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Fate Worth Dying For (Flipside 1)
"... ... ... ... Moth... ... ... ather... ... ... ... ... Mother and father, please wake up."
That's the voice that both Salem and Ozpin heard as they slowly started to gain consciousness. Once they opened their eyes, they were met with a little digital looking rainbow butterfly.
"T-Tippi? Is that you?" Salem asked as she gained consciousness.
"Yes mother. It's me. I hope d that I wasn't too late reaching you guys, but it seams that I'm too late," said Tippi as she looks around the room.
Ozpin looks around the room and he saw that only team RWBY remained in their company, but they started to gain consciousness as well.
"Ow... what happened?" Ruby asked.
"Well, I believe you tried to fight someone blindly without any fighting coordination," said Weiss.
"Where is everybody?" Blake asked.
"They've been kidnapped," said Salem in a solemn tone.
"What!?" said Yang in shock.
"We're all that remained," said Ozpin.
"Hmm... there still might be hope. But all of you need to come with me," said th
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The Rose To My Nightmare (Epilogue)
Some time has gone by since that mission on Mountain Glenn and a lot of things have happened since then. The first of many was about Emerald.
Everyone didn't exactly welcome her with open arms at first, since she tried to kill Ruby and Yang along with Cinder, Mercury and Tai. But after Nemesis explained the situation to the rest of the group, they started to forgive her. The first ones who forgave her was Ruby and Yang, surprisingly, saying that she understood that she was simply following orders by someone who though of her as someone dear.
The next big change was from Raven. She explained to the Rose and Branwen family why she returned to them. Basically, after Qrow shower her the picture of the decapitated Salem, she explained to the tribe that she decided to leave and start living her own life and try fixing some of her mistakes from her past, beginning with her daughter that she abandoned so long ago. Although Yang was hesitant at first, she was happy to have her real mother back.
:iconthecreator7777:TheCreator7777 0 2
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The sound of the rain can heard the bullhead through the night. Inside the flying vehicle, was two people boarded. The air inside is dark and depresing, for a good reason too since inside was a black hairded man with dark purple eyes, wearing a purple suit similar as his eyes. This is Wesley Geant, a very well known slave trafficker, he just required a new slave and is brining her to a client named Cole.

The woman is awake, but her head is wrapped in a bag. She has no idea where she was going, but she doesn't care anymore either. For you see, this girl is named Emerald Sutrai. She's tied up, but she doesn't care after what happened to her.

"Stay awake, you useless slut!" said Wesley, roughtly pushing her.

"I am," said Emerald in an emotionaless and muffled voice.

"Good. What is thaking so fucking long!?" said Wesley in an frustrated tone.

Emerald can hear him stand up and started to walk towards the front of the Bullhead. The footsteps soon faded, leaving Emerald alone, just like she was in the beginning. And in all honestly, she wished that she never met Cinder.

She snaps back to reality as she feels the plane shakes violently, but that's not the only sound that she can hear a sort of distortion sound.

"What the hell is that!?" screamed Wesley in the distance.

Before Emerald could question what was going on, the place was hit by some unknown force, causing her to fall to the floor of the Bullhead.

"Seeing is believing. And what you're about to see, will be the last thing you'll see before I'll rid you from this world," said a new low voice that came from nowhere.

The Bullhead started to quickly fall towards the ground. While the flying vehicle was quickly approaching the ground, Emerald could hear footsteps walking closer to her, but was also panicking that she might die from the crash.

"And what do we have here? A poor soul who has been betrayed and used by the one she cared for.. I won't let you suffer like I did," said the heavy voice.

Emerald continued to struggle to break free from her bonds, but she started to float in the air thanks to a red aura around her. She could hear the sound of metal bending to the point where it breaks and the air preasure dropping and pulling everything outside, except for the mysterious figure and Emerald. Then mystery figure started to walk towards the hole he just made and simply walks out, only to end up floating like Emerald surrounded by a red aura.

Emerald can hear the Bullhead getting further and further away from where she was, and eventually crash on the ground and explode. Emerald has stopped squirming to get free drom her bound as she can feel the air gently hit her from below, meaning that they are decending.

"Allow me to free you from those anoying bonds that you have wrapped around your hands and feet," said the low voice as he everlossly cut through them like a hot knife through butter and lastly, removed the bag that was wrapped around her head.

As Emerald opens her eyes, she was met with a metal mask, long jackel like ears with black and white circle pattern on it, a black lightning bolt covering his right eye while his left eye is visible but his iris is pircing yellow with a bright red sclera. He has long white hair, black shirt and jack with white marks on it, long black jeans, black boots with steall noses, but what caught her attention was a long black furry tail with white fur at the end of it and the big red triangular gem embaded on his chest. His appearance alone was already intimidating.

"Tell me, are you feeling alright?" he asked in his deep voice.

"E-eh... I-I'm fine... Thank you. What... What is your name?" Emerald hesitantly asked as she snaps back to reality.

"You may call me Infinte. And what would your name be?" Infinite asked curiously.

"M-my name i-is Emerald," she said in a nervous tone.

"There's no need to be afraid of my appearance, my little green gemstone. Now tell me, why was a poor soul like yours, hurt the cruelty of this world, bound in a bullhead with a man, who's inpaled and buried under the debris of the Bullhead, that is knows for transporting slaves?" Infinite asked in a curious tone.

Emerald is a bit surprised by the way he speaks, but... she also looks away, feeling very uncomfortable to talk.

"I see... Well, there's no need to talk about, but I do think that we should talk about where we are right now. Do you have any ideas where we are located?" Infinite asked.

"I-I was going to be sent towards A-Atlas, so my best guess t-that we're somewhere i-in between Atlas and Mistral..." Emerald responded.

"You are correct. We're located at the Northen side of Mistral, far from any civilisation, though strong predators do roam around these lands, they are mere ants compared to my power. It would be wise if you stick close to my side," Infinite explained.

"A-alright," Emerald responded nervously.

Infinite tilted his head slightly sideways, almost in an confused maner, but he just shook his head.

"Tell me, my little gemstone, do you have any destination in mind that you wish to see?" Infinite asked.

"I see... Then maybe it's for the best if we take camp before it get's dark. And idealy far away from the crashsite in case some people want to investiate," said Infinite to himself as he looks down a the ground.

He then lifted his head back up and looked towards Emerald as he pointed his arm towards her, scaring her a little bit, before a red aura surrounded her again as the same distortion sound came from the triangular gem on his chest as it started to shine brightly. He slowly brough his arm higher up and Emerald started to float again as he started to float as well.

The two of them quickly left the area and flew away to another location.

-Hours later, somewhere in the lands between Vale and Vacuo, Infinite's POV-

After hours of quickly flying through the lands and seas of Remnant, we arrived at, what I call, my 'home'. We land in front of the semi-destroyed and overgrown building.

"What... what is this place?" Emerald asked as she observes the giant runned down building.

"This is the place I was 'created'. This was once a militari and research base, but I killed everyone like the pathetic ants they were," I responded as I walk towards the building.

Emerald quickly followed me inside the building, very warry by the decaying walls, ceillings and by the plants growing from all kinds of corners.

"The light and plumbing still works if you were wondering," I said to her.

