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Yup, these are my newest deviations :)


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What an epic tale! It's really nice to finally get some background information about Zharca, you suddenly get a much closer connection ...




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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
So I am basically a happy and creative-minded person who has high interest in arts, crafts and games! B-) I ocassionaly draw cartoons but mostly I draw stuff that pops into my mind... like most artists do I suppose? While much of my art is currently based around video games I am intending to make more original art in the future.

If you wonder what kind of a gamer I am: I mostly play innovative games, platform games and third person games, and love to try new game experiences :meditation: I currently own a N64, PS3, PS2, DS Lite, 3DS and Wii U.
My PSN username in case you want to add me: Th3_Cr34t0r_17

Anime and manga is also a small part of my life: Some series I've watched are Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, Attack on Titan, Hunter x Hunter, Cowboy Bebop, Gurren Lagann, Naruto, Kino's Journey, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Steins Gate, Gintama, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Kill la Kill, Paranoia Agent and Silver Fang... and not much else but I'm working on it!! ^^;

I use GIMP and SAI to color my artwork, but I'm also used to edit with MICROSOFT PAINT... (yes that is actually possible) an example can be found here... e -e

What I'm good at: Drawing human anatomy is what I do best. I am now also decent at drawing motion, which is awesome ;)
What I need to improve: I need to improve on my shading work, balancing between soft and hard shades. Also I want to practice more with colors :-X

Please fave and watch if you like my stuff, that would be much appreciated! :w00t:

Journal History


So a year has passed, huh? :o I guess it's a given that time always move forward, but it still feels strange, I remember so vividly all the ambitions that I had for the upcoming schoolyear, and to now be at the end of that schoolyear and realize that all those ambitions... they were possible and I finished them. And that entire year's work is summed up by one 6.8 GB file on my harddisk. Feels like I've come so far, yet I havn't been anywhere at all.

Of course this is still far from the end. The Story of Yin, which I began to storyboard and draw about 11 months ago now, is now roughly 22.5% complete. Book 1 is nearly done now, clocking in at about 75 pages, only 3 pages of chapter 2, some bonus stuff, the cover and some minor tweaks remains before I've finished this first book. Hope to be done with all of this by the end of June. Then after that I'll start to do sketches and storyboards for book 2. Three to four years from now and I hope to be done with all the books.

Since I'm close to reaching this huge milestone it has left me wondering a lot about the future. Since I'm working on a project that I know is going to take several years of my life (and already taken a year and a half at this point), I am forced to think of what my life is going to be like at the point when the comic is done. And in 1 year from now I'll be done with my bachelors degree. Yup, I'm very close to finishing my second year now, so only one year remains of my animation bachelor.

So what about the two-three remaining years? How will I make sure to have the income to sustain the development of this cartoon after the bachelor? should I go for a master just so I have the student loan security to finish the book series? I am looking for publishers at this moment, and I've gotten a bit of a grip into the Norwegian cartoon environment thanks to some friends at discord, so perhaps the book series will do well enough at the point when I'm done with school that I will be able to continue working full time with it after my bachelor is over? Maybe I can do some freelancing or work part time in a store or something. And where will I live after I'm done in Hamar? I don't have answers to any of those questions. What if the first book just flops horribly and nobody is interested in it? The next year might determine a bunch of what I will be doing in the future.

It really feels like I'm carving my own path at this point, far away from the established notions. Seriously, I've probably spent five times more hours on this project than I've spent time on school. I still do just as well at school as all previous years, but there's so little to do at Hamar compared to the IB it feels like I'm blessed to do whatever I want. I really hope to be able to live as a professional cartoonist in the future.

If you can't tell at this point, this is a project which means everything to me. There is no option in my head where I am NOT completing this story, or abandoning it for a year on anything like that. This is a project which has to be done now. And I have ideas for what I want to tell in the future as well, and I can't start on those before The Story of Yin is complete, so all the more important.

So when is this story going to show up at last you ask? It's hard to say, I have to find a publisher first, but when the time is right I intend to share it online on a personal website as well as at least one pre-established cartoon platform and social platform, which ones remains to be seen. I suggest we will have to wait and see what has happened in a half years time :P

Lastly, I recommend everyone in the northern hemisphere to spend some time outside while the weather is nice. It is amazing how much interesting plant life you can find outside on a summery day. Why am I so interested in plants you may ask? Well... you'll have to see =p

Let's hope the future holds flowers!


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Anolee Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Takker for watchen ^^
Aerophoinix Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2015   General Artist
hey how´s it going! Long time no see   read I hope you´re doing alright :)
TheCreator17 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's been a long time since I've seen read you too! Things are very fine here right now, I recently got a response from my college application and it's looks like I will indeed be taking a bachelor in animation and digital art! :D Doing some more art to commemorate that as we speak! :)

Folk high school is unfortunately over but I still keep in touch with my friends from time to time.

I also saw your tattoo comment, it has already underwent some changes (not updated on dA), but my sister won't be able to get the tattoo for another 6 months so fixing it is not my main concern right now. But all the errors have been noted so you should see an updated version sometime this fall.

My sister didn't just choose an ordinary solitaire jester, but a specific one that you see read about in Jostein Gaarder's novel "The Solitaire Mystery". The book has a large focus on philosophical questions, and the jester is quite a mysterious but interesting character in the book. She studied philosophy for half a year so I guess that's why she likes that jester so much. Since it's supposed to be him I have now changed the deck of cards in his right hand to a magnifying glass, something which the jester gave to main character at the beginning of the story.
Some liberties have been taken with the jester though, he was actually as short as a gnome in the book and he also wore a coat and hat as a disguise, but she didn't want those things.
vaporeonxglaceon Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
har du skype
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har skype ja!
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Thank you for the +fav!!! :squee:

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Gratulerer med dagen!
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Der er ikke bursdagen min i dag, datoen er feil ^^; sorry
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