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A Short Fluttercord comic - Page 1



''This comic takes place right after Lord Tireks defeat ( The S4 Finale). Discord feels ashamed of his decision of betrayal and won't ask for forgiveness. Will Fluttershy forgive and maybe even reveal something more, that's been hidden deep within her heart?''

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I originally planed to have dialog but I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could express emotions through my drawings without words. Well, you be the judge and tell me. 
Please enjoy your stay!

Also...You guys have no idea how many obstacle I've encounter on my way, creating this. Having photoshop crashing and corrupting my files, resulting me having to redrawing the whole thing. Not having a computer for 3 many obstacles...but I made it! I freekin' MADE IT!
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This is it. This is the comic that got me into Fluttercord YEARS ago. It's all YOUR fault my search history looks the way it does!