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To Capture or to be Caught?

The real question after ''Hard to Say Anything'' episode, is!
Did Feather bangs get the Harem end? or did the Bimbette's get a new boy toy to play with.

I honestly didn't care at all for Big Mac's love story with Sugar belle, it was all kinda''meh'' in my opinion and the episode was kinda cringe. ( I have been low-key cheering for cheerimac since the beginning but I guess that ship is gone with the wind now) . Also what happen to marblemac?


But I really liked Justin Bieber pony Feather bangs.
The Bimbett's also saved this episode for me.
Personally, I feel Feather bangs was the one who took the gold at the end. I mean, the guy  pretty much Scored, not only 1 but 3 pretty mares, he also seems like a genuinely nice guy, so I don't really get the hate, he gets from the fandom XD


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love these 3 mares