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Fate Worth Dying For (Flipside 1)
"... ... ... ... Moth... ... ... ather... ... ... ... ... Mother and father, please wake up."
That's the voice that both Salem and Ozpin heard as they slowly started to gain consciousness. Once they opened their eyes, they were met with a little digital looking rainbow butterfly.
"T-Tippi? Is that you?" Salem asked as she gained consciousness.
"Yes mother. It's me. I hope d that I wasn't too late reaching you guys, but it seams that I'm too late," said Tippi as she looks around the room.
Ozpin looks around the room and he saw that only team RWBY remained in their company, but they started to gain consciousness as well.
"Ow... what happened?" Ruby asked.
"Well, I believe you tried to fight someone blindly without any fighting coordination," said Weiss.
"Where is everybody?" Blake asked.
"They've been kidnapped," said Salem in a solemn tone.
"What!?" said Yang in shock.
"We're all that remained," said Ozpin.
"Hmm... there still might be hope. But all of you need to come with me," said th
:iconthecreator7777:TheCreator7777 3 1
Mature content
The Prince of Crimes (Chapter 2) :iconthecreator7777:TheCreator7777 1 3
Mature content
The Prince of Crimes (Chapter 1) :iconthecreator7777:TheCreator7777 1 0
Mature content
The Prince of Crimes (Prologue) :iconthecreator7777:TheCreator7777 1 0
Mature content
Fate Worth Dying For (Prologue) :iconthecreator7777:TheCreator7777 2 3
The Rose To My Nightmare (Epilogue)
Some time has gone by since that mission on Mountain Glenn and a lot of things have happened since then. The first of many was about Emerald.
Everyone didn't exactly welcome her with open arms at first, since she tried to kill Ruby and Yang along with Cinder, Mercury and Tai. But after Nemesis explained the situation to the rest of the group, they started to forgive her. The first ones who forgave her was Ruby and Yang, surprisingly, saying that she understood that she was simply following orders by someone who though of her as someone dear.
The next big change was from Raven. She explained to the Rose and Branwen family why she returned to them. Basically, after Qrow shower her the picture of the decapitated Salem, she explained to the tribe that she decided to leave and start living her own life and try fixing some of her mistakes from her past, beginning with her daughter that she abandoned so long ago. Although Yang was hesitant at first, she was happy to have her real mother back.
:iconthecreator7777:TheCreator7777 0 2
Mature content
The Rose To My Nightmare (Final Chapter) :iconthecreator7777:TheCreator7777 0 0
Daddy! by TheCreator7777 Daddy! :iconthecreator7777:TheCreator7777 3 2 Plush Project Done! by TheCreator7777 Plush Project Done! :iconthecreator7777:TheCreator7777 4 7
Mature content
The Rose to my Nightmare (Chapter 15) :iconthecreator7777:TheCreator7777 1 0
Mature content
The Rose to my Nightmare (Chapter 14) :iconthecreator7777:TheCreator7777 1 0
Mature content
The Rose to my Nightmare (Chapter 13) :iconthecreator7777:TheCreator7777 4 1
The Rose To My Nightmare (Chapter 12)
"So, are you girls excited for you first mission," I asked.
"Well, a bit nervous, to be honest. And worried to what we'll find," Blake responded.
"That's understandable. I remember my first mission. I was a nervous wreck during it," I said.
"Really? That's hard to believe now," said Ruby, letting out a chuckle.
"Time changes, Ruby. We all know that," I responded.
Moments later, the Bullhead took off.
"So girls, what are you girls hoping to find at Mountain Glenn?" I asked.
"Well... we're hoping to find some weird White Fang activity that has been happening recently," Blake explained.
"I guess the ruined and abandoned city would be the best way to start?" I asked.
"It's the best lead that we got," said Weiss.
"Alright. But we need to remember that this is also an official mission. The mission is still a search and destroy and we need to investigate what's going on at Mountain Glenn. We can investigate for any White Fang activity on the side. Alright?" I said in a serious tone.
:iconthecreator7777:TheCreator7777 3 0
The Rose to my Nightmare (Chapter 11)
The day has finally arrived where all the first year students were waiting for, the day for their first mission. Everyone was gathered at the auditorium, waiting for Ozpin's speech.
"What kind of mission do you guys think we should take?" Ruby asked excitedly.
"I don't know, but I think that it has to be around Mountain Glenn, so we can try and investigate about the activity of the White Fang," said Blake.
"I have to agree with Blake. We have a lead that leads to them being there," Weiss agreed.
As soon as she said that, Ozpin and Glynda started to walk on stage and towards the microphone.
"Professor Ozpin would like to share a few words before we begin," said Glynda, gaining everyone's attention.
"Today we stand together, united. Mistral. Atlas. Vacuo. Vale. The four kingdoms of Remnant. On this day nearly eighty years ago, the largest was in recorded history came to an end. It was a war of ignorance, of greed, and of oppression. A war that was about much more than where borders fell
:iconthecreator7777:TheCreator7777 5 0
Waiting for it to End by TheCreator7777 Waiting for it to End :iconthecreator7777:TheCreator7777 5 3
Mature content
True Colors (Final Chapter) :iconthecreator7777:TheCreator7777 5 4


BumbleBY page 01-(RWBY) by NachocoBana BumbleBY page 01-(RWBY) :iconnachocobana:NachocoBana 83 8 Nightmare Grimm by Ai-Memoria Nightmare Grimm :iconai-memoria:Ai-Memoria 85 8 RWBY - Chibi Pyrrha~ Suppressed by HOSEN-HOSEN-HOCEN RWBY - Chibi Pyrrha~ Suppressed :iconhosen-hosen-hocen:HOSEN-HOSEN-HOCEN 194 7 Darkrai female and male version by everydayLegendaries Darkrai female and male version :iconeverydaylegendaries:everydayLegendaries 105 45 Disney Request by KrisHanson Disney Request :iconkrishanson:KrisHanson 43 2 Beautiful Nightmare by 12KathyLees12 Beautiful Nightmare :icon12kathylees12:12KathyLees12 189 8 Celebi: Did you say something? by Adept-eX Celebi: Did you say something? :iconadept-ex:Adept-eX 154 52 +Nymph in the Great City+ by Adept-eX +Nymph in the Great City+ :iconadept-ex:Adept-eX 333 117 Tribalish Mega Absol by vaguelygenius Tribalish Mega Absol :iconvaguelygenius:vaguelygenius 281 28 Pokeswap Tribalish Ninetails by vaguelygenius Pokeswap Tribalish Ninetails :iconvaguelygenius:vaguelygenius 142 32 Some wings by Milo-Wildcat Some wings :iconmilo-wildcat:Milo-Wildcat 161 35 Celebi on a Pokeball sketch by chibi-jen-hen Celebi on a Pokeball sketch :iconchibi-jen-hen:chibi-jen-hen 255 53 Celtic Wings Tattoo by Torvald2000 Celtic Wings Tattoo :icontorvald2000:Torvald2000 99 30 kickstart my heart by SeptimusPhoenix kickstart my heart :iconseptimusphoenix:SeptimusPhoenix 115 27 Darkrai Tribal by ArkanuzDarko Darkrai Tribal :iconarkanuzdarko:ArkanuzDarko 57 8 tribal shiranui by neodragonarts tribal shiranui :iconneodragonarts:neodragonarts 297 60



"... ... ... ... Moth... ... ... ather... ... ... ... ... Mother and father, please wake up."

That's the voice that both Salem and Ozpin heard as they slowly started to gain consciousness. Once they opened their eyes, they were met with a little digital looking rainbow butterfly.

"T-Tippi? Is that you?" Salem asked as she gained consciousness.

"Yes mother. It's me. I hope d that I wasn't too late reaching you guys, but it seams that I'm too late," said Tippi as she looks around the room.

Ozpin looks around the room and he saw that only team RWBY remained in their company, but they started to gain consciousness as well.

"Ow... what happened?" Ruby asked.

"Well, I believe you tried to fight someone blindly without any fighting coordination," said Weiss.

"Where is everybody?" Blake asked.

"They've been kidnapped," said Salem in a solemn tone.

"What!?" said Yang in shock.

"We're all that remained," said Ozpin.

"Hmm... there still might be hope. But all of you need to come with me," said the little rainbow butterfly.

"Who might you be?" Ruby asked to the digital looking butterfly.

"My name is Tippi. Think of me as some sort of fairy and I'm the daughter of Ozpin and Salem," Tippi explained.

The team was shocked and confused to hear that this butterfly creature was the daughter of the powerful headmaster and what they originally though was a powerful enemy.

"Well, I'm Ruby Rose, the blond girl is my big sister Yang, the girl in white is Weiss Schnee, and the girl in black is Blake Belladona," said Ruby.

"If you don't mind me asking, but... how are you the daughter of Ozpin?" Weiss asked.

"We'll explain this at another time, we need to rescue the ones who got kidnapped," said Ozpin in a serious tone.

"That will come in time. Right now, I need to bring all of you with me," said Tippi.

She created some crystal glowing boxes around everyone, even herself, and before they could react, Tippi teleported everyone away, leaving Ozpin's tower completely empty.


In a land between dimensions, where the sky looked like a mosaic of white and gold tiles, was the land of Flipside. On top of the tallest tower, was the blue clocked man with a magnificent moustache, Merlon, waiting at the plaza of the tower surrounded by pillars in a circle for Tippi to return.

After some time, he noticed that seven started to glass boxes to appear, and inside those boxes, people started to appear, and once everyone appeared, the glass boxes vanished into thin air.