"Th-thanks for telling me that, but that wasn't what I had in mind..." she said shy.

"And what is it that does bother your mind?" I asked in a neutral tone.

"I... I was... I was just wondering what you're planning to do with me," said Emerald, her voice slowly getting quieter and quieter.

I stopped on my track, thinking what I am going to do to her. As of right now, she's just a little plaything that I safed from a terrible safe owner.

"We'll see what I can come up as time goes by. As for now, I'll be at the laboratory if you need something. Feel free to explore," I said as I teleport towards the laboratory.

Inside the laboratory was a mess, not that I cared. Tables were destroyed or flipped over, documents were everywhere and all kind of equipments were broken or scattered on the ground. I floated over the mess that I created years ago and went towards the computer and started to read some of the reaserch files that the scientist made about me and the Phantom Ruby.

'What am I going to do with this little green gemstone that I found?' I though to myself, trying to come up with an answer.

-Night time, Emerald's Pov-

The sun has just set and I was still wondering around these halls. I'm still nervous for what Infinite has planned for me, even if he saved me from a life as a slave, it just feels like I still am one, just stuck in a bigger cage. I snap back to reality as I feel my stomach growl.

"*Sigh* As much as I don't want to, I'll have to find that peculiar jackal faunas and see if there's food here," I said to myself.

"That's the nicest description about myself that I've heard in ages," said a deep voice behind me.

I froze in fear, no knowing what to do or even say.

"There's no need to be afraid, you are more than free to speak your mind, even if it's about me," said Infinite as he came floating into my view.

Before I could respond, my stomach growld again. I quickly coverd my stomach with my arms in embarasment.

"I see that I've come just in time. Follow me towards the canteen, there you can eat all that you want," said Infinite as he started to fly towards the canteen.

I started to follow him, although I was a bit confused by what he meant with 'eat all that you want'. I mean, he told me that this place has practically been neglected and pretty much killed everyone in it. So, I'm very curious what he mean.

I soon found the entrance to the canteen, but before I could open the door, I got startled my that loud distortion sound again and took a couple of steps back. I take a closer look at the door and saw that the door was glitching in and out as the same red aura started to surround it.

"What... is Infinite's doing!?" I asked in a panicked tone.

"No need to be afraid, little gemstone. This is just my powers at work. It's completely safe to enter," said Infinite from the other side of the door.

I nervously walked closer towards the door, and the moment I toched the doornob, I feel a jolt of statik electricity traveking thorugh my body. I did managed to open the door and was met with a room that didn't fit with the rest of the building. Inside was a dinning room that you would probably see inside the Schnee Mansion, but with a lot more color than just white and blue.

"Well? What are you waiting for, little gemstone? Have a seat," said Infinite, waiting patiently at his seat.

-Infinite's Pov-

I created multiple silver platers on the table, and look back at Emerald only to find that she was still standing at the doorframe, with a confused and worried expresion. Now, I can understand the confusion from my powers, but not the worried part. I guess who ever back stabbed her was probably someone important to her and scarred her as a result.

"Is there something the matter, Emerald?" I asked, bringing her back to reality.

"O-oh, it's... it's nothing," she said, avoiding eye contact as she takes a seat two chairs away from me.

"Allow me to take a guess. You think that all of this is too good to be true? That I might have an ill intention towards you?" I asked.

Emerald tensed up by my question, meaning that I'm right.

"*Sigh* Emerald, I told you that there's nothing to be afraid of if you're around me. I will protect you from anything that wish to harm you," I said as I stand up from my chair and make my way towards her.

"I-I know that you said that, b-but the last person that said that to me sold me as a slave. And that person was very dear to me..." Emerald explained.

"I see... Maybe it would help for you to see that were not that different from each other if I told you my story. Who I was before I turned into Infinite. But while I explain, you're free to eat what ever you like," I said as I brought one of the silver platters infront of her and opened it, revealing a big, perfectly cooked piece of steak with some vegetables on the side.

Emerald looked surprised to see such a dish served in front of as her mouth started to water.

'Yeah, that should fill her up. God knows what that slave trader fed her,' I thought as I created a glass of wine, creating more distortion sounds in the process.

I look back at Emerald and saw that she was eating the steak, and let out a chuckle.

"Emerald, you and I aren't that different. The both of us were sold off as slaves by someone dear to us," I said as I took off my metal mask and started drinking the wine.

-Emerald's Pov-

As I was eating the steak, I listened to what Infinite said, but once he said that the both of us were sold off like slave, I turn my head towards where he was sitting and saw that he took off his mask. He has a large scar across his left eye, but what caught my attention was his eyes. While the bright yellow eye that could be see through is mask is actually bright yellow, his other eye is a light blue color. But behind those eyes, they held pain, hatred, but also a carefree spirit and gentleness to it.

"I was born into a abusive family since I was born a faunas while the rest of my family were humans, I guess that also says a lot about mother back then, but I was just their slave and stress reliver. Once money was tight, my dear sister though that it was a good idea to sell her worthless brother," he explained.

He takes another sip from his wine as he look towards the ceiling.

"I was then sold to a drunk idiot who would often throw beer bottles at me. Though he wasn't as bad as you would think. He had a training room that he never used, so I took my oportunuty and use it. But I also decided to finish his misireble life, so I took one of the more heavy weights and smashed his head with it when he was asleep. *Chuckles darkly* He deserved after giving me the scar on the eye," Infinite explained.

He takes another sip from his wine while I take another bite from the steak. But... throughout his story, I'm starting to feel sorry for him. He's been through so much more in such a young age compared to me.

"Once I killed him, I grab what I could as for lien and ran away, but as luck would have it.. I was soon kidnaped by a scientist and injected with a tranquilizer. The next thing I knew, I woke up in this very base where they did all kind of experiments. And I mean all kinds, from Grimms, to criminals, bystanders, faunas and kids," Infinite explained.

"What... what happened to you then?" I asked hesitantly.

"I'm glad you asked, little gemstone. What the scientists had in mind for me was a special and dangerous experiment. They started to experiment with the 'Phantom Ruby', the very gem that's implanted in my chest. It can't be removed, not that it matters anyway, this gem is my source of power. With this, I can basically do anything that I so desires. Even if it costed me my aura, it was a price I paid for," said Infinite as he touches the red and purple gem.

"So... once you learned about it's power..." I started saying

"I started to masacre everyone that worked in this base, along with the criminals, and freed everyone that was inprisoned here," said Infinite, finishing his glass of wine.

Silence started to form in the room.

"You've been through so much compared to what Cinder did to me," I said as I look down.

"Cinder? As in... Cinder Fall?" Infinite asked as he look towards me with a curious expresion.

"Yes?" I responded in confusion.

'How do you know her name?' I though to myself.

Infinite started to chuckle to himself, but quickly escalated to a dark and maniacle laughter. After a couple of minutes, his calmed down a bit.

"Oh's been ages since I laughed so hard," said Infinite as grabs his mask and put it back on.

"Why did you laugh when you heard that name?" I asked in a confused tone.

"That's because, my little gemstone, you were betreyed by the same person that sold be off so many years ago," said Infinite, letting a chuckle escape every once in a while.

