A Whole New World Contest

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- ^CreativeJenn

Are you a street rat wandering the streets of Koreatown, bargaining with a street vendor?


Are you a droid learning how to operate a hi-tech Nook reader at a local Barnes and Noble store?

Maybe you are a mass, non-existent group hunting down aliens within the subway rails of New York in black and white suits!


Whoever you are in this modern world,
this contest is just for you!
Viewers and members of deviantART,
the two galleries of Fan Art and Cosplay present to you --

A Whole New World Contest

This contest challenges deviantART's extraordinary cosplayers to put on their cosplay and share with us their interactions in today's world. You could be a Yoda cosplayer, or the whole Disney crew! We'd love to see what you can come up with in your town!



I. All contestants must be aged 13 years or older.

II. Participants must be a member of communityrelations in order to participate.

III. Credit all present cosplayers in the deviation or else your entry will be disqualified!

IV. All of deviantART's submission rules apply as well.

V. We kindly ask that the content be no more than PG-13 due to younger audience!

VI.The Submission Entries must be no older than April 10, 2012.

VII. Contestants may submit up to 3 entries if they so desire!

VIII. All cosplayers must be kept in-character - out of character
will be considered non-copyrighted &

IX. Have fun & be creative with it!





:star: .1st Place. :star:
The Ultimate Deviant Bundle by deviantWEAR
The Ultimate Deviant Bundle [For 5+ cosplayers ONLY]
Super deviant Bundle by deviantWEAR
Super deviantWEAR Bundle[For up to 4 cosplayers]

.. and 3800:points: deviantART Points

:star: .2nd Place. :star:
Super deviant Bundle by deviantWEAR
 Super deviantWEAR Bundle [For 2+ cosplayers ONLY]
deviant Bundle by deviantWEAR
deviantWEAR Bundle [For up to 2 cosplayers]

.. and 2000:points: deviantART Points

:star: .3rd Place. :star:
Fella and Llama Plushie Set by deviantWEAR
Fella and Llama Plushie Bundle [For up to 2 cosplayers]
1000:points: deviantART Points.

Disclaimer: By submitting a sufficient entry to the 'A Whole New World' Contest, contestants agree and understand that the prizes will be given to the leader of the winning team (I.E. The owner of the deviation.) It will be THEIR responsibility to manage the prizes to the party in a reasonable & respecting fashion - not deviantART Inc.'s.

© 2012 - 2021 TheCreativeJenn
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alenYuuki's avatar
I`m so sorry, but I just now read (the first time when I read the rules, didn`t properly understand this clause) that the second man in the photo must be registered on the deviantArt. It's not too late, if she signs up today?
NicVicious's avatar
When does judging start?
soranights123's avatar
last minute but im in!!!!
Junniechi's avatar
Hi there, I have placed my deviation under A Whole New World Contest section >> [link]

But I did not see my entry there D8 & as far as I have checked I did not violate the rules (& I have joined #comunityrelations as a member too) May I ask what is wrong with it?

Sorry for the trouble & have a nice day! =D
TheCreativeJenn's avatar
Hmm...there must be some sort of glitch dear, because I can see that your entry is the first deviation on the Newest section. :) Nonetheless, I can see it perfectly so don't worry about it! If you have additional trouble with submissions though, don't hesitate to let me know.
Junniechi's avatar
Alright, thank you for the information >W< *hugs*
Elisanth's avatar
Our team wants to take part in your contest :)
Cosplayer: Nataly Tyan.
Character - Snow Miku (winter version of Vocaloids)
Photographer: Zatsepin Alex [link]
MUA: Elisanth (me :))

I got idea of creating whole new world by your own power, to tranform things around you in your world. Hope it is fine for the contest! :)
rin-no-michiei's avatar
How do I submit an existing deviation to the contest? I uploaded it on April 28 thereabouts so it is within the time limit.
TheCreativeJenn's avatar
Just move it over to Contests > 2012 > A Whole New World Contest :)
533713's avatar
How do i get there. that all i ask.
TheCreativeJenn's avatar
533713's avatar
So how do i submit art inyo the contest?
TheCreativeJenn's avatar
Contest Submissions must go to Contests > 2012 > A Whole New World Contest.

Also keep it mind that it will be removed from the gallery if it doesn't follow deviantART's submission rules as well as the contest rules.
533713's avatar
That makes no sense.
Ray-Striker's avatar
So i only have to upload my art or i have to do something else also?
TheCreativeJenn's avatar
Thank you for your interest in this contest, however this contest is photography-only. Any other form of art is not accepted. :)
Ray-Striker's avatar
Im in and im posting this [link]
I hope i will get the 1st place!:)
GoodLuck Everyone!
LeviathanDemon's avatar
Hello. I believe one of the recent entries was stolen from [link]

As seen here: [link]

I respectfully request this entry be pulled, as the entering artist has blocked contact and so I cannot contact them without violating rules.

Thank you for your time.
LeviathanDemon's avatar
She appears to have pulled it voluntarily.
TheCreativeJenn's avatar
Sorry for never responding to your comment! But I've read it as soon as you informed me and took care of it asap. :) Thanks for helping me keep the gallery clean. :huggle:
LeviathanDemon's avatar
Ah. Thank you :D No problem. Just wanted to keep things fair.
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