"Where are we?" Ruby asked as she looks around the place.

"Oh ho! Well, well, well... Back so soon, Tippi? And who might these girls be? A girl in red, white, black and yellow... and all of them with extraordinary weapons... Tippi, you have truly outdone yourself!" said Merlon as he looks at the group that Tippi brought.

"They match the descriptions of the Light Prognosticus. And their names are Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang," said Tippi.

"Merlon? Is that you?" Ozpin asked to the unknown person.

"Hmm? Ozpin? My, my, it's been ages since we last saw each other," said Merlon.

"Hello Merlon, it has been a while indeed," said Salem.

"Salem as well, I see that both of you are here as well," said Merlon to the two adults.

"Ehm... excuse me, but where are we?" Yang asked to the blue robbed person.

Merlon looks at the group of the young kids.

"Hmm? Oh right. I welcome you all to the town of Flipside. All of you have come far from Remnant of your dimension," said Merlon.

"Wait, 'our dimension'?" Blake asked.

"Of course, but our fair Flipside is in no dimension at all! No! It is between dimension!" he explained.

"With who we just faced off not to long ago... I can believe it," Yang commented.

"Excuse me, but what is your name, sir?" Ruby asked kindly.

"My name? Merlon! I am a descendant of the Ancients who created this town. I busy myself studying musty, ancient texts to forestall the end of all worlds!" Merlon continued to explain.

"Excuse me, but... end of all worlds?" Blake asked in a worried tone.

"So Tippi has not yet told you, I gather... Well then, everyone... The answer hangs above you," said Merlon.

Everyone looked into the gold and white tilled sky and saw a small, but very distinct purple and black hole, with occasional lightning bolts coming out of it.

"Do you see the gathering darkness in the sky? It is a hole in the very dimensional fabric of space! Such a strange phenomenon... Is it near or far? None know. It may appear small now, but it will only grow. And in the end, it will swallow all existence... all worlds, all dimensions... This void was created by our enemy, Count Bleck, who wields the Dark Prognpsticus," Merlon explained.

Everyone was shocked to hear this. That everything will be destroyed by that black hole.

"'A loyal follower who brings misfortune... A power hungry Maiden... The union of these two will call forth the Chaos Heart, the consumer of worlds... And the Chaos Heart will ravage the sky, and so bring forth The Void,'" said Tippi.

"Yes... The passage Tippi just quoted is from the Light Prognosticus of my ancestors. The book also says this: 'The Void will swallow all... Naught can stop it... unless the one protected by the dark power is destroyed. The heroes with the power of eight Pure Hearts will rise to this task.' ...So it is written," said Merlon.

"But how do we find these hearts you spoke of?" Salem asked in a worried tone.

Merlon lifts up his arms in front of him and started to concentrate. Moments later, a big red heart, radiating with light and power started to form in front of him.

"This is one of the eight Pure Hearts. You girls are surely the heros spoken of in the pages of the Light Prognosticus. You are the only one who can defeat Count Bleck and save all worlds! I understand this is a big task that I ask of all of you young girls, but will you girls safe us all and all worlds from destruction?" Merlon asked.

"Wait a minute," Ozpin said as everyone turn their attention towards him.

"There has to be another way right? I mean, these are kids," said Ozpin.

"I fear not, Ozpin. These girls are the closest resemblance towards the heroes in the Light Prognosticus," said Ozpin.

While Ozpin and Merlon were discussing, Team RWBY looked worried towards each other, not sure what to say or do.

"What should we do girls?" Ruby asked in a worried tone.

"I'm... not sure," Yang responded.

"I mean, saving Remnant alone would a huge task by itself, let alone all the other worlds as Merlon said," Weiss commented.

"I'd say that we at least give it a try. If we won't, everything would be doomed. But if we do, there might be a chance to actually safe it," said Blake.

"So, we should do it?" Ruby asked to everyone.

"I don't think there's another choice, so yes," said Weiss.

"Whatever you choose, I'll be behind you, sis," said Yang with reassurance.

"Alright then," said Ruby, walking towards Merlon.

"Excuse me, Mr. Merlon?" Ruby asked, tapping his shoulder.

"Hmm? Oh, Ruby was it? Have all of you decided on an answer?" he asked.

"We have. We decided to do our best we can and save the worlds," Ruby responded.

"Are you sure about this, Ruby?" Ozpin asked in a worried tone.

"We don't have another choice. If we don't do anything, everything will disappear. This way, we'll give it everything we got," said Ruby in a serious tone.

"Them brave heroines, take this," said Merlon, passing the Pure Heart to Ruby.

"Now, team RWBY... Your first task awaits. You must take this Pure Heart and place it in the Heart Pillar in this town. Tippi will lead you there. Return to us when you are through with this task," Merlon explained.

"Please, follow me," said Tippi, flying towards a path that leads out of the circle of pillars and towards a corridor with pillars on both sides that leads towards a wall with a red arrow pointing down.

"We're coming as well, so we can answer some questions you girls have," said Salem.

Team RWBY nodded as everyone started to follow Tippi. Once everyone reached where Tippi was waiting for them, the arrow disappeared and suddenly a door opened, revealing a elevator. Everyone mount the elevator and waited for it to reach the ground floor.

"So, what do you girls want to know first?" Ozpin asked.

"I... guess your relationship with... Salem was it?" Ruby asked hesitantly.

"That's correct, ms Rose. And about our relationship, Ozpin and I are husband and wife," Salem explained.

"But the way both of you acted made it look like you were enemies," Weiss pointed out.

"That was just an act that the both of us just put up in front of everyone. You see, Salem and I have lived for a very long time. Thousands of years, actually. And let's say that over time we found some ways to entertain ourselves over the passage of time. See it as... a very long, real life version of the game Remnant," Ozpin explained.

Team RWBY was shocked to hear this kind of information, so much so that they didn't noticed the elevator door open until Tippi spoke to them.

"The pillar is this way," she said as everyone snapped back to reality.

Everyone followed the digital butterfly again, as they continued to talk to Ozpin and Salem.

"So... how do you know Merlon?" Blake asked.

"He's an old friend of ours. He's a very wise man as you've noticed and he's also been taking care of Tippi," said Salem explained.

"Okay, but... why is she here if she's your daughter?" Yang whispered, making sure that Tippi doesn't hear her.

"There... let's just say that something bad happened to turn her into what she is now," Ozpin whispered.

"Alright, once we enter this elevator, we should reach the Heart Pillar," said Tippi, waiting for everyone to arrive.

"Alright, Tippi," said Ruby with a smile.

Everyone followed her into the elevator and reach the third floor of Flipside. One the door opens, they were met with another big plaza just below the plaza of the tower. Some people could be seen walking around, enjoying their time and at the far end of the plaza, they could see a large rectangular pillar with intricate markings on it with a hole in the shape of a heart.

"There's the Heart Pillar. All you need to do is put the Pure Heart in it," said Tippi.

"Alright, come on. Let's place this heart thing in it," said Ruby, using her semblance to run towards the pillar.

The remaining members of the team just shook their head at Ruby's childish antics, but quickly followed behind them anyway. Once the remaining team reached at the pillar, the saw that Ruby was struggling to put the heart at the hole in the pillar.

"Ehm... little help?" Ruby asked, still holding the Pure Heart in her arms.

"*Sigh* You're hopeless at times," said Weiss to herself.

But the moment the team took another step closer, the heart let's out an energy wave that knocked the team back a bit and caused Ruby to fall, letting go of the heart as well. But the heart didn't fall to the ground. Instead, it started to float towards the hole in the pillar. The moment the Pure Heart was in it's place, another wave of energy was released from the heart as all the intricate details on the pillar started to glow red, just like the heart.

Back at the top of the tower, where Merlon was waiting for everyone to return, between two pillars a bright red door started to materialize under the small emblem of a hollow heart.

"What just happened?" Blake asked in confusion.

"You activated the first Heart Pillar, meaning that you created the gateway towards where the second Pure Heart is waiting," Tippi explained.

"So we need to return to Merlon at the top of the tower, correct?" Weiss asked.

"That's correct," Tippi simply responded.

"Come girls. We don't have much time to spare," said Ozpin, waiting at the elevator.

The team nodded as they quickly made their way towards the elevator and quickly make their way towards Merlon at the top of the tower.

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Things have been going very calm lately, and for a good reason too. After what happened with Erik Caldwell, the Underworld of Heartwell knows that means that 'The Prince' was both angry and stressed out. So everyone decided to lay low for a while to not meet the same fate as Erik, because if 'The Prince' is stressed out, his deals won't be going well as they are supposed to go, and that means that both him and the business partner at that given time could be in danger easily.

So, Phoenix decided that he should take a step back from his business and walk around for a bit in on the bright side of Heartwell. He still did a couple of very small jobs, like giving a couple of contraband packages to their respective recipients.

"And here you go, Isabell. Your fire weapon to defend yourself, along with the permit that you've ordered," said Phoenix as he handed the last package of the day to Isabell.

"Thank you so much, Prince. You've really helped me from a bind with this," said Isabell as she went to hug him.

It was not often nowadays that Phoenix would get hugged, but he was never really opposed to it. Although hesitant at first, Phoenix hugged her back with a small smile.

"No problem, Isabell. Just don't go and cause a massacre with it, alright?" Phoenix joked.

"I'll try my best, Prince. What do I own you?" she asked.

"You know how it works with me, Isabell. An eye for an eye. I'll call you when I need a favour from you. Now go and do what you need to do," said Phoenix with a smile.

