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It's a Contest!

Contest Link: crossdress-kingdom.deviantart.…

Ok, it's not even my contest . . . but I really want some other people to contribute. I mean what kind of contest has only 2 entries? It's not like there's any risk involved, all you have to do is be a guy and dress up like a princess (or find a guy and dress him up ;) ). Aside from the opportunity to win dA points, what self respecting crossdresser wouldn't want a perfect excuse to dress up like a princess anyway?

Alright, here's the deal. *IF* I win the contest, I will donate half of my winnings to anyone else who enters and cites me as their incentive for entering the contest. Just put a link to my profile in the description of the photo or drawing you enter, and say something sweet like I was your muse ;)

Seriously, I'm shocked more people haven't contributed something to this contest, and I'd really like some more competition. Plus I'd love to see some more crossdressing princesses =) I know you gurls are out there!

All you have to do is join
and submit a crossdressing princess artwork to the contest folder. Pretty please?

Here's my entry if you're curious:

PS. ARGGGGGG, no more journal skins or thumbnails for me until I get a premium membership :( This really sucks.

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TheCrossdresser's Journal

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 3, 2011, 5:44 PM
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Crossdressing Photos, Part 1

I'm offering you my services if you read this post =) Scroll down . . .

Damn, I'm on a roll with these journal entry things ;) Ok, so it struck me this morning on my way to work that there are lots of pretty crossdressers out there, but there aren't many pretty crossdressing photos. What I mean is that as a broad generalization we put a ton of work in to looking pretty, dressing up in elaborate outfits, etc . . . and then we don't spend the 5min it would take to get a decent photo of it. Most other genres of people photography on dA have a pretty solid collection of talented photographers, but a lot of the crossdressing stuff is rather amateur. Not that I'm expecting everyone to be a professional photographer (we all start somewhere, and god knows my start was pretty rough) . . . I just think we could make a much better name for ourselves. With a little effort.

So I'm going to try and point out some of the biggest and easiest to fix issues that I see and provide tips to fix them. I hope that doesn't offend anybody terribly because I'm just trying to be helpful.

The other side of this is an offer. If you don't mind me using a photo you took as an example, leave me a note or comment with a link to your photo . . . I'll post an explanation of the specific things I would have changed in the original, then I'll do a bit of easy post-processing work along with a full tutorial of how to do it. Of course if I get an overwhelming response I may have to pick and choose a bit, but I'll try to work on one photo from anyone who would like me to.

Alright, the real basics:

Clean up your room. Yes, seriously. Or in a pinch just throw a sheet over everything. Hang it with pushpins in the wall, you don't need a fancy photographer's backdrop. The background in a photo should generally be sparse, with a few props or structural elements. Any more and it gets cluttered - you lose focus on your subject (you!).

Mature Content

Pink Sissy by TheCrossdresser
A backdrop made of sheets and pushpins

Don't hold your camera. Prop it up on your desk, set it on a pile of books, whatever you have. Most cameras have self timers, use it. Seriously, I started my website with photos I took using the self times. If you're using your phone I guess you have to hold the camera, but try not to do the photo in a mirror trick at least. You can get some great shots just by carefully watching where your lens is pointing, even when you're the one in front of the lens.

Zoom in. I don't mean using the zoom function (necessarily), but remember you are the focus of the photo. Fill the frame as much as you can. If you just have to have your legs or feet in the shot, position your body and the camera at an angle, bend your knees, prop your feet up on something. You really want your body to fill ~60% of the frame most of the time.

Mature Content

Off to Boarding School by TheCrossdresser
Filling 60% of the frame

Use the "rule of thirds". If you don't know what that is, divide your frame in to thirds both horizontally and vertically. Focal points of your image should fall roughly along these lines. Don't center things in the frame. Put your face at the intersection of two of these lines, have your torso follow one of the lines down one side of the frame. If you're sitting, prop up one leg so your knee comes up along the line on the opposite side of the frame from your face.
Crossdress Princess 3 by TheCrossdresser Rule of Thirds Example

Make sure you have plenty of soft light. Use sunlight if you have it (like a window), or lamps if you need. Perfectly even overhead lighting usually looks bad because it's flat, but very strong directional lighting (like a window in a dark room) also looks bad because the shadows are too harsh. You want one light on each side of you, one should be brighter than the other. And if you have bare bulbs, hang a sheet in front of one of them to soften the light. I don't use fancy photographic lights, I use a $30 worksite flood light from Home Depot with a sheet hung in front of it. Works great, and it's plenty bright for any room. Just have a regular lamp or a window on the other side of you.

Mature Content

Layers of Stockings by TheCrossdresser
Cheap lights can look great.

Hope that's helpful. Would love to hear from anyone who would like some work done on their photo =)

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TheCrossdresser's Journal

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 2, 2011, 5:44 PM
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Crossdressing Greeting Cards

So here's the best shot I could find from my recent photo shoot with Allie that I felt could be posted on dA (of course there are plenty of other great photos, but 90% of them are pretty explicit):

Mature Content

Bending Over by TheCrossdresser

I've always been pretty flexible, but I wasn't sure I was going to be able to pull off this pose (mostly because of the part of the image I had to crop out to post this on dA :omg: ). I like the way it came out though. I hope you don't find this too terribly offinsive . . . personally I find that it creates a particularly strong and somewhat unexpected gender contrast (depending on where on the photo your eyes land first). I tried to draw the attention first to the shoes so that your gaze would wander slowly up my thigh highs before noticing my very obvious physical gender.

Ok, I also really just  wanted my bright red heels to be part of this image, but I felt like the rest of the photo was much more effective in black and white . . . so I compromised by leaving color just in my shoes. Kind of a twisted version of one of those nostalgic greeting cards. Which begs the question: how would you feel if you got a greeting card like this in the mail?

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TheCrossdresser's Journal

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 6:26 PM
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Guess it's about time for my first journal entry

Ok, so I folded to the pressure of dA's 11th anniversary "skin your Journal without a premium membership" offer. What can I say, I like free stuff and thought this skin was pretty cool =p I normally stay pretty busy trying to keep up with my website , my blog , and my day job, but I gotta admit I'm falling in love with dA . . . so there, I said it. Call it an addiction, leave me if you must. In the meantime I'll do what I can to give back to the community. Or at least contribute something other than just photos.

I have this habit of getting in over my head with providing content and updates to different websites. I currently manage 6 blogs and 2 content websites, I have profiles on 7 social networking sites, I'm an author on an adult industry blog and active in two major industry forums. So I'll do my best to post journal updates on here, but I'm sure I'll go through periods of relapse. Especially if I can't use this cool skin anymore :(

Well ok, enough ranting. I've had a pretty good week this week as far as crossdressing goes - my girlfriend Allie and I dressed up the other night for a rather kinky photoshoot. Actually I'm having a hard time finding a photo tame enough to post on dA =p But I'm sure I'll come up with something. The inspiration for the shoot were these gorgeous red patent leather t-strap heels that I bought for Allie, and a pair of matching purple skirts that we had lying around. Toss in some black thigh high stockings and pigtails, and candy pink sheets on the bed . . . well, it was a good night =) Not to mention the photos, hehe. I'll get all 131 images up on in time for next weekend's update if you want to see ;)

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