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Aw it looks sad, Mr. B. - Littl Sister: Bioshock

The dress was made in one day, the best part was, as always, distressing it and staining it with blood n stuff.
I'm so proud of the Adam syringe, I did it myself and it was the cheapest prop ever.

Costume made and modeled by me : :iconthecrystalshoe:
Photo: :iconrandy-rhoads:
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Your Little Sister cosplay is really good! How did you do the skin and I make up?
I like this pic the best, your expression is spot on! :)
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Best lil'sis cosplay pic around. Kudos.
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thank you so much!
Little Sister cosplay? Not one I see very often; very cool. I'm going to miss the sinister sweet little things in the new game.
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Thanks ! yeah, me too u.u
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Very good work! I'm working on a big daddy cosplay for myself, and a little sister for a friend. We're trying to get a better illumination effect for the bottle; how did you do yours? If you don't mind explaining.
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I painted it with red and black on the outside and then i put a red led inside it :) with a switch!
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I guess the led we used are underpowered then; we're using a red liquid and an array of 8 leds in circle, with aluminum paper under them to reflect up. Thank you very much for the answer and once again, great cosplay! You sure put up a challenge to my little sister :)
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My light is quite... underpower also lol, if you're in the sun you can't see it !
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Nice cosplay, but look at your title. Biohock???? You forgot an S....
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Thanks ^^ and thank you for letting me know that mistake lol
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