"Alright dear. Have a nice day, your majesty," said Isabell with a smile as she started to walk out of the a alleyway where the both of them made the deal.

And with that, Phoenix just finished his last package to deliver. He let's out a satisfied sigh as he walks out of the alleyway as well. After all these small deliveries, he has calmed quite a bit, but he decided to take a break and goes to take a drink, but not at the Spider's Web like usual. Today, he decided to go to a none criminal bar and take relax for a bit there.

Phoenix started to make his way around the city, enjoying the different views of the peaceful side of it. It's not often that he gets to enjoy the city like this, because his mind is usually plagued with the business that needed to be done. But at this moment, he's not 'The Prince of Crimes', the leader of the Underworld in Heartwell. Right now, he's Phoenix Nightingale, a young adult who's walking around the city to relax a bit.

As he walks down the streets, he could smell the aroma from freshly made coffee nearby. He looks around and saw the old cafe near the park. A smile started to form as he started to recall all the times he went to that cafe with his mother. He decided to go inside 'Jane's Cafe' and greet some of his mother's old friend. Once he opens the door, he heard the jingles of the bell above the door.

"Phoenix! It's been such a long time since we last saw you," said a female voice from behind the bar.

This woman is Jane, the owner of the bar and was an old friend of Elizabeth. Jane's a tall brunette woman, around her late forties, but she's still going strong with what she likes. She decided to walk out from behind the bar and towards Elizabeth's child that has grown up so much for her and hugged him.

"Hello Jane, how's business going?" Phoenix asked with a kind smile.

"Not too shabby. How are you doing yourself, since... you know," said Jane, in a hesitant tone.

"I'm doing fine. Just.... busy lately," Phoenix responded.

Jane wasn't aware that I rule over all the criminals on Heartwell. None of Elizabeth old friends were. They weren't even aware that Elizabeth was 'The Queen' before or after she died. And that's for the better, really.

"So what are you doing here?" Jane asked, trying to lighten the mood.

"Oh, I was trying to calm down, until I smelled the old aroma of your freshly made coffee. So I decided to come visit you and take a break to drink something," Phoenix explained with a smile.

"Well how nice of you, dear. What do you have in mind?" Jane asked.

"I hope that this isn't too much asked, but do you have apple cider?" Phoenix asked.

"Just like your mother, eh? Don't worry, we go that for ya. Please take a seat and we'll bring it to you in a moment," said Jane as she returns to the bar.

Phoenix nodded as he walks towards a table next to the window that looks out towards the park. All the while he was in there, because he started to remember all the times he went here with his mother and from the simple break times to the time that they talked with his mother's friend here.

"Here's your order, Phoenix," said a voice that he recognised.

"Wait, I know that voice... Amber?" Phoenix said to himself as he turns to face the young, adult woman.

"It's been a while, hasn't it, fire bird?" said Amber with a smug smile.

Phoenix stands up and hugs his childhood friend Amber. This amber short haired, bright brown eyed, and short stature girl has been in Phoenix's life from when he was five years old, and she was one of the few people that stayed close to him when his mother died. But the both of then lost touch with each other when Phoenix started to take over the family business.

"So this where you've been all this time?" Phoenix asked with a wide smile.

Amber puts Phoenix's cider on the table, and both of them sits down.

"Yeah, trying to support my family the best I can. And Jane here has been kind enough to help me work here," Amber explained.

"I'm glad to hear that, Amber," said Phoenix with a genuine smile.

"And what about you, birdie? What have you been doing that caused us to lost contact with each other?" Amber asked curiously.

"Family business. It's been tough, but I'm doing the best I can to continue her legacy," said Phoenix with a smile.

"Oh yeah. I remember that she would come here very stressed and tired after a hard days work. What did she worked in anyway?" Amber asked.

"She worked a bit of everything, but mostly she was an investor in multiple business. So she would often be worried if they would turn out good or not," Phoenix explained.

"Geez. That sounds rough. And you said that she did a bit of everything?" Amber asked in a worried tone.

"Yeah. To deliveries, cleanups, and more. And I'm trying my best to continue it," said Phoenix.

"Now I understand why you rarely talked to me after your mother's death," Amber commented.

"Yeah, but now that I know that you're working here, I'll try to visit you more often," said Phoenix with a smile.

"That would be nice. Now, I need to get back to work, but it has been nice seeing you again," said Amber as she stands up and returns to the bar.

"Likewise, Amber. See you soon," said Phoenix as she started to drink his cider.


"See you later, Amber. You too, Jane," said Phoenix as he exited the cafe and started to walk around again.

It was nice to see some old faces again for Phoenix, since he's been busy with the family business. He forgot how peaceful Heartwell can be on the brighter side of it. As he was walking through the streets, he begins to feel like he's being followed, but he decided to ignore it for now.

He continues to walk around, enjoying the peaceful scenery around him. But whoever was following him started to get annoying for him, so he decided to confront this person. He looks at the street, looking for a alleyway to surprise this person. Once he found an alleyway, he made a sharp turn and walks in it. He hid behind a big container and waited for the person that was following to show up.

After five minutes of waiting behind a garbage container, the person that was following him finally revealed itself. Or should we say, herself. It was a young female in a cop uniform. She has long golden hair wrapped in a bun, has teal eyes, and a similar stature as Amber, meaning that she's fairly shorten than him. She looks at the alleyway with confusion as she can't find the person that she was perusing. She pulls out her gun and aimed it in front of her, in case someone decides to attack her.

Once she passed Phoenix, without her noticing him, he decided to reveal himself and confront her for following him. He walks silently out of his hiding spot and walks to the middle of the alleyway.

"So, another newcomer in Heartwell," said Phoenix, startling her.

The new cop let out a startled shriek as she quickly turns around and pointed the gun at him.

"*Chuckles* Calm down. I don't mean you any harm," said Phoenix as he lifts his arms up in the air.

"You're Phoenix Nightingale, correct?" asked the mysterious cop.

"Depends who's asking," Phoenix commented.

"I'm Violet White and you're under arrest for the murder of Erik Caldwell and the distribution of unauthorised weapons," she said.

"Yep, you're definitely a newcomer. And why do you care about his death? I already told Shane that he was a drug deliverer and work a short while with slave trafficking while he raped them," said Phoenix in a nonchalant tone.

Violet was shocked upon hearing how calm he was about such a matter.

"How could you be so calm by killing someone!?" Violet asked in a disturbed tone.

"I've done it in the past, and probably will continue in the future. That's how the business goes," Phoenix responded calmly.

"You're going to the Police department, now!" said Violet as she walks towards Phoenix.

She pulls his arms down and put on handcuffs on them.

"Alright, alright. I'll humour you. Just don't expect me to be there for too long," said Phoenix as he lets out a chuckle.

"I doubt it. Especially after you confessed that you killed Eric and more in the past," said Violet as she started pushing him.

We were lucky that her car was nearby, or else some people were going to be worried about Phoenix. On the way towards .the police department, Phoenix decided to know Violet better.

"So... What brought you to Heartwell, if you don't mind me asking?" Phoenix asked.

"And why should I tell you?" she asked back in a hostile tone.

"It's going to be a while until we get to the police department, so I thought that I could get to know you better," Phoenix responded.

He was met with silence, so he just shrugged and looks out at the window, enjoying the view.

"*Sigh* I was sent here so I can start my carer as a cop. I was told that this town was fairly peaceful, with the occasional crime here and there. What I found weird that when the murder happened a while ago, all they did was pick up the body, clean the area up and bury the body. I don't get why nobody did any research on it," she explained.

"I guess Shane's going to explain you that," said Phoenix.

"And I also don't get how you know officer Shane or why you're telling me to ask him," said Violet, still a bit in a hostile tone.

"You're going to learn a lot of history on Heartwell today, Violet. And I mean a lot," Phoenix commented.

"*Sigh* Fine. You're still going to end up in the cell," said Violet.

"I'm aware of that, no need to rub it in my face," said Phoenix, still in his calm tone.


"Stay here, and be quiet," said Violet as she shoves Phoenix inside the cell.

When Violet was bringing Phoenix to the cell area, everyone in the department was giving her either a shocked or confused expression. Almost everyone knew who he was at the police department, and if he was in here for a reason, as rare as that can be, it was either to say hi, bring in some news, or as what's happening right now, a newcomer 'arrested' him.

"Prince?" said a voice behind Phoenix.

He turns around and saw Isabell with a worried look on her face.

"Isabell? What on earth are you doing here?" Phoenix asked in a confused tone.

"I should be the one asking that. Why the hell are you in the cell!?" asked Isabell.

"Newbie cop. She thinks that she's going to change the city," he explained.

"Oh, so you're not going to be in trouble?" she asked in a worried tone.

"Nope. Now... why are you here exactly? Don't tell me that you already killed someone," said Phoenix in a worried tone.

"No... That new lady cop caught you handing me the package with the certificate and they are controlling if they are real and if I'm in trouble or not," Isabell explain.

"The certificate is real, but not the way you actually should obtain then. That new cop is going to learn the hard truth on Heartwell, let's hope that she's going to take it well," he said as he takes a seat at the hanging bench on the wall.

"Well, I wish you good luck with being stuck in there," said Isabell in a sympathetic tone.

"Thanks, good luck yourself," said Phoenix with a smile.

Isabell started to walk back to where she was assigned to wait, while Phoenix is just waiting patiently.

Half an hour has passed since Phoenix has been locked up until Shane came in the department.