When he said that, I was shocked to hear that, in front of me, is basically Cinder's brother.

"*Chuckles* Tell me, how is my dear 'sister' doing? Has she lost her mind yet?" Infintie asked in a calm tone.

"Well... she basically turned into a megalomaniac, always looking for way to get stronger," I explained.

"Yeah, I'm not surprised. She was usually the more brutal one when I she was abusing me," Infinite said.

"I don't get you," I said, accidentally out loud.

"No, wait! I didn't-" I started to say in a panic.

"What is it that you don't understand?" he asked calmly.

"W-well... how are you so calm after everything that happened to you?" I asked.

"There's no point in plotting revenge in my point of view. Vengence is just a poison that nobody really benefits from. What they did was terrible, true, but I was never really a part of that family to begin with. Now that said, I probably won't hesitate in torturing them or out right kill them. Anyway, I'm going to rest. The bedroom in the best condition is in the basement, close to the testing area," he explained as he stands up and started to walk away.

And so, I was alone in this dyining room and I don't know what to do anymore. Who would? I just learned that this person apperently is the brother from a person I used to care for in the past. She sold her own brother and now she sold me like I was now nothing. I... I think I need to get some sleep after I'm done eating.

-Infinite's Pov-

"So... Cinder is power hungry. I guess it's only a matter of time before she comes and find me. *Chuckles* Oh boy, she's going to have an unpleasent surprise if she does find me," I said to myself as I created a red cube to play in my hands.

I teleported towards the roof of the building and look at the shattered moon. I sit down at the edge of the building, letting my legs hanging down and still playing with the red cube in my hands.

"I guess the both of us might be broken, but still strong enough to continue forwards," I said outloud as I formed a small melancolic smile under my mask.

-2 months later-

As time goes on, Emerald slowly started to get attached towards the masked jackel faunas. He's been treating her kindly and he even protected her from the occation Grimm invasion. She has also been training with Infinite, although his fighting methods is... very unpredictable. But it helped her how to fight with a lot of improvisation and also using her own semblance agaisnt him, which fooled him a couple of times, but quickly learned to counter her semblance.

"You are doing great, little gemstone," said Infinite as he's sending all kinds of different attacks towards Emerald.

As of right now, Infinite is messing around with gravity while Emerald is trying to land at least one hit on him. Emeralds running towards him on the ceiling with her weapons, that Infinite recreated for her, and once she was closem she used the sickles of her weapon to hit him. Only for him to change gravity sideways. Infinite was about to kick Emerald from her failed attack only to see that his leg went straight thorugh her.

"I got to admid Emerald, that using your semblance like is to fool me around is impresive, although..." Infinite started to say as he dodges some incoming bullets.

"You should be faster with those attacks while I was under it's control," he said, while creating a red cube and throw where the bullets came from.

He started to float towards where Emerald was and saw her agaisnt the was, groaning in pain. Infinite floated towards her and lifted her up bridal style before changing the gravity back to normal and deactivating the Phatom Ruby.

"You did well today, Emerald. I'd suggest to be always on the move," said Infinite as he carries her towards the medical bay of the base.

"Ugh... those cubes of yours hit hard. I thought you said that you would go easy on me," Emerald complained.

"Believe me, those cubes hitting someone or something alone is the weakest attack. I can create and army if I wanted to do my attacks. Hell, I even created a very small version of the Sun and let it collide in the vast dessert of Vacuo. They said that it was the warmest summer that Vacuo ever got," Infinite explained as he let's out a chuckle.

"You were the one that caused that?" Emerald asked with a hit of disbelieve.

"If I can flip gravity around, should you be surprised if I can do so much more destructive things?" Infinite asked with a hint of sarcasm.

"I... guess not," she responded.

Infinite open the door and entered the medical bay, he goes to the nearest medical bed that's intact and gently put her on it. Before he could use his aura to heal Emerald's wound, the entire building trembled and the roars of multiple Grimms can be heard.

"That's not good," said Infinite in a serious tone.

He walks towards one of the window and saw the entire front side of the building is surrounded by Grimm, but what caught his attention was that there were two people infront of the hoard of Grimm. One male, one female. Interestingly enough, Infinite recognized the woman as Cinder Fall. His 'sister', with what looked like a Grimm arm.

"I have a question, little gemstone. How far did Cinder go to obtain any sort of power to get stronger?" Infinite asked curiously.

"She went as far as go and ask for help from the queen of Grimm. She's here, isn't she?" Emerald asked with a hint of dread in her voice.

"She is. Don't worry, I'll take care of her, just stay here and be careful," said Infinite as he grabs his mask and walks towards the roof of the building.

-Infinites' Pov-

"And what do we have here? A woman that hungers for power, a man with his legs, and they brought a hoard of souless animales. It's as if the freak circus has arrived at my doorstep," I said in a neutral voice as I floated in front of my base.

Cinder and her... 'servant' look towards the source of my voice. Once they noticed me, the male has a nervous expresion, probaly from my mask and the intimidading red aura around me. But for Cinder, she has a surprised expression, but I can tell that she's trying to figure me out.

"Tell me why you insignificant insects are here?" I asked, my voice slowly become more serious as I slowly decended to the ground.

"Greetings, Infinite is it? I came here to make a deal with you," said Cinder.

"Then you're just waisting your time. There's nothing in this world I desire or need. So I'll ask this only once, leave my property and don't return," I responded in a serious tone as I started to levitate again.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," said the male companion.

"I don't care about the opinion of a rat," I responded in a menecing tone.

"Then you'll come with us by force," said Cinder.

Cinder the attempted to grab me with her Grimm arm, but before she could grab be, I releashed a big energy bubble from the Phantom Ruby. Everything turned into a shade of red while the loud distortion sound generes from the gem in my chest.

"You should've taken the chance to leave when you had it," I started as I turn my head so that they can see my yellow eye, "Fine, I will teach you fear, then pain. And then... well, at least the fear and pain will end," I said as I smiled sinisterly under my mask.

I summoned rows and rows of plasma cannons from my cubes and fired them, destroyed all the creatures of Grimm that they had for backup. Once they were done fireing, I elimaneted the cannons and summoned clones of myself, but more of a monster version of myself.

"Take care of them," I said in a monotone voice.

I flew up high and watch them fight. Cinder was doing well, using her fire abilites, but the gray haired man is struggling to fight my creations. This went on for several minutes until they slowy started to get tired. I decided to mess with Cinder's mind. I started to chuckle evily as I started to create a copy of myself when I was still a kid.

-Cinder's Pov-

I was hoping that this Infinite fellow would've cooperated, if not steal his power. But we greatly underestimated him. He wipped the army of Grimm in literal seconds and now he summoned his own army. Although they were easely defeated, there were too many of them to make amy real process.

"Things could have been very different, you know," said a voice behind me.

These Infinite look-a-likes stopped attacking me and started to focus more on Mercury. I was about to try and help him.

"Then again, you never really cared for me," said the voice again.

I created a sword again and quickly turned around and swing it. The blade hit the target, but I never expected to see who was at the end of it. It was Zero, my brother. I let go of the sword in shock.

'How!? How is he here!? How the fuck is he even alive!?' I though as I started to panic.

