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Secret: 'Dont Ever Leave Me'

the whole idea of this was that the cave in crossroads of destiny was a way for them to sneak away in secret to be together. and they both hate it when they leave and have to be separated again. they are getting to the point of not keeping this passion a secret anymore

im going to put a little excerpt out of something i wrote because it fits this very well. The full version can be found here:[link]

"First one kiss, then two, then three, and three more. Longer and slower our lips linger and deepen. Slipping sliding, then in flicks the tip of a tongue. The spear of lust striking to the core of us both, claiming us fiercely. We grab anything of the other we can; crazed for contact, wanting not even air to separate the press of aroused bodies. You pressed me up against a wall. My legs wrapped around your waist. You hands roam freely; your calloused rough hands rub my soft skin to arousal in your fingertips wake. And the kisses, oh the kisses, they alternate almost slow, drug like, indulgent kisses, and then heated fiery ones that rid me of logical thought..
Our lips roam everywhere.. Wanting to explore.."

[EDIT] i noticed my image was flipped the wrong way, and i forgot to change it back while working on it, its fixed now

To view all of my other Zutara pieces from previous years of Zutara Week, go here: [link]

Zutara Week 2011
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© All credit for characters depicted above belongs to Mike/Bryan and Nickalodian.
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(//°//∆//°//) ...HOLY...FREAKING-.... (//💖//艸//💖//) ........I-...I'mma need to duck out for a sec...I, uhhh...need to take care of this MASSIVE VOLCANIC PROJECTILE NOSEBLEED that I suddenly got somehow.... (;¬‿¬)

It is seriously Gorgeous art!

By the way, just thought that I'd mention this, but the link to the little fanfic that you wrote seems to be a deadlink. Whatever was there posted on tumblr doesn't seem to exist anymore. Do you have it posted somewhere else, by any chance? Because I'd LOVE to read the whole thing if I possibly can! ...Y'know... for "research" purposes (;;´¬ᴗ´¬)ゞ (⁄ ⁄✧⁄ω⁄✧⁄ ⁄)

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thanks for the lovely comment! i believe the link is no longer active due to tumbrl's policies on explicit content and i dont know if i ever got a chance to save the rest of what i wrote- i apologize! Hopefully it just leaves the ending of the story up to the imagination!

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this is beautiful and sexy at the same time! great job!
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This is amazing! I love the lighting in the picture especially on Katara's hair.
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love it love it love it!!!!:heart::heart::heart:
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awesome just awesome!!! they are meant for each other
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This is so beautiful <3 I love your description too. 
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That's an awesome zutara art
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omg this is perfection
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Very hot! but the link dose not work
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thank you, link is fixed, thanks for bringing that to my attention :)
wow, incredible zutara art. the crystal catacombs.
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thank you! i think the crystal catacombs were one of the most beautifully designed sets from the ATLA universe, especially since it was the "underground city" i would have loved to see more of it
Katara looks HOTT [link]
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Nice work and the story made it even better!
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thank you very much! I am glad you enjoyed it! :)
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It is so hot and so great!!!!! I love it!!!!
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lol u just told me to look at ur stuff and i forgot u sed i could make a story for this...awk
well that could an interesting intarigation
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