"Prince!?" Shane screamed in shock.

"Hmm? Oh hello, Shane. How are you doing?" Phoenix asked calmly.

"Forget how I am, why on earth are you here. In the cell, no less," said Shane as he quickly opens the cell door.

"I was brought in by one of your newcomers. Violet. By the way, you should probably tell her about me and the Underworld of Heartwell. Because I don't want to spend more time that I have to with each newcomer here," Phoenix explained.

"Yeah... I'll fill her in once you're go-" Shane started saying by got cut off by a distant voice.

"What are you doing!?" Violet screamed in the distance.

"Well hello, Violet. Fancy seeing you again," Phoenix greeted nonchalantly.

"Silence. Officer Shane, can you explain to me why you're freeing this criminal!?" asked Violet in a demanding tone.

"I will, but we need to let Mr. Nighingale go," said Shane in a serious tone.

"What!?" Violet as asked in disbelieve.

"Thank you, officer Shane. There's no need for you to escort me out. I've passed here by so many time already that I know my way out. It was nice seeing you in person again, Shane. I hope to see you again soon under better circumstances. And I hope that we'll get to know each other better, ms. White," said Phoenix as he walks out of the police department.

Once Phoenix left the police department, Shane started to walk towards his office, with Violet behind him.

"Alright, are you going to explain to me now why you let a criminal escape?" Violet asked in a frustrated tone.

"I will, but I got one question before I start explaining. How much do you know about our city?" Shane asked in a serious tone.

"Not much. It's a peaceful city, good food, nice views, but a few crimes happening here and there. But what has this to do with him?" Violet responded in a confused tone.

"You see, every big city has it's secrets, and what I'm about to tell you will be remained secret to the outside world, understood?" said Shane.

Phoenix could be seen walking around the city, enjoying the view of the sky skyscrapers.

"Understood," said Violet with a lot of hesitance.

"*Sigh* Heartwell has a giant criminal network, known as the 'Underworld'. In the 'Underworld', there are all kinds of criminals. From pickpockets, to drug deliveries, to hit men. And they, just like us, has a social pyramid," Shane started explaining.

"And... I presume that Mr. Nightingale is a very high ranked one, judging from how you reacted seeing him in the cell," said Violet, starting to get nervous.

"He's not just high up. He's at the very top of that pyramid," said Shane.

Upon hearing this, Violet was shocked. While that was happening, Phoenix obtained a message from Kevin asking where he is.

"How can a twenty year old, rule over a criminal network?" Violet asked in confusion.

"The Nightingale family was a powerful one. They started to rise from so long ago, starting with Phoenix's grandmother on his mother's side. She was known as 'The Original Queen of Crimes'. She was a nice woman to the outside world, but at Underworld, that was just forming at the time, she was a woman that ruled with an iron fist, deciding when the ideal time was to commit certain crimes and when not," Shane started explaining.

'I'm in the city. Is there something you need?' Phoenix wrote and waited for him to respond again.

"Once she was too old to do anything anymore, she passed 'the crown' towards her daughter, Elizabeth Nightingale. She started to rule at the age of twenty four, the Underworld was connected with at least half of the entire city, and the variety of crimes started to grow. When it started was simply smuggling alcohol, cigars, gambling, some slaves were sold and maybe some gun shots here and there. When she took over the throne, there use and deliveries of drugs started, illegal weapons started to go around, and slave trafficking still happened once in a while," Shane continued.

'Just some small business at the Spider's Web and a couple of packages from Ridley,' Kevin responded.

'I'm on my way. Be there in fifteen minutes,' Phoenix wrote back as he starts to make his way towards the Spider's Web.

"Similar to her mother, Elizabeth was very well known around Heartwell, and still is today after her death. But when she was ruling over the Underworld, where she got known as the new 'Queen of Crimes'. She also helped some of us cops with some... misbehaving criminals here and there or even some personal problems. So she made a deal with the police department. 'An eye for an eye', as she always said. She would give us a misbehaving criminal or some information about some crimes that are planed either here or somewhere else and in return, we leave a blind eye to her." Shane explained in a serious tone.

Phoenix started making his way through the different passageways, making his way to the criminal bar, until he got another message on his phone. This time, it's from Caitie. Phoenix opens the message and started to read the message.

"You... said that Elizabeth was very well known before she died. How... how did she die?" Violet asked in a worried tone.

"She died from intestinal cancer. She learned about the illness too late to do anything about it. It was a shame though. She was still a young woman, and I especially felt bad Phoenix. She died when he was seventeen years old. And he had to inherit the family business and traditions earlier than his mother did," said Shane.

"Jeez, the poor guy..." said Violet in a sympathetic tone.

"Yeah, the Prince got it rough, but he finally got the hang of his business," Shane commented.

'Hey Prince, mind we have chat in private soon?' Caitie asked.

'Of course, is there something wrong?' Phoenix wrote in a worried manner.

'Somewhat... I'll talk to you in person if that's possible,' Caitie wrote.

"Prince?" Violet asked in a confused tone.

"'The Prince of Crimes'. He goes by that title in memory of his mother, because he thinks that he isn't fit yet to be the 'King' yet," Shane explained.

"Talking about 'kings', why have you never mentioned them?"

"Well, from what I understand. Elizabeth's mother was divorced before the 'Underground' was made, and the previous 'King' kind of tried to backstab Elizabeth with the police from the city next over, but the police department of Heartwell backed her up and explained that 'The King' filled a false complain," Shane explained.

"Wait, from the city next over?" Violet asked.

"Yeah, he though that if he could get that police department on his side, they could've Elizabeth locked up," Shane explained.

"Jeez, and I presume that he's..." Violet started in a worried tone.

"Yeah, he's gone. Pretty much most of the criminals in Heartwell, and even the cops here, took care of him," Shane said in a grim tone.

'Of course. You know that you are important to the family,' Phoenix wrote as he fastens his pace to get to the Spider's Web.

Caitie may not be his actually family member, but neither was Kevin and Ridley. But since the death of his mother, he's trying to make his own little family of friends. Like Erik and Ridley are his uncles.

"So, what do we do now?" Violet asked, not sure what to do next.

"Well, we can forget about what happened with Prince over there. The good thing is that you didn't managed to get on his bad side," said Shane.

"So just forget this ever happened?" Violet asked in disbelieve.

"Unless the Prince say anything else, we don't have to worry about anything," said Shane.

"Well... thanks for explaining to me what's going on here on Heartwell," said Violet as she started to stand up and walk away.

"Do you still wish to work here at Heartwell or..." Shane started to ask.

"We'll... see how things work out. Alright?" Violet said in an unsure tone.

"I understand, I won't blame you if you decided to quit," said Shane.

"We'll see about it. I'll be back in the city," said Violet as she walks out of the office.

Phoenix opened the door to the Spider's Web and was greeted by everyone inside the bar.


"And that's the last deal that I needed to make for today," said Phoenix to himself as he started to stretch his arms.

"Think that we can get this done soon?" Ridley asked.

"I hope so. Most of the things everyone asked were easy. The hard one is probably the sex slave that Arlene asked for, but we'll take a look at those at some point in the future," said Phoenix as he looks through his notes.

"Oh yes, Arlene. She's... a bit of a weird on. Especially with that lust of hers," Kevin commented.

"And you two have no idea how glad I was that I had both of you here," said Phoenix as both of his friends let out a chuckle.

"Now, I'm going to talk for a bit with Caitie, so go and enjoy your time here," said Phoenix as he stands up and walks towards the bar.

After Phoenix was done with his business, the bar turned fairly calm so Caitie had some time to talk with Phoenix.

"Hey Caitie. You wished to talk with me?" Phoenix asked with his calm smile.

"Y-yeah, but c-c-can we go to the back? It's some private matters, like I said," she asked, nervously.

"Of course. Whatever makes you comfortable," he responded.

Caitie guided him towards the back of the store and into the walk in freezer.

"Alright Caitie, what's wro-" Phoenix started to ask, before he got in a tight and desperate hug from Caitie.

"I-I need your h-help, Phoenix," said Caitie as tears started to form and hugged him more tightly.

"Wow, wow, wow. What's wrong, Caitie?" Phoenix asked in a worried tone.

"A-a group of c-criminals came to my b-bar a while ago, a-and t-t-they told t-that they are going to m-make me t-their sl-slave," she responded as he continued to try and comfort her.

"I see... Caitie, once you've calmed down I want you to point out or describe these men you mention. But for now, you can cry all you want. I'm here for you, just like you were there for me," said Phoenix in a serious tone as he continued to hug her and gently rock her side to side to calm her down.

Similar to Amber, Caitie would come during the night to comfort him in his time of loss. So he still considered her as someone very dear to her. After ten minutes of her crying, she managed to calm down a fair bit.

"How are you feeling Caitie?" Phoenix asked in a calm, but worried tone.

"B-better, dear. T-thank you," said Caitie as she loosen her hug.

"You know that I'll always be there for you, and I'm going to deal with these people. But I need your help to point out who it was that threatened you, alright?" Phoenix asked.

"I can do that. Come, the other's are probably wondering where we are. Or worse, they might think that we just had sex," said Caitie as she slowly goes to her old self.

"True. God knows what goes into the mind of those guys," said Phoenix as he opens the walk in fridge and back towards his friends at the front.

Phoenix one thing for sure though, things are going to be ugly soon.

The Prince of Crimes (Chapter 2)
Hi everyone! Here's the second chapter of 'The Prince of Crimes'.

I hope that you enjoy it.