Zero looks down to the sword that was inpaled in him, then back to me.

"I guess nothing has changed at all. Then again, you made the same choice not so long ago. And she trusted you," he said in a monotone voice.

"What- *grunt* what are they talking about!?" said Mercury.

I look over at Mercury and saw that he was struggling badly, but I can also hear what the Infinite monsters were saying.

'She'll betray you like she did to Emerald.' 'She's responsible for this.' 'She sold Em like a slave.' And so much more, and it was driving him crazy.

"This could've been different if you even tried to help me, and now look at the path you have chosen," said Zero.

I started to get stressed from all the things that happening to the point I started to hyperfentilate. I can feel the maiden's power building up in me. I let out a scream as loud as me lungs could bare as I releashed a giant fire blast all around me.

-Infinite's Base, After the blast-

The fire blast didn't cause any realy damage at the abandoned base aside from causing a forest fire, which is taken care of thanks to Infinite's Phantom Ruby creating a giant rain cloud above them. At the epicenter of the blast was Cinder, breathing heavily and exhausted.

She looks up and saw that none of the Infinite monsters were left. She lets out a sigh of releave as she slowly turns her head to face where Mercury was, but all that she saw was a burned courpse. She's speechless to say the least.

"I... I guess once I'm out of here... I'll need to look... for some new henchmen," she said in between heavy breaths.

"Still thrashing around, I see, you filthy, little sewer rat."

The moment Cinder heard his voice, she froze in place, afraid what he could do to her.

"And I guess you really don't care about those close to you. That explains a fair amount about you, but what's that I smell? You reek of fear. Glad to see I left an impression," said Infinite as he levitated infront of her.

Cinder is afraid, and for a good reason too. If he brought her to use such a large amount of energy at once from an indirect attack, then what is he truelly capable of if he actually put effort in the fight.

"*Chuckles darkly* Every action has it's concequences Cinder. And you made quite a lot of grave mistake to get where you are now. Isn't that right, my little gemstone?" said Infinite as a pair of footsteps started to approach them.

Cinder looked towards the source of the footsteps, but was shocked to find Emerald walkting towards them, her weapons in hand and ready to use.

"E-Emerald?!" Cinder asked in shock.

Infinte lands to the ground and stood next to Emerald.

"I saved this little gemstone from a well known slave trafficker, to which I had the pleasure take his life, and took her under my wings," Infinite explained.

"But you know, Cinder. I wouldn't concider this the worst part. No, I think the worst part would be learning who Infintie actually is," said Emerald in almost an evil tone with a very confident smirk.

"May I?" Emerald asked as she turned towards Infinite.

"Yes, you may, little Gemstone," said Infinite in a calm tone.

Emerald strech her arms to reach the side of his mask and carefully pull it off from Infinite, revealing the very familiar face to Cinder, once that shocked her even more.

"Z-Zero!?" Cinder asked in shock.

"That was never my name and you know it. You and that worthless family just started calling me that to torture me. To say that I won't amount to 'anything'. *Chuckles darkly* I taught them well once I obtained my powers. After all, I was the one who killed them," he explained with a large, evil grin.

Cinder is shaking in fear.

"You know, I've been looking forward to finishing you. I trust you're all ready for oblivion? If you're not...oh well," said Infinite as he shrugged his shoulders as he brought his clawed glove close to Cinder's face.

"Actually... Emerald. Care for some payback for what she did tp you?" said Infinite as he looks towards her.

Emerald and Cinder was surprised by what he said, but for two completely different reasons.

"Gladly," said Emerald with an evil grin.

Emerald walks over to Cinder with her weapon in sickle mode, and put the blade near her neck.

"This could have been very differently if you actually cared about those around you. Then again, you never really cared about me when we were just kids. So I'm not surprised that this is how you would meet your end. Any last words be your pathetic life is over and you'll see your parents is Hell?" Infinite asked.

"You don't want to kill me. You'll only going to paint a target on your back for forces that are stronger than you!"

"*Chuckles darkly* I'd like to see them try. Go ahead, Emerald," said Infinite with an evil smile.

Emerald nodded as she pulled back her weapon and the slashed at her neck, letting her drown in her own blood. The moment Cinder finally died, a bright yellow aura shot out of her courpse and flew towards Emerald, causing her to black out.

-Some time later-

After the death of Cinder, Emerald and Infinite left the base and started to travel where ever they so desired. Emerald explained to Infinite what that bright yellow aura was and that she's now the new Fall Maiden.

Right now, Infinite and Emerald are in a base that Infinite quickly created thanks to his power and are taking a bit of a break from traveling.

"So, how are you feeling, little gemstone?" Infinite asked as he puts down his mask.

"I'm... I'm a bit nervous in all honesty," said Emerald as she looks down.

"I preasume that Cinder's last words are haunting you?" He asked in a worried tone.

Emerald nodded, avoiding eye contact. Infinite teleported next to Emerald, startling her from the noice that the Phantom Ruby caused. Infinite leaned closer to Emerald and hugged her.

"When evrything you know has come and gone, only scars remain of who I was.

When there's no one left to carry on.

This pain persists, I can't resist,

but that's what it takes to be infinite.

So look around you and tell me what you really see.

  I'm never ending and that's the difference in you and me,

I have the power, lemme show you what it's all about.

It's only me and you, who is gonna save you now?

So look around you and tell me what you really see.

You live a lie and that's the difference in you and me,

I have the power, lemme show you what it's all about.

It's only me and you, who is gonna save you now?

*Leans closer to Emerald's ear and whispers* Who's gonna save you now?" Infinite sang in a kind and gently tone as he hugs Emerald protectively.

"*Chuckles* You are, Infinite," said Emerald.

"And don't you ever forget," said Infinite as he kissed her cheack.

The both of them stayed silent and enjoyed each other's embrace.

"I love you, Infinte," said Emerald.

"I love you too, Emerald. And call me (F/n). That's my real name," he said in a calm tone.

"(F/n)... I like it. It fits you," said Emerald as she turns around to face him.

"Thank you, my little gemstone," said (F/n) as he leans closer to Emerald.

The both of them kissed each other, never letting go of one another. Neither one of the want to leave each other's side, and with the powers that the both of them posessis, there won't be anything on Remnant to stop their love.

Illusion or Reality (Emerald x Reader)
Hi everyone, sorry that I've been neglecting this account. School is being a bit of a pain.

Anyway, here's another oneshot for RBWY. I hope you enjoy it!
Burning Skies
It's been a really long time since I made a drawing like this. The first one (and last) was Zodiac's World that I published on 25th of July, so... over a year. I made this one quickly during class it took... about 15 minutes I believe.

Anyway, I hope you like it!

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The sound of the clock was all that can be heard in a remote house just outside of the capital city in Atlas. The house was fairly big and spacious for just one residence, but there is a good reason for this. (F/n) (l/n), the owner of this remote house, is blind,

He knows how to walk around without any problem, and he can even walk towards the city without any help, but that's because of a special ability that he has. He uses echolocation to make out shapes, thanks to the help of his cane.


