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A short Fluttercord comic - Page 13 END


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''This comic takes place right after Lord Tireks defeat ( The S4 Finale). Discord feels ashamed of his decision of betrayal and won't ask for forgiveness. Will Fluttershy forgive and maybe even reveal something more, that's been hidden deep within her heart''


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Whew, And that's the last one!
Hope you enjoyed this short fan comic of MY ULTIMATE OTP! I'm Not Even Kiddin', These two have made me into a 
horrible mess of emotions. I can't remember the last time I shipped something so hard I can't sleep at night and not being able to funktion during the day since all I do is fantasizes about my OTP ( am I creppy yet? Yes, I need to get a life...)
Now that this is done I can move on with my life!...(but I still have at least 3 short stories and a helluva lot of fanart of these two I have not yet completed) * Gross Sobbing*


Pssssssst... I wonder how many of you guy's got the symbolic meanings of all the flowers, recurring in this comic

Since people have been wondering and asking, so I shall give you a heads up!

The flowers on the first page are Purple Hyacinth meaning ''I am Sorry or Please, Forgive me''
The Red Tulips stands for ''Declaration of Love or Perfect Love''
The white flower bed that Discord and Fluttershy lays upon on is called ''Baby's Breath (Gypsophila paniculata)'' and stands for ''Everlasting Love or Innocence'' They are very common in bridal bouquets. 

ALSO! I wanted to clarify that all these flower may change what they stand for, depending on were in the world you are. Not all the flower will mean the same thing in another country. But I wanted to get the universal symbolism of these flowers, which can be hard at times, but I did my best! :3

I hope this information maybe will add some assistance and maybe clarify some questions :)
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Wonderful. Thank you very much.