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Carmen Sandiego - Dr. Bellum

Has anyone else watched the new Carmen Sandiego yet?? Its freaking amazing, genuinely amazing-- and I had to draw my new favorite girl in-- maybe anything ever. Dr. Bellum. The MOMENT I saw her, I knew I'd adore her-- and every episode showed me I'd love her more and more. I like every character, the story is dang solid, the animation is top notch.... gosh I love this show. I just had to sketch her out- I HAD to.

Enjoy! And if you haven't watched the show yet? Do yourself a favor and check it out!
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cat videos again, right?

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Life of crime and wealth? Or, life long cat videos and pictures?
lpskawaiicataj's avatar
The new carmen sandiego show is awesome! I really like the artstyle and characters!
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She really has a liking for cute things. Nice job.
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Dr. Bellum: these cat videos are popular! no wonder no one told me about this!

me: its because notifications is developed
(a skit)
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Oof! Omg, I hadn’t heard of Carmen Sandiego in at least 2 or 3 years!
PapillonClair's avatar
Where in the world is… OH WAIT CAT VIDEO! :3
Yeah, she's pretty fun xD 
and you drew her realy well! <3
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Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? Oh wait...
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I watched the whole series. Your art style looks EXACTLY like it ^w^
th30n3and0nlyDiyan's avatar
My favourite is player, ya gotta love him
98prilla's avatar
I hinged all of it, I love it so much! Devineax and Argent are my favs (besides Carmen of course) 
DexterHorse's avatar
I absolutely adore this show! Devineaux is my personal favourite character, but I honestly like all of them. Dr. Bellum watching cat videos at work is amazing xD
chillywilly33's avatar
*gasp* my girlfriend
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Can't say exactly when but I can tell you it is on Netflix 
OH! I love this show!!
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She has a really nice design! I love all of it!!
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