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The Night Has Just Begun - Page 6

Bullet; Green This is a Fluttercord themed comic.
It's a fan made story based from the episode:
''Make new friends but keep Discord''
Season 5
Episode 7

''Fluttershy and Discord share a romantic dance but not everything is well. They have a heart to heart discussion about Discords little mishap in the earlier event of the gala. As Feelings are being exposed, not only words alone may be the exchange, at the end of their waltz. ''


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*Looks at the date when I last updated this comic* (screams)

I'm Really sorry for updating this comic at such a slow pace . Latifa Bowing Icon 
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Those WRISTS though. NNF

My eye are on the screen like that scene from spongebob where he and patrick looked at Krab's fake map

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Falling Down The Stairs (Here lies silver died of Cuteness) 
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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh my hearth!!!!!!

*You are DED*
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But all o fyour other friends can be replaced, coooollll XDD Jk
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Such a beautiful comic!!!! And that's ok! You got your own life to live.
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So cuuutee!!! ♡♡♡
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Oh god, the cute
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The way his hand curls against her face, I just CAN'T, this is so precious!
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Ughuhu Emoji26  Thank you so much, dear!brohugs  You spoil me with such praise!Emoji04 
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Naaah I'm just trying to inspire you to make new pages soon xD 
It is okay my friend you must've had a lot stuff going on.

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The H.M.S. Fluttercord sails again!
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Oh wow, I actually thought that you have finished it and thats why you haven't updated it XD
TheCuriousFool's avatar
Hahah, I wish.
I'm constantly getting interrupted when I try to finish coloring all the pages, have like 11 pages left to color, so it's still some work left to do and my motivation is always having mood swings XD
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You have to feel the power of this ship XD
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Never say the unrenouncable words. Even today, i ate many raisins just for you.
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OH MY GOD YES, i love this comic <3 ah... the details, Fluttershy's face, the colours... everything is so perfect <3 <3 
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AhhhHeart  Thank you so much! .:Bunny love love:. 
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