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100 Smileys...

By TheCreator17
(This is an old picture i made a year ago that I forgot to post until now)

There are two main reasons why this picture is crazy...

And by that I mean absolutely all of it.... expect from the smaller lighting and fading effects, which I just added in a hurry today..

Second and last, it took me over a year to finish this, and it probably took me over 100 hours to finish in total... yes, I did have a crazy lot of spare time before, but 100 hours of my life spent on microsoft paint, seriously... :ohnoes:

Some famous characters that can be found in this picture are gollum, darth vader, pac-man and more! =P

I know, 100 hours for making 100 smileys is a bit retarded, but it was one year ago, so positive comments are always appreciated! ^^;

(I recommend zooming in all the way in order to see the details better :P)
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Mar 27, 2012, 8:56:52 PM
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wow first time i see this xD OMFG THIS IS PURE AWESOMENESS IF YOU DID IT WITH PAINT!!!!!!!Lol Tobi <3 xD....I must say you did an epic job on this...!!!!
TheCreator17's avatar
Thank you so much!!! :D I did it with paint yes... but it was stressing and very VERY time comsuming :XD:
I had an older version of the Tobi smiley with a sharingan, but I figured out he looked way better without one in smiley form :)
nee-po's avatar
i still cannot understand how you made the lines so smooth and no pixel is shown!!!You did a great job on it ;)
TheCreator17's avatar
I was being really picky with the pixels back then, I do remember that much :o Made the whole process take a lot longer of course :x
nee-po's avatar
At least the result is worth it!!!
TheCreator17's avatar
I guess so :thanks:... not really sure what to use it for, but it's cool to look at sometimes :)
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You must use this as an example that great things can happen if you want :D
Aerophoinix's avatar
ONLY PAINT??? GWAHH :iconyoumadplz: ??? your zeal and patience have yet to be beaten that´s just insane what you did but defenitely worth the outcome. my eyes start hurting from simploy imagining doing this on paint :iconfacebleedplz:
TheCreator17's avatar
It really was hard work, since I had to make one smiley at the time in each seperate paint file, and then paste it into the backround. What is even worse is that I had to remake 60 of them because I saved them as JPG, and not PNG, so they all had this white and uneven outline that I had to fix before I could paste them.
That is why I have that meditation smiley under every single comment of mine, as proof to how patient I am ;)

By the way, where did you find those large smileys? :o
Aerophoinix's avatar
ouch just reading that hurts, ain´t nothing more frustrating than redoing your work :iconouchplz: but cudos to you for keeping up the work.

the large smilies are actually dA accounts who only serve as fun icons. try typing :iconandsomerandomstuffplz: these accounts all end with plz so if you explore around you´ll find quite some :D
TheCreator17's avatar
Well, I had nothing else to do at that time, so I guess remaking them wasn't such a bad idea :)

Now I see... :o So that means I can type in your name and then your picture will pop up too?
*types in name*... :iconaerophoinix:
And indeed it worked! Thanks for the info! :D
Aerophoinix's avatar
i still admire your work :)

it´s pretty useful to add some fun to messages :icondeathworm1plz::icondeathworm2plz:
TheCreator17's avatar
I was planning on finding one of those myself and reply... but I can't find a single one :XD: how do you find them? :o
Aerophoinix's avatar
check out :iconmidnagirl: s webpage, she has a lot of them in her journal i always go there if i need one because it´s not actualy easy to find some
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A good work is always a good work....
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