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X-Men Animated Bruce Timm Style

By thecreatorhd
For TLIID this week, I threw my hat into the ring, trying to emulate Bruce Timm's style.

Yeah, it's SO not easy, but I had a fun time trying to reimagine the 90s animated X-Men in his style.
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X-Men and Batman should have done a crossover!
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Cool drawing, Wolverine fits the style the best, though that may be because of his mask's similarity to Batman's.
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Excellent work!
Who the #$%^ picks Jubilee over Storm. Why am I surprised.
Storm = been around since the 1970's., X-Man AND Avenger, Lead in a Movie, Co-leader on the the top selling book of all time. Most recognizable female in all of MARVEL, period.
Jubes = created at the tail end of the 80's, didn't even last to the end of the 90's and when they brought her back they had to give her vampirism (rolls eyes) to make her more interesting, X-MEN #1 had 13 or 14 characters and she didn't even make the cover. LOL

I love Jubilee, I do... But better than Storm. LMFAO!
oh, and nice pic.

Sorry for bein a total dick. NoH8!
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Storm = boring as a piece of paper. Jubliee = rad shades. No contest.
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I like Storm, but Jubes is one of the most grounded , relatable and polyvalent characters in X-men. So yeah, No contest !
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I love this -- its so 90's retro (so colorful) it makes me nostalgic!
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Thanks! It was fun to go back to the good old days.
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Thanks! Was a fun little experiment.
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I thought this one turned out nifty! :D
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This would have worked better than the actual style they used...
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Ha! Yeah, Timm's style's look and consistency far rivaled anything at the time.
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Love it. I used to imagine Batman/X-Men cartoon crossovers every Saturday, lol
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That'd have been way cool!
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love it! Where is Storm? I would have gotten rid of Jubilee since she is a supporting character and replaced her with Wolverine, and added Storm where Wolverine is standing. But it is a very nice image!
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Originally Storm was part of the line up, but I was using Timm's Justice League banner as a template and there was no room.

Plus Jubilee was kind of the heart of that show - she started it all off. So, yeah, I went with her over Storm.
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