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My gallery is starting to consist of lots of comics. I hope you all will enjoy them. ^^

Please check out my art. :) :huggle:


Pimps and Whoas - August 24, 2018

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TheCreatorOfSoften has started a donation pool!
666 / 9,001
~Current Balance: 783 Points ~
~Goal is OVER 9000 :U ~
Donations will help me get points to commission people.
If you do donate, I will draw you something if you want. :D (Big Grin)
Now any amount will get you a drawing. Just note that I'll work harder on it if it's a larger amount of points. If you donate and want a drawing, just comment or note me.

It's rude to just come and ask for points. I will give points for point commissions, contest prizes, and gifts.

Also please don't beg me to commission you.

The info below is for point commissions. Same rules apply as with requests(when open):
1. I won't draw nudes, sexual things, or racist/offense material. No fetish art either (ex: vore, inflation, etc) I don't have anything against these but I don't feel comfortable drawing them.
2. I will draw Violence and gore
3. I'll pretty much draw anything, I recommend looking at my gallery to see what I'm better at before commissioning.
4. Please don't rush me, I take my time, and sometimes I'm busy in real life.
5. You pay me before I draw it or I will not do your commission. If for some unlikely reason that I cannot draw your commission, I will pay you back fully. I doubt that I will never not be able to draw a commission for someone, but if for some reason I can't, I will pay you back.
6. Please please please discuss it with me before sending points. I could be busy in real life and unable to draw it.

I will take 5 Points at the lowest for a commission and no limit for the highest. The more you pay me, the better I will make it.

Also, on another note, as much as I love doing comics, I'm not going to draw anyone's story out as a comic unless it's literally a lot of points (we're talking thousands) and even then I'm not good enough to do that and I probably wouldn't even have the time. However, I will do one page comics for 20 Points as long as you give me the characters, dialogue in the form of a script involving everything they say and do, and the location of where they are and what that looks like.

Have a wonderful day! :la:

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Hey guys, long time no deviantart...I really suck. |D

I do have a lot of updates but I'll talk about them in a different journal. Today has been super stressful for me, which I'll get to in that update journal. For now, let's talk about that Nintendo Direct!
also I know I have messages to reply to. ;_; I'm sorry guys. I might get to those today, might not...But I do want to write another journal.

When they first started showing Luigi's Mansion, I thought it was the 3DS one, so I was pretty surprised that it was a new one for the Switch! I'm glad Luigi is finally getting another game to star in. :D

I'm super surprised that Kirby's Epic Yarn is coming to 3DS. With that said, it's tempting to get...I already have the Wii one but the game is utterly adorable. If only it was on the switch.

idk if I'm getting Yo-kai Watch Blasters but I'm still hoping we get 3 eventually...or the recently announced Switch one.

New Super Mario Bros U coming to the Switch is not much of a surprise. Toadette being playable is though. Is Peachette a combination of Peach and Toadette? Is she just Toadette as a human? What is this lore Nintendo (is Peach a toad with a magic crown????)
also Nabbit is back as an easy mode

I completely forgot that Katamari Damacy was a thing. I've never played one, but that looked like a bunch of weird fun that I love from Japanese games.

I always like it when Game Freak announces new projects outside of Pokemon. I'm still not 100% sure what Town is but I'm interested.

Yoshi's Crafted World looks absolutely adorable and fun. Good-Feel sure has a knack for making creative games.

Super Mario Party looks like a return to the Mario Party formula that's been missing for awhile now.

Daemon X Machina looks kind of cool. I've never really played a game like that so I'm kind of interested :U I need to try something different than platformers and rpgs once and awhile

And dang Square Enix is really dishing out their Switch support! I've never played any of the titles announced, so I'm tempted to give them a try. :D

I've always heard Crystal Chronicles was fun on the Gamecube but I've never played it.

Not sure how to feel about Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition but I'd be tempted to get it depending on the price.

World of Final Fantasy was one of those games I remember seeing announced for other consoles years ago that I thought was cute, but I don't play many games on PC and I don't have a PS4 (welp it's my brothers, I mean he'd probably let me play on it but still). However, I might finally cave in now that it's coming to the Switch.

Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon was one of the bigger surprises (I mean Crystal Chronicles and XV Pocket Edition were announced last week...). I can't lie, it's very tempting...(rip my bank account)

I'm very surprised that Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age is coming to the Switch. I don't know much about the game...but dang.

Also Final Fantasy VII, IX, and X/X-2 coming to Switch is a big surprise. I've never played any of them...maybe I finally can. I suppose it's not much of a secret that I've only played a little of the first game XD And technically I've played the Wiiware My Life as a Darklord one (which we deleted). The closest I've gotten is Bravely Default, which is more of a spiritual successor (BD was originally a sequel to FF: Four Heroes of Light for the DS). This makes me wonder if they'll bring any of the others...I've always kind of wanted to play V and VI...and part of me wants to try XIII even though I know lots of people hate that one and Lightning for some reason (yes I've heard the hallway simulator complaints).

Anyways, Square Enix's support for the Switch is nice. Now I'm just hoping that they're also working on some new titles...Octopath Traveler is my favorite game of the year by the way.

In Japan's direct, they announced Assassin's Creed Odyssey Cloud Version for the Switch. I wonder if this is coming to the west??

And then Smash. I'm not completely surprised that Isabelle joined Smash. :XD: She is pretty popular, plus she needs a vacation...that involves beating the crap out of other video game characters.

And of course...Animal Crossing for Switch! It's been a long wait but it's nice to hear it's happening! B-)

Kind of sad that we didn't see anything for Fire Emblem, but there's always next time!

Oh right, and the online service. I'm fine with it (obviously it being free would have been nice but whatever) but I can understand some of the complaints about it.


Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
When not on Deviantart, TheCreatorOfSoften can be seen in school drawing on her math homework that she should be working on.

Hello, welcome to my page. I'm TheCreatorOfSoften, but you can call me Audrey. I'm currently 19 years old and I want to be a cartoonist. I appreciate all the favs and watches and I love making new friends! :)
Please don't ask me to voice chat, the answer is no okay? ;.; It's a shyness thing + other things
On another note, I'm a rather shy person, so sorry if I appear to lack social skills. ^^;
And yes I know Soften looks like Kirby, please stop telling me.

Astrology Series - Taurus by feiyan USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design German- Beginner Stamp by DireTylo

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I created it.

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Good friends only can ask for my email and facebook .... ;)

Current Residence: Fargo,North Dakota, USA
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Manga
Shell of choice: Snail Shells
Favourite cartoon character: Tamama from Sergeant Frog
Personal Quote: Make the possible impossible. That's what they all say. Wanna fight about it?
My Chat room:…

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My Friends (No order) I took out the DA family thing for awhile, but I have it copied into a folder if I ever want it back. If I forgot you, or you talk to me and want to be here, tell me. :3 (note: I rarely update this anymore)
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