Right now, the (h/l), (h/c) man is waiting patiently for a friend of his to arrive at his home. You see, (F/n) may be a blind man, but he's also a well known assassin, known as 'The Blind Reaper'. He obtains busyness thanks to some of his partners, such as Sky Baxter and Angelo Sheppard.

His way of fighting? His cane has multiple forms for self defence, such as a sword hidden inside the can or a gun barrel at the end of it.


Today, he was waiting for Angelo to come by. He said that he obtained some easy jobs that they can do for the time being. There aren't many jobs that a blind guy can, but being an assassin is probably the last thing that anyone would expect for someone who can't see.


"Ah, that must be Angelo," said (F/n) to himself as he stands up from the launch chair that he was on.

He gave a hard tap to the floor with his cane to get a mental image of the outlines of his house, and starts to make his way towards the entrance of his home. Once he's in front of the door, he gives one last tap with his cane to see who actually is behind the door. The outline started to form, beginning with the door, but the echolocation passed through the door, giving (F/n) the outline of the person behind it.

He can make out two figures behind it, one of them have a katana on his side. He could tell by the weapon alone that it belonged to Sky, which he wasn't expecting to see today, but he was more worried about the person behind him.

From what he could make out of the shape, it's female, a young adult at that. Maybe around twenty years old.

'Sky, why do you have her with you?' (F/n) though to himself.

Finally deciding to open the door, he was greeted by Sky.

"Hey (F/n), it's been a while," said Sky as he went and hug him.

"Yeah, it has. What brings you here? I wasn't expecting you for a while," said (F/n) as he returned the hug.

"I came with some good news. The leader of 'The Killer Storm', Cole, died recently. By his own men no less. Guess that they finally had enough of his way of leading that assassin group," Sky explained.

"Well, I'm glad to hear that, that means that we'll get more business. But... why do you have a young girl following you?" (F/n) asked, his voice slowly turning into a uneasy tone.

"You see, it appeared that Cole was fairly rich man, and owned some interesting things. I managed to own some of his things from the auction, but... it appeared that he owned some slaves as well. And buying people in front of everyone can give some bad ideas. I just so happen to know the auctioneer, and he passed her to me..." said Sky.

"Alright, but why is she here?" (F/n) asked in a confused and curious tone.

"Well... I already tried to sell her to some of our usual customers, but they had no interest in her. The though of getting rid of her did come to mind, but even I got some compassion. Then I remembered you," Sky explained.

"Where are you going with this?" (F/n) asked in an unsure tone.

"You could use her as a slave," Sky deadpanned.

"Sky, you know as well as I do that I don't like the use of slaves," (F/n) said in a serious tone.

"Use her as a maid then," said Sky.

Sky then comes closer to (F/n) and started to talk in a hushed voice that only (F/n) could hear.

"Just take her in. You would do a favour for the both of us," said Sky.

"*Sigh* Fine," (F/n) said in a normal volume, with a hint of annoyance.

"Thank you, (F/n). I own you one," said Sky as he starts to walk away from his home.

"Yes, you do, Sky," said (F/n) to himself.

(F/n) look towards the general direction of where the girl that was left behind in front of his door. He takes a step aside and gestured to the girl to enter his home. He can hear the footsteps of her stepping on the wooden floor, but what caught his attention was how it sounds. He noticed that it sounded like bare foot walking on the floor.

"Are... are you bare footed?" (F/n) asked in a worried tone.

"I-I-I a-am," she responded.

From what (F/n) could hear from her voice, he could tell that she was feeling very fragile, weak and vulnerable, but at the same time beautiful. He snaps back to reality and started to focus on her well being.

"I might have some clothes for you, follow me. You must be freezing from walking all the way here on your bare feet," said (F/n) as he started to walk towards his room.

"T-th-thank y-you," said the girl, shaking from the cold, but also in fear.

With each step (F/n) takes, he can see the halls clearer. When he reaches his room, he went towards his closet and started to feel the different materials that warm his new guest with. He knows that he needed to warm her up slowly, to not cause hypothermia. He grabbed some pair of warm socks for her feet, and one of his work cloaks that helps him keep warm during the rougher winters. He could tell that she was at least wearing something on her body by the sound of cloths ruffling against each other.

He handed her the socks and the cloak to her and walks out of the room, not that he would see a lot. After a minute or two, and (F/n)'s new guest exits out of the room.

"Are you feeling better?" (F/n) asked in a worried tone.

"A-a-a b-bit. T-thank y-y-you," said the young girl.

"So... could you tell me your name, young lady?" (F/n) asked in a gentle tone.

"M-my name i-is We-Weiss, m-m-master," she said in a scared tone.

"Master? There is no need to call me that, I'm not the kind of person that owns slaves, or maids for that matter," (F/n) said in a calm tone.

"T-Then what do y-y-you w-wish for m-me to c-c-call you?" Weiss asked in a nervous tone.

"Please, call me by my name, (F/n)," he responded.

Although (F/n) can't see her, he could tell that she was very confused and scared. (F/n) started to get worried by just the way she's reacting from him being near him.

"Please, follow me. I'll show you where you're going to be staying in the mean time," said (F/n), trying to calm her down.

(F/n) tapped his cane hard on the floor again, to get the orientation of his home. He makes his way towards the guest room.

"The room is fairly boring, but I will fix that over time, as well clothes for you," said (F/n) as he look towards the general direction of Weiss.

"T-t-there's no n-need for t-that, ma- I mean (F/n)," she responded, in a panicked tone.

"Weiss. I'm not going to harm you. I'm not like Cole or anyone before that, so you have full permission to speak your mind," said (F/n) in a gentle tone.

Weiss went silent after hearing this.

"Oh, before I forget, one of my friends is going to come here soon and-"

"D-do you wish t-that I p-prepare some food?" Weiss asked, still in a nervous tone.

"What? No, there's no need for that. What I wanted to say was that I'm going to be busy with some busyness that the both of us work on. Especially more now with the death of Cole," (F/n) explained.

Just as (F/n) finished talking, they arrived at the guest room that he has.

"This is where you're going to stay for the time being, I know it's not much, but it's probably a lot more then where you were probably staying before," said (F/n) as he opens the door for her to look inside.

Weiss hesitantly entered the room and saw bed in the corner of the room, big drawers for clothes, a window that shows the vast frozen landscape that's outside and the room itself was fairly big. Suddenly, the sound of the door being knocked caught both of their attention.

"Oh, that must be Angelo. You're free to look around the house if you wish or make something to eat if you're hungry. I'll be in the basement if you need anything from me," said (F/n) as he walks towards the front door.

And there she stands, alone in the room she's been given, holding tightly to the cloak that he has given her to warm up. She slowly walks towards the bed and sits on it. She was so confused by the kind treatment that (F/n) is giving her, and she's afraid that it's just a faade, that he's going to hurt her just like the ones before, that he might... use her for their needs. The sound of distant talking brought her back to reality as she's trying to focus on the voices.

"Greetings (F/n), how are you doing?" Angelo asked as he walks inside

"It's... interesting to say the least. Not too long ago, Sky visited for a while, saying that one of our competitors is dead. The leader of 'The Killer Storm'," said (F/n).

"So Cole is dead, huh? That's great news," said Angelo.

"I do agree, but that wasn't the only reason why he visited," said (F/n), slowly forming an unease tone.

