about myself. I am 25 , the 3 youngest out of my brothers and sisters , currently on my 8th year of college--where I am majoring in veterinarian medicine ( currently going for my doctorate degree) . When not busy with work or college I spend my time drawing or writing short story with my old type writer..Also love to read all types of books,and use stuff that most people would see as useless items and make them into something new.Well, guess that enough about myself for now, just want to say thanks to everyone that took some time out of their busy day to read this little bio about me, And have bless day :)

Also If anyone would care to add me on Skype, My name on it is " TheCyberRaven1" an for it's icon it's a photo of me. But the other account that might show up for the name serch have a drawing for it's photo, thatis my old account I no longer use, so don't forget the 1 at the end if you look me up ^^

And Lastly I am the Owner/Found of the DA RPGroup :iconthelandsof-fay: and anyone is welcome to come check it out an join it if they care to…

Discord: TheCyberRaven#6445
Skype: TheCyberRaven1
FaceBook: (Ask for it in PM)
Kik: TheCyberRaven
WhatsApp: TheCyberRaven


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