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Hiya! Welcome to the group! ♥

This is a group dedicated to the closed species of Ice Cream Cows! You don't need one to join, so come on in and enjoy!

Basic Rules

♥ Since this is a Ice Cream Cow dedicated group, all submissions must have something to do with this species.
♥ No intolerance allowed, about race, gender, sexuality, body type etc. etc.
♥ Please no advertising or seeking on the front page!
♥ This is a positive space, so please no begging, and if you have any problems please note the group directly!


This Month's Prompt is Treat Yourself!

Participating in the monthly prompt increases the chance of you becoming Moo of the Month, as well as general participation in the community!

code by pix-ay


Ice Cream ~ divider by Nimylu
Adopts: Available
Myos: Closed
Customs: OPEN
Events: None right now!


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witchtarots Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2019
Ahh i have a question, i posted a journal saying im trading my icc slot for premade moos, i submitted it to the group but i think its being ignored? Can i ask why qwq
(1 Reply)
m-ukii Featured By Owner Edited Mar 3, 2019
edit: nevermind, i found out.

hello!! quick question, if someone has already taken an ice cream flavor for their icc? are we still allowed to use that flavor?

for example, if someone created an myo for red velvet, would i be able to use red velvet or not?
CandyChameleon Featured By Owner Edited Feb 22, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
How often do you guys have MYO Slot sales? also is it possible to purchase mutations for an myo slot? o:  would love to make my own ICC ♥
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PlayDeadPossum Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Hullo! I'm redesigning a new moo of mine a bit; the most of it is just changing her hair and her outfit
But I was wondering--she's rather pale, and I was wanting to make her skin not as light. I wouldn't be changing it to an unnatural color, just a slightly darker natural skin color.
Is that alright? Will I have to show an example first to see if the change is within the acceptable limits?
(1 Reply)
artadorkable Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2019  Student Digital Artist
how do you become a quest artist?
are you able to get a free ice cream cow if you do the quest artist adopt,MYO,event thing?
(1 Reply)
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