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Hipster Batman

Second up, debuting at NYCC this week, is the Bat-Family.

When I came up with the idea of doing a set of these, the one I was most excited to do was this one. I designed the costumes first, I did the layout first, and then I drew the X-Men piece cause suddenly the idea of doing the Bat-Family piece was terrifying. And once I had the X-Men piece done, I was still scared. It took about two to three times longer to pencil, but the coloring was faster, having learned a lot from the previous piece. Hope you dig!

Flats by :iconjotazombie:
Part of the filter from :iconbokehlie:
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whoa... yeah, that's pretty hipster. Lol, wow, just Freeze, Gordon and Bats alone are so different from their normal counterparts. See, with this one and the Spidey one, it really does give the impression of that redesign aspect for a purpose, but the X-men just fit so easily into the way they're presented that it can pass for the normal x-men in a modern school for modern times. These look like redesigns though and definitely sell that aspect way more.

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That`s a great piece!!! Yeah!Ho Ho Ho! 
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This is gorgeous!
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interesting picture.
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I was dressing up like a bat before it was cool...
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hay vercion de hispter buenos y hipster malos. las criticas no tienen evidencias determinaste en definición.
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no me gusta el retro, vintage. que no tiene fe en el progreso del futuro que cree que su tiempo es o fue la mejor de todasssss. podría ser egocéntrico. debe de haber una nueva palabra que refiere fuera de tiempo que la moda no cambia independientemente del tiempo. outtage classic. hipster. coge algo de lo bueno o lo mejor del vintage. es alternativo.…
love mister freezes outfit
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1. Is that Kate Kane chatting w/ Oracle?
2. Who are the two gentlemen playing pool w/ Two Face?
3. Who is the fellow at the bar talkin' w/ the Jokeman?
4. This pic is amazing and I really love the hidden pictures from past Batstories!!! :D
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1. Yes
2. Riddler on the left and Robin on the right. Not sure which Robin, though.
3. Uhhh... Penguin? I guess? I'm not entirely sure, but I'm gonna say Penguin.
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Who playing pool in the back/ I'm looking at this on a TV and can't get a good look
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In order from left to right, The Riddler, Two-Face, and Robin
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If Mistah J is tending bar...the patrons had best be careful!
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I guess breaking Batman's back means he is not part of the family...
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Makes sense as he isn't one of his rogue gallery.
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Tim, Steph, and Cass?
I love that the posters and framed pictures are the real ones from the Batman movies and cartoons!
I love all the posters with the real Batman cartoon and movie posters!
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"I used the telephone before it was cool heh heh."
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