"Oh? Is there more news then?" Angelo asked curiously.

"No. He was at the (auction) to get some of Cole's valuables, but apparently he had slaves as well... And he handed the slave..." (F/n) explained.

"A slave from Cole? Geez... How... how bad of a state is she in?" Angelo asked.

"From what I could tell from her voice and the way she moves around, pretty bad. I'm not even sure if she had previous owners at that," (F/n) responded.

"Right, blind. So you don't know is she has any wounds on her. Did you at least get her name?" Angelo asked in a worried tone.

"I did, her name is Weiss," he responded.

Angelo went silent after hearing that name.

"Angelo? Are you alright?" (F/n) asked in a worried tone,

"Let's go to the basement, I'll... I'll explain there," said Angelo as he makes his way towards the staircase that goes down.

Weiss heard the entire conversation and she's really getting scared for her life now. She wraps herself with the cloak tighter, because she's now shivering in fear while tears started to form.

"P-please Oum, l-let this all *sob* b-be a nightmare," said Weiss as she hugs herself.

-=Later That Night=-

Sky has left a couple of hours ago, and the Sun is finally starting to set on the horizon. (F/n) was in the kitchen preparing dinner for Weiss and himself. He may be blind, but can at least cook some meals that aren't too complicated. For tonight, he's preparing some pasta carbonara, since that's an easy recipe for him and ha made plenty for the both of them.

"Weiss, could you come her, please?" (F/n) asked loud enough for her to hear, while he's finishing cutting the salad.

Moments later, he could her the quick footsteps coming towards him, like she was running like her life depended on it.

"W-what c-c-can I d-do for y-you, ma- (F/n)?" Weiss asked in a nervous tone.

"Glad to hear that you're here, Weiss. Could you please sit at the table? Dinner is almost done," said (F/n) in a calm tone.

Weiss got caught off guard from such a request, since in the past she was forced to eat just in her room, which she couldn't really be called that, and all that she ate was bread, water, and very little leftovers.

"Weiss? Are you alright?" (F/n) asked in a worried tone.

Weiss snaps back to reality as she looks back to (F/n).

"Y-y-yes, I-I-I'm f-fine," she said as she hesitantly walks towards the chair at the dying table.

Once she sits down, two plates was set in front of her. One with the pasta and the other one with the salad.

"Here you go, dear. Eat well," said (F/n) as he walks back to get his plates.

Once he got his food, he walks back to the table and sits down in front of Weiss. While (F/n) was eating peacefully, he could hear from Weiss's movement that she was anxious and confused, not that he could blame her. Compared to how she was treated before, this is completely the opposite from what she was expecting from a master that would've owned slaves. But he really started to get worried when she started to cry.

"Weiss? Are you okay?" (F/n) asked with a lot of concern.

"Y-yeah it's *sob* it's just... been such a long time *sob* since I actually ate something nice," she said as she now crying openly.

(F/n) silently stood up and makes his way behind her and wrapped her in a gentle hug. The moment she felt his arms around her, she let out a scared shriek, probably expecting him to do something bad to her. That everything that he did to her was to let her guard down and to be taken advantage of. But to her surprise, he was gently swaying her from side to side to try and calm her down.

"Weiss, I promised you that I won't be hurting you, and I intend to keep that promise. You're save here. No one's going to hurt you. Not anymore," (F/n) said in a calming tone.

She started to cry even harder as she stands up from the chair and quickly turn around to hug him. This is the first physical contact she actually wanted over five years, and she wished that the safe feeling that's around her now would never go away.

The two of them stayed together like for quite some time, until she fell asleep in her arms. He gently lift Weiss up bridal style and makes his was towards the guest room.

'You've been through a lot, haven't you, Weiss? More than any girl should go through at your age,' (F/n) though as he opens the door and he gently tucked her in bed.

He quietly walks out of her room and closes the door. He goes to the kitchen and put away the leftover food and save it for another day.

'I promised that I'm going to keep you safe, and I intend to keep that promise,' (F/n) though as he goes towards his own bed.

-= A Couple Of Weeks Later=-

Things has been... interesting these last couple of weeks. She's slowly, but surely, getting used to his kind treatment towards her, even if she expected something bad to happen in return. Not the he could blame her. Five years is a long time to be treated badly, and being a slave for a month alone can affect the mind negatively.

She's slowly opening up to (F/n) as well, finally telling bits and pieces of her past and how she got in the position where she is now. She also had nightmares about her past quite frequently, causing her to get panic attacks from time to time, thinking that what happening in those nightmares is real. Because of those nightmares, she asked every so offer if she could sleep with him, not that he minded, and thanks to his company, her nightmares have lessened heavily.

(F/n) also bought some extra clothes for Weiss, so she doesn't have to constantly wear something old and dirty rags. Things really are looking up for her, and she appears everything that (F/n) has done for her. But one day, he got some very interesting news.


"Weiss, could you go to your room? This might be some important business that I have to attend to," said (F/n) as he walks towards the front door.

"Alright," she said as she quickly walks to her room.

Once (F/n) heard Weiss door close, he taps his cane on the floor to get the outline of whoever was behind the door. From the echolocation, he could see the silhouette of Angelo's weapon, being an elemental spear that can turn into a sniper. But what caught his attention was the two cloaked figures behind him. I opened the door to great Angelo.

"Hello Angelo, who are those behind you?" (F/n) asked curiously.

"Reaper, we got some important business to handle," said Angelo in a serious tone.

(F/n) nodded as he let everyone enter in his home. He knows is Angelo says that it's serious, then it means that it really is serious.

"Please, follow me to the basement. We wouldn't want anyone to spy on our business, right?" said (F/n) as he walks towards the staircase.

Once everyone entered the basement, they were met with something that looks like a mission planning room, with a 3D map of Atlas in the middle of the room, a weapon rack on the end of the wall, and file cabinets full of information.

"Alright everyone, please have a seat, so we can start with business," said (F/n) as he walks at one end of the table.

The two guests sits at the opposite end from (F/n) while Angelo sits down next to his companion.

"So, what can we do for you?" (F/n) asked.

"Straight to the point, are we? I like that," said one of the guests, which happen to be a female.

"We want you to assassinate someone with a high profile," said the second guest, who was a more elder female, judging from her voice.

"That can be arranged," (F/n) said.

"Who is the target that you wish to be gone?" Angelo asked.

"Jacques Schnee," said the elder sounding female.

Both (F/n) and Angelo was surprised, but I was starting to get a good idea who they were.

"Alright, we accept it. But I do have one small request in return," (F/n) said.

"And what is this request?" asked the younger of the two females in a worried tone.

"I wish to know for who we're going to work for," said (F/n) in a calm tone.

"Reaper, what are you doing?" Angelo whispered in a confused tone.

"I think that's fair enough," said the older woman.

(F/n) can hear the ruffling of clothes being moved around and he can feel the air tense around Angelo.

"Angelo? Everything alright?" (F/n) asked curiously.

"Reaper, the ones in front of us are Winter and Willow Schnee," Angelo explained in a shocked tone.

"So the 'Blind Reaper' isn't just a nickname," said Winter in a surprised tone.