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Heartwell, a city known for all kinds of things. From the delicious food, to the sight seeing and to the kind people that helps each other if necessary. Although, there is a side of this city that not too many people know about. The 'Underworld', that's where all the criminals go and talk to each other and it's a whole different city here. Shady business, black markets, guns, drugs, even slave trafficking. Almost everything that you could get.

But there's also a sort of social pyramid, and at the top is 'The Prince of Crimes'. A young man with the age of twenty, ruled over the 'Underworld' of Heartwell. He's might be known as 'The Prince', but those who are very close to him call him by his real name. Phoenix Nightingale. This long redheaded kind quickly learned the family business and tries his best to keep it that way. With his two friends and bodyguards beside him, he can do almost anything in the city that needed to be done in the crime world.

Right now, he's dealing with a certain customer at a far off warehouse that hasn't really kept his part of the deal, and now he's paying that price.

Kevin is holding Alexander Rojas while Ridley was dealing some heavy blows to him. His face was heavily bruised, with a broken nose with blood coming out of it, his chest had blue and purple bruises all over and has a broken rib, and one of his arms is broken and bend the wrong way.

After a couple more blows from Ridley, Kevin pushed him to the ground and he screams in pain. Kevin and Ridley took a couple of steps back, so that their boss can talk with Alexander.

"So, Alex... What have we learned from this?" Phoenix asked in a calm but very serious tone.

"T-To... To never... lie... to you..." Alexander responded weakly.

"That's correct. Now, what else have we learned from this?" Phoenix asked, stepping on his hand and slowly applying more pressure to it.

"T-to never s-steal from y-you again!" he responded, trying his best not to scream.

"Good. Now, don't even get the idea of doing it again, you fucker," said Phoenix as he gives a powerful kick to his stomach.

Alexander was gasping desperately for air as he holds onto his stomach, doing his best to nod to what he said.

"Glad that we could sort this out. Kevin, let someone bring him to the hospital or something, we're done here," said Phoenix, walking towards the exit of the warehouse.

Kevin send a message to one of his 'friends' to pick Alexander up, and starts to follow 'The Prince' and Ridley. After that ordeal, they decided that it was time to relax a bit in the Spider's Web, they usually go there to after they were done with any types of business or to make new deals with some of his regular 'customers'.

"How are you feeling, Phoenix?" Kevin asked.

"In all honestly, still mad at Alex for doing such a stupid thing. He knows damn well that I don't like people doing business behind my back. And especially if they steal from me! If he needed something help, he could've just ask!" Phoenix responded in an angry tone.

"Well, I'm sure that a drink in the Spider's Web will help you relax a bit," said Ridley, patting hi shoulder.

"Yeah, I hope so too, Ridley," he responded.

After walking through some confusing series of weird alleyways, they were met with the bar for criminals and shady business, The Spider's Web. The outside was like a closed and abandoned bar, it has a special way to open in. Phoenix, walks towards the pillars that supported the doorframe, opened a hidden compartment and in it was a button. He presses the button, they could hear an audible click coming from the door. Kevin pushes the door open and inside was a fairly comfortable interior. There are tables with sofas next to the table and walls separating each booth, behind the bar are shelves decorated with all kinds of brands of empty bottles and there the light is nice and warm, giving the entire bar almost a sepia tone. Behind the bar, is the owner Caitie O' Cièrigh, a nice Irish woman that care for both her regulars and her bar.

"Hey Kevin, Ridley and Phoenix. How's business goin'?" Caitie greeted us with her warm smile.

"Greetings, Caitie. Business has been good, but an idiot tried to pull the wool over our eyes," Phoenix explained.

"Oh dear. Who was the poor stumper?" Caitie asked in a worried tone.

"Alexander Rojas," said Kevin.

"Oh, well good riddance, then. He owned me money and was late as well. So I guess that you did a favor for the both of us," Catie responded as he lets out a small chuckle at the end.

"Well glad to help ya, Catie," said Phoenix with a smile.

"I'll go get your usuals. Oh! Phoenix, there is someone here to see you. I guided him to your usual spot," said Catie as she grabs our drink.

"Thanks, talk to you in a bit," said Phoenix as he walks towards his usual spot at the end of the bar.

As he and his bodyguards walks towards their spot, they saw a very nervous looking guy. Brown hair, medium stature, but what caught the attention of the three was his belt. It has a gun holster, a teaser and a couple of other small poachers. This type of belt is what the Heartwell Police usually wear, but this must be a new guy, since none of them met him before, and given his nervous attitude in the bar, he must be a newbie.

"You guys can take it easy. I'll deal with the newcomer," said Phoenix.

Kevin and Ridley nodded as they make their way towards the bar and started to talk with either Catie or some of their friends. Phoenix focuses his attention back to the newcomer and makes his way towards his usual spot.

"So... I've heard that you wanted to talk to me?" Phoenix asked.

"Are you... 'The Prince'?" he asked in an unsure and confused tone.

"That, I am," Phoenix simply responded.

"I... imagined someone... older," said the cop in a nervous tone.

"I usually get that reaction for newcomers. So, what is your name, newbie?" Prince asked.

"I-I'm Douglas Ritter," he responded, nervously.

"You can calm down, Douglas. I'm not going to send you to Hell for just dealing with me. Tell you what, have a drink, it's on me," said Phoenix, trying to calm him down a bit.

"Just a beer is fine," Douglas responded in a slightly calmer tone.

Just on time, Caitie came to your table, handing Phoenix his apple cider.

"Thank you, Caitie. Could you bring a beer as well for our guest here?" Phoenix asked.

"Sure thing, darling. And since you've dealt with that annoying bug, this round is on the house," she said with a smile.

"Why thank you," said Phoenix as Catie went to get the bear.

"You... do business with her often?" Douglas asked.

"Not often, today was just a coincidence. Now tell me, why were you looking for me?" Phoenix asked, forming a serious tone.

"I-I-I have a problem w-with a-a stalker. Officer S-Shane told m-m-me that you c-could help me?" Douglas stuttered nervously.

"Oh yes, officer Shane Coffey. Nice guy and a great officer. I'm not surprised that he suggested me to help you. Now tell me, what is the problem that you have with this 'stalker'?" Phoenix asked.

"Well... this person... left voice messages addressed to my wife and daughter... that he would... r-r-rape them," he explained nervously.

The moment he said rape, Phoenix took a sip from his cider, knowing that this conversation isn't going to be pretty.

"Oh boy. Have you, perhaps, seen this person face to face, or do you have one of the voice clips with you?" Phoenix asked with a little hint of uneasiness,

From all the kinds of deal 'The Prince' does, anything rape related is a 'hell no' for him. He heavily dislikes rape and wishes to completely stop that crime in Heartwell.

"I-I do. Here," Douglas responded, handing him the phone and let him listen to the voicemail.

Just then, Caiti arrived with his beer, and while Douglas thanks her for the service, Phoenix grabs the phone and started listening to the message.

'Now listen here, and listen to me well. I know who you are, I know where you live and I know that you're a cop. So here's the deal. If we ever cross paths with each other, and believe, you who I am once we are face to face, you better let me go scotch free. If not, I'll escape prison, and I will come and rape your wife, and even your fucking daughter. So if you keep your end of the deal, I will not harm your family.'

Once the message is over, I hand the phone back to Douglass and put my hand to my face and let out a sight.

"*Sigh* I know who that bastard is, and now, I got a reason kill him," Phoenix said under his breath.

"You know him?" Douglas asked with a slight hint of hope.

"I do, give me a moment," said Phoenix as he opens a secret compartment that's inside the wall.

Inside the secret compartment was some sort of filing cabinet. Phoenix opens the cabinet and started to look through the files. After a couple of minutes from looking at the different files, he found the one he was looking for.

"Here he is. Erik Caldwell. He was once a drug delivery guy, and worked a very short time with slave trafficking. I say very short because, this leads to the rape thing he does now, had the tendency to rape the slaves before they get to their owner, causing a lot of unsatisfied customers," Phoenix explained as he shows the profile of said person.

"Alright, so... what now?" Douglas asked, unsure what to say next.

"I'm going to deal with him and call the police department, telling them that they got a dead criminal," Phoenix responded.

"But wouldn't they get suspicious about why he got killed?" Douglas asked in a nervous tone.

"Why do you think that Shane suggested me? The police department are fully aware of my title, and what I'm capable of, but I also helped them in the past with some of the cases here. And with the way that I usually like to do my business, we own each other some favors," Phoenix casually explained.

"I-I got one l-l-last question," he asked as he starts to stutter again.

"And that would be?" the 'Prince' asked.

"H-h-how did a tw-twenty year old get to rule a-a whole c-c-crime network, i-if you don't mind me a-asking?" Douglas asked nervously.

Phoenix took another big swig from his cider and points towards a portrait of his mother on the wall in front of him.

"It's all thanks to her," Phoenix responded.

"Who is she?" Douglas asked.

"She was known as 'The Queen' and she ruled over the 'Underworld' before me, and I rule over it now, because she was my mother," Phoenix explains as he drinks the rest of his cider.

"What happened to her?" he asked nervously.

"That... is something I do not wish to talk about tonight. But you can consider the 'rapist' gone," Phoenix responded.

"S-seriously?" Douglas asked, by which Phoenix nodded.

"Is there... some sort of payment that needs to be done, or..." Douglas started

"Remember how I said that the police department and I own each other favors? Well, that's usually how I like to do for my deals. 'And eye for an eye,' as my mother used to say," Phoenix explained.

