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Technological Dependence

This studio piece is an acrylic painting on stretched canvas, measuring 36"x24".

As technological advancements gift humankind with greater capabilities, we as a species are becoming more and more reliant on the technology around us. Televisions, phones, computers, cars, so much of what we spend our day doing depends on the functioning of a piece of technology.

It seems nearly inevitable to me that, some day in the future, the line drawn between man and machine will blur. Biology and technology will begin to synthesize, and that which is our species will undergo a radical redefinition.

This painting aims to draw attention to this integration, and incite discussion about what it means to be human. Is the blend of human and human creation a positive or negative step? Does it make us more powerful, or leave us more vulnerable?
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Wow this is a really eyecatching piece. The composition and colors are really good too! I agree with you about the technology thing but it kinda freaks me out to think about it: I believe (screw that I actually HOPE) that man-kind will be good enough and have enough moral to draw the line.....
Great piece!!
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Thank you!

I'm not sure where I stand on the issue. I don't think there's anything particularly immoral about integrating our biology with technological advancements. We already use metal for joint replacements, right? Would you tell a woman she had to die, as opposed to giving her a life-saving electronic heart? Electronic limbs? What if we replaced someone's brain, bit by bit, replacing each neuron with a nanobot that could replicate its behaviour perfectly. At what point do we make the distinction between human and a machine that merely appears to be human.

A lot of us tend to go with the gut instinct of biology as superior, but take a moment to imagine. What if we had sufficiently advanced technology that enabled your consciousness to outlive your physical body? Would you do it? The only thing I know for sure on this issue is that there's a lot we have to think about before moving forward.
You bring up so many interesting points I'm a bit overwhelmed. I'll give you some of my opinions tho. I find electronic replacements for limbs and organs (like the heart) are good but the major problem here is the cost: there are many people who could use them but only the richest fraction of the population get this. This technology should really be available to everyone otherwise its just....i can't really explain this...not right. What bothers me most though is dependence on technology: people who can't live without their ipods and cell-phones ugh that annoys me.....(even though I'm like that with my Ipod....) Or how people can't even do long division because they rely on calculators....Or that people don't read because they use computers instead..... I don't think that replacing the brain with technology is really right either: even if my mother was brain-dead I don't think that a brain replacement would ever be my real mother. And no I wouldn't want to outlive my mortal body : I think that people are mortal for a reason and I find screwing with ones life span is just too unatural....anyways theres my rant and its just my opinion: you had some good points too...Again, great piece :)
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The use of technology is neither good nor bad, yet when one RELIES on technology - as in they cannot function without it - the human/technology relationship changes.

Traditionally, humans USE technology. Without humanity, (man-made) technology would cease to exist. However, when a person is reliant on technology, this relationship switches around. In that case, the person would cease to function normally when the technology is taken away.

The unnerving aspect of this is based in a sense that we would be losing control of ourselves. By putting our fates entirely in the hands of technology, we feel as if we are giving up control. This is why it feels bad.

Now though, I would like to attempt to change our perspective on this issue. Technology is made by humans, it is an EXTENSION of humanity. Humans have ALWAYS relies on other humans to live they way they do. A contemporary example of this is the food industry. The majority of people in your life COMPLETELY rely on others to provide them with food. Without this industry, would you be able to feed yourself? I know that I would be pretty lost, as I've never hunted an animal, and I can't dependably distinguish between poisonous and non-poisonous wild plants.

We already rely on humanity for a great deal of our lives, and I argue that technology is merely an example of humanity. In that light, it seems trivial to rely on technology for something. In that light, it almost seems like the natural progression of our species.

Regarding your comment on the availability of technology, I think that's a different debate entirely. There are many people in this world who do not rely on things like the food industry, and we view them as impoverished. Technology has never been available to every individual.
Its weird in a twisted sort of way but its awesome and I think you did an amazing job! :)
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Thanks! That's the response I was going for! :P
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Awesome art. Keep it up and check out some of my art too.
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Thank you, and I will.
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