"And yet, he's still one of the more feared assassin on Atlas. I have a good idea on why you go by that reputation now," said Willow.

"Willow, Winter. You can consider this job done," said (F/n) in a determent tone.

"Aren't you going to ask us why we want Jacques dead?" Willow asked in a confused tone.

"I have multiple ideas on why the both of you want him gone. But I think I know the main reason why. Could the both of you follow me, please?" (F/n) asked as he stands up from his chair.

While this was going on, Weiss was looking out of the window into the great frozen landscape outside, wrapped tightly into the black cloak that (F/n) gave her when she first arrived here. She was reminiscing about the past, before the team was split up. She remembers Ruby's crazy antics, Yang tasteless puns, her quiet study partner Blake, and all the crazy adventures they had during Beacon. While she was remembering the past, she was subconsciously drawing on the dew on the glass, making everyone's emblem.

"I... I wish things could've gone back to normal. Back to my team before that asshole of my father took me away from Vale and threw me on the streets..." said Weiss to herself.

"So that's what happened?" said a voice behind her, startling her.

Weiss turns around and saw (F/n), with a sympathetic expression on him.

"Yeah, but... that happened so long ago... I would do anything to see my friends one last time," she said in a solemn tone.

"I... I can't help you with that, but I might be able to cheer you up in a different way," said (F/n) as he walks towards the door and opens it.

Behind it, Weiss saw the last people she would've expected to see. Her mother and sister.

"W-Weiss?" Willow asked in a shocked voice.

"M-mom? S-sis?" Weiss asked in equal disbelieve.

Winter was the first person to act, running towards Weiss and hugging her in a tight hug, fearing that she might disappear if she let go. Willow quickly joined in the hug. Weiss started to cry again, but not in sorrow this time, but in joy. She's reunited with the family members she cared the most.

"I'm *sob* I'm so glad that you're safe, Weiss," said Willow as she's started to cry as well.

"We thought *sob* that you were dead," said Winter through her tears.

During this heart warming reunion, (F/n) was smiling in the corner of the room. Once he hears that they are done crying, he cleared his thought to get the attention of the two visitors.

"Willow, Winter. You can consider this job done. And this job will be for free. I know that you wish that you could take Weiss to your home right now, but I don't want to risk her getting hurt more that she has in the past, so that's why she's going to have to stay here until the job is done. You two are more than welcome to visit anytime you want. Now, I'll leave you three to catch up, I'll be in the basement if you need me," said (F/n) as he walks towards the door.

"Wait!" said Willow.

(F/n) stops in his tracks and turns around to face her.

"Before you go, I want to thank you for taking care of my little snowflake," said Willow as she gives a hug to him.

"It's no problem at all, Ms. Schnee. Like I told her from the beginning, I'm not a person that likes slaves. Or maids for that matter," said (F/n) a smile.

"Then I truly glad that she landed in such a kind person," she said with a tone of gratitude.

"Well, go and talk with your daughter. I got to plan things out with Angelo," said (F/n) as he walks towards the basement.

Once he arrives at the basement, he can hear the movement of paper around. He walks towards his own cabinets and started to read the brail labels to look for any information he could use against Jacques Schnee.

"You showed them that Weiss was with you, right?" Angelo asked.

"That's correct," (F/n) responded as he pulls out the folder he was looking for.

They went silent after hearing this, looking for the information that they could find against Jacques.

"Say, Angelo... Do you still have friends from the White Fang?" (F/n) asked.

"To free the enslaved Faunas?" Angelo asked.

"Correct," (F/n) simply answered.

"I might be able to arrange something. Maybe a deal that they only attack SDC when Jacque's ruling it. But once Willow is ruling over it, they become peaceful towards it," said Angelo.

"That would be the ideal situation," (F/n) commented.

"Well, let's see if we can make it reality," said Angelo in a confident tone.

-=Two Months Later=-

"You can't do this! You have no right on doing this!" screamed Jacques as he was being dragged into an Atlas police vehicle guided by an Atlas Soldier and a member of the White Fang.

Some of the more peaceful member of the White Fang in Atlas, with the help of Angelo and (F/n), informed General Ironwood about the shady business and all the crimes that Jacques has done since he took control of SDC, and there was a lot of things to cover.

"Be silence, Schnee!" said the White Fang soldier, applying more force to push him into the Atlas vehicle.

Once Jacque was finally forced inside the vehicle, all the enslaved faunas, White Fang and a lot of humans that Jacques ruined their live cheered in happiness to see him gone for good.  In the distance, we can see (F/n), Angelo, Sky, and General Ironwood, overlooking the events occurring in front of them. At least, everyone expect (F/n), for obvious reasons.

"Gentlemen, I want to thank you for your help. The three of you made an incredible contribution for Atlas. Especially bringing peace between the White Fang, the SDC and even with some of the people here on Atlas," said James in a thankful tone.

"It's no problem, General. We were just doing our jobs, but this one was a lot bigger than any of us expected, or had the most effect after it was done," said Angelo in his calm tone.

While they were, (F/n) started to walk away from the crowd and towards his home. Once he was far away from the big crowd, he could hear someone behind him following.

"You know, it's not exactly the best idea to follow a blind man," (F/n) said in a cautious tone.

"Well, I think that it would be very un-lady like for me to let someone go before I could thanked them properly," said a voice that (F/n) immediately recognise.

"*Chuckles* Hey Weiss," he said as he turns around to face her.

He could hear her walking through the snow to get to him closed, but he could also hear something else from her. The sound of a cloak being dragged in the snow.

"So, how does it feel to be back in the family that truly cares about you?" (F/n) asked with a smile.

"Well, I'm happy that I back with my remaining family," said Weiss.

"Weiss, before I go, I do have one little request before I go," said (F/n) in his calm and gentle tone.

"What would that be?" Weiss asked curiously.

"I wish to see your face. To get a mental image of how you look like," said (F/n).

"*Chuckles* After everything you've done to us, that was the last thing I expected from you, but I don't mind," said Weiss.

Weiss gently grab both of my hands a slowly brought them to her face. He slowly moved his hands around to her face, causing her to blush.

"Weiss... you look beautiful," said (F/n), in a surprised tone.

Weiss suddenly leaned forward and kissed (F/n), catching him off guard. (F/n) was blushing madly, and so was Weiss, but neither of them separated.

"My, my, dear sister. You sure know how to pick them," said a voice near the two of them.

Both of them quickly separated, blushing like mad.

"Ehehe, hey mom. Hey sis," said Weiss in an embarrassed tone.

"No need to be embarrassed, dear. Knowing how he has treated you under his care, I know that he's a good man for you," said Willow.

"As true as that may be, miss Schnee, I do fear that I need to leave for a while. I got a coupler of missions to finish with my team and I'm not sure how long it will take," said (F/n) in a disappointed tone.

"Oh... Will we see you again in the future?" Weiss asked in a sad tone.

(F/n), smiled as he brought his hand back to Weiss face and gently guided her closer to him, and softly kissed her on the lips again. After a minute, the separated.

"Most definitely, Snowflake," (F/n) responded in his calm tone.

Weiss then quickly hugged him tightly.

"T-try not to get killed out there, you dunce," said Weiss jokingly.

