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Disney Princesses in Jabba's Palace

So, crazy news and all about Disney and Lucas. So, instead of Leia as a princess, why not all the princesses as Slave Leia's?
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Ariel has knees. WHY DOES ARIEL HAVE KNEES?!

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I see them 2!

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I think the Mighty Jabba is a little bit overwhelmed with all these new girls he has...

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Only a few pull it off.
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I like how Ariel ends up wearing more clothes than usual.

& skip ahead to the end of 2015, when Disney says the slave Leia costume will never show up on comics, movies, or merchandise ever again.
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very nice work!!!
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Until Merida arrives an kills him.. or Elsa turns him into a Hutcicle ;)
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I almost fell over laughing when i saw this. Cute idea! XD
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Wonderful idea and I'd love to see a graphic novel with the back story. [grin]
You've said it, but I love it.
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hahaha nice job really its great 
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Guess they should add Merida & Elsa...
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At the time of drawing this, Merida wasn't an official Disney Princess. 

And Brave sucks. ;)
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GOTCHA. I think brave was great for mothersday
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i just like how leia is just " this is stupid why did this happen to me" to me thats funny
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This was the perfect payback!
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