"So I own you something?" Douglas asked nervously.

"That's correct. Aside from that, you're free to go. No payment required," Phoenix responded as he starts to put the file away.

"T-thank you, s-so m-m-much, 'Prince'. I-I'll tr-truly be grateful when that m-man is g-g-gone," said Douglas as he starts to drink up his beer and leave the bar.

Once he's finally gone from the bar, Phoenix brought both my hangs to my face and started to rub the tiredness out of it. He could hear the sound of footsteps coming towards him, but he knows who it belongs to.

"So, what's the job, boss?" Ridley asked.

Phoenix put both his hands down and faces his friends and bodyguards.

"Erik Caldwell. He needs to go permanently," Phoenix explained.

"Rape case?" Kevin asked.

"Threatens to, yes," Phoenix simply responded.

"How fast do you want him gone?" Ridley asked.

"Tonight, if possible. And I want to end him," said Phoenix.

"Alright, I'll try to make some calls to locate him," said Kevin as he pulls out his phone and makes his way outside.

"Do you have a weapon in mind?" Ridley asked.

"I was thinking of the golden Desert Eagle," Phoenix responded.

"Your mother's weapon, correct?" he asked, trying to remember the weapon.

"You're correct. He going to die, learning that woman gets the respect they deserve," I said in a serious tone.

"I get ya. Your mother was the same way, not afraid to prove that woman can rule as well as men," said Ridley with a smile.

"Exactly, so I thought it would be fitting that he would die her gun," Phoenix responded.

A moment of silence started to form between the two friends. Ridley turns towards the portrait of Elizabeth.

"She would be very proud of you, you know that, right?" said Ridley in a serious tone.

"I hope so, Ridley," said Phoenix in a sad tone.


On the streets of Heartwell, near the house of the newly joined police agent Douglas Ritter, is the person that 'The Prince' is currently looking for, Erik Caldwell. He's looking through a pair of binoculars towards the window, spying on the family, but mostly the wife and daughter.

"Enjoying the view?" asked a new voice, scaring Erik and letting out a startled scream.

As Erik turns to face the person who just scared him, he was met with 'The Prince' with a serious expression on his face.

"O-oh, h-h-hey 'Prince'. How are you doing?" Erik asked nervously,

"I'm doing fine, thank you for asking. So... care to tell me why you're here?" Phoenix asked in a serious tone.

"I... was just... waiting form some friends to come," Erik responded, clearly lying.

"And are those 'friends' of your inside the building you were just spying on?" He asked, slowly getting angry.

"W-what? No. I-I wasn't spying on anybody," he responded nervously.

Phoenix puts one of his hands on his shoulder as a friendly gesture.

"Erik, you know who I am, right?" Phoenix asked in a casual tone.

"Where are you goi-" Erik started to ask.

"Just answer the question," Phoenix said in a slightly serious tone.

"Yes..." Erik responded, not sure what to think.

"And you know what I hate, right?" Phoenix asked, again in a casual tone.

"Yes. Again where are you going with this?" Erik asked.

"Well, you see..." Phoenix started to say, but he quickly pulled out an epidermis needle out and injected Erik with it.

"I absolutely 'hate' people who commit rape actions," said Phoenix as he watches Erik starting to get drowsy, and eventually falls asleep.


"Ugh... Where... Where am I?" Erik asked as he slowly started to gain consciousness.

A couple of hours has passed since Erik got drugged, and he's been moved to a completely different place. One where they won't hear him scream. He tries to get up, but he couldn't move. He looks down on his body and saw that he was chained to a chair with handcuffs. He tries to break out of them, but he only inflicted pain on himself.

"So... You're finally awake," said a voice behind him, one that he recognized.

The sound of footsteps can be heard and Erik started to panic. He knows what 'The Prince' is going to do with him.

"You know why you're here, right?" Phoenix asked in a dead serious tone as pulls out a chair in front of him.

"Get me out! I didn't do anything wrong!" Erik responded as he continued to struggle to get out.

"You see, that's where you're wrong," Phoenix responded as he pulls out his golden Desert Eagle and started to polish it with a handkerchief.

At the sight of the golden gun, Erik was in full panic.

"You see, you threatened a cop. A newcomer, but still a cop. And you know that the cops are important that they stay on our side. And you threatened him to rape his wife and daughter. You see... I. HATE. RAPE. And I wish that I have nothing to do with it and I wish that I could simply put an end to that in Heartwell. And I so happen to have one solution for you," said Phoenix, as he puts his handkerchief away.

"Wait, you don't have to kill me! I'll stop with rape! I swear!" Erik pleaded.

"You know as well as I do that you won't stop. I already gave you a warning when we pulled you out of the slave trafficking. So, this is goodbye, you disgusting animal," Phoenix explained.

"Wait! No, do-" Erik pleaded, but 'The Prince' already had his gun aimed at him.


Phoenix lets out a sigh of exhaustion and looks down to the ground. In front of him is now the corpse of the rapist, with his head blown off, as some of the blood was still flowing out of his head. Blood and brain matter now decorated the floor and the walls near him.

Phoenix puts his golden gun away and pulls out his phone and called officer Shane Coffey on his personal phone number.

"Hello?" Shane greeted.

"Hello, Shane. Prince here," Phoenix greeted.

"Oh, hey Prince. How are you doing?" Shake asked.

"I'm doing fine, thanks for asking. I had a chat with your newcomer, Douglas," Phoenix said in a calm tone.

"I'm glad that he arrived at your bar safely. I presume a deal has been made?" Shane asked.

"It has, yeah. Just finished the case, actually," Phoenix responded.

"I presume that there's a corpse involved, since you called me, correct?" Shane asked in a worried tone.

"You're correct. The corpse of Erik Caldwell. He was known for bringing drugs, worked with slave trafficking, but mostly for rape. Even raping some of the slaves before getting to their recipients," Phoenix explained.

"Dear god. Well, I'm honestly glad that he's gone now," said Shane with a disbelieved tone in his voice.

"I agree, he was worse that most people in the Underworld and that says a lot. Anyway, I'll send you where the corpse is and you can tell Douglas that he doesn't have to worry about anything anymore," said Phoenix as he puts the chair away and started to make his way outside.

"Alright, thank you for the business, Prince," said Shane.

"No problem. Have a good night," said Phoenix as he ends the call and started to send the directions on where the corpse is.

Just as he sent the message to Shane, Kevin called.

"Hey boss, how is it going?" he asked.

"Hey Kevin. I'm now on my way back to my home," Phoenix responded with a small smile.

"I presume that Erik is sleeping with the fishes now, since it's so silent on your side," Kevin commented.

"*Chuckles* Yeah... he's a goner. That was the last deal for tonight, so we can finally go and sleep," Phoenix commented.

"Alright, talk to you in the morning, boss," said Kevin.

"Have a good night," said Phoenix, hanging up the phone.

After an hour of walking around the city, Phoenix arrived at his home. He decided to go to bed as fast as possible, and go to sleep. He puts his clothes away, put the phone on the charger and put the gun on it's stand.

But before he puts his gun away, a memory from long ago started to pop up.


"Hey boss, your package finally arrived," said Ridley as he puts the package on the table in front of her.

Elizabeth was checking some paperwork on some of the criminals, with a five-year-old Phoenix on her lap.

"Is this the special package I ordered?" Elizabeth asked with a hint of excitement.

"I believe it is," Ridley responded.

Elizabeth grabbed the package and carefully opens it up. She grabs the packing paper and puts it aside. While she was busy unpacking the box, the young Phoenix grabbed one of the balls of wrapping paper and started to play with it.

"It is. And it's beautiful," said Elizabeth as she pulls out the golden Desert Eagle with elegant engraving on the golden plates.

"What is it, mommy?" Phoenix asked innocently.

"This, my dear prince, is something that can keep the people who doesn't follow mommy's orders in line and learn their lesson," Elizabeth explained.

"Is shiny," Phoenix comment innocently.

"*Chuckles* Yes it is, my dear, who knows, maybe you'll use it one day," said Elizabeth as she hugs her child.


"I guess you were right, mother. *Sigh* I miss you so much," Phoenix commented to himself.

He puts the gun on it's stand and he puts his dirty clothes away. Finally, he lays on his bed and goes to sleep peacefully.

The Prince of Crimes (Chapter 1)
Hi everyone! I'm feeling generous today, so here's also the first chapter of 'The Prince of Crimes'.

I hope you enjoy it!

Mature Content

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The Prince of Crimes Cover by TheCreator7777

Every city has it's legends from paranormal to events that happened long ago. Then, there are those old mafia stories from long ago. Such as Al Capone or Charles 'Lucky' Luciano. But the story we're going to talk about tonight is about the Nightingale family, or more specifically, Elizabeth and Phoenix Nightingale.

Elizabeth is a beautiful woman with long red hair, beautiful light blue eyes, usually wears a elegant black dress. She's kind person, a caring mother and a hard worker. Or at least everyone who knows her at the streets, but in the underworld, Elizabeth Nightingale is known as 'The Queen of Crimes' or 'The Queen' for short, because she basically ruled over Heartwell. From drugs, slave trafficking, robberies, but more importantly, the police. She basically controlled over everything, so if anything bad ever happened, then 'The Queen' was usually behind it.

She has two close friends and bodyguards. Kevin Gallagher is the man of connections. If someone ever needed something from 'The Queen', he was the man to talk to. Then there was Ridley Turner. He's the weapons guy. He can get almost anything that anyone needs. Especially with poison, since he used to study chemistry a lot. He could even obtain bombs if they needed it, but those were very rare occasions. But those weapons come with a price. And Elizabeth decides what it will cost.

