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The new feature is up now! The works for the month of December are:

These New Days
I want to compose a short film.
It’s called,
“Sad Man Eats Dinner Alone.”
It’d be kind of like
“Andy Warhol Eats A Hamburger,”
but without the famous person.
I imagine the man is eating a green salad.
Next to him is a small glass of water.
He doesn’t look sad,
but there is something missing
from his expression.
Despite the title, he is not alone.
No, there are hundreds of people around him,
leading their own lives,
talking to their friends,
Nobody is with him,
but people are there.
He wonders for only a moment
if he’s the cause of this
particular low point in his life,
but there’s a fresh green salad in front of him
that reminds him he’s only there to eat.
Waiting in Limbo with a stray dog.
the dog always wants a cookie.
There are no cookies in Limbo.
Sitting on the steps to my house
in a city of no people in Limbo.
I can only scratch the dog’s ears.
The dog gets no pleasure from this.
There is a stereo off in the distance.
It only ever plays elevator music.
I watch the clouds, they’re all cubes.
I would stand up and walk around,
but there is nothing to find,
nowhere to go,
no one to see.
Waiting in Limbo with a stray dog,
waiting for the music to stop.
:thumb381475100: By The Sea I Felt the Dripping Whispers by Chezzy-Am Men Of Rage
Men of rage scream in colors.
100,0,0 Trapped in mystery boxes with no exits,
217,199,79 We sing songs of loose teeth and exposed nerves.
173,217,79 We gape at the promise of tomorrow,
72,163,48 whatever that is.
231,196,120 We swim in pools of melted bones
230,118,57 and swallow the marrow that gives us life.
243,197,55 There is still life in these nerves.
113,91,23 It’s about time someone fixes that.
Men of rage scream in colors.
78,41,8 We stare at those who abuse themselves
53,23,14 as they abuse us,
47,8,8 and pretend that they’re victims.
48,20,120 Their cries burrow into our brains,
144,10,51 and nest there, like tumors.
217,31,32 One of these days, when they grow too big,
147,52,52 We will rip the tumors out of our heads,
96,49,49 and there will be nothing to fill the gap.
55,39,39 This is the song of the broken man,
21,21,21 the true man of rage.
The Hotel Was Filled With Paintings
The desk clerk didn’t turn his head when I saw him. He did look at me though.
“Can I help you sir?”
“Do you have any rooms?”
“All our rooms are available.” His voice dropped on the floor as he talked.
I took a moment to look around the room. Each wall seemed to be lighted in the same way. Each object’s placement seemed intentional. It would be impossible to avoid feeling out of place.
“I’d like a room on the first floor, please.”
“I’m sorry, sir, but all our rooms are on the top floor.” The clerk’s head had not moved once yet. His head faced in a different direction, but his eyes stared at me. I didn’t want a room on the top floor, but this was the only hotel in town, so I had little choice.
“I’ll take any room you have.”
I turned around again to look at the walls. Nothing had changed, which seemed wrong to me, but I don’t know why I expected things to have moved arou
Lyrics of Forever AloneDo you remember me, when I once cried,
And baptised a river with my tears?
Do you remember me, when I would sigh
Being, seeing, feeling life's too much to bear...
Why would you care?
Why would they care?
No one's there...
Remember me, when the bitter winds blew
And we reminisced of cold scars?
Remember me, your sweetheart you knew
Whose mind was for you, broken apart?
Give me my fares... don't look, don't glare
Why would you care?
Why would they care?
No one's there...
No one's there to look at the night sky
When a halo was shining around my head
Isn't that why you wondered why I was dead?
Isn't that why you wondered... why I sighed...
Looking at starry skies, forever alone
Sapphires and scar tissues, forever alone
I watch you, a lonely apparition, forever alone
I wish you were here for me, but life's not fair
Why would you care?
Why would they care?
No one's there...
The animated lion and the animated bear
were on the big screen for the first time.
The unlikely team had interesting dynamics
which got all the kids to watch this movie.
They ran around, having many adventures,
trying to stop the evil monster from turning
the earth into a giant ball of goo,
which would be bad, presumably.
Finally, the two animals met the monster.
Using the power of friendship,
the lion and bear made a giant beam of energy
and stopped the monster’s plan.
Then they ran over to the monster
and started tearing it apart.
They ate every last piece of the monster
Fighting over the last of his bloody remains.
Nature is adorable.
Clay Man
Clay man goes to town.
He steps into the air
and walks next to the buildings.
He moves up and down the sides effortlessly,
but chooses to stay at one level anyway.
Clay man has a family
but he’s never met them.
He sees people at his sides.
These strangers are his family,
the family that never bothers him.
Clay man eats meals,
small bits at a time,
very small bits,
because he doesn’t know how to chew his food.
These bits collect in his throat
and pile up, like sand,
until his throat collapses around them,
and his food merges with his body.
Clay man watches TV on occasion,
he likes to watch the commercials.
He enjoys the notion that
there’s still one facet of entertainment
that doesn’t lie about the
nature of its existence.
Clay man drives to work every day.
Work is driving,
so he drives to a drive.
He has yet to start working,
because there is no starting point,
because there is no finishing point.
Clay man’s world is a bucket of fish,
upon which he only ev
The department store had two stories,
and poor designing.
Very poor designing.
The escalators only went up,
and the emergency stop button didn’t work.
So, people weren’t able to use
the escalator to get down.
Some people tried jumping,
but the ceiling was very high
and they were severely injured.
200 people couldn’t take the escalator down.
Fortunately, the bathrooms worked,
and getting supplies to the victims
was incredibly easy.
The governor was called.
The president was called.
The news circled a helicopter
around the area all day.
People held protests about
the mall’s management.
Then they figured out who designed the building
and held a protest about
the engineers who drew up the plans.
Then they figured out who designed the escalators
but that was too far away,
so they continued protesting the engineers.
FEMA brought bottled water
despite the fact that there were
water fountains next to the bathroom.
The people trapped complained for hours
because their ce