"Now that's sounding more like you, Weiss," said (F/n) as he lets out a chuckle.

"I'm going to miss you when you're gone," said Weiss in a sad tone.

"Weiss, this doesn't have to be goodbye. See it more of a... see you later," he said with a smile.

"... I like that," said Weiss quietly.

They soon let go of each other, both with a sad look.

"Well... It's been a pleasure to hearing all of you again, and I hope that our paths will cross in the future," said (F/n).

"We hope to see you soon as well, (F/n)," said Winter.

"You'll be always welcome to visit our mansion, (F/n)," said Willow.

"I'll try to remember that. See you all soon!" said (F/n) as he's starting to walk away.

Once he was out of their sight, Weiss lets out a sad sigh.

"Don't worry, sis. You heard what he said. He'll going to return to you once he's done," said Winter as she went to hug her.

"Winter's right, Weiss. Now come, I'm sure all of you are freezing from the cold," said Willow as she starts to walk towards the mansion.

Winter started to follow her mother, only to realise that Weiss isn't following them.

"Are you coming, Weiss?" Winter asked.

"Yeah. I'm coming," she responded as she quickly catches up with her sister.

She looks one more time behind her, while clutching his cloak.

'I'll see you soon, my Blind Reaper,' Weiss thought with a small smile.


Over six months has passed since Weiss return to her family. The White Fang on Atlas has been acting peaceful, the SDC are now even helping them for equality since the bastard Jacque was sent to prison. Though, he was found dead the next day. A lot of inmates wanted a word with him, and let's just say that he was beyond unrecognisable at the end.

But it's also been six months since Weiss last heard of (F/n) and she's really missing him. The only that she had of him was her memories and the cloak that he gave her.

She was walking around the mansion late at night, since she had trouble sleeping. She's making her way towards the living room, it's the place that she usually go to calm down and look at the view. As she enters the living room she saw the piano rear a corner of the room, a large comfortable sofa in front of the TV, and some other furniture around. She opened the balcony door and let the cold air hit her skin.

"Weiss? What are you doing up at this time of night?" Winter asked as she slowly makes her way towards her sister.

"I have some trouble sleeping," Weiss responded.

"Is this about (F/n)?" Winter asked in a worried tone.

"A little bit..." Weiss admitted.

"Sis, I can understand that you miss him, but you need to ha patience. He's a busy guy that can guarantee results, so a lot of people do request for his assistance," said Winter as she brings her younger sister into a hug.

"Then I guess I should start making up time for her," said a male voice above her.

The two sisters look upwards and saw a cloaked figure, one that both of them recognised.

"(F/n)?" Weiss asked in a hopeful tone.

"Yes, my dear snowflake, I'm here," he responded.

He then jumped down to where the two sisters are. The moment he landed, Weiss went to hug him like her life depended on it, and (F/n) returned the hug as well, make her extremely happy.

"I though I never get to see you again," said Weiss, tearing up a bit.

"I had a promise to keep, and that was to hear again," (F/n) responded.

"I don't want to ruin this heart warming moment, but why are you here at this time of night?" Winter asked curiously.

(F/n) let's go of the hug and looked towards Winter's general direction.

"It's night time? Damn jet lag," (F/n) whispered to himself.

"Jet lag?" Winter asked in a confused tone.

"I had a fair amount of jobs outside the kingdom of Atlas, and I'm not used to the change of the time zones yet, so please bear with me for a little while," (F/n) explained.

"Well, I'm glad you're back. I'll leave the two of you alone now," said Winter as she walks away from them.

Once Winter was out the room, Weiss went to hug (F/n) again. She leaned towards (F/n)'s face kissed him on the lips. The kiss lasted about two minutes until they separated.

"I'm missed you, (F/n)," said Weiss.

"And I missed you too, snow angel," said (F/n).

Frozen Heart (Slave Weiss X Reader) (Remastered)
Hi everyone! I want to say I'm sorry that the updates for the story are going so slow. School is taking most of my time so I struggle to update on the story. Until I have more free time, I will try and update some oneshot stories and some drawings.
I hope that you enjoy them.
Boredom In Class... 3
"She's proof that if you can walk through Hell and still be an angel, even if I had to walk through my regrets, my mistakes, my sins..."

This is what Altair though as he returned to the wasteland that he caused... that he created. But thanks to Zodiac, his finally on the road to forgivess and redemption.

Yeah... I was very bored this time while drawing this one. This is actually also a redrawn version of a very old drawing that I made long ago. And I have to say, I've improved a lot if you compare the two drawings side to side. Here's the drawing to which I'm refering to:

Hi everyone! As you all know, 'The Rose to my Nightmare is over, and I want to start a new one. A fair warning, I'm finally back to study something, but that will also mean that stories will come out only during the weekends.

Now that that's over I'm going to lay out my options and please, leave a comment on which one you wish to come next.:

A/N: If this story wins, then there is a change that I will do this story with robbiewazup from Wattpad. The same person who wrote 'Rising From The Ice' and 'A Good Man's Patience'.

-Playing Both Sides Of The Coin

After the 'Fall of Beacon' things has turned for the worse at fall. Cinder and her gang took over Vale and became criminal paradise, with them ruling it. But that's not the worst part. Most, if not all of the students who tried to evacuate durring the fall has been captured and has been used for slave trading.

But one group has it worse that others. This team was Team RWBY, and they have been tortured, starved, and so much more that no one should suffer through.

Although that's not the only thing that changed. Someone new joined the group. Someone who has a lot more secrets to protect under the eyes of evil.

A/N: This next one is one of the stories I want to make an original one, and that's also why it's going to be the original description. But I can give it a RWBY twist to it, just say it in the comment which version you guys want.

-The Prince of Crimes

Elizabeth Nightingalewas knows as the Queen of Crimes. Everyone knew her and feared her,because she basically ruled over eveyone and everything. Until shedied from cancer, leaving everything she owned to her son, PhoenixNightingale.

Phoenix, now knows as thePrince of Crimes, will continue his mother's legacy over the citywith the help of his mothers' closest partners in crime, but whatwill happen if someone catches his attention? Will things change forthe better or will things take a turn for the worst.

A/N: In all honestly, I hope that this wins, because this is going to be a crossover with RWBY and the old game, Super Paper Mario. The one where all the worlds comes to an end. And I still need to decided on the name.

-Fate Worth Dying For / TheVoid is where the Heart Lies / The True Prophesy 

Count Bleck was once a trustful friend of Ozpin, but his friend shipwas broken when he found out that his loved one, Timpani, daughter of Ozpin and Salem was forced to breakup with him and even forced to forget him thanks to Ozpin. What broke Bleck more was the moment that she died, but was reincarnated without him knowing.

Centuries goes by and Count Bleck finally had enough. He wants to end the world, thinking that this world is not worth living anymore. So him, and his friends created a force that not even they could stop.

Let me know which one you wish to read next.


TheCreator7777's Profile Picture
My hobby is writing, origami and I'm learning to paint. I like to write every so often and I wrote a book. The Dark Side of the Light. it will be the first thing I upload on my DeviantArt page.

After I'm done uploading my book, I would like to take request from the people that are reading my stories.


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