Elizabeth had an interesting way to do business. She did business like any others, service in exchange of money, but that's not how she liked to do things. She liked to go by the quote 'an eye for an eye'. Basically, she does a favor for someone, and she would like a favor in return. And it helps a lot during her time in the city. Especially when the police needed a favor from her.

Some of you may be wondering, where is 'The King of Crimes'? He isn't among the living anymore. He tried to get 'The Queen' framed by the police department from outside Heartwell. Sadly for him, the Heartwell police department helped her get out of trouble and it helped that she also had connections with the police from Gale.

Now, when the police from Gale returned to their police department, the 'King' fell from his throne and he had to deal with all of Elizabeth's friends. And let's just say, there was no way in Hell he would survive.

And now, the last of the Nightingale family. Phoenix Nightingale. He has long red hair, similar to his mother, has teal eyes. His personality is similar to his mother, kind and naive at times, but very serious when needed to. He was also good friends with his mother's bodyguard, seeing them almost as family. He is the only son of Elizabeth, and he was home schooled since a very young age, as well as learning about the family business as well. He usually stayed close to his mother and he quickly learned some of business traits too. Such as her line 'an eye for an eye'.

Things were great for Nightingale family. But everything changed when Phoenix turned sixteen years old. Her mother started to get seriously ill. They went to the hospital to figure out what was wrong with her, and they've heard the worst news that they could ever got. Elizabeth got a late state of intestinal cancer, and sadly couldn't do anything to help her.

This news didn't go unnoticed by those close ms. Nightingale, even those close to her in the underworld. But news hit the worst on the young Phoenix, since he's going to lose his mother and there was nothing he could do about it. As months started to pass, Elizabeth health started to get worse. To the point where she was coughing blood almost constantly, or was barely able to move anymore. She was quickly brought to the hospital, Phoenix and her friends stayed by her side as long as they could.

But then, the days have come. Phoenix was there when she took her last breath, where she wished for Phoenix to continue her family legacy. Although in tears, Phoenix promised that he's going to do it for her. Seconds later, she flat lined. On the day she was getting buried, a lot of people was there. From criminals, policemen, to some of her friends. They were all there to pay their respect for her.

The crime rate has been low since the death of the 'Queen', since nobody could make deals and a lot of people was still a bit sad of her death.

And for Phoenix he was still depressed over his mother's death. And who could blame? He's still a kid, and now he's got to learn how the family business works and fast. Luckily for him, Kevin and Ridley took him under their wings, since they were still a sort of family to each other. Thanks to them, Phoenix started to give the family business a try with the help of Kevin and Ridley guiding him.

Things slowly started to get back on tracks for the Nightingale name and started to earn the name 'The Prince of Crimes' or 'The Prince' as in memory of his mother. He's now 20 years old, and he learned how to manage the family business. (City) has turned back to normal before the death of Elizabeth Nightingale, but not forgotten. Because each year, on the day when 'The Queen' died, the Spider's Web would celebrate in memory of her.

The Spider's Web is a bar in the darker part of Heartwell where all kinds of criminals would relax, have a drink or do business with each other. And of course, 'The Queen' was a famous regular there, and so is 'The Prince' now.

The family tradition went great for Phoenix, but what he did add to the tradition from time to time is for specific information about the victims, since depending on the jobs, he doesn't like to leave things messy.

We're telling you this, because the legend of the remaining Nightingale still continues to this day. And this is the story about 'The Prince of Crimes'.

The Prince of Crimes (Prologue)
Hi everyone! Here's another story I'm going to try and work on.

I'm going to try and make this a mafia kind of story, so wish me luck, and opinions are always welcome!

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FWDF cover v2 by TheCreator7777

All kind of Grimms were crawling out of their black pools where they are born from. From the simple Beowulf, to the Griffons, and on a very rare occasion, a dragon. Through the dead field of violet crystals was Salem's castle and from one of large windows that looks to the vied, was the pale lady herself.

Salem was thinking about different ways to beat her husband from this life long game they play. This has been going on for centuries, and it's something for them to pass the time.

"*Sigh* My dear wizard, how do I miss you at times. And I miss you as well, by colorful daughter," said Salem as she looks down at her family picture from so long ago.

In the picture, was Salem, Ozpin with a very different appearance at the time, and her daughter.

Before Salem could start recollecting about her past, someone barged into her room. She puts her family portrait away and turn to face to see who dared enter her room unannounced. To her surprise, it was Cinder's followers, both of them looks like they've been running for their lives.

"Now, what brings you two here?" Salem asked in almost a threatening tone.

"Miss Salem, Cinder has been kidnapped!" said Emerald in a distressed tone.

"What!? By who?" Salem asked.

"We don't know. He wore a long white coat with a tall white top hat," Mercury explained.

"The person just appeared, trapped Cinder in a magical cage and disappeared," Emerald explained.

The description that they gave her made her eyes go wide. There was only one person that had that description, but he disappeared centuries ago. But if it's the same person that Cinder's followers describe and the one that she knew, then it means that there is a lot of danger coming to Remnant.

"We need to go," said Salem in a serious tone.

"What about Cinder!?" Emerald asked in an almost desperate tone.

"We'll get her in time, but now we need to talk to someone who I wished that we didn't have to," said Salem, lying about the last part.

"What are you talking about?" Mercury asked.

"We need to talk to Ozpin," she simply explained.

"What!?" both of them said at the same time.

"Why do we need to talk to him!? He's our enemy!" said Emerald.

"Because if the person you described is the one I'm thinking off, them we were in true trouble," she explained in a serious tone.

"Is the person who kidnapped Cinder that bad?" Mercury asked.

"I... don't want to know what he would be capable of. And that's what scares me the most," she explained.

Salem started to create a portal that leads towards Beacon Tower. As she and Cinder's follower enters the portal, they arrived at Ozpin's office, but apparently he was in a meeting with Qrow, James, Winter, Penny, and Team RWBY and JNPR.

All the adults took out their weapons, while the two young groups took a step back in fear by Salem's appearance.

"Everyone! Calm down!" Ozpin screamed, getting everyone out guard.

Ozpin stands up from his desk and walks towards Salem, with an angry look on his face, but she knew that it was an act that they needed to put on in front of everyone.

"Salem, what do I own this... visit?" Ozpin asked in an stern and serious tone.

"You know as well as I do that I would love to destroy you and everything you hold dear, but we might have a big problem in our hands. 'He' might be back," said Salem in an equal tone of seriousness.

When Ozpin hear that 'he' might be back, his eyes widened.

"Are you sure that he is back?" Ozpin asked in a shocked tone.

"The description that they gave me was the only match that I can come up with. He also kidnapped *leans closer to him* the living half of the current Fall maiden," she explained.

Now, Ozpin is very worried as it was clearly shown by his expression.

"Ozpin! Why are you talking to her!? And who is this person that the both of you are talking about?" James asked in an angry tone.

"That would be me," said a new voice in the room.

Everyone got scarred as they tried to find the source of the mysterious voice. Suddenly, Cinder appeared out of thin air in a colorful floating cage.

"Cinder!" Emerald screamed as she sees her stuck in midair.

Moments later, another figure appeared. This figure wore a long white cape that's wrapped around his body and fades from white to a warm pink color, and then to a dark blue color, a tall white top hat with a marine blue band on it. His skin is dark blue, and his coat covers most of his body. In his hand was a cane with a blue diamond shaped gem at the end of it.

"Bleck! Your Maiden has been taken... by Count Bleck," said the mysterious individual.

"You..." said Ozpin in disbelieve.

He tips his had to everyone.

"The chosen executor of the Dark Prognosticus... is Count Bleck! The fine fellow prophesied to come to this dimension... is also Count Bleck," he said in a menacing tone.

"I'll tell you who doesn't make even a little bit of sense... Count Bleck!" Qrow mocked.

"Release Cinder, right now!" said Mercury.

"Count Bleck says NEVER! This Maiden is integral to fulfilling the prophecies... She will be brought to Castle Bleck and used to destroy all worlds... by Count Bleck!" he explained.

Everyone in the room grew tense as they hear him explain what he's planned to do.

"Destroy all worlds!?" Yang asked in shock.

Before anybody could react, Ruby sprinted towards the count with the help of her semblance and readied her scythe to slice him. But when she was close to him, she got stopped by a force field around him, making Ruby fall to the ground. She looks up to him in fear, worried about what she was going to do.

"Pathetic," He simply responded.

He pointed his cane towards her and the blue gem at the end of it started to turn black as electricity sparks started to fly off. But before Ozpin could react on defending Ruby, he shot a black orb with electricity around it from his cane, hitting Ruby at point blank range, destroying her aura completely in the process. She let's out a cry of pain as she fells to the floor unconscious.

"Ruby!" Yang and Qrow screamed as she ran towards her wounded sister.

"This little girl deserves ridicule... weaklings cannot face Count Bleck!" he said as he looks around the room with a disappointing look on his face.

"Hey! Free the girl and surrender now, or else we're force to attack you!" said James in an threatening tone.

Everyone pulled out their weapons and got in a fighting stance. The first ones to attack was the remaining member of team RWBY, but they quickly met the same fate as Ruby, lying on the ground in pain. Before anyone could make their next move, Count Bleck started to speak again.

