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The Conversation Between A Queen And A Demon
This is a story between one of my friends more weirder characters that he made. I was involved to design some parts but it was mostly him. This is about Maria and Rose in a alternative world. My friends from back home requested me to make a piece similar so technically this is from Squad 1 through 100. I hope you guys enjoy. And, I know that it doesn't make sense because it's not supposed to.
I smile and tell her "What do you desire the most in the world?"
"Nothing is right now. I just want to be left alone."
I give her a confused look then smile. "Of course Queen anything you want. We serve you. I don't you to mad or sad."
"You seem so dumb. Why do you do this?" She frowns and gives me a look of sadness. 
I smile brightly. "The whole world revolves around you. Nothing is the same. You were born for a reason. Can't say that I don't desire your happiness."
She smiles. "What if I told you to die by your own hand?"
"I would do that with pleasure! I would do my job as best as I could.
:iconnastynoami:NastyNoami 6 13
Devious Journal Entry
Oh, how could you? I thought I could trust you…. I was so stupid. She is mine. I thought you were nice until you toke a bite from her~ I guess that you and me are through. I don’t want to see you anymore. Was it worth it? I want to know. I don’t know who you think you are. Why did you do this? You slut. Why do you have to ruin everything? I want you to suffer. Burn in hell. I wish you would die~ 
I was looking through the glass and saw you smiling and I felt rage…. Fuck you! I hate you. I want you to burn. I don’t care if you love me. I hate your guts! I want you to know. You are not getting away so easily. You traitor. How dare you? You cannibal! Her flesh is mine. I want you to know that I’m done taking your shit all the time. Family is a meaningless word to me now. My sweet purity has been tarnished by you, you one that is so filthy. I want you to know that I’ll hu8nt you down!
I don’t think you seem to care at all about what you
:iconthefriendlypanda:TheFriendlyPanda 4 12
What Are You Going To Do To Me? by NastyNoami What Are You Going To Do To Me? :iconnastynoami:NastyNoami 8 117 Moth Suicide by MantaTheMisukitty
Mature content
Moth Suicide :iconmantathemisukitty:MantaTheMisukitty 85 6
Cut Off (COLORS) by WendigoMoon Cut Off (COLORS) :iconwendigomoon:WendigoMoon 28 2
GUMI - The Real Disappearance of Hatsune Miku
The regulation of this world is That the old "fun" is soon over written by the present "fun"
Its a foolish attempt to look for the drama on the last page
So you mourn over the last scene of a worn out phenomena
The adult wont let you roll And enjoy it in the darkness
They draw you out of the darkness and turn the spotlight on you!
And consume you
Much ado about pleasure Somethings ends and something new begins soon "You forget the last anime broadcast, don't you?"
No problem, no problem
Nobody does anything wrong with it
Let our lives be occupied With the joy of being born this time
The regulation of this world is
The old "fun" is soon overwritten by the present "fun"
If you should disappear, this world will fill in the blank with someone new Without even batting an eye From now on, this place becomes the soapbox For this world Let them raise you up, admire you and praise you!
Then they leave you
The rotting nostalgia
You shout that everything went well before "Why the fool can't watch
:iconnastynoami:NastyNoami 5 18
Baphomet 1 by LucaVanDort Baphomet 1 :iconlucavandort:LucaVanDort 17 1 Servant by fpbarros Servant :iconfpbarros:fpbarros 26 2 Pennywise - It by junkome Pennywise - It :iconjunkome:junkome 207 11 Family Business by JordanTroy Family Business :iconjordantroy:JordanTroy 5 0 KING by JordanTroy KING :iconjordantroy:JordanTroy 7 0 The Slasher by JordanTroy The Slasher :iconjordantroy:JordanTroy 5 1 Poki Life by TheFriendlyPanda Poki Life :iconthefriendlypanda:TheFriendlyPanda 5 4 Jason Lives by JordanTroy Jason Lives :iconjordantroy:JordanTroy 8 2 SAW Pig Mask by FloppsyProduction SAW Pig Mask :iconfloppsyproduction:FloppsyProduction 20 0



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