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this is mayor, st. bayold, and ivan by thecrazyworldofjack this is mayor, st. bayold, and ivan by thecrazyworldofjack
meet the mayor of huffington

the mayor is yellow, has red gloves, green shoes, and has a tall green and purple hat.

he's usually in charge of running huffington and is always at his front desk out side of town hall incase new arrivals come to huffington.

meet st. bayold the classiest citizen in huffington

st. bayold is purple, has dark blue suit, orange shoes, and light blue gloves.

he is the mayor's helper and what he helps him with is files and paperwork.

he is usually the one who gives you the tour of huffington sometimes it's S.M., some times it's monitor or sometimes it's ivan.

st. bayold is from the peaceful and lovely city of janco and the riving river where everyone is usually quiet.

meet ivan the watchest citizen in huffington

ivan has orange feathers

he's got a job for the H.P.P (Huffington Protection Patrol) and makes $500 a week but his home is a giant bird house and his food and water are eye drops.

and how his vision stays so strong is that he ads some carrot juice to his eye drops.

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