Mature Content

:thumb412462730: :thumb396226866: Reverb
There’s too much noise in my head. It’s giving me a splitting headache.
The disease didn’t affect people of my blood type. Those it affected were gone in an instant. It swept through the town while the kids were going door to door. People dropped in the streets. People might have ran if they knew where the disease was coming from. Instead, they stood around, confused, and waited to drop.
It’s been a few days. The trees are beautiful, this time of year. it’s important to keep looking at the trees, because the alternative is overwhelming. Life goes on. No matter how much death contradicts that fact, as long as there are people around, life goes on.
If you are lucky, you live in a town with many people of my blood type. There were about 1000 survivors here. In fact, most plagues would destroy the whole world. This was a plague of fractions. Keep looking at the trees.
My mother’s side has my blood type. Fifty percent isn’t really bad, considering what cou
Rub'i of EndingsI felt loss 'gainst the turbulent shore
When I succumbed for what I forswore
Alone I had felt in Fate's deep rivers
That flowed to the sea which Time once bore
There are many flashlights,
but as not to disturb anyone,
we refuse to turn them on.
The moon provides no ambience,
but the stars distinguish
ground from sky.
The little light left in the world
hits our brow and shades our eyes.
I can’t tell what these people are thinking,
not like this.
There are people who refuse
to believe what they see,
but the stars shine for millions of miles.
To deny the light from the animal’s back
would be without reason.
Don’t breathe.
Don’t look away.
Don’t stare at the claws.
Don’t stare at the teeth,
And don’t look away from his eyes.
These are the eyes without fear.
There are others here,
but those eyes stare directly at me.
The creature’s teeth
glinted like the stars.
I knew I was gone
the very moment I blinked.
I feel them
The scents of time.
They are and have been always there!
The scent of a child
That was born to bring joy.
The scent of a flower that blooms
To remind me
Of a time when everything was different.
The scent of summer
When the sun illuminates my heart.
The scent of rain
When moisture touches my cheeks softly.
The scent of wind
When sending me greetings from afar.
The scent of earth
That grants me purpose to live.
The scent of autumn
When everything goes to rest.
The scent of winter
When apperently everything sleeps.
The scent of snow
When gently falling
Covering everything like a shroud.
The scent of spring
When everything wakes up again.
The scent of one love
That will never fade.
The scent of my life
That is happy in this world.
The scent that comes and goes
Like the life
I have lived.
Place In Time
Inside the clock,
there was never enough time
to do what he wanted.
He would sleep
on the hour hand
from one to three.
He would hang on
to save his life at six thirty-three.
He would pace the room
at nine fifteen,
and perch at the top of midnight.
Inside the clock,
he dreamt of solid ground.
He wondered if there was
a solid ground anywhere.
He never figured his
clock would stop spinning,
like nobody on that
solid ground would suspect
that the earth would stop spinning.
The clock will stop eventually,
as everything ceases to change.
Hopefully it won’t
be at six thirty-three.
Introducing to you now,
the limits of science!
We have built, from scratch,
a human being!
We have crossed the realm
from something to someone!
He breathes air as you do,
He knows your name,
He sings, he writes,
he does math on paper!
I know what you’re thinking!
Any machine can be programmed
to do these things!
But there’s one important difference!
There are things beyond this man.
Look into his eyes,
there is wonder there,
an insatiable sense of curiosity,
unable to be fully reached.
No limits built in,
truly a miracle.
There is no aspect of man
left missing from this model!
We know this because
anything and everything is
attainable through science!

Mature Content

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