"Bleh heh heh heh heh... Your Maiden shall NOT be returned... by Count Bleck. In fact, Qrow, royal assistant of the foolish wizard and unfortunate bringer of misfortune... Count Bleck will take you, too!"

Count Bleck opens his long coat, revealing that he has no lower body, but also that the inside of his cape has imageries of constellations in it. Soon, glyph patterns started to form inside his cape and everyone started to get the feeling to be pulled towards him. The force was so great at one point that they started to fly in to his cape where they got sucked in.

Jaune, Penny, Nora, Winter, Qrow, Emerald, almost everyone got sucked in. The only ones who weren't pulled in by Count Bleck's force was Ozpin, Salem, and the unconscious Team RWBY.

"BLEH HEH HEH HEH! BLECK!" Count Bleck laughed manically.

"Bring them back! Now!" Salem demanded.

"Count Bleck says... Never! Not after what you two have done to Count Bleck," he said in a serious tone.

"We couldn't do much! You have to believe us!" said Ozpin in a desperate tone.

"Lies! You could've done anything to save her. But all you did was forced Count Bleck to go away, while the both of you did nothing! Count Bleck hopes that you are happy with your choices, because this is the result of it!" he said as he aimed his cane towards the two and casted another black orb towards the two, knocking them out.

Once Ozpin and Salem fell to the ground, Count Bleck closes his eyes as he teleports to his castle.


"Ooh... W-where... What happened to me... What is this place?" Cinder asked to herself as she slowly gain consciousness.

"Bleh heh heh heh heh... Oh, you're awake, maiden!" said a voice that sounded familiar to her.

Cinder opens her eyes and saw Count Bleck in front of her. She then looks around and saw Qrow barely waking up himself. What caught her off guard was that he was wearing a fancy white tuxedo. As she looks down on herself, she saw that she was wearing an elegant white wedding dress. She looks around and saw that she was in some sort of chapel.

Cheers and howls can be heard from below them. Both Qrow and Cinder looks down and saw all kinds of minions, but what caught their attention the most was that there were creatures of Grimm mixed into the crowd. But these Grimms have purple eyes and markings instead of the usual red ones.

"What's going on here?!" Cinder asked in shock, and a slight hint of rage.

Suddenly, a new figure appeared. A small woman compared to the Count. Her skin was a lighter tone of dark blue, with pink hair wrapped up in a bun. She wore a white blouse, short grey shorts, and long white boots and has a pair of orange glasses covering her eyes. This is Count Bleck's secretary of sorts.

"Count! Yeah, um 'k, so preparations are complete..." said Nastasia, adjusting her glasses.

The Count turns to face his assistance.

"Mmm... Then it shall be begun... by Count Bleck!" He said while Nastasia nodded in agreement.

The Count turns to face Qrow as his expression shows fear.

"Qrow Branwen, loyal follower of the Wizard and unfortunate bringer of misfortune, do you take Cinder Fall as your lawfully wedded wife 'till your life be over?" asked Count Bleck.

"What!? Hell no! I'm not going marry one of Salem's insane followers!" Qrow responded.

"Fuck no! Now, you will explain to me what is going on, RIGHT NOW!" said Cinder demanding answers.

"Bleh heh heh heh heh... Is it not obvious? This is your wedding, Maiden!" Count Bleck responded in almost a matter of fact tone.

"But... why in the world am I marrying Qrow!?" Cinder complained.

"You're not the only one complaining, Cinder. I don't want this either!" said Qrow.

"Get me out immediately," said Cinder creating a ball of fire.

Before Qrow or Cinder could attack Count Bleck, they suddenly got struck down by some sort of red energy and both of them fell to their knees.

"Yeah, um, being rude to the esteemed count is sort of fronwed on, 'k? So, yeah, Qrow Branwen, I'm going to need both of you to answer the count now... Do you, Qrow Branwen, take Cinder to be your wedded wife till your life be over?" Nastasia asked.

"Uhn... nuh... no..." Qrow managed to respond.

"Gee... you sure are a fighter. But yeah, no one withstands my super-hypnosis, sorry. 'I do.' Say it, 'k?" said Nastasia as she sent another shock of her hypnoses to both him and Cinder.

"... I... I... do..." said Qrow, fighting agaisnt his words.

"Excelent! Now, do you, Cinder Fall, royal follower of Salem and the current living Fall Maiden, do you take Qrow Branwen as your lawfully wedded husband 'till your life be over?" Count Bleck asked.

"...I... do..." said Cinder, struggling to fight her words as well.

Just as she said that, the pedestal that was in between the four of them started to glow as the ground was shaking violently.

While the castle was shaking heavily, Winter, Penny and James regained consciousness as they saw what was happening at the top of the stairs where the chapel is.

"Is that... Qrow!?" Winter said as they noticed what was happening.

"Penny, get your swords out!" James commanded.

"Understood," said Penny as her swords gets deployed.

"We need to get up there, fast!" said Winter.

From the glowing pedestal, something dark started to rise from it. The Chaos Heart. It's radiating a dark aura from it and Count Bleck could feel it calling to him, as he's starting to laugh maniacally. Winter summoned a launch glyph. Winter, James and Penny jumped on the glyph and flew towards the chapel.

"BLEH HEH HEH HEH! BLECK! Yes, all precisely as written in the Dark Prognosticus! Already it is unleashed! The Chaos Heart!!" said count Bleck as he continued to laugh.

"Oh, yeah, um, congratulations, Count..." said Nastasia.

"Stop right there!" said two voices that were quickly approaching.

Suddenly, James, Winter and Penny landed at the chapel, in front of Count Bleck and the newly born Chaos Heart.

"And just who are you... Asked Count Bleck," he asked.

"We are the ones who's going to stop you! Do it, Penny!" Winter commanded.

Penny nodded as she brought her swords in front of her as and started to charge energy.

"Yeah, I'm gonna need you to stop right this second, 'k? If you interrupt this now..." Nastasia started to say, but before she could finish her sentence, Penny shot her powerful energy beam towards Count Bleck and the black heart.

When the impact took place, Nastasia had a panicked look on her face. The energy beam hits the heart, but it doesn't travel through. Instead, the Chaos Heart absorbed all the energy and leat out a blinding light. As the bright light faded, we can see the Chaos Heart up high in the air, away from the chapel. Moments later, Count Bleck teleported in behind the black heart, and he brought the Dark Prognosticus as well, floating beside him. Nastasia quickly teleported to Count Bleck's side as well.

"Um, yeah, so are you all right, Count?" Nastasia asked in a worried, but serious tone.

"Fools... Pointless acts like these will earn you only pain... from Count Bleck! Very well. As the Chaos Heart is secured., this ragtag group now lacks use," he commented.

"Um, so, yeah, Count... This means you may turn to a new page of dark prophecies..." said Nastasia.

Count Bleck opens his arms wide as well as his cape.

"Open your mouth, darkness! Consume everything and destroy all worlds, as told in the prophecy! BLECK!"

The Chaos Heart heard his command and started to shine brightly, blinding everyone once more.

Hi everyone! As you all know, 'The Rose to my Nightmare is over, and I want to start a new one. A fair warning, I'm finally back to study something, but that will also mean that stories will come out only during the weekends.

Now that that's over I'm going to lay out my options and please, leave a comment on which one you wish to come next.:

A/N: If this story wins, then there is a change that I will do this story with robbiewazup from Wattpad. The same person who wrote 'Rising From The Ice' and 'A Good Man's Patience'.

-Playing Both Sides Of The Coin

After the 'Fall of Beacon' things has turned for the worse at fall. Cinder and her gang took over Vale and became criminal paradise, with them ruling it. But that's not the worst part. Most, if not all of the students who tried to evacuate durring the fall has been captured and has been used for slave trading.

But one group has it worse that others. This team was Team RWBY, and they have been tortured, starved, and so much more that no one should suffer through.

Although that's not the only thing that changed. Someone new joined the group. Someone who has a lot more secrets to protect under the eyes of evil.

A/N: This next one is one of the stories I want to make an original one, and that's also why it's going to be the original description. But I can give it a RWBY twist to it, just say it in the comment which version you guys want.

-The Prince of Crimes

Elizabeth Nightingalewas knows as the Queen of Crimes. Everyone knew her and feared her,because she basically ruled over eveyone and everything. Until shedied from cancer, leaving everything she owned to her son, PhoenixNightingale.

Phoenix, now knows as thePrince of Crimes, will continue his mother's legacy over the citywith the help of his mothers' closest partners in crime, but whatwill happen if someone catches his attention? Will things change forthe better or will things take a turn for the worst.

A/N: In all honestly, I hope that this wins, because this is going to be a crossover with RWBY and the old game, Super Paper Mario. The one where all the worlds comes to an end. And I still need to decided on the name.

-Fate Worth Dying For / TheVoid is where the Heart Lies / The True Prophesy 

Count Bleck was once a trustful friend of Ozpin, but his friend shipwas broken when he found out that his loved one, Timpani, daughter of Ozpin and Salem was forced to breakup with him and even forced to forget him thanks to Ozpin. What broke Bleck more was the moment that she died, but was reincarnated without him knowing.

Centuries goes by and Count Bleck finally had enough. He wants to end the world, thinking that this world is not worth living anymore. So him, and his friends created a force that not even they could stop.

Let me know which one you wish to read next.


TheCreator7777's Profile Picture
My hobby is writing, origami and I'm learning to paint. I like to write every so often and I wrote a book. The Dark Side of the Light. it will be the first thing I upload on my DeviantArt page.

After I'm done uploading my book, I would like to take request from the people that are reading my stories.


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